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Ballet isn't as easy as it look and sounds. I can't even tell you how many foot injuries I've gone through just from an hour of practicing. Oh gosh it's even worse when your pointe shoes are dead. Aside from that I really hope you capture the elegance and stamina of the dancer :) this reminds me a bit about my bf and I because he's a skater (also an artist), well not professionally haha but as a hobby

ahh, I really hope I don’t disappoint you! researching more about ballet for this fic has made me come to realize how much I truly respect and admire ballet dancers. it honestly opened my eyes because I’ve seen so many videos and articles about ballet dancers tearing muscles or spraining their ankles and how much going on pointe really takes a toll on the body and, from an outsider’s point of view, ballet hardly seems as strenuous as it really is. trying to look effortlessly elegant while you’re on the tip of your toes looks like it’d be such a tedious and hard task and yet ballet dancers pull it off so easily. I can’t even imagine what it would be like with old/worn out pointe shoes. honestly, major kudos to you and every other ballet dancer out there!!