no sleep

The red car beside these people was a bomb that went off after this photo was taken. The man and child in the photo survived, but 29 other people died including the photographer. Another 200-300 people were injured. The contrast between this photo and the aftermath really shows how fast your life can change.

May the victims rest in peace.
So I just spent the night in my new room after moving in with some friends...

…and this morning I woke up and saw this on my window:

I proceeded to nearly sHIT myself as I confirmed this was, of course, WRITTEN ON THE OUTSIDE.  My room is on the second floor.  There is no tree close enough for my asshole friends to climb to write this, we do not own a ladder and my window is completely screened in.  Also I spent days repainting my room and moving stuff in and neither me or any of my friends who helped noticed this at any point?

Like should I be tagging sixpencee in this post or?

Every night this week
  • Me:I'll just LOOK for a good fic. For later. For a friend. For not right now.
  • Fanfic:you should just read the first chapter, just to make sure it's good enough for later
  • Me:ok, but I'm watching you. Don't do the thing.
  • *five hours later*
  • Me:you did the thing.