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Joseff is a heartthrob omfg Nadia's drawings of him have me dying. The only thing I need to see drawn is modern Joseff in a swim suit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bonus: Kristoff and Joseff in their swimsuits jogging along the beach.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*waking up this morning*
Me-Guess what freaking happened last night? I’m just watching a movie and then Liam tweets and they dropped a freaking single, A SINGLE!!
Mom- You seem angry?
Me- Well, when it’s midnight I’m a little angry, but this is more of my “I’m so freaking excited I might die” voice

I hate it when

People try to wash over the fact that Draco refused to identify the Golden Trio at Malfoy Manor. Like we all KNOW Draco knew it was them, EVERYONE knew Draco knew, but he insisted he wasn’t sure, that he couldn’t tell. Draco Malfoy obsessed over Harry Potter for five years of his life, that boy knows Harry in all his forms, even hexed like he was that boy knew it was Harry and refused to say anything. 

Do you have any idea how much trouble he could have gotten into if someone had of found out he was lying? If the Dark Lord got wind of Draco’s essential betrayal he would have killed him and his family, Draco was risking SO MUCH in not identifying Harry or his friends because if someone got even the lightest hint that he was lying his life would have been OVER

He saved Harry’s life by saying nothing. Because Draco wanted it to be over, he didn’t want to be a Death Eater, he didn’t want to look at the fear etched upon his Father’s face every day, he didn’t want to hear his Mother crying herself to sleep anymore, he wanted the war done, he wanted Voldemort to be DEAD and OUT OF HIS HOME.

But Draco’s too much of a coward to do anything himself, so he SAVES harry’s life in order to let him fight another day and bring the downfall of the Dark Lord because he KNEW Harry was the last hope for the Wizarding World and he KNEW if anyone could bring down Voldemort it was him. He placed his faith in Harry and his trust in Harry to save them all, he put himself and his family on the line because he BELIEVED in Harry enough to know he would achieve his destiny

Plus there’s that tiny little detail that when Harry disarmed Draco and stole his wand, who by the way never even cast a spell at any of them, Draco never fought him or even lifted a finger to get his wand back, he just let Harry walk off with it because he must have noticed Harry was wandless and using Hermione’s wand because let’s face it that boy has been obsessed with him for so long he could tell it was his wand a mile away he knew it wasn’t his wand, so he practically LET him take it

And can we talk about the wand chooses the wizard? Even Olivander say that magic is less powerful when using another’s wand. Harry had all sorts of drama trying to sue Hermione’s wand, but Draco’s wand worked perfectly. Why? Because Draco WANTED Harry to have it, to use it, he let the power be accessible to Harry because he willed his wand to work for him. 

Because drarry

It all boils down to drarry basically

Because I’m drarry trash


Say something about EK again! Dare ya!

Laurie Holden booty and in Emily Kinney’s pic you don’t even see her booty! But yet there is only a problem with 1 of those pics! Right? Also EK and CS had basically more or less the same Photoshoot with Tina Turnbow (I’m thinking Tina did CS’s too, not sure though) I mean it’s even the same room, same poses even! There is no attention seeking, fame grabbing, or any of that nonsense going on because of those pics! It’s merely a Photoshoot, that is based off of Marilyn Monroe which Tina Turnbow likes and post pics of often! So sorry if you don’t like it but if you’re going call EK things like classless, or slutty even, then you need to seriously check yourself at the door! Millions of people look up to Marilyn and there’s nobody talking shit about her and her photoshoots! They’re basically the same! If you talk bad about one you’re talking bad about all! They’re all in the industry, and make their own choices so DEAL!

I used to be ashamed of Kaitlyn.
I used to hate her.
I used to wish she would leave me alone.
I used to wish she hadn’t stolen my past.
But today I am remembering her.
Today I am loving her.
Today I am thanking her for getting me here.
Today I am blessing her.
Today I am forgiving her.
Today I am telling her that we are one. 

Today I am telling her I am Proud.


Hi I’m Lapis and the Mario character I relate to the most is the Blue Shell. 👌