no srsly

to  all the people who want or even asked me to draw d@rsita:

i guess i need to explain smth real quick

hope u get it now


the girl u never wanna ask “dRAW D@RSITA” ever again


The full new FFXV Universe trailer is here and I highly recommed you watch it, but for those of you unable to right now, here’s a rundown of all the things it feaured that are either new or were given more specific dates. GET ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN :D 

(personally I’m hyped about all of this, but kinda especially about Comrades getting a release date for autumn this year)

Happy Lucy Day~                                                    


-By Hiro Mashima (here)


“I’ve never seen a man like you.”

Ein + Gaelio || MS Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans