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Can we just talk about the fact that Molly, a complete stranger to Lorcan and Elide, who they tried to deceive into thinking they were married when in fact they’d just met each other, noticed the way Lorcan looked at Elide was special??? He couldn’t have been faking it the entire time omg. And Elide was clueless (tbh so was Lorcan)

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Kakashi and Iruka headcanons for how they react when their s/o gives them a full body massage after an intense mission (Kakashi)/long hard day at the Academy (Iruka)? xoxoxo

<3<3 sure!

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- Initially, he’s surprised. He just wanted to sleep, and relax after that mission, so he pretty much flopped on the bed, face first and let out a big sigh into the pillow. The moment he feels hands on his back, he tenses something awful but once he feels the way their hands move across his back, relaxing and “pulling” the stress apart, he greatly relaxes. 

- As their hands trail across his body to alleviate stress, it reaches a spot where he finds it’s awkward and slightly uncomfortable. He makes a small noise, trying to stop his s/o’s hands from moving. However, the feeling of utter relaxation is enough sway to make him change their mind. That mission seems like a distant dream at this point, and all he can think about are their hands trailing across his body.

- He definitely lets out a few deep moans. He’s slightly embarrassed about it, but honestly, he’s just so happy and relieved that someone noticed just how worn down he looked and cared enough to do something about it. He ends up falling asleep, completely relaxed, “massaged-out” as it were. Thanks his s/o the next morning profusely, and is completely, eternally grateful for them.

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Iruka (poor bby)

- When he get’s home after a tough day at the Academy, literally the first thing he does is grab a pillow and scream into it. Normally, it works, but today had been worse. Students had thrown things across the room, some didn’t listen… Iruka swore he was losing his touch. He hardly realises it when he feels someone else’s touch on him. He melts under his s/o’s touch faster than an ice cube would during the summer outside.

- He’s ushered to the couch where he allows his s/o to ease the tension and stress from his body. He’s pressing his face into the pillows, biting on them, feeling all the tension leave his body. His s/o is hitting all the right places, his back, his arms, wrists, thighs, legs, feet, everywhere. He;s rather silent about it, compared to Kakashi, but his eyes are practically rolling into his skull.

- He doesn’t fall asleep after. He cuddles them, arms around their waist as they wash the dishes or cook dinner or something. As as surprise, if they’re out an about a following day, he surprises them with a really big, romantic gesture. A candlelit dinner, fancy tablecloth, classy outfits, nice fruity wine. This boi really tries, and it juuussstt barely works. He fumbles. A lot. But the heart is what counts :D


ok i know it’s probably just a glitch but hear me out. maybe unknown woke up at the last second and got himself the heck out of there before the explosion took place. like what if ray was in mint eye with every intention of staying like we saw in that scene, but unknown suddenly takes over and is just like “wtf do u think you’re doing to us, marshmallow boy” and escapes. and in that scene after when rika calls him he doesn’t respond because he’s not ray anymore.