no shipping bullies allowed

I’ve been caught out.  I forgot to post a headcanon for my anonymous challenger last night.  So here’s one for this morning:

Rip does sometimes think about the other children from the Refuge.  He was never terribly close to any of them, (Michael was a bit of a solitary child even then), but he had played games with them occasionally, and Mary Xavier ran too tight a ship to allow for any overt bullying.  He supposes that they were, for all intents and purposes, his siblings.

I headcanon that the Time Masters had multiple Refuges though (hence why Rip and Mary Xavier could hide the young Legends there.  If there was only one Refuge, I think the Time Masters could monitor it more carefully.)  And I also headcanon that the children were likely separated from their Refuge-mates once they reached the Academy.  The Time Masters would not have wanted to risk long term personal alliances.

Rip didn’t reach out to any of them after Miranda and Jonas’s death, if he even knew how to contact them, because he couldn’t be sure how they’d react.  We saw from Eve Baxter what the average Time Captain reaction to Rip was, and he wouldn’t have wanted to risk them reporting him.

As to where they are now…well, we know that not every Time Master died in the Oculus explosion.  (There was that dude who talked to Savage afterward), so maybe Rip still has brothers and sisters out there… 

Hello !

I’m poe and I run a osomatsu San side blog which has a good sized amount of Blmatsu / matsucest on it. 

 And just recently I’ve been getting so many “asks” , all saying basically the same thing Which is “ your so gross Matsucest is disgusting you shouldn’t ship those a ships” and it’s really getting annoying and stupid, like just plain stupid.

 Because not only is it bullying it’s saying I shouldn’t be allowed to ship what I want . Which is stupid to say to other people.

 And I just want to say to all those anti’s out there It’s completely fine to have an opinion, I respect your decision to be an anti, and i respect your opinion.

 But an opinion is like a penis, it’s ok to have one and be proud of it, but if you take it out and shove it in my face then we have a huge problem.