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Tweek x Craig 

Inside Ike Broflovski

I’ve basically just visually compiled some of the most interesting bits from the final episode of South Park s20.

1. Apparently Ike remains pretty darn patriotic towards Canada. Considering how pretty our Prime Minister is, I can’t blame him.

2. Games Ike either plays or is interested in. The fact Undertale is on here rocks. I also love that the guys did slip a Chinpokomon reference subtly in here.

3. I approve of Ike’s choices in what to watch. Kinda surprised to find two anime on the list, though. I’d expect Kenny’s history to be the one with the most anime (probably a fair number of hentai titles, as well as regular porn too.)

4. The YouTubers Ike apparently likes, and congrats to them all for getting a nod from the peeps at South Park. I watch Markiplier and Game Grumps too, though I’m not a big PewdiePie fan (no hate! He seems cool and nice, I just am not drawn to his videos in the same way Ike seems to be.

5. The most important piece of Ike’s Internet history:

FIKE CONFIRMED. (…well, not really, Ike had emailed and texted a number of others, but this at least confirms they have some sort of relationship!)

There, just thought I’d share these sort of interesting tidbits from the season finale.

Mermaid and Sailor boyfriend; after they get Tweek out of the tank this is how they keep him hydrated.

Stan: Um, before I go though, I’ve got a favor to ask you.
Craig: Uh, alright then. 
Stan: You might wanna put the camera down. 
Craig:  Anything you say to me you can say to the camera, Stanly.
Stan: Well… okay, then. I, uh… I looked through your blog after Kyle told me about it. I saw all the stuff you said about Tweek, and that you want to see him again. 
Craig: What of it?
Stan: Listen, dude. I’m not trying to sound like a douchebag or anything. I actually do really like you, but they’re really happy now. I know you’re not trying to get in the way of that, but I know your history.
Stan: You can’t just be friends with Tweek. 
Craig: Well I don’t see how you think you suddenly know me so well.
Stan: C’mon, Craig. We all know what went on in high school. 

Craig: Well we aren’t in high school anymore, Stan. People can change- maybe it just so happens I’m one of those people, and I actually give a damn about how Tweek feels.
Stan: Okay, okay. Just… god, this is going to sound like a really shitty thing, but just don’t ruin this for them.

Craig: Yeah, alright.

CLYDE: This just in: The Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour has arrived.

JIMMY: Hey guys, are you ready to get this party s-ss-st…

JIMMY: Are you ready to get this p-party st–

JIMMY: Are you ready to get this party st-started?

TIMMY: Timmy!

CLYDE: Hell motherfucking yeah, let’s DO this.

CLYDE: Well actually we need to wait for Token.

CLYDE: …Where are you, you sneaky son of a tater-tot…