no srsly go and watch it

Okay so…I was re-watching a few episodes to study several of Paris’ buildings, but this screenshot is just??? Like, srsly, look @ these children!! Throughout their run upstairs none of them falter to smile at each other after being reunited. It’s one of the most adorable scenes ever and I cannot believe I didn’t see this ‘til now! I’M- (●´□`)ノ♡


tried out those kind of edits for the first time and had super much fun doing them! I’ll definitely do more of them in the future :D

Screenshots from: WHO’S MORE LIKELY TO…? // Valentines Special //

(srsly this video is just too cute, if you haven’t seen it and got 15 minutes spare time rn go watch it!)


A while ago I was watching an tfp episode in the beginning of season 2. First I noticed that megatron face was reflecting on his own armor. Thought first it was a normal detail thingy.




FUCK!!!! O-O

It’s like…. where did his mouth and part of face go!?
He’s is not only derpy anymore… .-.

It’s srsly just a pair of eyes!!!!

At least someones might be amused. :P


all the boys // panic! at the disco

Like honestly, that film blew away my expectations.

Extra songs that weren’t in the original animated film.  (No human again though, sorry folks)

Two interracial couples.

Lefou gets a boyfriend at the end. (though it is subtle)

Lefou questions Gaston and isn’t just a willing lackey with no brain.

Belle and Adam’s chemistry is explored more.  Their back stories are explored more too. 

Quite frankly it was a gorgeous amazing film, and I have zero reasons to not give it a 10/10. 

♡ D E T E R M I N A T I O N ♡

undertale + @danisnotonfire​ & @amazingphil​ = (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
(srsly go watch it)

more phan doodles here

so far, marcus kane hasn’t gotten laid in like a month, has been shocklashed once, taken hostage once, physically hurt by the radiation, mentally hurt by his so-called ‘adopted’ son and will be punched for god knows what reason by his bff next episode and literally no one was there for him throughout all this shit…………….like srsly I would very much like him to just go back to that bed in the polis tower and bang his gf okay???

I’ll Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Summary: Based off that time Dan and Phil did the glow-in-the-dark paint challenge (on BBC radio show) which Dan described as โ€œeroticโ€. They go home and try to help each other wash off the paintโ€ฆbut some bottled up feelings get in the way.

note if you donโ€™t know which D vs P challenge I mean, go watch it. Now. srsly itโ€™s the best thing everย

Warnings: Like two swears I think and a sprinkle of smuttiness but nothing else really

Wordlength: about 2k (2019 to be exact)

Disclaimer: I doughnut own Dan and Phil. sorry fo da lame pun couldnโ€™t resist

this is my very first phanfic (iโ€™ve written other fanfictions just not about danny and philly) so donโ€™t be too harsh on me! but also please please let me know what I can improve and whatnot. Enjoy! :)

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in honor of finally watching the superhero episode on tv, i finished this doodle redraw of my possibly fave moment in the entire season lmao


He said he liked you from the moment he met you on the plane to Thailand.

He said he wished you were sitting next to him on the flight back too.

And although he has enough miles racked up…to wrap around the earth over and over, you were the first person he wanted to seat next to him. I’m sure he didn’t send those flowers, either. He doesn’t like white flowers. That punk…is a psycho who sends flowers to me, a man. He sent flowers when I won an award too. But they were always blue, without fail. The dress he stayed up all night to make for you was also blue.

Let’s trust Jung Won. He is…lonelier than I. He is nicer than I. He’d be better to his woman than I. He has more money than I. But above all, he is healthy, manly and tall. He will give you nice shoes and take you to nicer places…than I would…He is…Anyway, there’s a reason I set you up. You should hear him out. And Jung Won is a victim. He may seem like he does whatever he pleases, but he doesn’t do anything he wants. I know that.

nine episodes in and jealousy incarnate has finally hooked me. as of now i’m firmly on team na ri; i support her and trust her to make the decision that is best for her. 

but damn if hwa shin’s inner turmoil didn’t have me grinning like the sadist i am. i want him to pine for her, i want her to be epicly romanced by jung won. it’s no less than what she deserves. i want hwa shin to watch. i want him to regret how he’s treated her. 

in all seriousness though, i ship na ri/hwa shin seriously hard right now. GIVE ME THE PAINNN.

“Pyo Na Ri, you fraud. It’s raining. You said it would be great weather for a date. Na Ri. You fraud.”