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It’s Not A Game Anymore


OK people I have just found the most amazing thing.

I was watching His Last Vow and I noticed something familiar: 

When Sherlock is pretending to go out with Janine we encounter Trash!John at his best. You can clearly see that he’s jealous. Here’s the thing: when she leaves, he gets up fake-smiling and puffs out his chest. REALLY HARD.


The second pic is from The Office where he plays Tim, who is in love with Dawn, the blonde over there, who coincidentally already has a boyfriend. In this scene, Tim is jealously watching while Dawn and her boyfriend kiss. Guess what?? HE FUCKING FAKE- SMILES AND PUFFS OUT HIS CHEST!! holy shit

I AM NOT MAKING THIS SHIT UP PEOPLE, in fact here are the Youtube links to both of the scenes:


The Office:

I may just be reading too much into his acting but don’t tell me this isn’t an amazing “coincidence”.

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Say whatever you want, but you can’t deny this theory popped up at least once in your head

Burn It Away

AN: No one asked for this…Just an idea that came to mind last night…Not particularly good or earth shattering but here’s a Chuck Drabble! 

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You scrunched your nose up and looked over at Chuck.

“This seems silly…It’s not like he’s going to read it!” He studied you with his clear blue eyes and you swallowed away the desire to press your lips against his. He was your friend…and God but to you he was just Chuck. You couldn’t kiss him. It would be wrong.

“It will help…Write down all the feelings, everything he did that hurt you. Write it down and then set fire to it. It will make you feel lighter getting it off your chest…It’s either that or I smite him!” he chuckled and the sound sent warmth through your body. Yet another reason you couldn’t kiss him, you were technically still married and whilst your husband hadn’t taken his vows seriously, you had and planned to till the divorce came through.

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