no spoilers ahoy!

some v spoiler heavy thoughts on TAZ episode 58 because i need to SCREAM


- Griffin ‘Forbes 30-Under-30 Media Luminary’ McElroy is a sickeningly good writer holy fuck?? Those CUTSCENES… THAT IMAGERY… THE LANGUAGE…

- Kravitz may be okay now but he’s lonely and scared and therefore I am still JUST as concerned for him as I was before (AND I WAS VERY CONCERNED BEFORE)

- That whole Kravitz scene had me literally Weeping but the “Lovable doofuses” line…… Hoo Boy……..

- Killian can see through bullshit so easily oh my God

- Carey and Avi’s reactions to Magnus’ ‘death’ were too fucking heartbreaking to be legal. That shit isn’t allowed! Cut that shit out!!

- Garfield is apparently better at straight up dipping and diving that Taako could ever hope to be. Garfield is VERY good out here.

- Also? What the unholy fuck was Garfield gonna do with Magnus’s body???

- The exchange between Magnus, Taako and Merle on the subject on Magnus taking back his body- Like??? Can Travis in particular win an award for that scene because holy SHIT the amount of genuine EMOTION in it brought tears to my eyes


- No piece of media has ever made my heart race as much as this podcast has and frankly I’m Pissed because this was supposed to be a dumb easy listening comedy cast but nope. Nah. NAH. ITS NOT.

- Short synopsis of this episode: Shit’s going down and I’m being dragged down WITH IT

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I swear to God, JR! For real. You can make me ship Jackson with Miller out of f***ing nowhere. I'll ship Murphy/Raven. I see Roan's flirtations with Clarke (sorry, I just do). I was 10 seconds away from being like, "Well, guess Jasper's gonna sleep with Harper" (loved that Monty stayed though). But WHY THE HELL CAN'T BELLARKE FLIRT???????????? Or touch. Or anything. That damn man and the writers room are insufferable. That's right. I said it. Elizabeth Bennet style.

Oh my god. I have to go to bed, I can’t answer any more right now, but you threw it down, 

Elizabeth Bennet style.


Hartwin Fic: Going Home

Spoilers ahoy! 

Later, when it’s all over and they’re on the plane back, Eggsy says quietly, “Where we gonna go?" 

Harry looks at him in some surprise. "Ah,” he says. 

In the flurry of his rescue and the fight against Poppy, he had forgotten the news about his house being destroyed. At the time it had seemed rather insignificant. Now, however, he sees it a bit differently. 

He supposes he will grieve, later. The loss of material possessions is minor, even though he will miss some of them enormously. It’s more the idea behind the house, the way it was always there from his earliest days at Kingsman. It was his sanctuary, his shelter from the world when a mission went wrong and he needed time to put his head back on straight. He imposed order on the chaos of the world with his neat rows of photographs and collections of butterflies. He installed a dead dog to reign over it all and remind him of the cost involved. He studied newspaper headlines until he knew them by heart, the mundane and the other story, the one never told, never reported on, never shared – the story only he and Kingsman knew about. 

All gone. 

Eggsy’s face is pinched and anxious; no doubt he blames himself somehow, because he was living there, because he moved in when it seemed Harry would never return and reclaim the house as his own. As if Eggsy could have stopped it. As if Harry himself would have had any greater success. 

“It will be all right,” he says. He’s tired and sore, and in desperate need of a real drink. There will be liquor in the plane’s galley, of course, but right now Merlin is there with Jack and Ginger, their heads together in quiet discussion. There’s no need to disturb them just yet. 

Besides, this is something he and Eggsy must deal with. Among other things. 

Those other issues can wait a bit, though, Harry decides. Right now the only question before them is the one Eggsy just asked. Where will they go? 

“For now I imagine we will stay at HQ,” he says. His debrief alone will take weeks, something he is most definitely not looking forward to. “Then when we are ready, a new house will be procured.” No doubt it will be in the same neighbourhood, the same quiet but tasteful exterior. 

But with one major difference this time. 

He smiles at Eggsy. “It will be our choice." 

Eggsy’s eyes widen. There’s the beginning of a shadow around his right eye, where he was hit in the face. It’ll be fully bruised by morning, swollen almost shut. "What do you mean?" 

"I mean,” Harry says, “that we will get to choose the house together.” He hesitates, abruptly aware that he’s possibly presuming way too much. “That is, if that’s what you want." 

"Fuck yeah it is,” Eggsy breathes. “I just didn’t think, I mean…” A tentative smile touches his lips. 

Harry says nothing. He remembers the moment he first walked out of his cell, when Eggsy’s arms wrapped around him, when he felt truly alive for the first time since waking up after Kentucky missing an eye and half his sanity. He thought nothing could compare to that feeling, to having his arms around Eggsy again. 

Turns out he was wrong. This moment here, sitting on the Statesman plane with Eggsy beside him, his arms around Eggsy, is the best he’s ever felt. 

At last he’s going home.

the do over

summary: SPOILERS AHOY. Anyway, I’M MAD AF, and I heard there was some kind of romantic scene shot on the JR coming up, and I can only hope that we get the kind of proposal these two deserve, so without further ado, THE DO OVER:

The do over

“Want to tell me what’s going on, yet?”

Killian smiled as Emma nudged her hip with his, an expectant expression on her beautiful face. Her hand felt reassuringly warm in his as they walked down the docks together towards the Jolly Roger. His nerves were getting the better of him at the moment, but his thumb absentmindedly caressed the ring on Emma’s finger, and it gave him the boost of confidence he needed.

“I know you don’t enjoy surprises, Swan,” he said, “But it’s my hope that you’ll like this one.”

Emma smiled in return, squeezing his hand. “I’m sure, I will.”

Once they reached the Jolly, he gestured gallantly up the gangplank. “After you, m’lady. Captain’s quarters, if you please.”

She rolled her eyes good-naturedly before climbing aboard his ship, and he followed after her, watching with pride as she navigated the deck with ease. At the top of the hatch leading to his quarters, she shot him a playfully suspicious look before descending down the steps. He knew the exact moment she found her surprise, her soft gasp echoing off the sails, and Killian hurried down after her.

The room was lit with tiny candles, illuminating the table where a three course dinner was set, complete with a bottle of champagne. Light instrumental music wafted through the air from a small portable device that Henry had helped him set up earlier that day.

“Killian, what is this?” Emma asked, turning to him with wonder, but also uncertainty. “If this is about my grandfather, you know I’ve already forgiven you.”

“I know, Swan,” Killian said, stepping closer to her and taking her hand in his. “And you’ll never know how truly grateful I am to have that forgiveness, but this isn’t about that. At least, not completely.”

He closed his eyes briefly and inhaled to steady himself. When he opened them, he dropped down to his knee and looked up at her. Emma’s eyes widened, but Killian spoke before she had a chance to.

“Emma, when I proposed to you, I did so with a heavy heart, weighed down by my secret,” Killian told her, remembering how conflicted he’d felt. He’d been unable to come clean then, loathe to take away her happiness. “But now, I wish to give you the proposal you deserve. No walls. No secrets. Just you and me.”

Emma’s confusion molded into one of understanding, and she smiled softly at her words being repeated back to her.

“There are no words to describe how much I love you,” Killian whispered, looking up into her eyes. In the candlelight, they took on a distinct sheen as he spoke. “Only know that I love you more today than I did yesterday, and that I shall love you more still tomorrow.”

“You helped me find a part of myself that I thought had been lost forever,” he continued, mesmerized by the love in her eyes. “You’ve given me a home, something I’ve never had before, as well as made me a part of your family. There’s nothing I want more in this life than to spend the rest of my days by your side.”

Tears were falling down her cheeks now, and even Killian found his eyes blurring. “Emma Swan, will you marry me?”

Her response was immediate as she nodded fervently. “Yes, yes, I will.”

Hearing the words the second time around was much sweeter than the first, and Killian let the joy he’d been holding back flow through him, smiling uncontrollably as he took her hand to kiss her ring before leaping up and taking her into his arms. Their kiss was wet and salty with both of their tears, but they laughed merrily, arms locked around each other, and Killian knew himself to be the happiest man in all the realms.

“I love you,” Emma sighed into his ear. “Thank you.”

He pressed his lips to hers again in response before pulling away. Reaching behind her, he grabbed the bottle of champagne that had been chilling. “Can I tempt you with a glass, love?”

“What, no rum?” she asked playfully.

“I’m engaged to a princess now,” he quipped, arching an eyebrow at her. “That calls for something a little more sophisticated.”

Emma giggled happily, and Killian grinned, uncorking the bottle with his thumb. He poured them both a glass, handing one to her.

She raised hers in the air. “To our future,” she said firmly.

The threat of Gideon’s dark mission succeeding hung over them for a moment, but Killian nodded. “Our future,” he echoed, clinking her glass with his.

Whatever happened, they would face it together, and Killian knew they would overcome it, as they had done time and time again.

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For all those freaking out about Octillian, I think it's important to remember that Flarke, Linctavia, CL, and even Memori began with lies and cheating, capture and torture, deceit, manipulation and betrayal (twice over for the last two). The show gives us Kabby, Marper, Jasper/Maya and Bellarke as "healthier" options. But even Kabby began with great antagonism and disdain. It's the nature of the show. You don't always want what's healthiest for you--and some things evolve to be ok or even great

The parallel for Octilian is actually clarke and niylah I think. It’s honest. It happens at a time when Clarke or Octavia is at the edge of sanity and needs to come back, it’s reaching out for human contact and feeling. It is what it is. It’s not a replacement for anyone else. It’s not love. It’s sex. 

I actually think it’s a lot healthier than a lot of relationships we’ve seen.

i just purchased Teen Titans Earth One vol 2 (legally!) and holy fuck u guys

Raven and Starfire apparently share the famous Gal Pal™ relationship

which means its either 1) A giant ship tease and\or queer baiting or 2) leading to actual development in the next book

either way, it’s definitely there.

general review of that book, under the cut [beware, spoilers] 

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My thoughts on Power Rangers

First off, you should know that this is all coming from a huge Power Rangers fan. I loved this series as a kid, so I was always going to get at least a little enjoyment out of this movie for nostalgia reasons. Is my opinion biased? Hell yeah it is because I love Power Rangers. Now let’s dig in. Spoilers ahoy!

I gotta give it up to Dacre Montgomery for actually getting me to like him. He was the one going in that I just didn’t care about. Jason was always my least favorite out of the group from the original series. But Dacre did a great job of getting me to feel bad for him. Sure, the “you are the leader” stuff was a little much, but I loved his relationship with everyone on the team and how he actually cared about them. He could have come across as just a jerk, but he didn’t. Props to him.

Now for my favorite thing about the movie. Billy. Oh my god, someone turn RJ Cyler into a superstar right now. I had heard he was great in this movie, but I didn’t know how great he’d be. He was just a scene stealer in every scene. I loooved the scene when he first morphed. I loved how he was the heart of the team. Everyone cared about him, even when they didn’t like each other, and it was heartbreaking when he “died.” It was great how they all came together because of him. That felt perfect.

The relationship between Billy and Jason was great. One of the strongest aspects of the movie, for sure. My favorite scene in the movie might have actually been when the two of them hugged when Billy came back to life. It was just sooo sweet and they both played it so well. Also, my new ship.

I loved all the characters, truly. Naomi Scott has just proved why she needs to be the next Hollywood leading lady. She was excellent in the movie. She really sold Billy’s death scene. A lot of that was on her. Becky G was adorable as Becky, and was able to sell herself as a nobody despite the fact that she’s gorgeous, which was impressive. I wish we could have scene more of this friendship, because they were great every time they were on screen together.

More Zack would have made the movie better too. I liked every scene he was in, but I could have used even more. Ludi did a really good job. I loved Zack’s friendship with Trini. That was really cute, and it was there without seeming forced. His relationship with his mom was also adorable.

As for the other characters. Elizabeth Banks as Rita was a lot of fun, and she actually felt menacing. Bryan Cranston was perfectly cast as Zordon. And Bill Hader was great as Alpha Five.


I won’t lie, the movie did drag a little bit in the middle. At some point, I was just ready to see them morph. But I did like the character building scenes of them getting to know each other. I also wish we had more time to see them fight in their suits before they went into their zords, but I get why that happened.

The entire final battle was just nonstop action fanservice and I loved every second of it. The “hold the line” scene was a little over the top but it still worked and I felt like we had gotten to know these characters enough to actually care about them so seeing them almost die was actually impactful.

The after credits scene! Tommy is coming!

But yeah, that’s just a ramble of my initial feelings about the movie. I’m sure I’ll post more about it. I had so much fun watching it, and I’m ready for the sequels.

gotta talk about this gay shit...spoilers ahoy

finally finished part 2 of the get down and ummmmm shao definitely has the hots for zeke. I know most of us were lowkey shipping it the first part but this shit has me shook….niggas kept going ‘oh he’s your boyfriend isn’t he’ and I almost thought shao was gonna hate kiss zeke during that scene where they were arguing and he shoved him on the car hood lmaoo

and also thor and dizzee are fuckin beautiful together

also the music was good as fuck

also i yelled when they had dee dee ramone n casanova fly show up as characters lol

I could go on and on but just. Goddamn. I love this series.