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How that “due date” talk should’ve gone

Dean: So when’s the nephilim gonna be born?

Sam: Around the middle of May. That’s when the worst stuff happens every year, like the time you, me, and Dad almost died in a demonic wreck.

Dean: Oh yeah…remember when all the demons got loose from Hell?

Sam: It was also the middle of May when Hellhounds dragged you off.

Dean: Hell’s so much less scary now, though, isn’t it?

Sam: It sure is. But not back when I inadvertently freed Lucifer in the middle of May.

Dean: We plopped you, and Lucifer and Michael into the cage in mid-May, too.

Sam: You and Cas got sucked into Purgatory around mid-May, too.

Dean: And you were gonna finish the Hell trials in mid-May, but I stopped ya.

Sam: Then all the angels fell because of that a-hole Metatron.

Dean: Right…right.. It wasn’t mid-May when I died and woke up a demon, though.

Sam: True, but it was just after, so I think it counts. Same thing with killing Death and unleashing the Darkness.

Dean: Should we count the Chuck and Amara thing? That was the end of May, as I recall.

Sam: Yeah, but the big fight was really the week before—so, mid-May, again.

Castiel: *suddenly appears* Hey, what month did I turn into a sack of Leviathan goo?

Sam: That was, May, too!

Dean: *meaningful pained glances*

So I watched the opening for Big Hero 6: The Series

Don’t think I didn’t notice the empty chair - the gaping, Tadashi-shaped gap right in the center of the group.

Okay it might be for Fred but I thought of Tadashi first so let me have my moment of mourning

My Pet Peeve Nightmare

Mail : Hey there’re like total of 11 new RusAme contents from Tumblr,FF,AO3, and Wattpad

Me : Oh sweet! Lots of new RusAme contents!

New Content 1: Fanfic about one sided RusAme with the main pairing Alfred x other chara pairing

New Content 2: Love Triangle fanfic with RusAme and Alfred x other chara pairing that…doesn’t end with RusAme

New Content 3: “Poly ship RusAme” comics with Alfred x other chara and Ivan x other chara where Ivan is (again) abusive to Alfred while in contrast Ivan treats the other chara very gently and lovingly

New Content 4: Super gory fanarts of RusAme made by artists who explicitly said only ships RusAme ironically in abusive hatefuck way

New Content 5: RusAme drabbles that strangely slowly…. turns out to be Alfred x Other chara pairing??

New Content 6: Text post about negative opinion on RusAme

New Content 7: Another “Poly ship RusAme” fanarts that’s strangely always centered in one chara which isn’t Ivan nor Alfred. Usually with Ivan and Alfred “servicing” the other chara.

New Content 8: “RusAme” fanfic that’s actually 2% about flashback past RusAme and 98% focusing in Alfred x other chara pairing

New Content 9: Dysfunctional RusAme fanfic that’s about them breaking up and with Ivan reminiscing about his good past with other chara

New Content 10: Another Love Triangle fanfic with RusAme and Alfred x other chara pairing that doesn’t end with RusAme. Bonus!! Ivan is also demonized here as the abusive partner to Alfred :)

New Content 11: Another fanfic about one sided RusAme but wait… Now with The NOTP as the main pairing!! :D


The Worst John Watson gets - A Scale
  • BBC Sherlock: *TLD* (yeah, let's not talk about that)
  • Russian Holmes: IMMA FIGHT YOU YOU MASTER CRIMINAL JUST WATCH ME BRING YOU DOWN - oh, you're a detective?? LOL sorry mate <3
  • Granada Holmes: Srsly Holmes?? You drag me home from my VERY IMPORTANT JOB for THIS? What I'm gonna do about it? Well I'm certainly gonna SLAM THE DOOR REALLY HARD
  • ACD Canon: You know I have a high tolerance for your experiments love, but it's been three fucking weeks so would you please stop shooting the wall and clean up your filth? Thanks hun.

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Hi so I've recently gotten into B.A.P and you always post quality stuff, can you recommend me some B.A.P blogs?

1st: thanks I try to keep my blog pretty so like thanks really <3 

2nd OFC I CAN THERES SO MANY AMAZING B.A.P BLOGS so like strap in bucko. 

@bangyxnggxk (tbh I just found this blog and it’s beautiful holy moly welcome to my life)
@fuckkriswithadildo (not 100% BAP but posts really cute junk)
@mrsjungdaehyun(also not 100% B.A.P but shes super sweet and super dedicated so go give her some love pls)
@daefsoul (Quality asf truss)

SHIT I FORGOT @eotteokhaji-s I’m so sorry, go follow them too please they’re neatoooo~~~~


And actual like official super business updates/translations and more B.A.P Blogs that I follow
@itsbap @fuckyeahdaehyun 

Can you tell I’m a daehyun stans?
Anyways these are the ones I follow and will follow forever, they are great people and post top tier content :)

If the Batboys had an S/O with anxiety/depression

(I saw these two and had to do them right away because as a person who struggles with these dissorders myself and is on medication for treating them, i was really curious as to how the batboys would handle it -so, for you my loves <3 Enjoy!) 

Requested: Yes (2 mixed requests)

Requests: “ How would the bat boys react to an s/o that has anxiety and depression and has to take medication for it?” / “HC for the batboys with an S/O with anxiety problems/disorder” 


-The minute he found out he promised to be there for you every step of the way (Doctor’s appointments, therapy, etc.) 

-he even bought a blue little seven day pill case for you to put your meds in (he keeps the dangerous meds above the fridge where you cant reach whenever you have really bad “lows” or episodes, and will fill your seven day pill case himself during this time *only because he gets worried you’ll do something stupid*) 

-he’ll tell you he loves you every day, and make sure to be a bit more calm around you whenever you feel anxious, or try to be happier around you when you get really down  

-he’ll always be your voice of reason, your reminder to take your medicine, the person who sits you down and will take deep breaths with you when you’re feeling really anxious 

-he’s looked up so much about it and has honestly done so much research to see what he can do to help (picks up some breathing activities, some coloring ideas, a couple of crafts to do when you’re distracted by your thoughts) *srsly pinterest crafts are his fav to help you take your mind off things* 

-it bEAKS THIS BOY’S HEART TO SEE YOU ON YOUR WORST DAYS (He’ll just sit next to you in silence and just hold you for however long you need *he himself will cry depending on your condition*   

-he’ll literally start bawling like a baby when he sees your progress over the years (like he’ll just look back and realize how far you’ve come since your lowest point and will remind you every now and then of how far you’ve come) *He’s such a ray of sunshine i can’t* 


-He knew something was off from the begining, so when you told him he pretended he was surprised but really wasn’t 

-ever since he refuses to leave your side (seriously he’s like a puppy that won’t leave its beloved owner alone) 

-he plays it off like he’s okay with it, like he’s unaffected by your suffering, but ohhh boy you have no idea how much he’s deteriorated over it 

-god forbid he ever finds out you’re alone somewhere, he’ll tell you to stay on the phone until he get’s there  

-He’ll snoop quite a bit, making sure you take your medicine each morning (If you forget while he’s snoopin he’ll call you out on it and remind you) 

-sometimes he’ll even check on you in your sleep just to make sure you’re okay (Sometimes he’ll even fall asleep on your floor watching you)

-he’s so lowkey about it but honestly he loses his mind at the thought of you breaking down or doing something that will take you from him permenantly 

-he’ll pretend he doesn’t care, but when you say something along the lines of “no one cares and that’s okay because i’m worthless” he just loses it, like stands up from the table and punches a hole in he wall loses it. 

-Like he just stands there and starts bawling; admitting that he cares, that he’s always cared and always will care, and that he’s never been more heartbroken to see you like this  

-he starts to grow less overprotective once you start to get better, and when h sees you better for longer periods of time he really does start to have more optimism for life itself  


-This boy will literally look up everything there is to know 

-he’ll go to every doctor’s appointment with you, help you find solace when your really down or anxious 

-he’ll just talk to you for hours on end over coffee and work, just hearing you out and understanding every word 

-he’ll make you feel like you’re not weird for having what you have, that you’re not crazy for feeling the way that you do, and that there’s a logical explanation as to why you are the way you currently are 

-as the most rational robin he’s always there to clean out your irrational “This is forever” thoughts and bring you clarity, always reminding you that “It won’t last forever, that there is a way to stop this.” 

- He gives you a sense of hope and backbone in the sense that he always checks in and gives you breaks if you need them 

-There are times when he gets really sad seeing you at your lowest points (he’ll either cry out these feelings alone so you won’t see or bury them deep down under work and a busy lifestyle)  

-he’ll get the feeling of endearment when he sees that you’re starting to get better, like he’ll just have moments where he’s staring at you lost in thought just amazed that you’ve come such a long way 


-THIS BOY GETS SO DEVASTATED TO SEE YOU AT YOUR WORST (like he just wants to hold you whenever you’re really down or having anxiety) 

-at first he doesn’t really know how to approach it because he’s not familiar with it, so he does a lot of research on it 

-once he did his research he vowed to help you in every way he could (Going with you to doctors appointments, convincing you to go to therapy, asking if you took your medicine when he fist sees you in the morning) 

-he’ll literally turn into your coach tbh, keeping you motivated and eager to stay on task with therapy and healthier habits (yoga, breathing exercises, ect.) 

-he’ll always tell you how much he loves you and how perfect he thinks you are (He wants it engraved in your mind tbh)  

-whenever he sees you in bad shape he’ll take a really long shower and cry that night while you’re sleeping (he feels that if you see him cry he can’t be your source of strength) 

-He has trouble sometimes with understanding how his beloved, who he sees as the most perfect person to ever walk the earth, could be so sad and anxious and dissatisfied with themselves (He’ll just keep researching when he gets confused like this) 

-when you start to get better he notices it instantly, like a light had been switched on, and he’ll cry tears of joy when he starts to see you progressing and coping, he’ll just watch you tackle your demons like the badass he knows you are (Just soooo happy and so proud of you)

Stop this shit already, VLD fandom

This is the first time I am in a fandom where the majority is from USA and you know what? I hate it. You guys make everyone (in the other countries) hate you. You are the worst fandom I’ve ever seen in my life, the only reason why I don’t leave is because the show worths it. But this fandom is cancer, is poison, is the most conflictive thing in the world. YOU NEED to learn what means fiction, what means real life. It seems you don’t learn it in school. 


Like, are you serious? You are all grown people so act like that. How can you be serious about fucking ships? This is FICTION, and I will repeat if you don’t understand, FICTION. So people can ship what they want, and you know why? Because they are just cartoons, they’re not real. THEY WILL NEVER GOING TO BE REAL. No real people is involved in this (except the fans and the staff), so stop the hate. Stop your moral shit and get over it. Stop this, have some shame for God’s sake! How can you defend a frecking 2D character (”he is only 17, omg, don’t do this to him”) BUT ATTACK A REAL PERSON? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Like, you need to live again because you have all messed up. Go back to school baby, you didn’t understand anything about HOW LIFE WORKS.

You don’t like that ship? That’s ok. You don’t have to. Simply don’t google it and live your life. You like it? That’s ok. Enjoy it, then. Stop the hate with the people who are happy with this. And with the people who defend the right of others to be free and choose what they like. BECAUSE AGAIN. THIS CHARACTERS DON’T EXIST.

(Besides, you really think real people underage doesn’t have sex? Like… Are you stupid or what? Be worried about them, they’real. Don’t waste your time with 2d cartoons. WEIRDO)

The thing @bext-k did was RIGHT. You people are always overreacting at everything, like is the end of the world (You say a bad word! OMG IS THE END OF THE WORLD || YOU LIKE A GAY 2D COUPLE? OMG IS THE END OF THE WORLD || WHAT? YOU LIKE THAT SHIP? THEY DON’T EVEN REAL BUT THE WORLD IS GONNA END BECAUSE OF THAT). You’re always sending hate and messing with the same topic. I support her and I support the staff. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE WORST FANDOM, LIKE SRSLY, IF I WAS THEM I WILL BE SAD BECAUSE ALL OF YOU SUCK. If your “fans” attack you then is better not to have fans at all. 

You’re crazy and stupid. If you can’t watch a show and behave like the grown people you are, then don’t watch it. And if you don’t know how internet works, then don’t use it. But stop with all this shit already.


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hii! do you recommend any good reylo fics?? c:

AHH I’m so sorry fam, I am the absolute worst when it comes to answering these things in a timely manner, and for that I apologize <3  Life has been a tad busy at the moment ^.^’ I have quite a few asks in my inbox, and I’ll try to go through one a day from now on, yeah? I’ve let them pile up for too long. 

OKAY. REYLO FICS. Here’s a shortlist of fics I’m currently reading atm along with completed fics that I have in my bookmarks –  

Like Young Gods and To Kingdom Come by disasterisms / @kylorenvevo (GO READ THIS RN SRSLY) Actually just go read everything she’s ever written. Okay.

Ileenium Manor and The Descendants by WaterlilyRose

Thwarted by Perry_Downing

Hex by Hormonal_Trashbag

PREY by KagamiSorciere 

A Proposal By Any Other Name by LucidLucy 

The Death of Kylo Ren and Stars Don’t Come Down by nymja 

Ten Years of Rey by kimi kimi kimi aka @articianne

Nine Lives by on_my_toes (the coffee shop au you never knew you needed)

Black Knight, White Queen by pontmercy44

So I just counted my bookmarks, and I have about 58 works in my Reylo folder. o_O Tomorrow I’ll create a side page dedicated to fic recs on my tumblr and just add all the links in there :)   

Hope that helped!

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Hey can I have a scenario/headcanon where Bakugo has a crush on a really nice person and "gently bullies" to get their attention but the crush breaks down and cries one day because they don't know what they did wrong to be picked on like that

I’m sorry those god a little bit long uwu I hope it will meet your expectations !

Originally posted by blurain71

Bakugou Katsuki 

• ‘Why are they so god damn nice?’ would be the daily question that he had occupied himself with on basis – he couldnt deal with that kind of person and behavior yet at the same time they had something magnetic on them which causes him to be occasionally around them (too much maybe?) 

• He probably havent even noticed his crush until someone would’ve pointed it out to him – when it comes to other people feelings Bakugou is the fucking master of observing and analyzing but when it comes to his own? Can be god damn foolish like icy-hot, they surely have similiarities at times

• And when he knows, Mr Mcsplode starts to pester the kind person with considering for him gently bullying while not being aware that he wanted god damn attention from them. From the crush’s character lets people assume that they’d hang out with that loser Deku a lot and it hella pisses him off

• Perhaps it was jealousy but it didnt make him stop, especially not when that pimp tells him to stop doing so – why did he think he has the right to tell Bakugou of what to do?! So he continues until they would’ve reached their own limit, taking every word he had mouthed by heart without his knowledge

• When they started crying, Baks froze in place, prods harsher than anticipted why the fuck they’re crying for. And after they explained why and what their constant question was guilt washes all over his god damn being. Bakugou. Actually feeling guilty. You heard the right words, he was feeling horrible???

• Just „Tchs“ this and walks away but internally there are serious struggles. He never intended to make them feel this way and to even make them cry was probably the worst of all this but his pride would never allow him to srsly mouth out a proper apology which they did damn deserve but he just couldnt?

• Promises himself though that he will try to make it up for them in his own way. Expect from the ash-blonde small but significant sweet gestures after talking it through with Ashido Mina (god he hates this girl [he doesnt] but she’s the only one he can talk to this about bc she’s a girl and she knows what to do). 

• Will decrease the bullying to almost none but will leave some space between them, considering to really confess during that time tho. To stop those misunderstandings and to let them finally talk normally again – yet them still being nice to him doesnt make things easy on him. He feels a bit at loss

“Stop giving me that stupid smile of yours..”

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