no south park though


i simplified it a LOT more than to my liking but anyway this is the most important thing ive ever seen and i had to express it some way

KYLE: H-hey stan! y-yeah sorry… ike left a toy out and I slipped

STAN: is your head okay? did you hurt anything??

KYLE: no no! I-i’m fine…hehe I-I just slipped! N-nothing major

KYLE: L-lets just hurry and get to school okay? we don’t want to be late!

STAN: yeah…sure okay


TWEEK: *sigh* thank g-god…w-works over…n-now I just have to live t-through school!

TWEEK: H-hopefully butters i’snt early….I-I would feel bad to make him wait

South Park Phone Destroyer Character Cards I Have yet to see:

And I am really hoping they’re gunna be in it somewhere, or that the game will be getting some updates with them eventually, since it is mobile:

Pip Pirrup
Damien Thorn
Gregory of Yarddale
Christophe Delorn
Nichole Daniels
David Rodriguez (??? Seriously where is he)
Karen McCormick
Ruby Tucker
All the siblings honestly.
The Goth Kids
Mike Makowski and the Vampire Society
The boys Metrosexual outfits!

That’s my list as it stands right now, feel free to add more!!

Sex in cartoons, then and now


The Simpsons: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex!”

King of the Hill: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex, but you shouldn’t ask them about it because that’s rude.”

Family Guy: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex while wearing tight leather and pretending they’re characters from movies, cartoons, and games!”

South Park: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex even though they should stop because they’re old and gross and do weird experimental things because they’re bored of each other!”


The Amazing World of Gumball: “Your parents were pregnant before they were married and keep their bedroom door closed for a reason.”

Star vs the Forces of Evil: “Your parents have seen each other naked more than you’ve seen yourself naked.”

The Loud House: “Your parents got thrown out of a hotel because they got caught playing grab-ass in the pool.”

Steven Universe: “Your parents are definitely still having sex. It’s a beautiful, wonderful bonding experience, it feels good on so many levels, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ll understand sooner than you think. Now sit back, relax, and let me scare you half to death with some out of left field body-horror and themes of war, murder, and betrayal.”