no shitsky

so i was going to the bathroom and i was like “you know what i haven’t done in forever? SHIPS!”

okay so we reached my original goal and i think all of you are so amazing for helping me with that and i just wanna do something for you guys!

what you all need to do:
• reblog this
•follow me (new goal)
•have a face/about me page
•send me an ask with these things in it

•question/fmk/mlt/wyr/a story
•whether you want a blurb/fake text
•idea for your blurb/fake text (you can’t just say “idc you decide!”)
•first name for your blurb/fake text

optional: check out my masterlis

what I will do:
•your secret crush
•blog rate /10
•first date
•your song
•blurb or fake text like this one