no soul for sale

Beatles Albums Explained
  • Please Please Me: the Beatles like sex
  • With the Beatles: the Beatles like sex part 2
  • A side of A Hard Day's Night: glamorous 60's pop
  • B side: bitter country music?
  • Beatles for Sale: the Beatles are a country band now in a good way
  • Help!: the Beatles remember they're a rock band but they like flutes and violins too
  • Rubber Soul: 4/5 stars songs coming together to make a 6/5 stars album
  • Revolver: hello we're the Beatles and we're ascending
  • Sgt. Pepper: the Beatles straight up dictate what pop is gonna sound like now and everyone takes notes
  • Magical Mystery Tour: "hello we're Paul and the McCartneys I mean "the Beatles" and here's the music from "our" new movie
  • The Beatles: We Are Tense
  • Yellow Submarine: idk here's some singles and new songs and a bunch of scoring from the last movie we have to make (not)
  • Abbey Road: wHOa ThERe FRiEnD
  • Let It Be: among a few orchestral pieces, the Beatles return to their roots of straight single track rock n roll that you can actually perform and they BEAT IT UP

Don’t forget there are also:

Stage Five:
They breath the same air oh God they’re sooooo married

Stage Six:
They existed. I SHIP IT.

Stage Seven:
Only half of the OTP is canon. Let’s sell our soul for that ship (a.k.a worship it like there’s no tomorrow)

meadow105  asked:

To everyone asking for air from Enn: would you guys just drop it already? All your asks about this "air" crap are spamming her inbox. Quit it!

meeeh tbh i don’t mind ALL that much. Its an old joke that continues to pop up so i find it hilarious??

(not to mention i am totally into this joke. Like, i made little caramel air bottles and everything. I still have them)



The Beatles eras

Their first era: The rock ‘n’ roll era
•please please me
•with the Beatles
•a hard day’s night
•Beatles for sale
Number two: The transitional era
•rubber soul
Number three: The psychedelic era
•Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
•the magical mystery Tour
•the white album (partially)
Number four: The “Back to Basics” era
•the White album
•abbey road
•let it be (get back)

So the Steam Sale is going on right now.

What a dangerous time to be an adult with money. I could have spent twice this much and not been satisfied.

Oh, hey! And the Splatfest starts tonight!

THE BEATLES Album Posters

created by: Minimal-Pulse-Art []


one soul for sale,
one ragged bedraggled
sighing soul for sale.

one bent and burdened
one tired worn
bleeding heart included!

one body to trade,
one torn twisted
aching body to trade.

one set of hands
another of feet
the layers of fat,
will be yours to keep!

a decent set of teeth,
original, good for smiles.
a thinning crop of hair,
greying, ready for your style!

one soul for sale,
one simpering
soul for sale.

*needs cuddling, exposure to forests, beaches, and adventures. allow plenty of sunlight for recharge. sometimes pretends to be artist or poet. no warranties implied or guaranteed.

Capcom has revealed the cover art for the upcoming compilation CD, Gyakuten Saiban MEETS AGAIN ~ Orchestra and Jazz! As previously announced, this will be a compilation of the existing Gyakuten Meets Orchestra and Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul albums.

The compilation goes on sale on March 18th for 3,240 yen, including tax; you can find it on import sites and

Thanks to @hoso_boso for the heads-up!

‘Tombstone’ (1994) Sentence Starter Pack
  • “Never saw a rich man that didn’t wind up with a guilty conscience.”
  • “I already got a guilty conscience, might as well have the money too.”
  • “I’d know that sour face anywhere.”
  • “Isn’t that a daisy?”
  • “Does this mean we’re not friends anymore? You know, ____, if I thought you weren’t my friend, I just don’t think I could bear it.”
  • “You gonna do something or just stand there and bleed?”
  • “Don’t you always say that gambling’s an honest trade?”
  • “Oh, ____, I forgot you were there. You may go now.”
  • “Forgive me if I don’t shake hands.”
  • “What kinda town is this?”
  • “Well, an enchanted moment.”
  • “Prettiest man I ever saw.”
  • “Is your soul for sale, dear?”
  • “I’ll be damned.”
  • “You may indeed, if you get lucky.”
  • “Would you look at all those stars? You look up and think, God made all of that and still remembered to make a little speck like me.”
  • “What about Hell? They got a sign there?”
  • “And what a maiden. Pure as the driven snow, I’m sure.”
  • “Tell me, friend, I’m curious. Do you actually consider yourself a married man, forsaking all others?”
  • “People can change, _____. Sooner or later, you gotta grow up.”
  • “I stand corrected, ____. You’re an oak.”
  • “What do you say, darling? Should I hate him?”
  • “I don’t know, there’s just something about him. Something ‘round the eyes.”
  • “No, I’m sure of it. I hate him.”
  • “We don’t want any trouble in here. Not in any language.”
  • “Apparently ____ is an educated man. Now I really hate him.”
  • “Yeah, I’m an oak, alright.”
  • “Lovely? You could have been killed back there.”
  • “You’d die for fun?”
  • “I’m always happy. Unless I’m bored.”
  • “I want to move and go places and never look back.”
  • “Well then why are you with him?”
  • “Oh, I know, don’t say it. I’m rotten. I try to be good but it’s so boring.”
  • “I don’t have time to be proper. I want to live.”
  • “I’m a woman, I like men. If that means I’m not ladylike then I guess I’m not a lady.”
  • “You’re different, there’s no arguing that. But you’re a lady alright. I’d take my oath on it.”
  • “You die first, you get it? Your friends might get me in a rush but not before I turn your head into a canoe.”
  • “You’re not as stupid as you look, _____.”
  • “You’re so drunk, you can’t hit nothing. In fact, you’re probably seein’ double.”
  • “I have two guns. One for each of ya.”
  • “Nonsense, I’ve not yet begun to defile myself.”
  • “_____ can go all day and night and then some.”
  • “Why _____, whatever do you mean?”
  • “Maybe poker’s just not your game. I know, let’s have a spelling contest!”
  • “Come on, darling, let’s seek our entertainment elsewhere.”
  • “Yes, it’s true, you are a good woman. Then again, you may be the Antichrist.“
  • "You’re a daisy if you do.”
  • “I’m your huckleberry.”
  • “Remember what I said about seeing a light when you’re dying? Ain’t true, I can’t see a damn thing.”
  • “And so she walked out of our lives forever.”
  • “He’s down by the creek, walkin’ on water.”
  • “Make no mistake, it’s not revenge he’s after. It’s a reckoning.“
  • "I forgave you the moment you said it.”
  • “I spent my whole life not knowing what I wanted out of life, just chasing my tail.”
  • “A man like _____, what makes him do the things that he does?”
  • “A man like _____ has a great, empty hole right through the middle of him. He can never kill enough or steal enough or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.”
  • “I can’t beat him, can I?”
  • “What’s it like to wear one of those?”
  • “Well, I didn’t think you had it in ya.”
  • “Why, ______. You look like somebody just walked over your grave.”
  • “We started a game that we never got to finish. Play for blood, remember?”
  • “I was just foolin’ about.”
  • “You’re no daisy, you’re no daisy at all.”
  • “Poor soul, you were just too high-strung.”
  • “I’m afraid the strain was more than he could bear.”
  • “I wasn’t quite as sick as I made out.”
  • “My hypocrisy only goes so far.”
  • “It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.”
  • “You’re no hypocrite, ____, you just like to sound like one.”
  • “You’re the most fallible, stubborn, self-deluded, bullheaded man I have ever known in my entire life.”
  • “You’re the only human being in my entire life that gave me hope.”
  • “There’s no normal life. There’s just life, you get on with it.”
  • “Take that beauty and run, don’t look back.”
  • “_____, if you were ever my friend, if you ever had the slightest feeling for me, leave now. Leave, please.”
  • “Thanks for always being there, _____.”
  • “I’ll be damned, this is funny.”
  • “I have nothing left, nothing to give you.”
  • “I have no pride, no dignity.”
  • “I promise, I’ll love you the rest of your life.”
  • “Don’t worry, _____. My family’s rich.”

Written by STEVE ORLANDO • Art by FERNANDO BLANCO • Cover by ACO
Midnighter always knew that one day he would have to face the Devil himself to answer for all the people he’s killed here on Earth…and that day is today! It’s a bare-knuckle brawl between Midnighter and Neron for the soul of Apollo!
On sale FEBRUARY 1 • 32 pg, FC, 5 of 6, $3.99 US • RATED T+