no sleep till brooklyn

No Sleep till Brooklyn
Beastie Boys
No Sleep till Brooklyn

Artist: Beastie Boys
Track: No Sleep till Brooklyn
Album: Licensed to Ill
Label: Def Jam
Year: 1986

I never really took to rap or hip hop.  They entered the cultural gestalt just a bit too late to hit my sweet spot.  For the record, your personal sweet spot is everything you liked from the ages of 13 through 18.  This is your base musical taste, the foundation upon which all the subsequent musical taste is built.

Regardless, though, who couldn’t like No Sleep till Brooklyn?

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you had any advice for an upcoming trip to NYC I'm planning. Background: I'm from Europe, taking my partner to a different part of the US but surprising them on their birthday with a night in NYC before we fly home. I want to take them to see a musical but aside from that I'm wondering what you'd recommend for a very poor very lovestruck student who has little time and even less money and just wants to snuggle a cutie in NYC. I hope I'm okay to ask this! Have a good day :)

yes yes yes yes yes yes

if you’re in NYC and looking to be cute with a cutie, New York’s hottest FREE SHIT TO DO is:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (suggested admission, so like. you could pay $1), if either of you is an art fan, I highly recommend the Met. 
  • The Museum of Natural History, if either of you is a huge nature/science nerd (suggested admission)
  • The Staten Island Ferry - FREEEEEEEEEEE okay listen, PLEASE take them to the Ferry. You don’t have to buy tickets or anything, you literally just show up (the ferry leaves every 20 minutes or so) and walk on the boat and it takes you to Staten Island, which means you pass the Statue of Liberty and stuff. Then, you board the ferry again on Staten Island and it takes you right back to the City. All in all, it takes about an hour and is totally free!!! You can see the trip schedule here, I recommend going at like 7 or 8pm for the sunset but it’s amazing any time. You could go after you see a show, the skyline would look beautiful, and the ferry station is right in front of the subway so you don’t have to worry about wandering around at night. 
  • PARKS SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PARKS - depending on where you are in the city, you could do a picnic in a park or just go there and sit or listen to live music (there is always music playing somewhere in a nyc park) My personal fav is Washington Square, and if you’re planning on being in the theatre district for a show that evening, you could hit Washington Sq first. You can sit and put your feet in the giant fountain, it’s really nice, esp if it’s hot outside. Central Park is obv an option as well, but it’s huge so try to plan where you’re going. 
  • The High Line - I have not actually been to the high line yet, as it’s relatively new but I hear great things. It’s an old railway line that was going to be torn down but the city turned it into what is basically a park overlooking the city. There are a lot of events and stuff going on up there, most of which are free. If you go at night, some nights they do stargazing!
  • CHEAP PIZZA??? - if you’re in the area (which, you will be if you end up near washington sq) go to 2 Bros Pizza, $1 a slice. Is it the absolute best new york pizza you can buy? No. Is it only one fucking dollar meaning you could, if your heart desired, eat a whole pizza for $8? YES. (Note: according to their website they have multiple locations. I’ve only been to the St. Mark’s location, so idk if the others also do $1 slices, but you should go to the St. Mark’s one anyway because that whole area is p. cool)
  • A note on doing broadway - if you have the time, try going to a TKTS booth, where you stand in line and get show tickets for half price. They have multiple locations, 2 of which are in manhattan. Idk where you’re staying but I’m guessing Times Square will be the easiest for you to get to. Go early and stand in line (it’s usually not too bad tbh) and you can get cheap tickets w/ pretty good seats for most any show you wanna see. I recommend getting the TKTS app, it will tell you what’s on sale that day and what the discount amount is!

I don’t wanna overload you, since it sounds like you have at most 2 days but those are some of my favorite free or cheap things to do in the city. Lemme know how it goes!