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The Health Consequences of Anorexia and Bulimia


Eating disorders are progressive in nature. Eventually the person who has the eating disorder will begin to experience physical consequences of varying degrees.

Ophthalmologic: Transient blurred vision, dark circles, puffiness under the eyes.

Cardiovascular: Hypotension, Bradycardia, ECG abnormalities.

Gastrointestinal: Abdominal pain and fullness, irritable bowel syndrome, malabsorption of nutrients, fatty infiltration of the liver, pancreatitis.

Renal: Chronic dehydration, tubular and collecting system abnormalities due to electrolyte abnormality, predisposition to renal stones.

Gynecologic: Loss of menstrual periods, Infertility, atrophic vaginitis, Loss of sexual appetite, breast atrophy.

Orthopedic: Osteoporosis, loss of muscle mass leading to muscle weakness.

Endocrine: Decrease in heart rate, sluggish reflexes, dry skin, cold intolerance, and various abnormalities of the hair, abnormal calcium levels.

Dermatologic Dry skin, loss of subcutaneous tissues and fat in general, fine lugano hair.

Effects On The brain and central Nervous System: Lack of REM sleep, hypothalamic abnormality including lower body temperature, loss of shivering response, cold intolerance, and malfunction of entire temperature regulating system due to chronic malnutrition, EEG abnormality.

Fluid and Electrolyte abnormality: Skeletal muscle weakness, diminished reflexes, abnormal gastrointestinal motility, cramps, constipation, cardiac effects, irregular rhythms and sudden death, impaired renal function, emotional instability and chronic fatigue.

Body Chemistries: Uric acid can be elevated, cholesterol is usually increased, carotene is elevated, hypoglycemia.

Hematologic abnormalities: anemia, bone marrow may be deficient or hypocellular.

Psychological: Isolation and withdrawal from family and friends, striving for an abnormal body weight, fear of gaining weight, talk about feeling fat, depression, difficulty eating in front of others, vomiting, frequent strict dieting, compulsive exercising, mood swings, suicidal ideation, dishonest eating behavior, weight determines self esteem, eating for emotional comfort, disturbance of REM sleep patterns, ritualistic eating behavior, substance abuse history, history of addictive relationships, sexual acting out and acting in, spending disorder, shoplifting, preoccupation with physical symptoms.


Dental: Increased dental caries (cavities), loss of enamel and dentin, increased sensitivity to heat and cold, pyorrhea, lacerations and contusions of the oral cavity from the use of objects to induce vomiting, obsessive-compulsive dental behavior.

Pulmonary: Aspiration pneumonia.

Cardiovascular: ECG abnormalities due to electrolyte disturbance, myocardiopathy due to ipecac.

Gastrointestinal: Abdominal pain, bloating and fullness, esophageal perforations and lacerations, esophagitis, gastritis, gastric ulceration.

Renal: Tubular abnormalities due to electrolyte abnormalities, azotemia due to dehydration.

Orthopedic: Osteoporosis, stress fractures.

Dermatologic: Scars on the knuckles while inducing vomiting.

Fluid and Electrolyte abnormalities: Skeletal muscle weakness, abnormal GI motility, cramps, frequent urination at night due to diuretics, constipation, emotional lability.

Chemistries: Increase in uric acid, uncrease in cholesterol.

Miscellaneous: Swelling of the lymph glands.

Psychological: Isolation and withdrawal from family and friends, striving for an abnormal body weight, fear of gaining weight, talk about feeling fat, depression, binge eating, difficulty eating in front of others, vomiting, overuse of diuretics and or laxatives, overconcern with body shape and weight, frequent strict dieting, compulsive exercising, mood swings, suicidal ideation, dishonest eating behavior, weight determines self esteem, eating for emotional comfort, disturbance of REM sleep patterns, ritualistic eating behavior, substance abuse history, history of addictive relationships, sexual acting out and acting in, spending disorder, shoplifting, preoccupation with physical symptoms, rage addiction.

Paper Knives

Roxy’s room was small. Tucked away in the basement, sharing a wall with the laundry room and the thumping washing machine, Roxy was largely forgotten by her foster family, which suited her just fine. She was used to hordes of other children just like her - unwanted by the parents that bore them. Some were lucky enough that they were just temporarily taken away - or unlucky depending on the circumstances.

The concrete floor was always cold, but Roxy was in luck. Cute pairs of socks were laughably easy to shoplift, what with all of the sales associates focused on the bigger, more expensive items. Sometimes she felt guilty about the stuff she took, but she had no other means to get the things she needed.

The place was lit by only one small window at ground level. It was actually broken and didn’t close right, but Roxy could stuff a pillowcase in the crack and be happy as a clam kept in subpar conditions, but determined to make the best of things.

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it’s so weird hearing americans talk about Target© as some kind of semi-religious holy space of reasonably priced goods and services, bc in it’s short, fever-dream existence up here in the frozen north it was… Not Good. 

in my experience with the three (3) i went to in the surrounding area it was. uh. you know when you step into a place and there’s nothing immediately noticeably wrong but you can just Feel that this is a Bad Space? like the kind of space where if you catch a glimpse of your mother walking down an aisle and turning a corner you know it’s a demonic trick and if you follow her it’ll lead you down a path to a dark space you can’t return from?

or you go in with your friend who’s right next to you but you get a text from them saying “hey i’m in the shoe aisle, you should come here” and you know it’s a trap from the devil? like other things:

  • only half of the dim, washed out, often flickering fluorescent lights were lit at any given time, usually only every-other set, leaving these valleys of darkness that made entire aisles inaccessible for fear of shadow people latching on to your soul like a dark passenger. 
  • entire sections were just Empty. empty shelves with no product, never any employees filling them up, no boxes waiting to be unpacked, no signs saying what should be there.
  • no employees at all actually? wandering around the store even though the parking lots were full and you walked in with a group of 20 or so felt so lonely. you could walk the whole place and it was dead silent and the only other “people” around always were several aisles away with their back turned, unmoving. there was always only one cashier and there was never anyone in her line.
  • there was never any music on or announcements played? another place that does this are all the dollar trees in my area and it gives me anxiety. i feel like i’m being hunted, like i have to hold my breath and listen for the footsteps of beasts in other aisles. 
  • the fitting rooms had a strange, dark energy to them. it felt like if you ever used them, whatever universe you closed the door on would not be the same one you stepped out into when you were done. the washrooms also contained this same dark energy.
  • passing the employees-only doors felt like wandering too close to a bears den. the glass windows never showed anything going on back there, no racks of product, no employees milling around. it was just pitch black, complete darkness. a hungry void.
  • leaving a target was the same disorienting feeling as leaving a dark theatre and exiting into the light. sound and colour and feeling rush back in. you feel like you can breathe again. a weight is lifted from your shoulders. you can’t remember any of the time you spent inside the target.

it is my sincere belief that the targets in canada never existed. the storefronts were put up, yes, but the stores themselves were vast empty caverns filled with dark dreams and sinister interlopers attracted to the malignant leftover energies from zellers. passing through the automatic doors was meant to teleport us to the nearest american location, but something went wrong and we entered an unnatural zone halfway between the upside down and whatever it was that happened in the langoliers. 

i believe the balls outside target are carefully crafted and powerfully attuned magical artifacts that keep up the illusion known as Target©, but were incorrectly spaced in canada due to a mixup between the metric and imperial systems of measurement, and that is why the brief twilight zone episode that was canadian target collapsed virtually overnight.

💪Shoplifting😫🛍 Protip 💵

Step 1: go to ur local Walmrt

Step 2: go to th sports + outdoors aisle

Step 3: locate the weights

Step 4: pick them all up one by one

Step 5: put them all back (one by one)

Step 6: leave the store

Step 7: never come back


  • tumblr: shoplifting as a means of survival should not be a punishable offence
  • me: yes true it should be handled by social security services without police involvement because avoiding death is not a crime and-
  • tumblr: i should be able to just fucking take sephora makeup from the shop shelves scot-free because communism
  • me: you know what nevermind i hope you get arrested

I work at Walmart. This week we had to let three associates go because over the course of our last two quarters our losses due to theft more than doubled, and we need to cut costs in the departments these associates worked in. All three of these associates have children; two of them are single parents. If you make a habit of shoplifting from stores because “the company makes billions every year so they can handle a few hundred dollars in losses,” think about that, and think about the lives you’re ruining. We lose our jobs when you do what you do. Don’t pretend it doesn’t affect us.

Statements that shouldn't be controversial but are because tumblr is fucked up:

“Pedophillia is bad”

“Skin color largely doesn’t determine how someone is as a person”

“Violence against people for political reasons is messed up”

“Terrorism, in any form, is never justified”

“Shoplifting is bad”

“Men and women deserve to be treated equally under the law”

“Abuse, no matter who the perpetrator is or who the victim is, is never justified”

“Racism is bad, no matter what race it’s against”

“You can be friends with someone of differing political views”

For the record

People stealing food/ necessities because they need to survive in our shithole of a government: Zero judgment, I’m incredibly sorry you’re in this situation, do what you need to do to survive.

People stealing designer clothes and makeup because you don’t want to pay for it and you “enjoy the rush”: Absolute assholes, grow the fuck up and stop pretending what you’re doing is a “hobby”.


Tumblr: Sometimes homeless people shoplift to make ends meet. If you see a homeless person taking something from a grocery store, it may be more moral to look the other way so they can eat.

Me: That doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Tumblr: I had to steal all this makeup from Sephora to resist capitalism! We live in an unjust system that forces me to pay for things other people had to make! Stop harassing me, I’m a minor!


The “Lifting” fandom.

I have sympathy for people who steal NECESSITIES.

Food. Medicine. Toiletries. 

And even then- dollar tree. Dollar Tree has literally saved my life so many times. THey have almost everything. toothbrushes/toothpaste, frozen goods, canned goods, jugs of water– even some [off-brand] over the counter medicines. They even have pregnancy tests [yep!]

They have children’s toys, household cleaners…

I’m not going to say there’s “no excuse”; but as a card-carrying broke bitch let me tell you– help isn’t always easy to get, but its there. Goodwill and the salvation army have clothes. You can get 3 months of food stamps if you’re unemployed but able to work. The salvation army will let ANYONE come and eat at 6pm so long as you have an ID, no questions asked. 

But the thing that really annoys me is– you’re not even in need. 

You’re taking these luxury items just because you’re bored or think you’re being edgy and radical and you REALLY want that name-brand thing; and when you get caught– oh man here come the crocodile tears

Man I know I’m old now, because here I am lecturing kids about how not-cool it is to steal just because. 

This site is a cancerous percolating stew of dog guts. Examples:

-people who have convinced themselves that shoplifting $500 of makeup is justified
-people who think they’re literally dragons
-people who think white people should all die
-people who think obesity is healthy
-people who would kill each other over headcanons
-people who think meat-eaters are the creation of fucking lucifer
-“witches” who think reading about spells online and buying bath bombs is actual Paganism
-people who think eating disorders are fat-shaming

But the scariest thing is that all these people think that we must conform to their beliefs or we’re considered oppressive.

Shoplifting fandom should have its own convention. Imagine: Little booths of merchandise and art which they can use to practice their lifting skills, panels about lifting techniques and things like avoiding the law, cosplay contest using only stolen items, karaoke with songs like “I Fought the Law” and "The  Internationale”, lessons on communism, brochures about the best lawyers in the country, video game corner where you can play a pirated copy of “Thief”…

And at the end of the con, everyone gets arrested!