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Attention: Plagiarizing

Over the last few years of running this blog I have encountered a number of instances of people reposting the photographs and captions from this blog and refusing to credit either here (where I usually have the original source linked to the post) or to the original source. This is plagiarism.

I do not claim any rights to the photographs I post, nor will I ever do so. However I put a lot of work into finding the content I post here. I find it disrespectful to myself, and to the men and woman who captured those moments in time for us to see now so many years later, when no appropriate credit is given. I find it even more disrespectful and downright rude the responses I have gotten to polite requests to give credit where credit is due.

My goal in running this blog has always been education. I am glad that these images are reaching wider audiences. But there are those not giving credit, and indeed assuming it, for the work done and that is wrong.

Please, if you want to repost historic photographs you find on the internet, give credit to the original source whenever possible. It is often not a difficult task. To avoid giving credit is to disrespect the history of that image, the people depicted in it, and the person who took the picture.

anonymous asked:

I thought I heard someone say at least some of them didn't know it was a real killing game? Or that the producers lied before brainwashing them? I don't have a reliable source for those but it's something to think about. Someone said at least Ouma didn't know people actually died. I'd assume Tenko didn't either based on her rumored motive to join. Can't wait until the English one comes out so I can actually understand and not rely on differing translations. ;-;

Regardless, without proper sourcing and a serious translation, we’re all fucking lost here and all we can do is run around screaming and wait.

Design Contest!

Luckily, the campus bookstore had reasonable envelopes and stamps- it’s time for a contest!

There is only one hard-and-fast rule: Make a common. It can be a “bad” common, it just needs to be well-designed and the sort of thing that could plausibly see print. (A plausibly-bad common that’s well-put-together would be a great entry, in fact.)

Rendering it and providing art are optional but recommended (you can just submit a sourced picture with the card’s text in plaintext, or the card’s text on its own, and I’ll render it.)

To enter, either reblog this with your card attached (and I don’t see any indication that you added anything if you just post an image, so add some text too) or submit it to this blog.

You are allowed to submit cards you’ve made previously.

The deadline is two weeks from now, February 3rd, at midnight in American Eastern Time.

Prizes and further rules are detailed below.

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Prison School: Live Action Cast!

I AM EXCITED. Because they look really accurate! Its coming really soon too! Like in October, I look forward to seeing it, i mean especially as the girls are gonna kick their ass’s lol.

My favorites are Shingo, Gakuto, Chiyo, Joe, Meiko Shiraki and Hana. They look the most on point! I’m a tad disappointed with Kiyoshi but now majorly, it should be good either way!

I’m not sure if this has been posted so I thought i’d share! The source link is below.


“The series will premiere on the MBS on October 25 at 24:50 (effectively on October 26 at 12:50 a.m”“

Oh and heres the other two! Anzu and the Chairman!

He looks good as him too!

Annnd Anzu


LaF what are you doing…

(norepinephrine is adrenaline)

Fans, the release month has possibly been semi-confirmed.

As of right now, 2 different sources claim Season 2 will return sometime  “in between late June and before the middle of July.” So here’s to hoping. An official source (and a sort-of-official source) have said June will hold something interesting for the fans. This could be an unlimited number of things. Shorts? Promos? Clips?  A look at the next episode(s) from that rebrand that was being discussed a short time ago?

Either way, look forward to June (late in the month) and early in July for some goods.

Since it looks like some people don’t know, about that seijou 3rd years playing game together picture:

1. They are playing the same game (monhun! Or whatever it was called in this series since I can’t remember) Kenma and Karasuno played during the Nekoma OVA. (source)

2. It’s a bonus card of vobaca (aka volley ball card game, haikyuu’s official card game) you can get if you buy the 5th expansion pack from either Jump Shop, Animate, or Takara Tomy Mall. So yes, it’s an official art. (source)

Rejoice! And unleash all your hc (*`ω´)

Card name: “Aobajousai: One Hunt Before Club Activities”