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[When he saw his son fall before Achilles, and then saw his body being dragged in the dirt behind the Prince’s chariot,] people had trouble keeping old King Priam from running straight out the Dardanian Gate into the battlefield in his anguish. When he couldn’t get away from those restraining him, in his grief and pain he threw himself into the dungheap by the palace and rolled and writhed about in helpless agony. There he clutched at things and moaned until he finally managed to get up on his knees and started calling on the bystanders by name. “Friends,” he cried, “stop it, stop this, enough! Let me go out there, let me beg that dreadful thug of a man for my son’s body: maybe he’ll feel some shame at the sight of me, maybe he’ll have some pity on an old man! For his father, King Peleus, he’s old like me, the man who sired this awful force of nature and turned it loose to be the ruin of Troy! All the sons of mine he’s killed in their prime, one after another, every day it seems I’ve wound up burying another of them – and I mourn them all, but this one, this one, my Hector–! I couldn’t even hold him in my arms as he died. If he’d died here we could at least have shared his last breaths, wept ourselves dry, mourned him properly. But none of that for us now, not for his mother or for me, not for any of us, O my son…!”
—  (Iliad, book 22, tr. DD)
Immature Sire

Kol Mikaelson X Reader

Word Count: 550

Requested: Anon

Request: Being sired to kol and being jermey and elenas sister. So kol uses t against them to make you do things you wouldn’t do if you weren’t sired to him.

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“Ah, ah, ah.” Kol smirked as Elena stopped, she held the White Oak Stake over her head ready to stab him. “I wouldn’t do that.” Kol warned.
“Why not!?” Elena asked.
“He just trying buy time! Elena kill him!” Jeremy glared.
“(Y/N) Darling could you give me a hand?” Kol asked and you seeming to come out of the shadows knocked your brother across the room and then twisted your sister’s arm until she dropped the stake into your hand before walking over and giving it to Kol.
“Well done Darling.” He mumbled placing a kiss on your head. “Shall we go home?” You nodded and your siblings frowned.
“(Y/N)?” Elena asked you looked over at her but when Kol called for you, you hurried towards him taking his free hand as you both left the house.

You were at the Grill Kol invited you out and you accepted, everything seemed okay until your sister walked into the Grill with Damon “stay with me no matter what okay?” Kol asked and you nodded. “Words.” He reminded you as he watched them walk over.
“Yes, Kol.” You said and he smiled.
“I love to hear your voice.” He mumbled kissing the top of your head.
“Why are you keeping her with you!?” Damon asked sitting opposite them in the booth as you leant into his side.
“I’m not keeping her anywhere,” Kol smirked. “She chooses to be here.”
“(Y/N) come home.” Damon tried as Elena stood silently behind him. You shook your head trying to get closer still.
“See.” Kol smiled gently rubbing up and down your arm to comfort you and keep you calm, he knew that you got nervous in public.
“Give her back Kol!” Elena demanded.
“Even if I wanted to she’d just come back to me.” Kol grinned. Damon’s eyes widened as he seemed to realise what was happening with you as you continued to nuzzle him burying your face on his side.
“She sired to you,” Damon said quietly.
“Correct, you all should have kept an eye on her.” Kol smiled throwing some money on the table and glancing outside, he gently took your hand and lead you both out of the restaurant.

When you were Human you were curious and that almost got you killed on a normal day, but it so happened that on that day a vampire was feeling particularly grouchy, so he attacked you, you got hurt pretty badly, Kol helped you and had to turn you to keep you alive. At first, he thought it was just to annoy your siblings and friends by extension but, the more time he spent with you he realised small things, your indicators. He had to admit it was fun to annoy Jeremy and Elena but he started to feel more than a want to annoy your siblings. You loved him before and he knew that now, you liked to ignore that, though. “Why do you do that?” You asked.
“What?” Kol asked playing with your hair as you laid on the grass of a park.
“Make me do things that make them angry.” You answered in a small voice.
“I’m sorry. I guess I’m just miniature.” He mumbled, he looked over at Elena and Damon who were watching you. “Real immature.”

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