no shirts plz


this might be my favorite #busjam yet?? they’re all so cute and I am Suffering.

A small lil friendly reminder if you ever plan to get Chest reconstruction surgery. It’s normal to still feel self conscious to be without a shirt. 

I’ve started swimming lately, and I wear a swimming shirt, despite having a post-op chest. My brother who’s Cisgender ALSO wears a swimming shirt because he’s  also more comfortable that way.

do what makes YOUR body comfortable!!

Still practicing color and light! I’ve always been a sucker for Modern AUs so have some Fashion!Bellarke or whatever you’d call this.

(After the white washing controversy around Bellamy, I felt it was only fitting to give him a filipino tribal tattoo)

I just really love her a lot.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.


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Thank you so much for reading, have a good day!!!