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so uh… how do i words , uhm… a lot of you dont know me– hell i think only three people here know who i am, but i really really like your art (and art styles) and i look up to all of you a lot, and i look for inspiration from you guys almost every day so uhm… oh my god everyone is just so beautiful, the style, the colors, the line density, the face shapes– I COULD KEEP GOING ON AND ON REALLY—- but i cant because this post is long enough as it is

there’s so many more people i want to add and thank for being such a wonderful sources of awe and inspiration but my shoulder is killing me and its currently an ungodly hour of the wee mornings so i ask for pardon

ah– anyway, bottom line, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION keep doing what you’re doing and i hope you continue to grow and be happier with your art every new day that comes your way!

-Celi <3

P.S. btw if you’re uncomfortable with me putting up your style there please message me and i’ll take it down im sorry;;;;;

  • Hani, texting Junghwa: jeeeeez my arms are so sore holy shit
  • Junghwa : baby chain
  • Junghwa : ok i meant to type ‘good’ but i saw a string of kindergarteners on the street holding onto a rope to stay together as i typed
  • Junghwa : but right now i’m more concerned with the fact that you didn’t feel the need to ask for clarification

Lesbian literature and culture is notoriously difficult to find throughout history. Even at points in time where love between men (spiritual and physical) was considered the highest form of love, love between women was still often scorned mostly due to misogyny, and then later a mix of that and homophobia/lesbophobia. 

However, of course, not all lesbian culture has been lost or destroyed or otherwise unreachable. Some of the poems of Sappho (archaic Greek poet) are still around among other more obscure works. A couple of the works in a more obscure category are two love letters found written on a 12th century German manuscript. 

There are no full names listed, only single letters to remain anonymous to everyone but the lover. 

The first love letter is from “B” to “C”:

To C.–, who is sweeter than honey and the honeycomb,
B.– sends all the love that one can send to love.
O my unique and special one,
Why are you delaying so long in that far-off land?
Why do you want me to die, your one and only
Who loves you, as you know, with all her body and soul,
and who, like a hungry little bird,
Sighs for you at every hour and every moment?
For ever since I was cut off from your sweetest presence,
I have not wanted to hear or see anyone else but you;
Just as a turtledove, after she lost her husband,
Remains forever sitting on its barren twig,
So I lament without end
Until I once more can enjoy your faithfulness.
I look around and do not find my lover,
Nor anyone to console me with a word.
While I very happily
Review in my mind the sweetness
Of your conversations and your appearance,
I am oppressed with terrible pain,
For I find nothing like them now.
What should I compare to your love?
It is sweeter than honey or the honeycomb.
And compared to it, the luster of gold and silver are worthless.
What else can I say? In you are all sweetness and value.
Thus my spirit always languishes in your absence.
You have none of the poison of treachery;
You are sweeter than milk and honey.
You are singled out from the thousands;
I love you more than all the others;
You alone are my love and my desire;
You are the sweet refreshment of my soul.
There is no pleasure for me
Without you.
Everything that was pleasant with you
Is wearisome now and dreary without you.
And so, I wish to say that in all truth
That if I could pay my life for you, I would not hesitate
Because you are the only woman I have chosen with my heart.
Therefore, I always pray to God
That bitter death does not come to me
Before I enjoy the sight of you, so long desired and so dear.
Farewell. –
Have all my faith and love;
Accept what I have written and sent you
And my ever faithful spirit.

And the second, from “A” to “G”: 

To G, her one and only rose,
A.– sends the bond of precious love.
What strength have I that I may bear it,
That I may endure your absence?
Is my strength the strength of stones
That can wait for your return?
I never cease from aching, night and day,
Like someone missing a hand and foot.
Without you anything happy or delightful
Seems like mud trod underfoot.
Instead of rejoicing I weep;
My spirit never seems joyful.
When I remember the kisses you gave me,
The way you refreshed my little breasts with sweet words,
I would like to die
Since I cannot see you.
What should I, most wretched, do?
Where should I, most poor, turn?
O, if my body had been committed to earth
Until your longed-for return,
Or if I could go on a journey like Habakkuk,
So that just once I could come to where
I saw the face of my lover,
Then I would not care if I died that very hour.
For there is no one who has been born in the world
Who is so lovable and dear,
No one who without feigning
Loves me with so deep a love.
Therefore, I ache without end
Until I am allowed to see you.
According to one wise man, the worst misery
Is to be far from someone one cannot live without.
As long as the world endures,
You will never be blotted out from my heart’s care.
Why do I linger with so many words?
Come back, my sweet love!
Don’t put off your journey any longer.
Know that I can no longer endure your absence.
Remember me.

(if you’re looking for sources, you can find many on your own; however, a specific text source is The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse by Stephen Coote c.1983/86, which includes these poems as well as works from Sappho, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and many more.)

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hey could you reccomend some tumblrs with good content (do not matter which fandom) and that are decent (like do no sexualize minors or supports rasism etc) basically non toxic people. thank you also my spelling is bad because english is my second langueg so im sorry if its hard to read and understand

Could you make a blog roll? ❤️

ps. your English is great. 

i’ll try to split it by group. I did this in a hurry but there are other blogs though. sorry I forgot. some of these blogs aren’t really that active 

my fave and most hated mutual: @kingdonghyun she’s trash but likable.

highlight/b2st: @highlight1219  @mykpassion  @halloweenpumkin @beastoids @b2st-nes

bap: @26byg @heongs @bap-ftw

my #1 big bang source: @thekoreanbigbang

infinite: @inpinitaize (also now youngmin trash ha) @woohyun-ssi @kimseongkyu

btob: @ddonggeun @jungilhoon @luxingjae @borntobeast (but also highlight)

bts @holdmehoseok @bwipsul (also post winner)

cnblue, n.flying and mark ha : @ceohan

dean/khh: @clubeskimo (SERIOUSLY one of my fave gif makers. gifs always look so nice) @groovyroom @onejaewon @streetrapshit @fy-jay-dok2 @jayfatuasian @seoulpimpin 

hotshot: @choigiraffe

ikon: @ikonis @bobhwa 

girl groups <3 @infinitblaq (and also n.flying but makes some of the best gifs out there)

knk: @lnsoeng @youjinslover

monsta x: @m-onstax  @song-gun-hee @madtwn @chiqkihyun

nuest: @kangbaeks (suchhhh good gifs)

pentagon : @pen1ag0n @yeo1

b1a4: @orange-sandeul

wanna 1: @minhwangs @minsbugi @swoojin @emperorhwangs 

zico: @nyaaaaaw

multifandom : @jiaerrs @yuhwan @alittlepessimistic (where are you?) @softsnuper @wow-pandastic-baby @caelvms @weirdawn @jeupstan  @localshutterbug @aceyng (i just started following them and I really like them!) @fatenumberfor  @atoms-abooty @kanqkyunqwon @rainyloneliness @eternalsquee @shineeworldvinla

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I love jungkook + jimin's relationship I think they're cute as heck. Personally, I don't see the sexual element here. Jimin treats jk the exact same way I treat my neighbour who I see as my little brother. I flirt with him like crazy and tease him all the time (you know cuz he's NOT actually my brother) I take care of him and I love him but I wouldn't ever fuck him. That said I mean you're free to feel/think anything you want. I'm just curious how people see anything sexual between them.

I totally understand what you mean and I honestly thought the same way when I first started shipping them because back then there was no sexual thing going on between them at all (obviously because Jungkook was a cute shy teenager), it was pure so I just thought Jimin’s flirtatious behaviour was because Kookie was like a little brother to him and I mean most of us do joke like that with people we are most close to like our best friends (not all people but at least from where I am from we do joke around like Jimin used to do with Jungkook) like its not even flirting, its just jokes and fooling around BUT I’m so trash that I think that Jimin’s behaviour was actually triggering emotions that Jungkook didn’t know how to interpret, plus he was at the age where you try figure yourself out and you question so many things so I believe Jimin used to make him question his sexuality , so I think the way Jimin was around him caused him emotions that made him afraid and that confused him as a hetero male I mean Jimin can make any heterosexual male be attracted to him, so I am not saying Jungkook isnt heterosexual or anything like that but I think he was/is attracted to Jimin and that’s what made him be distant with Jimin and push him away every time Jimin did anything with him.That is purely my opinion as I said before I am literally trash for Jikook.
Sorry for that long blabbing about the past but i think it was important.
Now that we have a fully grown man Junkgkook and not a teenage boy afraid of his own feelings I do believe that there is some kind of sexual element between them not saying I am 100% sure they have something sexual going on between them but I do believe that there is some sort of sexual tension to say the least because they are attracted to each other in my opinion. It’s at times like the way they stare at each other and lick their lips, or how Jimin was checking Jungkook out when he didnt know he was being filmed, or the way Jimin touches Jungkook’s chest and vice versa, there is just so much tension there that I feel because I would never do those things in the way they do them with my BFF which I think is why so many of us Jikook / Kookmin shippers do think they have the sexual element in their relationship like it’s not just about the action that they do its about how they do those certain actions. When I showed my boyfriend Jikook moments, (he actually has a lot of skinship with his friends) he said they are definitely not just friends and if they are they’ve definitely done something I mean I know my boyfriend isn’t a valid source lmao but I’m just saying cause I never said anything to him about them when I showed them to him he didnt even know I shipped them till I told him afterwards..
But like I said we will most likely never be 100% sure about this , unless youre as trash as me and you do believe they have something like that but its only fantasy till something gets confirmed so for now its only part of a fantasy in the ship~
Im sorry I said so much ! I get carried away when talking about them T_T

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hi im sorry if this has been answered bfr but where r ur sources of learning korean? did u use a ton of book? or from website? or 've you lived in korea bfr so you can improve ur korean better? or else? or u use all of those sources as well? if its a book or website can you recommend me one of your best source to learn korean??? firstly no pressure to answer this, thank u for everything n 've a greay day rin!! (if this has been answered just ignore, imma scroll down later if i had a timeㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠ)

1) sejong textbook 1 to 7 (there are 8 books in total but my tutor got a job so we stopped there) + twitter. mainly rely on my observation. don’t use any app or website, if i need something i just google it.
2) never lived in korea before and don’t live in korea at the moment either. also for those who have a slight misunderstanding about me, i’m not korean/half korean. (so no korean honorifics please, -nim or -unnie or such… except when talking in korean)

  • Leo: Gentlemen, You're not gonna sit here and pretend that there's not a big-ass elephant in the room.
  • Yuri: What the fuck is going on?
  • Leo: *slams a photo of Ray* THIS is what the fuck is going on.
  • Yuri: ...
  • Zarc: ...
  • Leo: ...
  • Yuri: ....!!
  • Yuri: Oh shit! Oh shit! *laugh hysterically* Oh shit! No! That is not happening right now! No!
  • Yuri: Hey guys, he's fucking the professor's daughter!
  • Leo: Every time he says that shit? That's another foot in your ass.
  • Zarc: ...
  • Yuri: Zarc! You clearly...this is best thing ever!
  • Yuri: Zarc fucked the professor's daughter! ♪♫ Zarc fucked the Professor's daughter~! Zarc fucked the Professor's daughter~! ♪♫
  • Yuri: Shit! You fucked Professor Akaba's daughter? Professor! What the fuck, you bragged to him to his face! To his actual face. The Professor! Do you understand that this face? *points to Leo* Right there! You bragged to that face! You actually high-fived Zarc for fucking your daughter? Holy shit! Oh my god! This is...!
  • Yuri: ...It's really not that funny.

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my entire daydream universe centers around this one show and i watch it on netflix but i just found out it's gonna be taken off in a few days and im fucking devastated i dont know what to do with myself

oh my gosh i’m so sorry. i really understand your pain.

my entire daydream universe was centered around a book series i never got to finish. i’ve spent the last seven years trying to find them again. my universe turned out okay though. it continued on its own and expanded greater and greater, and multiple other sources fed it as my interests bounced from one obsession to another (from the original series of portals to toy led magic worlds worlds to vampire legends and thriller stories on the internet to medieval kings and queens to carnivals and now back to magic).

i’m so sorry for the loss, but i hope your universe is okay in the end. our worlds have a way of getting through these kind of things, and our paras stick around as long as we need them. that’s why they came to us in the first place 💙


An idea: In the no mercy run, you take in the soul of every single monster you kill, which gives you your LV. The souls of the monsters merge together the more and more of them there are, and becomes the source of your power. 

Gradually, if there’s enough souls compacted into one ‘container’ the souls’ merged form becomes visible to other monsters. (monsters, because they’re more sensitive to things relating to souls and magic)

So this is what Sans would see in the final hallway. An abomination made of those he knew. 

(someone take this tablet away from me)

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So I'm new to this Stella argent thing.. Not really.... I've been seeing gifs and I'm getting hecka confused bc other people are posting different story lines... So can you please explain the whole thing about her life, like who she's friends with, her family, and etc just everything bc I've seen other gif sets with Stella argent with a different story... Like why the gang is looking for her.. JUST EVERYTHING bc I'm really getting confused

Sorry you’re confused because that’s most likely my fault because in my mind her story kinda flows because I come up with stuff that happens in between gifs or just little things i dont actually gif and stuff but when I look at the gifs I’ve made her story seems kind of….choppy? so im very sorry about that Also my stella story is kinda it’s own track like sammy who almost created stella makes gifs on her but they kinda don’t go together but they do at the same time because we sorta have different ideas of how certain things go? I don’t know if this makes sense but now to answer your real question

I’m just going to give the whole break down here. its wordy

Keep reading

Sploon tip:

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little squid? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Squids, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Octo Valley, and I have over 300 confirmed splats. I am trained in turf warfare and I’m the top roller in the entire Inkopolis armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another inkling. I will splat you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this turf, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me on Miiverse? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of teammates across Booyah Base and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the Inkstrike, maggot. The Inkstrike that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, squid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can splat you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my Splattershot Jr. Not only am I extensively trained in inking turf, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Inkopolis Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to splat your miserable ass off the face of the stage, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking beak. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shoot ink all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, squiddo.

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Tell me everything you know about my baby's heart b ^3^ so hard to find info

A Brief Guide to HeartB (하트비) aka the sweetest group of angels to have ever graced the earth

omg okay i’ve been waiting for this day, the day it would be my turn to get to introduce heartb to someone im so excited!!! you probably already know most of the info i’m about to give you but hopefully it still helps somewhat ;;


  • HeartB (하트비) is a four member group who perform beautiful ballads (hence the reason why the ‘B’ in HeartB stands for ballads)!
  • before debuting, they would do busking events (basically singing in public for no charge) and wear masks so that people would focus on their talents and not on their looks
  • apparently they’re the “healing sound” group because of their soothing voices but tbh they make me cry and cause me a lot of pain so what is the truth

DOJIN (Lee Duryeot)

  • the leader and official mom of the group
  • born december 28th, 1995 and is a capricorn
  • he’s ~181cm tall, blood type b, made of 12% flowers and 88% muscle
  • used to be the vocal of a band called iconize, who were like an emo rocker band… can you believe??
  • doesn’t usually sing the chorus of their songs idk why
  • once said byulha was one of his favorite things
  • writes lyrics for the group and also does calligraphy, can also act (he was the one who cried while eating rice in their mv it broke me)
  • supposedly looks like im siwan from ze:a
  • thinks his lips are his best feature

JINWOOK (Kim Jinwook)

  • the oldest and also the soccer dad, is in lov with dojin
  • born february 3rd, 1994 and is an aquarius
  • he’s 188cm, blood type ab, truly a giant, a noodle
  • used to be a jellyfish trainee, so he’s really close with vixx and also nakhun! hakyeon has tweeted about them before #yessgetthatpromo
  • knows kendo, japanese, and guitar, likes to read and play basketball
  • basically a genius when it comes to cooking food… he makes things that aren’t actual dishes but it tastes good so the members like it
  • actual boyfriend material

CHANYEONG (Kim Seokgyeon)

  • also stylized as chanyoung, he’s the one that brings in all of the new fans tbh everyone finds him beautiful and ppl get into heartb bc of him
  • born february 5th, 1994 and is also an aqarius
  • he’s ~185cm, blood type ab, very shy and quiet but its endearing
  • he went on a diet and lost a lot of weight before debuting but still takes care of his body and makes sure he loses it healthily :))
  • he can speak english but hasn’t fully shown us yet (but he said that his foreign language skills were only so-so)
  • also we have no idea which english speaking country he’s from
  • thinks his eyes are his best features, likes taking walks and traveling
  • rumor has it that watching him play with dogs can cure you of cancer
  • motto: “don’t worry, be happy” :))
  • a sweet angel whom we must protect

BYULHA (Im Gyeongman)

  • the maknae and everyone’s son, very loud and playful
  • born july 13th, 1997 and is a cancer
  • he’s ~181cm (as tall as dojin), blood type a
  • talents are composing, playing piano, guitar, badminton, swimming, reading manhwa (korean comisc) and being a teenage rebel
  • you know how i said dojin used to be in a band?? well, after he left, iconize changed their name to toto caelo and byulha became the new main vocal…. plus he was the last to join heartb
  • he said once that he could rap and now the entire heartb squad is waiting for rap god byulha to be unleashed
  • probably has a tatto on his left forearm but this is still up to debate
  • calls himself the “weather fairy” whenever he posts selfies and talks about the weather with us he’s so cute!!






i hope this is more than enough for you to start getting into them! i didn’t mean to make it this long, omg im so sorry but although this took me a while i genuinely enjoyed doing this so i hope some of it helps you! pls love heartb and make sure to drag all your friends down with you ♥