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My honest review of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions


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I’ve heard people describe season 4 as a nonsensical trainwreck of a plot with really excellent charactierization (not that that describes the show as a whole or anything lol). And while I might have to disagree when it comes to some characters (like poor Mai), I do think the Doma arc serves as a really interesting microcosm of how the anime characterizes Kaiba.

Specifically, the season where he’s 100% prepared to kill 3 innocent people (and Pegasus) to win a duel…

Is also the exact same season where he tries to use himself as a human shield between a kid and an army of tanks.

So instead of writing it off as the writers being inconsistent in the filler season, it’s time to completely overanalyze this thing because That’s Just What I Do

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sequel to [instamokuba_1]

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So for narrative class i had to write a 2 pages long story and make a cover. My teacher put a copy of every story of my classmates and left it on a table where everyone on school can read them and then write a review. Last time i checked i had 2 good comments!!! I’M HAPPY

anyway the title would be something like “One night case” in english,  it’s mistery/detective stuff or something

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