no skateboard. d':

You’d think the session would be a wrap if the rain started pouring down from the sky, think again. Rowley takes his SOLOS for a swim while in the ‘querque for the All Nations Skate Jam.

Take a dip in Geoff’s Classics inspired SOLOS at and find a skate shop near you. 

Photo: Mayol Green


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ignore the weird formatting of the pictures I don’t like it either just roll with it

anyway, the lovely @mysunfreckle strikes again with the suggestion to get some Fuku Fire action up in here, thanks bud

Violet is the skateboard girl that stands by Fuku in hotland I headcannon them as lesbians pfft don’t even worry about it

(I was going to put a huge thing about my theories and such for Fuku and Grillbz but it would be too long, if you guys want to know I could do another post that isn’t texts idk)


Did another color pallet challege, yet another Facebook request XD Did “Sodas and Skateboards” with Jacob :D

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