no ship left behind

I’ve been rewatching season 1 and picked up on another parallel. When the 100 are deciding to leave camp when the grounders are attacking and Bellamy doesn’t want to, Finn says “if he doesn’t wanna come he can stay” and Clarke immediately says “ no he can’t!” Exactly like “yes you will!” When Bellamy says he won’t be inside the ship in season 4. Clarke ain’t having Bellamy left behind/or left to die .. she needed him even then.

Rhysand: The Most Powerful High Lord to have ever lived. Also a Hybrid (half Illyrian/ half High Fae). Considers himself a bastard.

TVD Klaus Mikaelson: The Most Powerful Original (creature on earth). Also a Hybrid (half Vampire / half Werewolf). Considers himself a bastard.

Rhysand: Centuries old looking young and hot.

Klaus: Centuries old looking young and hot.

Rhysand uses nicknames like Love and Darling. He is also very arrogant and sassy and lethal.

Klaus uses nicknames like Love and Sweetheart. He is also very arrogant and sassy and lethal.

Rhysand: seemingly overconfident but has deeply rooted insecurity issues.

Klaus: seemingly overconfident but has deeply rooted insecurity issues.

Everyone is terrified of Rhysand and consider him to be a nightmare. He is a legend. He is considered to be a villain. He has a murderous streak if needed be. Totally amoral. Capable for cruelty and greatness. Likes to leave torn heads for gifts and break bones. He knows how to make an impressive threat. He is a Daemati and can mind control everyone. He smirks a lot.

Everyone is terrified of Klaus and consider him to be a a nightmare. He is a legend. He is considered to be villain. He has a murderous streak. Totally amoral. Capable for cruelty and greatness. Likes to cut of heads and tear out hearts and break bones. He knows how to make an impressive threat. As an Original he can compel everyone. He smirks a lot.

Rhysand: being hunted and hated for who he is. He has lost a sibling he loved brutally. He has been tortured for decades (Amarantha and her curse). He is very vengeful if you hurt those he loves. He never forgets. He knows how to play the long game and be manipulative.

Klaus: being hunted and hated for who he is. He has lost a sibling he loved brutally. He has been tortured for decades (hunter’s curse). He is very vengeful if you hurt those he loves. He never forgets. He knows how to play the long game and be manipulative.

Rhysand: only but a few are able to see who he really is and understand him.

Klaus: only but a few are able to see who he really is and understand him.

Rhysand has an inner circle of family.

Klaus has an inner circle of family.

Rhysand has the night court that fears and respects him.

Klaus has been said to have his own groupies and trusted court that feared and respected him.

Anything surrounding Rhysand’s true identity and court is veiled in mystery and secrecy.

Anything surrounding Klaus’ true identity and origins and history is veiled in mystery and secrecy.

Rhysand: Azriel, Morrigan, Cassian.

Klaus: Elijah, Rebekah, Kol.

Feyre at first hates and despises Rhysand and sees him as nothing but a villain. She is able to distract him and Tamlin wants to use her against Rhysand (for information etc)

Caroline at first hates and despises Klaus and sees him as nothing but a villain. She is able to distract him and her friends want to use her against Klaus (for information and as a distraction etc)

Feyre at first can’t stand Rhysand and gives him the cold shoulder but can see more humane glimpses under his mask.

Caroline at first can’t stand Klaus and gives him the cold shoulder but can see more humane glimpses under his mask.

Rhysand keeps flirting with Feyre and teases her and she shuts him down.

Klaus keeps flirting with Caroline and teases her and she shuts him down.

Rhysand healed Feyre’s arm. Controversial scene.

Klaus healed Caroline with his blood. Controversial scene.

Rhysand is centuries old and Feyre is a baby High Fae.

Klaus is centuies old and Caroline is a baby vampire.

Rhysand and Feyre are…the same.

Klaus and Caroline are the…same.

Rhysand: Bows to no one but Feyre darling that has him wrapped around her finger.

Klaus: Bows to no one but Caroline sweetheart that has him wrapped around her finger.

Rhysand to Feyre: I know.

Klaus to Caroline: I know.

Rhysand to Feyre: I dare you.

Klaus to Caroline: I dare you.

Rhysand keeps trying to get to know Feyre better. Her hopes, her dreams, everything she wants in life.

Klaus keeps trying to get to know Caroline better. Her hopes, her dreams, everything she wants in life.

Feyre originally was in a committed relationship with a man she considered the love of her life when Rhysand entered her life and Tamlin and Rhysand are mortal enemies. Feyre is caught in the middle between devotion and desire.

Caroline originally was in a committed relationship with a man she considered the love of her life when Klaus entered her life and Tyler and Klaus are mortal enemies. Caroline is caught in the middle between devotion and desire.

Rhysand and Feyre: teaching her how to read. Teasing her.

Klaus and Caroline: Aramaic. Teasing her.

Rhysand leaving notes for Feyre.

Klaus leaving drawings and notes for Caroline.

Rhysand has the upper hand and makes a deal with Feyre for one week per month.

Klaus has the upper hand and makes a deal with Caroline for a date.

Rhysand with Feyre: Dancing with her while she is dressed in a sparkling gown.

Klaus with Caroline: Dancning with her while she is dressed in a sparkling gown.

Rhysand and Feyre make each other laugh. Also brutal honesty.

Klaus and Caroline make each other laugh. Also brutal honesty.

Rhysand and Feyre: sex marathons.

Klaus and Caroline: sex marathons.

….Am I sensing a pattern to the characters and the ships that attract me or what?


Thanksgiving and the Past and Present Atrocities.
Built on the genocide and tragic massacre of an entire people.

A group of English explorers sailed back home to England around 1614 with a ship filled with Patuxet Indians whom were bound for slavery. They left behind smallpox, wiping out nearly all those who had escaped capture. When the pilgrims ended up arriving in Massachusetts Bay they found just one living Patuxet Indian named Squanto who had survived slavery under the English. He negotiated a treaty between the Wampanoag nation and the pilgrims which would bring mutual peace and protection. Unfortunately word spread in England about the lands they considered to be “public domain” and many began arriving by boat. British settlers began to seize the land and captured some Natives for slaves while killing the rest. However the Pequot Nation hadn’t agreed to the peace treaty Squanto had proposed and they fought back. In 1637 more than 700 men, women and children came together for their annual Green Corn festival, at dawn while the Indians slept, English and Dutch mercenaries ordered them to get up and come out. Those who did were shot and many were burned alive. The next day governor Winthrop of Massachusetts Bay declared “a day of thanksgiving” because to him, the massacre of 700 Indians was their “victory.” After this, many colonists continued to attack villages killing thousands of Indians with many also being sold into slavery. Feasts were held after each successful raid up until George Washington suggested that only one day of Thanksgiving per year be set instead of celebrating each and every massacre. It later became a legal national holiday.

More than 45 million turkeys are killed in the U.S. just for thanksgiving.
Turkeys spend their short lives cramped in horrible conditions where they end up developing diseases. Many have ammonia-burned eyes, respiratory infections, and ulcerated feet. They are bred to grow so fast and large that they become lame due to their own weight and because they’re incapable of moving properly, turkeys are sexually violated to breed them. The males are assaulted for their semen and the females then become artificially inseminated. Turkeys are painfully debeaked and detoed without any anesthetic at birth. At 12-26 weeks, turkeys are crammed into cages to be shipped to slaughter. At the slaughterhouse, they are strung up by their feet and are stunned by an electrical stunner or ran through an electrified water bath so their feathers are removed more easier. They are conscious for this process. They then have their throats cut. Turkeys are intelligent, sensitive, and highly affectionate animals. They will unfortunately never have the chance to live out their lives with their families.

If you do choose to celebrate thanksgiving please take the time to reflect on the suffering of both past and present atrocities. Honor the memory of the American Indians who were violently killed and who had their freedom taken away from them and reclaim thanksgiving by leaving animals off your plate and by informing others about the truth of this holiday.

‘Red, we might be stranded behind enemy lines, left behind by our ship on this Garbage planet of Extra Despair, wounded, without weapons, and followed by those Tracker-animal-guard Enemy-people… But I found this…this little tiny robot arm-digit- and I’m going to make this into the MEANEST most HORRIBLE killer destroyer robot…thingy EVER. And we are going to make them PAY.’
'Purple, when we get back and we’re the Tallest, I’m letting you name every operation, just so you know.’

Okay, I read the transcript of the unaired episode; “The Trial” and it features the Tallest when they were little. I never before thought about them that way, and now that I pictured them alongside Zim, in training, I had to draw them on a DOOMED mission together. They’re probably in trouble because of Zim.

”Not all of the elvhen who fled the Fall of Arlathan and Elvhenan escaped into the forests and plains of Thedas,,,

Elvhenan had fleets of fishermen and mariners that roamed the open seas for ages before shems came to Thedas, and when their civilization crumbled, they left their shattered people behind and turned their ships to the open sea. 

Instead of aravels, these ocean clans have flotillas of sleek, quick ships, and ships large enough to stave off even the Qunari dreadnaughts. If any shem or Qunari fleet tries to attack them, their flotillas scatter, becoming to widespread to find or destroy. Pirates like Isabela of Rivain know not to cross these maritime warriors, whose mages manipulate water and ice, whose archers have turned distance-targeting into an art form, and whose swordsmen have superlative sea legs. 

While their Dalish brethren wander land, they wander seas, and have found places and creatures no other beings have ever seen. Many humans have wondered if sea-nymphs or sirens or the mer exist, but only the Dalish of the Seas know for certain. What lies beyond the known world? Only the Dalish of the Seas can answer. 

The clans of the land may have halla, but the Sea Clans have the porpoise, the whale, and shark into their cattle. Sea Clan children spend their days swimming aside their ocean-bound homes, frolicking with the creatures of the sea. While the small ones bond with the azure waters, the adults net and spear fish of all sorts, dive for clams, or and harvest seaweed, and turn it all into a simple and elegant cuisine that keeps them lean and strong.

When matters of great importance draw the Clans together, thousands of vessels comes together with rope and makeshift bridges, and a veritable floating city emerges. It’s here that they decide to aid the shem god’s Inquisition, and soon, shark-tooth tipped arrows strike down Red Templars, and Venatori ships shatter in conjured whirlpools…”

supernannygirl704things  asked:

💚💙 for the ship thing 😊

Ship that you secretly like: 💚

There’s no secrets with me, I’m too vocal when it comes to fandom lmao. Maybe the ship I don’t talk the most and I like would be Fez/Laurie and the idea of Buddy/Eric.

Ship that you used to have as an OTP: 💙 

I haven’t lost interest in any ship, so I can’t answer this when it comes to the t70s fandom. But, for example, a ship I had left behind is Tony/Pepper from MCU. 

And it’s not like if I don’t love them anymore, it’s just that I lost interest.

bucky legit asked steve to move in with him and he didn’t have to pay a dime and made it sound like it would benefit him. just imagine:

  • the two of them grumbling over whose turn it is to take out the trash
  • sharing really poor and crappy meals together but they’re happy
  • doing the dishes together
  • bucky picking up a loaf of bread or sthing on his way home
  • steve being pouty when bucky comes home late from a date so bucky comes up with the idea of double dates
  • steve coming in with a busted lip and bucky cleaning him up while muttering under his breath about how he should’ve went with him wherever he went
  • staying up late talking about the future
  • bucky teaching steve how to dance and encouraging him to ask his dates to dance but he rarely did
  • arguing over who used up the last of the hot water
  • saving money to go to coney island to take in the sights and ride rides that steve didn’t wanna go on but bucky talked him into it
  • bucky shipping out and steve being left behind at their apt and being lonely
  • steve curling up on the couch, sketching. bucky doing the same bc they went to art class together
  • bucky worrying over steve getting sick and taking care of him
  • bucky working a lot and coming home dirty and tired, steve asking how his day was, steve doing odd jobs that don’t require too much
  • steve stomping in and sinking onto the couch - bucky knowing exactly whats bothering him [denied enlistment]
  • listening to the radio together
  • hanging out at home in t-shirts and jeans (no suits and ties) with bare feet
  • listening to records together
  • going to the movies together
  • saving up money to buy one another something small for christmas (maybe even a compass for steve since bucky will be far away “so you don’t get lost while I’m gone and if you find a girl you can put her picture in it”) 
Rey’s Vision Theory Ideas/ Who Left her behind  (long post but hear me out)

just a thought

so while we all assume Rey is Luke’s daughter, we don’t really know,

but we do know this

-Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) was Luke’s nephew and student

-Rey can use the force

-Luke had multiple students

-Rey knows someone left her on Jakku but can’t remember who

soooooo we have some room for theorizing

Originally posted by ihatepeacocks

Rey in her series of flash backs sees many things, Kylo Ren and a sort of squad (knights of ren?) surrounded by multiple dead bodies. We see Luke place his hand on R2-D2 and then we also see Rey being left behind on Jakku and a ship leaving her with the guy she gets her rations from (forgive me i don’t know his name)

so going off the assumption that Rey was with all the other Jedi Trainees and yet she was spared from it.

which means someone got her out

i think we have 3 options when it comes to who left her on Jakku, her mother, luke, or Kylo Ren

While there’s no evidence for it being her mother, there’s no evidence against it either.

so that leaves us with Luke and Kylo Ren

My problem with it being Luke IS luke wouldn’t abandon his last student and hope for the Jedi on a junkyard planet, left to all but starve.  and at the end of the movie, luke seems surprised to see Rey, and the movie took a more hopeful turn when we saw that Luke let himself be found (he could’ve sensed her and hidden) because there was another student, ALSO and i think this is very important. Luke hated where he grew up, he wanted nothing more than to leave it, so he would not abandon a student (especially if it was his child) in a place so similar. 

Originally posted by tomato-bird

(also family was important to Luke, he would’ve left his child with his sister)

AND FINALLY Rey is left with the junkyard guy (sorry) someone who clearly didn’t care for Rey or her health or safety, luke again would not leave his student (or child) in the hands of someone who clearly gave no reason to trust them



Kylo Ren

Originally posted by jeanifurr

Kylo Ren was a student, Luke’s student who failed to kill just


of the Jedi 

why Rey survived would have to be debated as well

My theories

- If we are going on the belief that Rey is Luke’s daughter, Kylo Ren could’ve spared her because she was Luke’s daughter, and he knew it would bring him pain if he kept her hidden

- again, on the assumption Rey is luke’s daughter, that would make Kylo Ren and Rey family, and he could’ve been unable to kill his younger cousin

- it is possible that while Kylo Ren was training, something happened that made him feel responsible for her, maybe (and not in a creepy way) he loved her and wanted to protect her (it’s not impossible that Kylo had friends/ people he loved)

- Rey is powerful, Kylo Ren may of known this, and therefore kept her on Jakku, not wanting to waste the power, but keep it hidden until he could use it to his advantage

I personally would like to believe that Kylo Ren and Rey were friends (almost a mentoring relationship- like when a 5th grader mentors a kindergartener) and that he did not wish for any harm to come to her and therefore he kept her on Jakku.

Now let’s think, the junk collector guy who Rey was left with. He is easily bought? Yes

Someone probably convinced him to hold on to Rey when they left. But we knew he is easily bought, so what was he paid. Let us think.

First we knew that as time goes by what Rey brings to him gets her less rations, so whoever paid the man to hold on to her, clearly didn’t pay enough for it to last until her older age. (her welcome is being worn off)

Let’s think of what he has, The Millennium Falcon?????

Originally posted by gameraboy

now we all know who the Falcon belongs to, Han Solo. But we also know who Han Solo is and who he has fathered.

When Rey and Finn leave during the attack on Jakku, they take the Falcon and the junk guy scream “That’s my ship!”

But it’s not, but perhaps he thinks he truly has claim over it because it was traded in exchange for a favor. The Millennium Falcon, for watching over Rey?

Now we have to keep in mind that Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) would probably not be a stranger to the Falcon, and perhaps Rey even helped him fly it at a young age when he came to Jakku.

(now i know there was a list of people who supposedly had the falcon, but i still believe it could’ve ended up in Ben Solo’s hands, it certainly ended up in Rey’s)

So I believe that in exchange for watching over (or just holding Rey back) Kylo Ren gave the junk guy (i need a name) the Millennium Falcon.

more evidence of it being Kylo Ren who left her on Jakku is similar to my other post “What Girl?”

but think about it, Kylo Ren was very distressed when he heard that not only had Finn gotten away with the BB-8, but they escaped with a girl on the Millennium Falcon.

ALSOOOO Kylo Ren never tries to kill Rey, 

he could easily kill her, but he never does

 (he slams her against the tree, but I believe it is to get her out of the way so he can deal with Finn) 

but he never really tries to kill her or harm her beyond that.

Originally posted by kylieren

He even offers to show her the ways of the force THE FORCE, NOT THE DARK SIDE.

He says she needs a teacher, a mentor, which would go along with the idea that he felt like a mentor/ responsible for her.

He even shows his face to her because he wants her to see him for who he is, and not be scared and think he is a creature trying to hunt her. He does it without being asked. He reveals himself entirely by his choice. 

for a girl who had been left on Jakku, as alone as he felt inside. 

That’s it.

(I’m sure there’s more that i’ve forgotten)

but there you go.



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What I love about Reylo is that it came at the right moment for my shipping heart.
It is healing the wounds left behind by another ship, and my faith in them is pure. I, a person who rooted only for canon couples, for the first time I am cheering for a pairing despite their canon status or not.

They aren’t endgame? Don’t care, still shipping them
Finnrey happens (as I suspect)? Don’t care, still shipping them
They are cousins? Don’t care, still shipping them (even better, I dare say)

It’s such a freeing feeling! No more ship wars, no more expectations. I can enjoy them just for what they are, two really interesting characters whose interactions leave me dizzy .
After years of fandom wars, from livejournal to Twitter, always in the defending stance, I feel like I’ve discovered the pure essence of shipping Hahaha

There You Are

Pairing: Wash x Reader

“Okay, the blood isn’t mind, calm down.”

“I thought I lost you”


He waited on the MOI getaway ship, waiting for the others to get back from their mission. They were running low on time and anyone who didn’t get on the ship soon was going to be left behind until they could send another ship.

The others ( (your name), Maine, Carolina, North and South) were not back yet. He wasn’t panicked yet. It wasn’t the first time you all had split up, he just held onto the hope that everyone would be back soon.

You all had split up once you discovered that the enemy had known you were coming, they made it an ambush, but you couldn’t abandon the mission, you needed the blueprints for their weapons, if you went back to the MOI without them, the director would probably throw you all into space.

He his shoulders lowers as he let out a sigh of relief when he saw the others running over to the ship.

“They’re coming! Keep the doors open!” He yelled out.

“Roger that,” came 479er’s voice, “Told ya they’d be fine.”

He let out a nervous laugh before looking back at them, “Yeah… fine.” He squinted his eyes so he could see further, he noticed North and Carolina carrying what looked like a limp body, they had wrapped her persons arms around their shoulders, it didn’t take long for Wash to recognise the colour of the armour, it was (your name), it also wasn’t hard to tell that there was blood all over her armour.

He immediately started to panic, was she shot? What happened?

He didn’t realise that he must’ve blacked out because now everyone was suddenly in the ship and the door was closing. He snapped his head around to see North, Maine and Carolina carefully laying (your name) on the ground, your helmet was already off and Maine sat cross legged behind your head, gently holding it in place with his hands.

“Make sure you don’t move it at all,” North said and Maine nodded.

“What happened?!” Wash asked when he ran over to them, his voice was breaking from his panic, “(Your name), what happened to you?”

“It’s okay Wash,” you said, “Okay, the blood isn’t mine, calm down… I just…” You shut your eyes tightly in pain.

“(Your name)’s back is fractured,” Carolina said, “We need medical service, fast.”


*Three days later*

Wash sat by your bed, holding you hand in his. He jolted slightly went he heard you speak for the first time.

“Wash… ?”

“(Your name)?” He looked over at you, “(Your name)… I was so worried about you, I thought I lost you.”

You chuckled slightly, “You’re not going to lose me that easy.”

He smiled before kissing your forehead, “Good.”

Water Song
  • Water Song
  • State Lines
  • For The Boats

We watched an ocean fall apart right from the comforts of your front porch. And there I thought to myself, “You and I could construct a small boat.” And from there we’d sail to find the youth from those days that we seem to have left behind. But just as fast as our ship floats, we would sink beneath the ocean from the holes in the floor which we had both poked.

Every time someone, especially a teacher, says that we don't know what happened in Roanoke I want to scream.

We know what happened.

The ship went for more supplies and left some of the colony behind. Probably quite a few people just died as they tried to survive until the return of the ship. The Roanoke (yes the island and tribe have the same name, technically I believe the island was named after them) noticed and decided to help by taking them in.

Proof you ask? When the ship finally returned the colony was abandoned but showed no signs they had been forced out. Nor were there bodies or graves to explain what had happened.

You know what they did find? Genetic traits appearing in Roanoke children that hadn’t existed in that population before.

You history teacher lied about Roanoke to you.

Also, the Inca didn’t just disappear. They’re around, we know why they abandoned the city, they never died off in the first place.