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 Hey guys, i’m opening this commission. To be honest i’m not confident about my art since I get a lot of hate in my artwork ( and I also know that my art is not that good ) BUT I really need money to help my dad with my college so…

 If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to send me a message on my tumblr or you can email me: 

  • The payment is only via Paypal.
  • The commissions may take about 1 week to finish.
  • I need references or a detailed description. 
  • We can talk about other art styles like cartoon or chibi.

 Thank you so much for your attention. <3


Hey everyone, I didn’t dissapear into the void :) After seeing the RWBY volume 4 finale I (and all of us) can’t wait for volume 5! :D

Here’s a random Winter sketch, but I plan to do more eldborate illustrations, practice animation, do character designs..etc. I also want to take commissions too, maybe three, four or even five at a time depending on how many are interested. 

I’ll also re-do my commission page because it’s still not simple enough.


Here’s a sneak peek of my submission for the “Up To The Test” charity zine organized by @ml-disaster-relief-zine !

Up to the Test is a Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit those affected by the multiple disasters that occurred around the globe in the past weeks. The zine will be a pay-what-you-can digital download. The theme is ‘heroism through actions’.”

This zine features so many incredible artists, writers and cosplayers, including special artwork from the show’s creators!!

You can read about it here!!!  (Be sure to check out the instructions on how to donate!)   We’ve just recently passed $5,000 (USD) in donations!!

Side note:  APPRECIATE MY BIRB.  APPRECIATE IT!!!  Nobody’s going to notice the effort I put into it once the image is full size.  😂 (It’s based on an actual bird, whose colors are so vivid IRL that it basically looks like someone played around with the saturation levels in Photoshop.)

I’m now doing character portrait commissions! Send me a message if you’re interested!

          I reached another hundred and I had decided not to do a follow celebration for every hundred buuut I kinda wanted to try to do URL inspired edits and i’m pretty bored so here we are!

          ~  o p t i o n s  ~

i. URL inspired edits // must have a fandom related URL and fandom i’m part of
ii. user posters sets // must send me things that represent you, things you like, as many as possible

          ~  r u l e s  ~

i. must be following me
ii. reblog this post
iii. send me an ask with which option you’d like
iv. blacklist #cam celebrates if you don’t want to see this


New Commission info set, doing busts and half-bodies now! Trying to raise money to be able to do an artist-alley table at a convention at some point in the future.

$20 for a fully colored digital bust, and $25 for a fully colored digital half-body.

I will draw:

  • Original characters or fan art (any fandom is fine)
  • Non-sexual nudity
  • Light gore (blood and basic injuries are fine)

I will not draw:

  • Anthros/Furries (Small animal features like ears or tails are fine though)
  • Mecha-covered characters
  • Anything sexually explicit
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I am uncomfortable with its content for other reasons

All payment is done via paypal invoice in USD. Customer will be charged after receiving and approving a completed sketch of the drawing, and will be emailed a high res copy of the commission when the payment has been received and the commission is completed.

If you are interested in a commission, please contact me via Tumblr messenger or email me at

hi frens :)) idk if you all know this but i’m a freelance graphic designer/digital artist! because i’m starting college soon and we’re sorta tight money-wise (2 weddings in a row + my sister also is paying her loans off), i thought i’d officially let you guys know that i take commissions! if you want, you can check out my portfolio @yotirzah and see what i do. if you could please reblog this to get the word out, i’d be eternally grateful!! love you all x

Hello everybody! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just created a blog to reunite all the things related to Photoshop that I find useful: tutorials, themes, psds, tips and all Photoshop goodness. 

Check it out, and if you want to/like it, give it a follow! :)


It’s that time again!

Work is slow so my hours took a hit, so it’s time to earn some extra hollah hollah cash dollah. I’ll see myself out…

I am opening 4 SLOTS for art commissions! Examples & general rules are above but the gist of it is this:

Hit me up with what you want drawn, if it’s anything besides a sketch, I’ll whip up some ideas in the sketch phase, once you approve, I get the payment, and you get a lovely 8.5x11 300dpi file for personal use to hang up and display! 

If the slots fill up then that will close shop, but if I finish commissions before the slots are filled then I’ll reset the queue!

As one can tell, I really like fan art, and dark rpgs, and horror games, and monsters. ^w^;; I’m pretty open to most things, just nothing ugly & nasty for the sake of it, ok? My email is my primary contact for any and all commission posts, so if interested, please shoot me an email and we’ll get started!

All I ask is that you give me time to complete your commission, I try my best to get things done in a timely manner, and will keep you updated often! So no worries, okay? C:


  1. [___]
  2. [___]
  3. [___]
  4. [___]

As always, even if you can’t afford a commission, just give this post a reblog and signal boost it, I’d be mighty grateful for that, and even more grateful for your future business! C: 

I hate to do this, mostly because this is such a last resort thing and I don’t even expect a response, but I am in a very tough position right now. rent is almost due and I’ve had hardly any hours this month. I have $100 to my name and my rent is $600 a month. if anyone could spare a few dollars or ANYTHING to help me out, it would be a giant help and a huge blessing. I’d be happy to provide a picture of my rent bill or anything to anyone requiring proof. my paypal is thank you for your time.

the only thing I can really offer in return is blog coding help (I’m decent at it?) and icon/header combinations. my current icon and header were made by me. I have entry level photoshop skills.



25% off anything in my Etsy shop! and I will throw in free goodies in each box too

It’s no surprise to anyone that I am super into art and have some (strong, angry, and loud) Italian blood in me so this trip is to explore some of the amazing art history and architecture these places have to offer and to explore more of my heritage. funds will help pay for my food, lodging, soap, and adventures to a million different museums and seeing beautiful but mostly broken buildings. 

It’s going to be a hell(enistic) of an expensive adventure though so please consider buying something! Sale good through june 20th


If anything please signal boost this FOR THE ARTS


Rules and Guidelines

  • No R18, gore and commission requests with offensive content please!
  • If I feel like my skills aren’t enough for your request, then I have the right to refuse.
  • I will upload a lower res and watermarked version of your commission on this blog unless requested otherwise.


  • Paypal only please and in USD as well!
  • I will send you the sketch through e-mail and once approved, please send the payment over.
  • I will not continue said sketch if payment has not been received.
  • Please do not pay me upfront because it gets really messy when I cannot commit and you have already paid!
  • Please select “goods and services” and choose “no shipping necessary”, otherwise paypal will expect me to send you something!


Please send me an e-mail at kjvdeguzman[at] with the following information filled up:

Name/tumblr url:

Commission Type:

Character Name(s):


Additional Details (eye color, pose, personality, expression etc.):

If you have inquiries, please do not hesitate to leave a message on my inbox or at my e-mail! (Especially for when you wish to commission me something that isn’t included in the 4 types above!)

Commission Time $20

Hello everyone! I feel its time to open commissions again after…a couple years;; I haven’t had the time to draw a lot before, My work schedule was INSANE and I couldn’t get anything done. But now that I have a job with a bit more reasonable hours Id like to give it a shot. But I do not want to over whelm myself. So I will open 5 spots! First come First serve. 

Heres what it includes:

Circle framed bust Commissions. The commissions will look similar to these two with similar coloring style (minus the black lines, the lines will be colored accordingly like the sailor moon. I will sketch out the base layer, and send you a sample, once we agree on it, I will finish and give the final product once the payment goes through. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL THE SKETCH IT OK’ED! I will not pay any fees. Commissions will be $20 
$25 if you add an extra character. 

Paypal ONLY: My paypal is

Please if you are interested email me at the address above ^ I will claim your spot here in this post. Please send me any references you have, including color. The commission will most likely be busts, so detailed facial hair and so on will be very helpful.

Fanart, Oc’s, Furries, and provacative is ok! (nothing overly sexual please) 

1.) Taken

2.) Taken

3.) Taken



Please spread word or reblog! It would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
I have the right to refuse any commission. 

Project s2s

Alright, lets get right down to business. There have been rumours going around that I, Blaise SweetPrince, am creating a modeling page. And, dear followers, these rumours are absolutely true. I have been slowly creating what I consider to be one of my greatest feats. I have sat down every night up until now chipping away at plans and details, so that I could finalize what yall have been asking for: Sunrise To Sunset Modeling. I know what you’re probably thinking, and it probably looks something similiar to “:0“  or  “:^0.” And to avoid the snazzy anons, I will attempt to, in this post, list off everything you currently need to know.

First off, no, I have not used the power of google forms to create my applications yet. But I HAVE finished making the pages and putting all the cute lil links and amazing pictures in. Too bad for you though, because I am not releasing the URL until a later date, specifically, when I actually put in the effort to slam out the forms.

Second, some actual info as to what this is gonna be. We all see those professional pictures of professional models doing the professional thing. I have always wanted to have the opportunity to become one of them, and with my cosmetology on the rise I hope to infiltrate the professional community and do some awesome stuff there. BUT WAIT. What about everyone who wants to see their face plastered around tumblr, who does not want to be stuck doing the professional thing? Thats where S2S modeling comes in. Its basically a project I have started, where I will do my best to choose some awesome and rad people to become models (Specifications below.)

Third, heres some little facts about this ordeal:

  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE TALL/SHORT/SKINNY/ANYTHING there are no “rules” to what yall gotta look like. Theres beauty in everyone. let it shine.
  • dont have a canon/nikon 420 amazing special perfect quality camera? me neither. that shit is a lot of money. use your iphone lmao
  • i am not just choosing mutuals. I am gonna start out by accepting like 5 people and once we have our shit together move up from there.
  • yes, i will be choosing the models.
  • yall better be active if you get in because i put my soul into this
  • cosplayers, makeup artists, people that just kinda want to do smthn in their spare time, any of you can join

The last thing I have to say for now is that I would really appreciate you guys signal boosting this. Im tired of people photoshopping models. Im tired of people needing to fit into a certain “image.” I want all of you to be stars. Alright, peace for now!