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List of things Mingyu can't do well

- drive (don’t think I have forgotten that he crashed into the party on Pretty U)
- hold a phone (I’m still holding him accountable for dropping what they were recording themselves on twice in the same V app video)
- secret break in operations (you ruined the whole operation, Mingyu.)

honestly there are a lot of bad things in this world and i am sometimes scared and often stressed and it can all be a bit much but every time i hear jack laugh literally nothing else matters

there is nothing brighter and happier than that man’s full blown laugh, nothing cuter than his goofy giggle, and nothing prettier than his smile, and i am prepared to fight people on this

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Top 5 of your sims

Let’s seeee … My top 5 change often depending on my state of mind but I do have favorites becasue they have actual storylines and aren’t just sims I made to pose and look pretty lol

Soooo I would have to say in no particular order:

Trinity Jo and The Reaper

I count them as one since they’re an inseparable duo. I made The Reaper specifically to fit as Trinity’s partner in crime.

The First Son 

He’s also a favorite of mine becasue he’s one of my only male sims and honestly I made him to be a badass so he’s one of my autofaves.

D Santana

I just recently made him but I love him a lot lol He’s another one of my male sims. He’s an ancient vampire whose origins are Aztec or Mayan (I haven’t decided which one yet).

Xantha Patel

Always one of my faves. She’s like my Head Witch of sorts. I guess you can call her a “Supreme”. 

Naethanyl Pereira

I enjoy Naet a lot XD He’s one of my non-supe sims and I made him specifically to have fun taking pictures as a model with but still give an actual background and story to which is why I decided to roleplay him on twitter lol

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You are welcome thank you guys for listening to my story I want everyone to know there can be happiness to a sad story like mine and my sons he found himself a good girl who does love him and there getting married next year so there is always hope

That’s great! Tell your son I said congratulations! -N