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I just caught up on RWBY Chibi and I’m pretty sure Qrow violently slamming himself against a closed window while in bird form is how he gets Winter’s attention

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Can I please have 2p italy father headcanons ? (Fem child pls) (thank you 💝)

Quick note, to the anon that sent me the France first kiss scenario I am working on that, but scenarios take a bit more time than Headcannons which is why I’m doing these first, But it is coming! Don’t worry!

  • That little girl is his princess like seriously!
  • he’s weak to her tears, she skinned her knee? how about a rolex?
  • he would give up everything for her
  • she has a billion bodyguards like omg! a four year old doesn’t need 20 bodyguards at preschool!
  • she is a sweetheart, but she doesn’t have too many friends because Italy thinks no one is good enough for his baby girl!
  • she likes fish, here have your own shark!
  • you like dogs? here’s a sled team!
  • now she isn’t a spoiled brat, he makes sure of that, she still has chores and only gets stuff if she has been good
  • seriously though, what four year old wants their own yacht, THINK ITALY THINK!
  • her room is set for a princess (which in his eyes she its)
  • When she is a teenager, he has 50 bodyguards on her at all times (they sit in the back of all her classes and scare the other students into behaving, the teachers love it)
  • he’s fine if she’s gay, straight, ace, a donkey! She’s still his little princess.
  • Will always call her princess, no matter how old she gets
  • on her wedding night, he gives her a golden tiara
  • When he becomes a grandpa, he’s so proud of his baby girl
  • “your mom would be so proud”
season 2 in the eyes of karamel shippers
  • 2x01: he's sleeping
  • 2x02: what the fuck
  • 2x03: mon-el is from daxam
  • 2x04: he's in her hands
  • 2x05: mike and kara
  • 2x06: drunk aliens
  • 2x07: she isn't mated
  • 2x08: you drooled
  • 2x09: goofus and gallant
  • 2x10: comets
  • 2x11: eve
  • 2x12: damn mxy
  • 2x13: they fucked
  • 2x14: it was that good
  • 2x15: way to blob, babe
  • 2x16: the love bomb
  • crossover: true love's kiss
  • 2x17: poor lar gand
  • 2x18: your pansexuality is showing
  • 2x19: we eat pineapple pizza
  • 2x20: poo poo platter
  • 2x21: lemon lemon lemon
  • 2x22: ugly sobbing
Chris & Eva- Ignorance

Clingy. Fake. Annoying. 

The words ran through her mind like wildfire. Normally, she would brush these words off as if they mean’t nothing to her. Although the thing was, what mouth the words fell out of. Christoffer’s mouth. Her heart hurt, remembering what he had said last Saturday. The lump in her throat only seemed to get bigger as she replayed the words in her head. 

It started off as a wonderful night, of course at some point during the party Eva and Chris’s mouth had connected, him having her pressed against the wall and her arms wrapped around his neck, bringing him impossibly closer. Making-out until the host of the party had told them to get a room- or something along the lines of that. Their hands not disconnecting as they made their way out to the street, calling a taxi to pick them up, both either to high, or too drunk to drive. The make-out session only continuing once they piled into the taxi, their hands both exploring each other. This was a constant routine for them. She didn't mind one bit.

It took Chris a second to process that the taxi had stopped because they had finally arrived at her house. Eva already missing the feeling of his warm hands on her. Chris fumbled to get his wallet out to pay for the ride. Both of them getting out. His hand snaked it way back on her hip as they made their way to her door, pulling her keys out, possibly dropping them, seeing as she was pretty drunk. 

“Your mom isn't home right?” He asked her, his breath fanning down the back of her neck, as she simply nodded, finally unlocking the door and pulling him inside.

The following morning wasn't too bad, although she was a bit surprised that he was still sleeping in her bed when she woke up. She slowly got out of the bed, her face having a radiant smile on it. Although Chris wasn't the relationship type, it sure did feel like they were in one.

His wake-up groan sparked her attention, his arms stretching up has he woke up, and his eyes shot open. 

“Agh shit..” He muttered frustratingly.

He got up, gathering his pants and boxers, slipping them on. As for Eva, she had a pair of shorts and a baggy shirt on. He seemed to be rushing, she didn’t think to much of it at the time. 

“Do you want any breakfast? I make a mean eggs beni-” Eva started as she turned around to face him before her sentence was cut off. 

“No. No. Don’t. Just because I accidentally spent the night here doesn't mean we are dating. You aren't my girlfriend Eva. You are way to clingy, annoying, and many many others things to be my girlfriend.  I don’t want someone who is considered fake at school. I don’t want you as a girlfriend Eva. Got it?” He huffed at Eva. 

Her gaze lowered to the floor. That hurt like a fucking bitch. Her insecurities now flooding her thoughts. His look shattered her, he looked at her as if she was a disgusting piece of trash he found on the floor. 

“Yeah.. I do.” Her voice trembled slightly. She couldn't look at the floor, because she knew that if she looked at him in the eyes, she would fall to the floor in sobs. His steps began as he left her room, and she prayed and prayed he would leave. 

She finally heard the front door close. He left without a sorry which made her stomach churn. The feeling to throw up urged before she sat on the edge of her bed, sobs wracking her body, and her hands holding her face. He had broke her. 

He hasn’t spoken to her since. That hurt too, it possibly hurt more then that morning. She was too lost in thought to engaged in the conversation Noora and Sana were having. He was crowding her thoughts, he crowded them for the rest of the day, he was eating her alive.

Part 2? Oooo?

Drunk Rhys
  • Rhysand: *totally drunk* Feyre is so perfect!
  • Cass: Yeah, she is...
  • Rhysand: *whining* Why she isn't mine?!
  • Cass: Wait, what? *notices that Rhys is drunk* Hum... Yeah... It's really sad...
  • Rhysand: I love her so much! She is dating?
  • Cass: *almost laughing* Yes... Unfortunately...
  • Rhysand: Oh fuck! *drinks more*
  • Feyre: Hey boys, what's happening?
  • Rhysand: *whining* *screaming* WHY AREN'T YOU MINE?!
  • Feyre: What? Rhys... *notices that Cass is almost laughing* Cassian, do you like to explain?
  • Cass: No, thanks

Gold Dragon - Gustav Klimt. 
This is a request by @lxxjongsuk request I don’t normally post Klimt’s work, but isn’t Ji glorious as a Golden Dragon? 

Elsa hadn’t exactly wanted to go out celebrating her 27th birthday and she may have been dragged into the bar after being intercepted at work. Elsa was planning on buying a personal slice of cake and watching Netflix. Just relaxing in bed in some sweats since she hardly got to do that but rather than that the blond was now a few drinks in and feeling pretty good. Not drunk enough to not be in control or forget how much she’d rather be in bed but the giggly drunk state she’d get into after a few cocktails rather than the cold beers she’d normally want to be drinking. “Oh fuck,Elsa cursed as he elbow missed the edge of the bar and she fell into the lean.

That feel when you go peeking in your really really really old (a.k.a when you first started) writing folder out of random inexplicable curiosity

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It’s making me feel really fucking good about my writing quality now though…so a good terrible idea? 

  • *Drunk Glynda is flirting with Junior at the bar*
  • Mel: I can't! I actually cannot!
  • Mil: I gotta agree, they are simply too cute.
  • Mel: Like, I know Junior likes to say he's all classy, but Glynda is, like, the classiest person I've ever met. She-
  • Glynda: *pulls Junior into a kiss by his tie*
  • Mil: ...!
  • Mel: ...! Well, I mean, even classy purple are allowed to get drunk someti-
  • Glynda: *climbs onto the bar without breaking the kiss*
  • Mil: ...
  • Mel: ... Okay, they're allowed to get REALLY drunk, that doesn't mean she isn't classy as-
  • Glynda: *falls to the ground behind the bar while keeping the kiss intact*
  • Mel: ...
  • Mil: Y'know, I hear that purple is the color of royalty.
  • Mel: Shut up.
The signs drunk
  • Aries: bitch whëre!
  • Taurus: *strips* "hey where did my clothes go?" *giggles*
  • Gemini: *isn't drunk but acts like she is*
  • Cancer: already knocked out
  • Leo: *joins Taurus*
  • Virgo: *the only one smart enough to not get drunk*
  • Libra: *talking shit about Leo and Taurus*
  • Scorpio: *grinding on half of the guys in the club*
  • Sagittarius: "beer pong!!!"
  • Capricorn: *talking shit with libra* *both are probably too drunk to remember this conversation tomorrow*
  • Aquarius: *jumps off the roof and into the pool*
  • Pisces: *on his 2nd bottle of vodka* "Who let the dogs out?
  • Who whoo"

You might not agree with Hatch’s pov and you don’t have to, but please remember she is a college girl who attends a Mormon college. Please don’t cyber bully her by posting negative things online about her, esp tagging her on twitter or Instagram.

We are also here for the sport. Care about her on the field product. She is kicking ass in NCAA.