no skateboard. d':


* I saw a couple walking down the street like this~ One pulling the other on a skateboard. It was really cute so I drew a Widowtracer version. <3

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vainvann  asked:

Mitjo prompt: jo teaching Mitch to skate, Mitch failing. Alternatively (or additionally) Mitch teaching Jonas to smoke.

I don’t know too much about smoking, seeings as how I’ve never done it myself, but I’ve at least tried my hand at skateboarding before :D Saying that, I really don’t know that much about skateboarding so please forgive any inaccuracies. Also, when I first read this I immediately thought you meant ice-skating, I’ve obviously been too into Yuri on Ice recently. Also, I’m so sorry this took so long, I wanted it to be good but I was struggling.

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“Shit shit shit s-hit sHIT SHIT SHI-”

“Oh come on you big baby, you’re doing fine,” Jonas laughed, tightening his grip on Mitch’s shoulders as his stance became uneasy.

They’d found a flat part of the street, far enough from both of their houses that they didn’t have to worry about being seen or potentially embarrassed. Mitch had asked Jonas to teach him how to skate, partially because he’d wanted to spend more time with Joey but also because he wanted to hear Joey talk about something he was interested in.

Mitch had decided that, in getting together with Joey three months ago, he wanted every chance to know more about him, and Jonas took no issue with that, rather, he was basking in the attention and in the ability to just talk and know for sure he was being listened to.

Overall, Mitch was a good student. He paid attention to everything Joey said, though at times he had to ask Joey to repeat himself because he ‘got distracted by your cute-ass fuckin’ freckles’ or some other ridiculous sentiment. He didn’t object when things got harder, though Joey suspected that was because if he objected the lesson would stop, and that was the opposite of what he was trying to achieve. He did, however, have a habit of yelling and swearing every few minutes. Not that Jonas minded, the whole thing was quite cute. He did complain a little, but it was all good natured; in the interest of making Jonas laugh.

“Humans ain’t meant t’ move like this, Joey. It’s an affront to nature… or something,” Mitch griped.

“Humans also weren’t supposed to wear clothes and go into space and develop a deeply flawed hierarchy of government but here we are.”

“Higher- what?”

“Down with the man, Mitch,” Joey chuckled.

“Damn straight,” Mitch agreed, proudly.

“This is off topic, come on. You need to trust that you can put more weight on your left leg, the board isn’t gonna just throw you off or anything.”

At this, Mitch puffed out a breath of air, straightened his shoulders, and pushed off on his right foot. Not to say that Joey didn’t have every faith in Mitch but he really was expecting that to go worse than it did. Instead, Mitch was steady and seemed to glide across the road. There were a few minor stumbles here and there, but otherwise he seemed to have gotten the hang of it.

“Joey! Look at this! What the fuck man I’m skatin’!” Mitch yelled back, twisting to look at Jonas, grinning wider than could have been natural.

It was unfortunate that at that exact point, he swerved right into a lamppost.

“Mitch!” Joey yelled, running over to meet him. Mitch might as well have had cartoon birds flying around him with the way his head was rolling and the longer he didn’t say anything, the more concerned Joey became.

After a few seconds, however, Mitch chuckled up at Joey. “Damn, Spots. You look all adorable and shit when you’re scared.”

Joey’s look of worry morphed easily into astonishment as he punched his moron of a boyfriend in the arm; not hard enough to hurt but with enough force to get his point across. “Shut up, you.”

anonymous asked:

i just have a really strong feeling that percy is one of those people who can ride the subway without holding on to anything for SEVERAL reasons a)grew up in nyc b)too polite to take a seat away from anyone else so learned how to stand while occupying the least space possible c)skateboarder d)DEMIGOD so likely really good balance from sword practice and the like

oh he definitely can, I agree 


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ignore the weird formatting of the pictures I don’t like it either just roll with it

anyway, the lovely @mysunfreckle strikes again with the suggestion to get some Fuku Fire action up in here, thanks bud

Violet is the skateboard girl that stands by Fuku in hotland I headcannon them as lesbians pfft don’t even worry about it

(I was going to put a huge thing about my theories and such for Fuku and Grillbz but it would be too long, if you guys want to know I could do another post that isn’t texts idk)