no sound without silence

A light in the night sky. That’s what music is for a lot of people. People who feel that they don’t belong, that they got nowhere to go. Well music is there, it’s always there. When you’re happy or you’re sad, in ecstasy or when you’re totally destroyed, it’s there.
—  Danny O’Donoghue (Ziggodome, Amsterdam, 3/21/15)
I’ve seen you in jeans, with no make-up on,
And I’ve stood there in awe as your date for the prom.
I’m blessed as a man to have seen you in white,
But I’ve never seen anything quite like you tonight.
—  “Never Seen Anything ‘Quite Like You’” by The Script
Never Seen Anything 'Quite Like You'
The Script
Never Seen Anything 'Quite Like You'

I think I want you more than want
And know I need you more than need
I wanna hold you more than hold
When you stood in front of me
I think you know me more than know
And you see me more than see
I could die now more than die
Every time you look at me

Well I’ve seen you in jeans with no make-up on
And I’ve stood there in awe as your date for the prom
I’m blessed as a man to have seen you in white
But I’ve never seen anything quite like you tonight
No, I’ve never seen anything quite like you

When it’s right it’s more than right
Cause you feel it more than feel
I could take this moment now
Right into the grave with me

In your eyes oh in your eyes
In our hearts yeah in our hearts
Sometimes words just ain’t enough
For this love that’s more than love

BTS | Scenario #1

                        | When they have to leave very early in the morning |

Pairing : Idol!BTS x Reader

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : Around 180-190 for each

Kim Seokjin

The loud buzzing against the wooden floor causes Seokjin to wake up with a jolt - eyes shut tight, he stretches his arm to feel around with his hand. When his fingers eventually touch the cold device, he turns the buzzing off and checks the hour with one eye opened. He puts it back down and yawns silently. Your body lies flush against his naked back and your arms gradually tighten around him leading him to look back and smile at your still sleeping state. He rubs your warm skin and gently frees himself from your embrace and the blankets. Shuffling around to get ready to go out, he tries his best not to wake you. Once done, he walks back to the mattress while readjusting his oversized sweatshirt, where you’ve shifted to lie on his side of the bed and watches you endearingly. Crouching down, he cautiously runs his fingers in your hair and leans to kiss your forehead before silently walking out of the room, smiling.  

Min Yoongi

The soft melody coming from your phone stirs you from your deep slumber. You force yourself to open your eyes and notice it is still dark outside. You blink several times and shut the device to turn off its dazzling light. Now mildly used to the ambient yellowish light coming from street’s lamps, you turn your head sideways to look at your boyfriend who’s lying on his back, still motionless with his mouth slightly parted. You lean down toward him and bury your face in the crook of his neck, softly kissing it. Raising your head to watch him wake up, you slip your hand under his hiked up shirt to stroke his torso. He brings one of his hands in the air to rub his eyes and you lean back down to kiss his cheek. After some minutes, he turns his body on the side, making you lie back on the bed and kisses your lips before reluctantly getting up. Sleep slowly returns, your lids growing heavy as you gaze at Yoongi dressing who’s watching you back with a tired smile.

Jung Hoseok

At the third ring, his arm stretches, blindly grabbing and shutting his phone off. He exhales deeply and lifts up his naked torso from your body. Eyes blinking repetitively in the darkness, he gazes a few moments at your sleeping figure and leans down to enjoy your warmth when he still can, lazily kissing your naked shoulder. In your sleep, your turn your head toward him which leads him to raise his head up and softly kiss the tip of your nose. He turns on his back and sits up, rubbing his face before dragging his body to the bathroom. Suddenly, his phone’s alarm rings again and he rapidly walks back in the bedroom to shut it again. While mumbling some curses, he hears you moving under the sheets and climbs back on the bed. You haven’t woken up and Hoseok can’t help but smile at your cute sleeping face while stroking your hair. He finishes preparing himself and doesn’t forget to kiss you goodbye on his way out.  

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon is gently caressing your back, dragging his fingers up and down on your naked skin while you sleep soundlessly on his torso. He’s woke up thirty minutes before the time he’s set his alarm last night and has been quietly waiting for the moment to get up. His nose nuzzled in your hair, he breathes deeply now and then, filling his lungs with your natural pleasant scent and simply enjoys your time together. The air you exhale tickles him and he can’t refrain from sporting a smile on his face, looking down at you. When he eventually has to go get ready, he very cautiously pulls himself from under you - his legs first then his upper body. While trying to lie you down without waking you up, he freezes when you move on your own and turn on your back. Once sure you’re still asleep, he lingers a moment his kiss on your cheek and walks away but freezes once again when he stumbles on a shoe he hasn’t seen in the dark. Yet, the noise hasn’t made you bulge a bit and he sighs, relieved.

Park Jimin

The muffled buzzing coming from under a pillow makes Jimin frown as he slips his hand under it to stop the annoying vibrating feeling. Slowly coming back to his senses, he feels you lying on his bare back - your head atop his shoulder, your arm and chest lazily resting on him with one of your legs in-between his. He carefully turns his head and his frown disappears when he makes out in the dark your face and your hair forming a cute nest. He gently moves from under you, making you let out a small whimper, and supports his body above yours to pepper kisses along your shoulder blades and nape. He gets up, taking his phone with him and closes the bathroom’s door behind him before turning the light on. When he returns, he sees you’ve shifted to lie on your side with one of the pillows’ trapped in your arms. He runs a hand in his hair and gathers his clothes, not looking away from you as he puts them on. Once done, he goes to pull the cover to keep the cold away from you and leaves without a sound. 

Kim Taehyung

His loud phone’s ringtone disrupts the calm silence of your bedroom and Taehyung lowly grunts when he can’t seem to find it on the bedside table. He leans his face back down in his pillow after shutting the device, silently preparing himself to get up. You lie next to him, also on your front, but your head faces the other way. He then looks at you, your naked back revealed by the absence of blankets which are barely covering your backside and this is enough to draw Taehyung near you as he gently settles himself on top of you to warm up your body. He lies there a moment, his head falling in the crook of your neck and eventually lifts up his upper body after leaving small kisses along your spine, caressing your skin with the tip of his nose. The soft ministrations causes you to lightly stretch your body and lie on your side and Taehyung lies back down next to you to kiss your mouth and caress your face. He brings the covers on top of you and puts his face very near yours as he strokes the crook of your waist.

Jeon Jungkook

Your small groans are muted by Jungkook’s bare chest facing you and with a deep sigh, he stretches his arm behind you to turn off the alarm o’clock. He puts his arm back around your back to hug you tight against him and he breathes calmly again. As he slowly emerges, he also takes in the comfortable position you two are in - your naked bodies laced together, the soft blankets keeping them warm and protected against the world, his face nuzzled in your neck as he breathes in your pleasant skin’s smell. It feels too good for him to go anywhere and he doesn’t move a bit. The shrill sound that has come from the clock has kept a part of your brain awake and you sigh when thinking about telling your boyfriend he has to leave your sides not to be late. As he still remains unmoving, with closed eyes you rub with your hands his back, whispering his name. He takes a deep breath and pushes your body to lie atop of it. His hair falls on your face when he kisses your mouth and eventually gets up.