no sir i wont

meeting the parents. (keep in mind speckles is some what refined and her family does really well)

S: Mother Father I want to introduce you to Sour Punch

SP: G….Greetings…..

Bowtie (mother of speckles): Oh how sweet I am happy to make your acquaintance sour punch.

Patch (father of speckles): ……….Is she your mare friend? 

S: father?

P: is she your mare friend speckles? 

S: yes she is. *speckles nods nervous* 

SP: please sir i really like your daughter and i can assure you i wont let anything happen to her 

B: Well…Speckles darling if this is what you want…

S: it is mother

P: excuse me i have to get to a meeting *patch leaves* 

SP: is it something i said?

B: no my husband is unsure of how he feels about this.

both speckles and sour punch look at one another, thinking they hopped he really didnt mind the two of them being together. 

B: enough of this come on in i am sure Patched Hoof is around somewhere (speckles big brother)