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Thanks to @imanibattle25‘s mom for watching the babies, last night Mekhi and I decided to take Kayson with us to the early premiere of Black Panther!! Since Khi worked on the compositions for the movie, we got to join the team for their early premiere and after party!

We decided to bring Kayson along since we hardly ever get alone time with our big boy! He was so happy to be able to get dressed up and come with us! He especially loved getting to meet a lot of people who have worked on some of his favorite movies!

All three of us really enjoyed the movie and we were all really excited when we saw Khi’s name during the end credits! I’m so proud of my hubby! ❤️ Can’t wait for the official release in February! The movie is amazing!!

Also can we talk about babe’s beard?! 😍  No shave November >>> 😂

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Could you write a short of asahi going up to sing ??? Mmmaybe for noya¿¿

Listen. You asked for it, Buddy.

“I love No-Shave November,” Sugawara said wistfully, leaning his elbow on the table as he stared across the bar.

“Agreed,” Akaashi pinched the screen of his phone, zooming in on Bokuto’s scruffy chin where he sat next to Kuroo at the counter.

“Five minutes ago you were insulting my goatee and now suddenly you love No-Shave November?” Oikawa snapped, sending them a glare. “Fuck your double standards!”

“That’s because you look fuckin’ stupid,” Kenma muttered from his other side, leaning against his shoulder and hiccuping softly.

“I don’t!” Oikawa stroked the brown hairs surrounding his mouth with a scowl. “I look handsome! Like a mysterious, troubled writer!”

Sugawara leaned towards Akaashi and whispered behind a hand, “Yeah but in this case it’s not the writing that’s troubling.”

“Good one, Sugawara-san.”

Sugawara leaned away, “And anyway, Oikawa. What the hell? Why isn’t Iwaizumi participating in No-Shave November? I got a total boner in anticipation to see him with a beard!”

Oikawa’s scowl only deepened, “Iwa-chan doesn’t like to feel unkempt. Even though his hair looks like that.”

“It’s very disappointing,” Akaashi said, snapping another photo of Bokuto. “I was looking forward to it as well.”

“I was going to use it as jerk-off material for months,” Sugawara moaned and slumped back in the booth.

“I’m already upset enough, you don’t have to keep rubbing it in!” Oikawa whined. “That’s why I had to pick up the slack as the Movember half of the couple and now have these stupid face pubes!”

Sugawara sputtered with laughter and turned away.

“Oh my god they totally look like face pubes,” Kenma lolled his head back and reached up. He touched Oikawa’s mustache hairs reverently. “Face pubes…”

“Shut up, Ken-chan!”

Nishinoya bounded up to the table, tray balanced on one palm precariously, causing all four of them to let out a hiss when it and all of its contents almost toppled to the floor.

“Alright!” he cheered, dropping the tray to the table. “Have a round, Boys! On me!”

“Yuu-chan is my favorite,” Oikawa purred, taking his Death in the Afternoon off of the tray as Nishinoya passed out the others. “You’re my only ally tonight.”

“Ally?” Nishinoya sat next to Akaashi and lifted his beer to his mouth.

“You’re the only other one at the table that’s participating in No-Shave November!”

“Oh!” Nishinoya touched his chin hairs. “It’s coming along great, isn’t it?”

“Not as good as Asahi’s, honestly,” Sugawara said and they all turned towards the counter where Asahi stood next to Daichi, both sporting impressive facial hair, though Asahi’s was a good several centimeters longer and bushier.

“He looks like a mountain man,” Nishinoya said. “It’s majorly hot, huh?”

“Super majorly hot,” Sugawara agreed.

“Kuroo’s got a pedo stache,” Kenma slurred, reaching uselessly towards his drink.

“His is kind of pathetic, isn’t it?” Akaashi said, cracking an uncharacteristically large grin.

Nishinoya turned towards them, “How come none of you are doing it?”

“I would look stupid,” Kenma said, finally getting a hand around his drink.

“It’s physically impossible for me to grow anything,” Akaashi admitted, going through his collection of Bokuto photos on his phone. “I’m smooth all over. Like a dolphin.”

“Prove it,” Sugawara said.

Oikawa pinched his thigh, “And what about you, Suga-chan? Why aren’t you growing anything?”

Sugawara hummed and leaned his chin in the palm of his hand. “I tried it one time. Looked weird. It came in this weird brown color, like my dad’s. Hana almost dumped me over it.”

“Whoa, really? I wanna see!” Nishinoya’s eyes widened.

“No way. Daichi would stop loving me if I looked any less than perfect. Don’t you know how shallow he is?”

“Bullshit,” Oikawa rolled his eyes and Sugawara smirked.

“Anyway,” Akaashi set his phone down and sipped his French 75. “It doesn’t matter. Azumane-san is definitely winning this year. Again.”

Sugawara clicked his tongue, “Stupid Daichi. Step up your beard game already.”

The group stared across the bar for a few seconds, watching as Asahi nudged Daichi with his elbow, large grin on his face. His cheeks were flushed red and he was unsteady on his feet, swaying slightly when Daichi laughed and nudged back.

“I think Asahi-san is drunk,” Nishinoya said softly.

“Oh my god…” Sugawara straightened. “I’ve never seen Asahi drunk. Is he fun?”

“Asa-chan gets really competitive and loud when he’s drunk,” Oikawa sipped his drink. “It’s easy to manipulate him into doing something entertaining.”

Sugawara was out of the booth and bolting across the bar in an instant. He jumped against the counter in between Iwaizumi and Bokuto.

“Asahi! Why do you never sing any karaoke is it because you suck?”

EHHHHH?” Asahi’s eyebrows lowered and he slapped a hand down on the counter. “Are you challenging me?”

“Damn straight I am!”

Asahi grumbled and started struggling with his apron, “I’ll show you…”

Sugawara turned to the table and sent a thumbs up their way. All four men returned it.

“Here we go,” Daichi mumbled and poured himself a shot.

Asahi finally got the apron off and tossed it to the floor, then turned and stomped towards the karaoke stage. Sugawara squealed in excitement and ran back to his table, climbing over Nishinoya’s and Akaashi’s laps to his seat once more.

“Oh fuck this is going to be hilarious,” he said, taking a huge gulp from his glass.

“I’m excited!” Nishinoya bounced on the seat, eyes wide.

Asahi stood at the karaoke machine, scrolling through it as he swayed on his feet and the entire bar waited with bated breath. Finally, he found what he was looking for and walked up to the microphone. He cleared his throat loudly and stroked a hand over his bushy beard.

He leaned his lips close to the microphone and started singing over a delicate piano melody.

“Had a girl- An actual girlfriend yeah… She asked me, to trim back my face hair.”

Sugawara screamed.

Asahi closed his eyes and lifted a finger,

But nobody ever tells me to shave… tells me to shave!” He pulled the microphone from the stand and walked across the front of the stage.

So I dumped her.”

An easy guitar joined the piano and Asahi walked to the beat.

I dumped her ass straiiiight awaaaay.” He smoothed a hand down the front of his white chef’s jacket, “Cuz I’m bearded. And that’s how it’s going to stay.”

He tugged on the end of his beard, “I let it grow. Sometimes it annoyed me. Sometimes it itched… and girls would avoid me.”

He walked back across the stage closer to the counter and held a hand out towards Daichi and the others.

But whenever I looked at a bearded man… a bearded man! It made me feel glad that I’d stuck to the plan… I’d stuck to the plaaaaan!” 

He pumped his arm, “And kept my beard.”

He moved back across the counter closer to Sugawara’s table. He pointed out at Nishinoya, who hollered and raised a fist in the air.

And that’s when I met youuuuuuu. You said ‘Nice Beard.’ How could I forget youuuu?”

He pressed a hand over his heart,

As soon as I saw you, I suddenly knew… suddenly knew! That you liked me for my beard! And I liked yours too… I liked yours too.”

Nishinoya laughed loudly and Asahi tilted his head back, voice lifting into falsetto,

And noooooowwwww…” he hopped off of the stage and headed in his direction, voice lowering.

I got a beard.” He walked up and instantly sat in Nishinoya’s lap, looking comically large on top of the smaller man.

Nishinoya didn’t seem to mind as he laughed and wrapped his arms around Asahi’s middle.

And you help me groooom it,” Asahi sang on. “I got a beard. I’m so glad you approooove it… yeah.”

He stood once more, Nishinoya reluctantly releasing him, and traveled across the bar.

I got a beard.”

Back-up voices sang over the speakers, “Got me a beard…”

“Oh I got me a beard.”

“Got me a beard…”

“Yes I got me a beard!”

“Got me a beard…”

Asahi climbed up onto the counter and Bokuto hooted and hollered, clapping his hands while Daichi shook his head with a grin.

I got me a beard! Oh whooooOOOOAAHH GOT ME A BEAAAARRRD!” he clutched the microphone in both hands and bent his knees, squeezing his eyes shut as his voice lifted into a high pitched, vibrating wail.

The entire bar erupted in screams and cheers, Nishinoya bounding to his feet and rushing the counter. Sugawara cackled and leaned against Akaashi, who recorded the entire thing on his cell phone.

Asahi continued to sing in the same falsetto, at one point even running and sliding down the counter on his knees, narrowly missing Iwaizumi’s glass of beer as the man lunged to remove it in time. The music swelled, just barely drowning out the shrieks of joy and uproarious applause and laughter from those that watched.

Eventually the song faded out and Asahi climbed clumsily off of the counter, setting the microphone down behind him.

“Asahi-san!” Nishinoya bounded up to him and promptly leapt into his arms. The drunk man teetered backwards before crashing to the floor in a heap, Nishinoya’s laughter trailing behind.

Back at the table, Sugawara giggled and groaned.

“Yeah,” he said, wiping tears from his eyes. “Asahi definitely wins No-Shave November.”

Kenma’s hand slinked up towards Oikawa’s chin and probed at his goatee.

“Face pubes…”

“That’s it. I’m shaving.”


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My favorite work out shirt. Very flattering, makes me look way more fit than I am. 

Also no shave November is a huge failure. I’ll shave soon. It doesn’t help that half of my hairs are actually blonde and makes my beard look even more sparse than it is. :( 


happy no shave november, friends!

one of my all time favorite parts of the transition between fall and winter is when we all finally give up on the hopes of warmer weather return and spontaneously grow ourselves a nice warm pair of furry leggings.

so shave or don’t shave at your own discretion, it’s not like anyone can tell under the 500 layers of cotton we’re all wearing.


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Prompt: “Okay, but if I win, you have to shave your beard. Deal?”
Warnings: None. Pure fluff.
Author’s note: Here is my submission for @balthazars-muse‘s No Shave November stories!

(P.S. - I tried to find a pic or gif of Jensen with a thick beard, but I could not. So here’s one of my favorite pics of him. And in all honestly, he looks handsome af with any beard. Hehe.)


You looked up from your breakfast of bacon and eggs. “Yeah?”

The eldest Winchester sank into the chair across from you and propped his elbows on the table. “You forgot about training, didn’t you.” It was a statement, not a question.

You squinted blearily at him. It was six in the morning. Here you were still in pajamas, trying to get through your breakfast without falling asleep and he was sitting there clad in a tank top and sweats looking wide eyed and bushy tailed. Not that you minded how he was dressed. The tank top was a change from his usual no less than two layers of clothing and the thin white material did wonders
to perfectly outline his physique.

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Ship: Chansoo Prompt: Chanyeol just can't seem to find his favorite sweater! He has literally looked everywhere! Well everywhere except on his tiny boyfriend it seems. When Kyungsoo comes home wearing Chanyeols sweater, Chanyeol can't be mad, it's practically impossible due to the fact he looks absolutely adorable drowning in the thing.

“I know I left it here,” Chanyeol muttered. His long arms were folded across his chest and he stared with narrow eyes at the chair in his bedroom. “This is where I left it.” He was talking to himself, something he did a lot in the mornings, especially when he lost something. “My sweater was right here! Where the frick is it?”

It was his favorite sweater. It had been a gift from Junmyeon, expensive and soft and his favorite shade of green. It was only November and so the true chill had yet to settle in but it was a brisk 40 degrees that morning and he wanted his favorite sweater, damn it.

He’d showered and shaved and brushed his teeth but when he went back to his bedroom to get dressed, his sweater was gone.

“Sweaters don’t just get up and walk away,” he mumbled, actually scratching his head. “Where in the world..?”

He heard the front door open and closed and he knew that Kyungsoo was home. It had completely sucked these last few months with Kyungsoo and Chanyeol working completely opposite shifts but they were coping. Kyungsoo got home just as Chanyeol was leaving but if they timed it right, they got to eat breakfast (for Kyungsoo, it was more like dinner) together.

It was tricky but they were making it work.

“I’m home, Yeol,” Kyungsoo called from the kitchen. “I got you a sandwich from that diner you like.”

“Baby,” Chanyeol sighed, slapping the doorframe on his way out of their bedroom, “you are truly the greatest.”

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Kyungsoo at the coffee maker.

Kyungsoo wasn’t wearing his normal leather jacket. Instead, he was sporting a forest green turtleneck two sizes too big.

“You want coffee?” Kyungsoo asked.

“You’re wearing my sweater,” Chanyeol said.

As if he’d completely forgotten, Kyungsoo looked down.

“Yes,” he said. He noticed Chanyeol’s frown. “Is that a problem?”

Chanyeol blinked. Kyungsoo was a small man to begin with, barely 5’8 with slim shoulders to match, but in  Chanyeol’s shirt, he looked like a kid. He was still the same gorgeous guy Chanyeol had always loved – the one with the intense eyes and the pouty lips and the jawline that could cut diamonds – but now he looked tiny and soft.

“No,” Chanyeol said after a beat. He closed the gap between them, coming around the counter so he could steal a kiss. “Of course not. I just thought I’d misplaced it.”

“It was cold last night,” Kyungsoo said, his fingers wrapped around his favorite mug. “I just grabbed it.” He shrugged, raising the mug to his lips. “It smelled like you.”

Though he didn’t want to admit that he still got butterflies after all these years, Chanyeol’s heart actually fluttered.

He pulled the foil-wrapped sandwich from the paper bag on the counter and looked over his shoulder at Kyungsoo. He was so handsome and he didn’t even know it.

“Thanks for breakfast, Soo.”

“Of course,” he said, not looking up from his drink.

“And, Soo?”


“How come you look better in my shirt than I do?”

Kyungsoo blushed.

“Shut up and eat your breakfast before it gets cold,” he said.