no seriously what's going on with the greys fandom


angela “mercy” ziegler is not a saint, an angel, or even a good fucking doctor. everyone makes her out to be this good person, but in reality she has no. morals. she brought back not ONE, but TWO people from the brink of death when they should have been allowed to rest in peace. she forcibly brought back reaper after the HQ explosion and made him a lab rat just so she could see how far she could go. the result? a monster who was half alive, half dead. it wasn’t even a successful experiment. gabriel reyes no doubt felt anguish, sadness and pain in his wraith form, knowing that he could have been laid to rest. mercy did not allow that, and used her own selfish motives in order to bring him back against his will. genji is another story that could be interpreted in a few ways, but i am seriously sick of the fandom making mercy out to be this “savior” instead of what she really is- a morally grey person who uses human guinea pigs in order to fuel her own selfish motives. hippocratic oath my ass.

You want to know why I cosplay Homestuck?

Why a ‘serious cosplayer’ would even bother with this stuff anymore? Why I still don the grey paint at cons even though the fandom has died down a lot, and the cosplay is generally not taken seriously by those outside the fandom?

It’s because when I am in Homestuck cosplay I. FEEL. GOOD.

I feel comfortable. I’m happy. I don’t feel like I have to try and impress anyone. I feel like no matter what someone is going to think my costume is the cats pajamas. Whether I’m one of the thousand Daves or in my Eridan cosplay, whether I’m a beta or an alpha kid, canon or Humanstuck or Steampunkstuck or another AU. I feel like I look great, like people will like me and recognize me and be friendly to me. The fandom may have shrunk but that just means some of the icky people who got us a bad rep in the first place have finally flown the coop. What’s left is the people who really love the story, the costumes, the characters, the friends they’ve made over the years. You guys are what got me back into cosplay, and you are still my favorite group to cosplay with.

I have done plenty of other costumes and never, ever have I felt as good as I do in a Homestuck costume. So joke and dislike it all you want, the grey is here to stay.