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“You’re on your probationary period as an inspector, right?” T’kollen glanced at his companion as they made their way down the dock.

“Yeah. Almost out, though. Then I can actually do something with this training.”

T’kollen chuckled as he rounded a corner. “Chances are you haven’t seen one of these yet. Come along Klem’pat, this is gonna be interesting.”

As Klem’pat rounded the corner and it came into view, he almost tripped over his own feet out of distraction. “The hell is that?!”

T’kollen’s chest rumbled a bit. “That was a freighter.”

Klem’pat moved closer, his eyes scanning the ship repeatedly. “You’ve gotta be playing some kind of joke. Why are we here? Half the hull is gone. Just condemn it and move on.”

“Ah ah ah. No can do.” T’kollen pulled out his datapad, hit a button, and Klem’pat’s pad chimed to mark receiving a synchronized form. “This freighter came in like this, full crew.”



Klem’pat shook his head, then scanned the hull again. “Looks like it…what even happened?”

“Report says a mistimed jump left them lodged in an asteroid. No casualties, and there were only a few humans on board to start. Pretty standard menagerie crew for a long-haul freighter, really.”

“Uh. Huh. Human family group?”

“Take a look at the form, it has the crew manifest. Standard procedure for these incidents.”

Pulling out his datapad, Klem’pat scanned quickly through until he found the obviously human names. “Family groups normally have shared names, right?”


Sighing, he stepped toward the ship. “May as well show me what happens with these.”

“Don’t step on board, not yet. Gotta start from the outside with a hull breach.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding.” Klem’pat gestured toward the gaping hole along the entire side of the ship. “There’s nothing to see.”

T’kollen pulled out a handheld scanner and pointed at the ship as he slowly walked a semicircle around it. “That’s kind of the reason we’re here. New rules. We log everything, call in a large jump freighter, send the reports and the ships back to a processing facility. The Federation wants to know why this happens.”

“You’ve…” Klem’pat sighed, pulled out his own scanner, and began scanning the hull. “We’re gonna be all day at this, huh?”


As they stepped through the bulkhead, the entire ship shifted to the side, and the bone-tingling wail of tearing metal could be heard. “You’ve gotta be kidding. Nobody could survive this.”

“Everyone on board survived it.”


T’kollen shook his head and started toward the bridge. “That’s what we’re supposed to figure out. Mind the holes.”

“Uh. Actually, speaking of. Look at them.”

“Heh, you caught on fast.” T’kollen glanced back at the gap he had just hopped. “Yeah, it’s in the report. One of the humans said something about, and I quote, ‘hotwiring the damned grav field to make a bubble and keep this ship’s insides inside.’“

“And that just happened to make a perfect ring-shaped warp to every metal edge within a quarter meter of the outside? I doubt this rusty old tub had a grav-generator accurate enough to even be completely monodirectional in normal operation.”

“No bet. You’re right on that.”

“That…isn’t possible.”

T’kollen just kept walking toward the bridge. “Get used to it. These ‘incidents’ are becoming more common by the day as humans show up on more crew rosters. Fewer lost ships, more impossible survival stories.”

“There any point in continuing the inspection?”

“Of course. We have logs to pull from the bridge, a data dump to get from the grav-generator, and a required examination to perform on the thrusters, jump-drive, and power core, assuming they’re still present.”

“…if they’re still present. You’re telling me some of these incidents involve not having thrust, or power, in open space. And surviving?”

“Yup. That’s what has the Federation so weirded out by these humans. And so, that’s why we’ve gotta follow these new Mack’Guy-Verr Protocols.”

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okay ANOTHER thing i'm salty abt is the fact that all these ships in shadowhunters are like not barely developed but they get WAY more (undeserved) screentime than malec which is a relationship slowly built on love and trust like what tbe FUCK... gotdamn straights

i agree with the general consensus in the fandom on a lot of things. one of the things i don’t agree with is the constant hate on climon.

if you’re not referring to climon then i’m sorry about this, but i’m gonna just assume for the moment that you are.

here’s the thing, anon—we all know it’s not endgame. climon lasts for like…half a book. and the pace at which this show is moving along (they did the herondale reveal ALREADY, and it’s barely 2B) we all know this isn’t going to last much longer. clace is in the works and they’re already setting up sizzy. unless sizzy is the ship you’re referring to, in which case, i have a lot to say about book!sizzy but show!sizzy is just getting started.

so yeah, climon is getting a lot of screentime, because whether you ship it or not, it’s a really important relationship. it’s a solid backstory for clary and simon’s friendship…agh, now here’s the part where i can’t tell who has read the book and who hasn’t. it doesn’t seem to matter to most people, but i’m gonna assume for the moment, just to be safe, that you haven’t. obviously they don’t end up together but they are very close and remain best friends, even after realizing they aren’t quite right romantically. 

they have to squeeze all this climon in now. it’s not undeserved. kat and alberto have a lot of chemistry and i think they’re doing a great job, honestly. it’s not gonna last much longer, so i’m enjoying every bit of it while i can, and so are the rest of the scattered climon shippers. they’re few, but they are here. 

and as easy as it is to pin it all on the straights, it’s not all their fault. clace is still a thing, remember? somehow i doubt you’re complaining about that. nobody complains about clace. (except me sometimes, but that’s because i’m whiny and never get off my soapbox.)

malec is one of the best things to ever happen on TV or in books, and they will get their time, i promise. the writers know that. they have something great going and they won’t fuck it up that easily. if they gave us everything we wanted immediately, what would we have to look forward to?


Illegal exports were common enough on Earth but they also happened on the other worlds out there, which is how Buddy came to be stranded here. He was in a crate, being transported to a planet where his species didn’t exist and for a nice, tidy profit, when the ship he was on crashed.

The crate was thrown from the craft before it exploded, Buddy was knocked unconscious and rolled right out into the middle of a deserted stretch of road. He lay there, hurt and unable to move. It got dark and nobody came along, there were no crash survivors except Buddy and he started to wake up when it got cold that same night.

He slowly, shakily raised his head in time to see headlights coming toward him. Buddy squeezed his eyes shut, certain he’d be unseen and run over..