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(1/3)I have spent a lot of time on blogs from both 'sides' of the fandom for yrs and am heartened that people have reached out to Lauren. I am also heartened to see that many shippers are denouncing nasty comments thrown at MM, both on her IG and by many here on tumblr. The NST (no, I am not calling them antis) have always denounced this behavior. If you are serious about mending those bridges and bringing the fandom closer together, then there are a few things both sides can do.

(2/3)Shippers can call out other shippers for their vile comments in MM, and stop posting anons who do this. Seriously people, wtf? Be better than that. Shippers can also stop with the assumptions that, in their eyes, become ‘truth’. If nothing else, it’s hurts the people that S&C like or perhaps love. NST folk can stop with the screen capping. What are you all, 14 y.o. girls?

(3/3) Also, stop with the discussions of the families and private lives of shippers. That is so fucking wrong. Both side need to stop assuming that people who don’t agree with them are 'from the other side’. Not everyone has sides so stop labelling everyone as an ES or anti. I don’t, I am an OL fan and no, I don’t believe they are together. I am not anti shipping, just do it respectfully and then maybe all this ridiculous hate will lessen. Life’s too short for this childish shit.




*highly recommend you watch this video*

I frickn HATE, and let me emphasise HATE, that this makes sense! Amazing work by the person who put this together, because you’ve convinced someone who never thought this could be possible. But I HATE that I’m convinced! I HATE Lucas! I think he would be the most underwhelming A. I do not think the actor is A-worthy. We need a Torrey, or a Sasha up there for the role. Throughout the years I’ve never really paid attention to Lucas. I’ve never taken him seriously. He was always that kid bullied by Alison who won’t admit his love for Hanna. THAT’S IT! In my mind Lucas was always a filler. But a slightly better filler as he did a couple things here and there for Mona. But ultimately, in my mind for 7 years, Lucas was a filler! I never took him seriously! I hate that there could be so much more to this character :(

It makes so much sense. The girls didn’t kill Charlotte, so why does AD attack the girls to avenge her death? Because Hanna approached Lucas asking for an alibi… only guilty people ask for an alibi, so Lucas thinks they’re actually guilty of killing Charlotte. Plus, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this, but the girls are in Lucas’ apartment everyday. THAT is how AD knows everything… he bugged his own apartment. THAT is a better ‘how’ than CeCe’s “I made good investments”. Again, the video makes sense and is so well put together. Congrats to its maker, it’s amazing. But I HATE that it is amazing! I hate Lucas!!!

Seriously I BEG people who haven’t played Psychonauts to check it out. It’s a game about empathy that casts neurodivergent people, not in a negative light, but in a relateable one. The player character is Romani and so is his dad (and the problematic term used is done away with in the continuing games). No villain is unredeemable. Sometimes the mental conditions, which are both clearly and accurately portrayed, aren’t fixable, but they can be lived with, which is shown by THE HEROES of the game. It has a great, unique style that still looks good TO THIS DAY. The mechanics are varied and incredibly fun. It’s just. Really good.

Stop Hating on Jackie Lynn Thomas

Seriously. There are so many Starco fans who hate on Jackie relentlessly because it “interferes with their ship” or something stupid like “Jackie is causing Star to feel terrible”

Lets see SVTFOE’s characters as if they’re real people for a second. So, Jackie and Marco like each other and are together cause, well, they like each other. Star likes Marco (based off of hints given in the show), and is jealous, sad, and maybe a little angry too because Jackie is with Marco, and she wants to be with him but isn’t. But, does Jackie actually make Star to feel this way? No. Jackie doesn’t control Star or Marco or what they feel/do.

Plus, if Star is feeling upset or is getting jealous about Jackie and Marco being together? That’s Star’s issue. Jackie had nothing to do with it, it’s just that Star is jealous about the relationship

JACKIE LITERALLY ISN’T DOING ANYTHING WRONG. people need to stop being salty due to the fact they aren’t getting the ship they want. I like Starco myself, and I feel sorry for Star, but I can see that Jackie isn’t a bad person here like seriously come on,,

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I don't think all Hoodies are straight. I just think you apparently have some brain damage because if you like this shit, if you like Smag's acting and Hood's character... I'm sorry but there's something seriously wrong with you.

I think it’s interesting that I am the one who has something “seriously wrong with me” and yet you are the one who thinks it’s okay to get all up in someone’s inbox and send hate about the things they love. And anonymous hate at that – the fact that you’re unwilling to sign your name to your rude messages tells me that you know this is shitty, frowned-upon behavior. And yet, here you are, telling me that there is something wrong with me. I think maybe you need to sit down and take a long hard look in the mirror on that one, nonnie. Because these messages from you? They don’t make me look bad, certainly not to my followers who are primarily OQ or at least OQ-tolerant. But they don’t reflect very well on you.

I don’t do this to you. I don’t come into your space and tell you that you shouldn’t like the things you like, that you are brain damaged for liking them, that there is something seriously wrong with you for shipping what you ship, or liking the characters and actors you like. I don’t do that, because what you like is your business, and whether I like it or not, it’s not my job to take away your joy in the things you love. And I have to imagine that’s your goal here – to make me like this less? Or to at the very least make me feel bad for liking OQ or Sean? Or to make me feel bad at all? 

But here’s the thing, nonnie: You don’t. You can’t. My feelings about OQ or Sean or Lana or OUAT are not dependent on what some grey face on the internet thinks of them.

I like Sean, as a person, I like Robin, as a character, I like OQ, as a ship. And I have liked those things since season 3 when they came on the show. Over the last three years, this fandom, and these characters, and Sean and Lana, have given me wonderful friends, and wonderful experiences, and some of my favorite stories, and beautiful art, and a community of people that I can laugh and joke and squee and rage and shake fists with. They’ve given me travel opportunities I never thought I’d have, accomplishments that could have just stayed dreams. They’ve given me all the same things that your ship, whatever it may be, assuming you have a ship, has probably given you.

And those things can’t be touched by some jerk on the internet who hides behind the anon button. You don’t make me feel bad about shipping OQ, or liking Sean, or bad about myself in any way, period. This shit doesn’t work on me.

You are just noise. 

All you are doing is wasting your time - and more importantly, wasting mine. And since it’s just about 4pm here on the east coast, and I do have some things to finish up here before I leave for the day, I’m gonna have to go ahead and ignore you for a while. I suggest you do the same to me – unless you want to keep looking like an asshole. I guess that’s always an option, too.


Mmmmm… I won’t delete, but the reason why I considered it and still do??
It’s not even just art, it’s because I met these toxic people who insist on treating me like crap right after I decide to do what’s best for me and block them. They upload my convos, photos of me and don’t respect me all together and when I confront them on how they’ve been acting, they turn it on me as if I’m the bad guy/I’m overreacting and don’t want to admit that they are in the wrong and it’s so evident. From this, I don’t want to make any more friends on here because if I protect myself and block them for constantly abusing me in more ways than one they want to act like little babies and half of them are 18+ who need to seriously grow a pair.
I’m not saying the friends I have currently are cruel or anything because trust and believe they all are fuckin AMAZING!
I’m just tired of past “friends” acting like 5 year olds when they don’t get their way or the response they wanted and try to get at me by not respecting me and my privacy.
The bad part is that Tumblr never does anything about it and block doesn’t help so.

  • Nakamoto Yuta
  • “Healing Smile”
  • like when you see him smile, any pain or discomfort that you feel right now instantly vanishes
  • one time, you just had a leg operation so he visited you at the hospital
  • your leg hurts as hell like boi wtf is this
  • Yuta being Yuta, brought you fruits instead of flowers
  • “You don’t need flowers”
  • “You can’t eat them so I just thought of bringing you fruits”
  • you start eating the fruits he brought and while you’re eating, he’s just watching you
  • and you’re like “WHAT?”
  • He just giggles and smiles at you
  • then BOOM
  • the pain from your leg operation just disappeared
  • when you first met him, you thought that he’s the type of guy who doesn’t take things seriously
  • because he’s so cheerful and talkative af during breaktimes at your school
  • he’s the captain of your school’s soccer team yet you see him play soccer with the younger kids during breaktime lol Yuta
  • until you saw him one time while he was practicing soccer
  • that’s when you noticed that he REALLY takes things seriously especially his love for soccer
  • that’s why he’s so good at playing it and became the team captain because he practices really hard
  • whenever you’re sad, he’s always there to do aegyos in front of you
  • which by the way makes you cringe so hard
  • but still manages to get you laugh and lessen all your worries
  • you also know about his dreams of becoming an idol
  • and you support him with it
  • so you let him leave, allowing him to pursue his dream
  • you are aware that it wouldn’t be easy
  • but never thought that it would be this DIFFICULT
  • if before you guys would talk for hours on the phone, now that they’ve debuted, you guys only get 10 minutes to talk with each other
  • sometimes, there’s an additional 20 minutes to it if you guys were lucky
  • until those calls suddenly stopped
  • “Nakamoto Yuta is currently unavailable right now. Please just leave a message right after the tone.” -BeeeEEEEeeep-
  • From “One Call Away” to “We Don’t Talk Anymore” real quick #CharliePuthZoned ok i’m such a horrible person i’m sorry hahahaha no i’m not hahahahahahaha
  • Your situation would be somehow similar to Jaehyun
  • except that the fans both love you guys
  • Only Yuta knows about the company not being in favour of your relationship
  • so the company asks him to break up with you
  • “They really said that?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!” - Hansol
  • “That’s such a foul move.” - Johnny
  • “It definitely is a foul move.” - Taeyong
  • “You guys can still date secretly. Chill out.” - Haechan
  • “Haechan, I think you’re forgetting the fact that we’re not trainees anymore.” - Yuta
  • “But (y/n) noona is really fun to be with. I wish there’s a way out of this.” - Mark
  • “Tell the company that you got her pregnant.” - Jaehyun
  • *insert the members facepalming themselves*
  • lol Jaehyun no… just no
  • yes they did give him a death glare
  • “That’s supposed to be my line Jaehyun. Jfc.” - Ten
  • The members tried to give him suggestions on how to make this easy
  • but they only ended up giving him useless and dumb suggestions
  • and that’s when they realized that it will never be easy no matter what
  • Yuta texted you that he has one week off from his work
  • you felt very excited because this means that you guys would be spending so much time together
  • but Yuta didn’t feel the same way
  • for him, it’s like a countdown towards doomsday
  • though he never let it show what’s really bothering him because oh look how beautiful and relieving his smile is
  • problems? where?
  • what is even a PROBLEM?
  • DAY 1: Yuta took you to the Korean stationery shops
  • He helped you choosing which calligraphy pens you need for your project even though they’re just the same colour but different brand.
  • He even told you “I hope you’ll use those pens when you write your love letter for me at our anniversary” yuta’s_healing_smile.jpg
  • DAY 2: He took you to your favourite Korean restaurant
  • He lets you order any food that you want but when he noticed that you only mostly ordered meat he frowns
  • “Hey, it’s not fair that you’re the only one who’s gonna eat meat”
  • “Eat some vegetables too”
  • And when you protest, he shoves a spoonful of vegetables into your mouth
  • “I just want you to be healthy that’s why I’m making you eat veggies too. I don’t want you getting sick. Who will be my food buddy once you got sick?” then he wipes away the leftover sauce on your lips
  • DAY 3: He took you out to get some bubbletea
  • Even though it’s freezing cold, you guys still got those cold bubbletea drinks you guys are weird
  • “Hey Yuta, you want to try my purple taro?”
  • “Sure”
  • But instead of tasting it through the plastic straw, he tastes it through your lips
  • and guuuuuurl, he’s a great kisser
  • DAY 4: He took you to the movies
  • He cried when the dog died
  • but he bawled his eyes out the most when the guy and the girl from the same movie broke up wow affected much
  • he cried so loud that the people inside the theatre told him to shut up and fuck off
  • so you guys didn’t end up finishing the movie and just left
  • “Omg Yuta, I’ve never seen you cry over something fictional”
  • He suddenly hugs you tight
  • “Jagiya, always remember that I love you so much, okay?”
  • “What is wrong with you Yuta? Why are you being like this all of a sudden?”
  • “Jagiya, just promise me that you’ll always remember how much I love you, okay? Don’t ever forget that, no matter what happens.”
  • DAY 5: He took you to Lotte World Ice Rink
  • You don’t even know how to skate but it didn’t matter because Yuta was there to help you
  • He would occasionally laugh at you slipping on the ice but mostly, his hands would either be holding your hands or your waist
  • which results for him to hug you a lot
  • “Yuta, how can I even skate if you’re hugging me like this?”
  • “It’s cold jagiya. Let me warm up at least.”
  • “Of course it’s gonna be cold. We’re inside an ice skating rink!”
  • On that same day, he also took you to Sky Rose Garden
  • “Woooooooow! Look at how beautiful these roses are, Yuta!”
  • “But they’re not as beautiful as you.” - Yuta
  • yaaaaaaaas boi that’s how you do it
  • you blush with what he said then he cups your face and kisses you on the lips
  • DAY 6: He took you to N Seoul Tower
  • “Why’d you bring a lock?”
  • He doesn’t answer you and just writes both of your names on the lock
  • underneath your names, he wrote: “If life won’t let us be together for now, then love will find a way to make us stay together for a lifetime in the future.”
  • this is heartbreaking Yuta why
  • stop it
  • anywayyyy…
  • you blushed a hell lot when you read what he wrote
  • your heart skipped a beat when both of you placed the lock on
  • Yuta kept the key but he said that he’s gonna leave it at the Postbox of Love so that no one finds the key for your lock.
  • DAY 7: You guys went to Yeojwacheon Stream
  • You guys just took a stroll there and kept taking pictures of each other
  • You were a little bit sad because it’s your last day of being together and after this, he’s going back to work again
  • Yuta, on the other hand, is feeling way worse
  • He’s having conflicted emotions
  • He wants to stay with you forever but he couldn’t because he has a career that he wanted to protect too
  • So he decided to do it tomorrow
  • and let you guys have your last moment as a couple
  • That evening, he cried when you guys stopped by the bridge
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • “I’m just gonna miss you so much.”
  • Then without any further ado, he kisses you again on the lips
  • but you noticed something different with his kisses
  • they were full of desperation though you didn’t mind it that much anyway
  • He whispers to you: “I love you (y/n)… gosh, I love you so much.”
  • “I love you too.”
  • dO YOU heAR ThAT?!?!?!
  • tHAT’S thE SounD OF MY HEArt BREAKing…
  • The next day, after they had a tv guesting, he asked if you guys could meet up again
  • He says that he has something to tell you
  • He went to your house looking all sullen
  • You noticed it immediately but you just waited for him to tell you what’s wrong
  • “Let’s break up”
  • You blinked twice, trying to process what he just told you
  • “I-It’s cold out here. Do you want to come inside first for a warm tea?”
  • You hoped that he would reject it but a part of you wishes that he would accept your offer
  • “I’m sorry”
  • “So I guess this is it, huh?” You tried not to cry but you start tearing up anyway
  • He nods and looks at you directly which broke you guys even more
  • “Before I let you go, may I know the reason why you’re breaking up with me?”
  • He sighs, “It’s not just gonna work out. I’m too busy. I… I can’t fulfill my duties and responsibilities towards you.”
  • “I don’t want to be unfair to you”
  • “You deserve better”
  • “Please try to be happy without me” then he left
  • Y O U   D I D   N O T   S T O P   C R Y I N G    A B O U T   I T    U N T I L  7   D  A   Y   S    L A T E R
  • You didn’t know this but three days after your break up with him, he went back to all of the places that you guys had gone together
  • He even went to N Seoul Tower and tried to take off your lock
  • yes he kept the key he didn’t leave it at the Postbox of Love
  • he failed at taking off the lock and just burst out crying
  • the members got worried because he didn’t rehearse with them for a couple of days due to him catching a flu
  • Hansol texted you and said that Yuta is sick so you went to their dorm
  • When you got there, he was sleeping
  • so you asked help from Taeyong and Jaehyun to prepare a meal for him and the other members
  • just as you guys finished cooking, Yuta woke up
  • you brought the soup that you made under Taeyong’s supervision of course to Yuta
  • he was actually surprised and confused that you’re still here
  • you guys talked casually and laughed like nothing bad happened
  • the same kind of chemistry is still there
  • “I still don’t get why we broke up”
  • “I mean, you are the best boyfriend I could ever have.”
  • You were about to cry again and looked at him in the eye, “Am I ugly Yuta?”
  • “Am I exchangeable?”
  • “No, that’s not it (y/n)”
  • “THEN WHY?!”
  • He couldn’t take it anymore and just told you everything from the fact that the company disapproves of your relationship to the day when they asked him to break up with you.
  • you felt relieved that somehow he told you the truth but you wished he could’ve told you sooner so you guys could take some proper measures for it together
  • when he was a lot better, you guys talked to the company and tried to convince them
  • and luckily, they approved it already
  • as long as it doesn’t interfere with Yuta’s obligations to his group
  • Both of you told the other members about this
  • “So can I hold your hand again?”
  • You just smiled and intertwine your hand with his
  • “My cheeks are burning”
  • He looks around to see if anyone was looking at the two of you and when he notices that no one’s watching he plants a quick but passionate kiss on your lips
  • everyday you watch him on his rehearsals
  • even on their live shows
  • you even went to one of their fansigns
  • Yuta smiled like there was no tomorrow
  • it’s because he always knew that you were one of his reasons why he loves his work so much

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Seriously who's Shirley temple 😐


She was born 23 April 1928 and was a very famous child star from California who was in a lot of Hollywood shorts from the age of around 3 years old up until she was a teenager and young adult I believe. She was in a lot of commercials too. She sang, danced and acted her whole life.

This is her

She died 10th Feb 2014.

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How humans reproduce is evidence of a sex binary. What you enbys always forget is that so is hrt and srs. Like some of us trans people are dysphoric and want to change our bodies as close as possible to the opposite sex. You're so annoying you think you can pretend we don't need medical transitioning access just bc you don't want it. Fuck you pretending binary trans ppl don't exist when you fight terfs.

Hey, you truscum asshole, I’m a binary trans girl who advocates for trans access to medical transition. You know what though? Not every who’s trans wants to medically transition. And that doesn’t affect you at all. That doesn’t limit your access to medically transitioning. Trust me, if it did I’d be one of the first to call it out. Also, are you seriously just straight up ignoring people who can’t reproduce? Cause if reproduction is evidence for a sex binary then there are still people who don’t fit it.

-Mod Ash


OKAY GUYS HEAR ME OUT. I KNOW YOU’RE THINKING “ugh not one of her stupid kirby theories again” BUT PLEASE YOU GOTTA HEAR ME OUT ON THIS.

You know how people believe Dark Matter is REALLY GIANT and towers over freaking everything? While I believe it’s okay to headcanon that, I would like to disprove that this is true in canon.

Okay so look here:

You see that Dedede and Dark Matter’s sprites in Kirby’s Dream Land 2 compared together makes Dark Matter appear to be the taller one. But if you notice, all that extra height on Dark Matter is actually because of 1) The cape, and 2) The hair. Seriously, who counts someone’s hair and outfit as part of the person’s height? Say like someone wears high heeled shoes, measuring them with the shoes on will give a very inaccurate result. So what happens when we subtract the height of Dark Matter’s hair and cape in the sprite?

BOOM. Dark Matter is indeed shorter than Dedede. In conclusion, Dark Matter is very small. Thank you and goodnight. 

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I think you still should rp Pocahontas honestly. You're still native even if you are white passing that doesn't change the fact you're native.

Thank you so much for your support, and to anyone else who has sent me kind messages. It seriously means a lot. ❤❤❤

I think I will, if you lot would want to see her? (Maybe tonight?)

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Top 5 mutually?

wahh, you can’t make me choose between all my mutuals TT so instead I’m going to list the last I spoke to on messenger!!! 

  1. @maytae (my long lost twin sister who is younger than me lmao) 
  2. @jourdeprintemps (my music buddy) 
  3. @syugatae (My BB who convinced me to be the fridge fringe queen)
  4. @vivacioustae (My love who makes me feel things with whatever she writes, and also still needs to convince me to tell my sister about my fics) 
  5. @yoongihime (My queen who is the only person who can make me swerve from Jin’s lane, seriously I’m still shook after ur selfies haha) 

send me my ‘top 5′ anything!