no sleep until retirement

Just a Dream

For Voltron Whump Week!

Day One: Fever

Summary: Keith needs Shiro’s help waking up from a fever dream. Shiro doesn’t really mind.

Ship: Sheith

Word Count: 1423

It’s become a habit for Shiro to roam the halls of the castle every night around three in the morning ever since he’s gotten back.

While before he would do it every now and then, lately he’s been doing it around the same time every night. It’s just a part of his routine.

He’ll go to sleep around ten or eleven with most everyone else, and he sleeps pretty soundly until around three. He’ll go for a walk around the castle by himself for about an hour, then retire to his room once again and sleep until six or seven, depending on what’s on the roster for that particular day.

He’s not sure where this came from. Maybe it’s because he’s paranoid that someone might attack while everyone is asleep, maybe he wants to make sure everyone is alright, maybe he feels some kind of need to protect them from getting stolen away by the Galra, something he has far too much experience with. Shiro doesn’t know, and he doesn’t really question it that much. Sleep, walk, sleep. It works for him, so why bother to change it?

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Mission At IKEA

((Written for @kathyk-au for my request for bored prompts, I hope this is what you wanted. IKEA was such a fun idea to write. And I’m thinking I may need a sequel where James assembles a nightstand))

“Status update, 007?”

“Infiltration successful,” 007 breathed over the coms. “However, there’s more of them than I thought.”

“Focus on your objectives,” Q directed, sitting up straighter in his desk chair. “we made a list, ask a store attendant if you need assistance.”

Bond groaned, “Q, I don’t need help. I just can’t tell the difference between the rödtoppa and the myskgräs.”

Q slouched and lent forward to rest his head in his hands. “We decided on the rödtoppa.”

“But the myskgräs is a better deal, I don’t think we need all that extra fluffing.” Bond reasoned; Q could hear the faint rumple of plastic packaging in the background.

“The rödtoppa got much better reviews, and you were the one that said we needed a heavier duvet.” Q switched the tabs on his monitor to the IKEA webpage and began looking through their comforter selection.

Bond groaned once again, and Q couldn’t help the sad smile that crept onto his face. James had never gone through the hassles of furnishing before. Whether somebody had always either done it for him or he had never bothered to allow himself the luxury of a home, Q decided he didn’t want to know. But now, James had decided to claim Q’s home as his own and that meant Q’s full sized bed was no longer going to do.

Q had picked out a mattress just over a week ago; he thought it was fair since he’d be the one sleeping on it the most- at least until James retired. However, since James was home from his latest mission and invalid home due to head trauma, Q had made him in charge of the rest of the furnishings. This had proved to become more of a headache than navigating the companies online shipping programs and doing it himself.

“James, the sooner you buy the rödtoppa,” Q switched to his lovers name, dropping all pretense of actually working. “the sooner we can actually use our bed.”

The brief silence that followed was all Q needed to know that his innuendo had caused James to relent and he had added the duvet to the cart. “Is that a promise, Quartermaster?” The double-0 agent all but purred.

“Your incorrigible.” Q huffed, “Hurry up and pick up everything on the list.”