no shoving

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  • Hélène: *shoving Anatole in a closet* I'm trying to save your life STAY IN THE CLOSET
  • Anatole: I've never been in the closet, dear sister.
  • Hélène: do you WANT to die

what gets me is that every time i mention i’m not a fan of country music i get bombarded with “oh but if you just have it a chance!” or “it’s more diverse than you think” or even “it’s not all about tractors it’s beautiful and meaningful” like ok sure do u think i didn’t actually try listening to it, didn’t let my friends play their picks in the car?? like no courtney i’m not a fan because it’s just not my thing go write a song with your guitar about it

It’s ironic that the two most popular ships in pjo are solangelo and percabeth bc one is an amazingly developed relationship that formed as a result of years of friendship and bonding through teamwork and the other is solangelo