no seriously feelings are everywhere

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but why do they hate you tho??? And why the hell would they post about it?? Do they know that they can SERIOUSLY someone's feelings when publicly hate on them?? Fuck those stupid people then

ppl hate me because i openly and happily ship my oc with a canon character like isn’t that the saddest shit uve ever heard??these people actually sit down and hate on others for shipping an oc with a canon character!!!THIS IS SOME NARUTO WEEB SHIT JGKSNFK

I seriously think I need to get on anxiety meds. No matter how much I tell my friends and stuff and they’re like ‘I get it’, and even tho stress comes from school, it’s literally gotten to the point where I’m seeing and hearing shit and feeling so uneasy everywhere. It’s so fucked up like I don’t feel safe on my own and I’m so anxious something is going to happen. Like literally a couple hours ago I heard something run behind me and nothing was fucking there. Like twenty minutes ago I was with my mom and I literally, I shit you not, saw a fucking black shadow thing fly over us like it was a bat. Like I saw the light that hang down kind of move and it felt so real and I was just like ‘mom did you see that????’ And she’s like no tf what are you talking about and I just like brushed it off. It’s just so fucked up like literally cause of how anxious I am, I literally can’t breath half the time. Like I’m struggling for breath and I don’t think it’s a panic attack, it’s just that I literally start to have to do that in and out deep breathing and stuff and I’m holding back tears half the time. I also have tendencies to do things when I’m nervous/anxious, and that’s biting my lip especially. Like my lips have been cut up for the past week or so. Like I’m literally not okay but if I say I need anxiety meds or any type of meds (cause I’ve tried therapists and stuff like that and I actually can’t do it. I can’t talk to people directly about it cause it’s just a think I have and ugh) my mom and everyone else will immediately say, ‘don’t be ridiculous it’s just school everyone else gets it.’ But like I know I’m not okay and it’s so hard everyday. Like the only time I get relief is at school cause I’m so on edge at home for so many other fucked up reasons and it just sucks and idk what to do anymore


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Yeah I’m making their album a real game

Of course it’s still far from perfect and of course the screenshot of the title that I took is not even close to its final form (i’ll try my best to customize it tho)

Keep in mind that this is my first RPG game that I’m making so it’ll take a looong tiiime to finish.

The reason I’m posting it now is because I’m scared at the time I finish this, After Rain Quest won’t be that popular like how it is now (it’s dead, out of date, new other epic album coming out, etc.)

Now that’s out of my mind, I could relax and take my time making the game (:

I hope everyone will be waiting this game…? *at the same time I don’t want anyone to play it akjhfajdhfakahsl*


Soraru obviously isn’t saying that line in the game…it’s specially for this post wwww

The game will consist 3 bad endings and a good ending (no idea for a normal ending)

Still have A LOT of plot holes (plot holes everywhere oh gooood)

I’m still working with the graphics/sprites/etc

-What I Need at the Moment-

english translations of every song in the album

**8-bit music maker (something like that) or music box or maybe both *dont want some copyright issues if I use the original song*


**if there isn’t any then I’ll try to use my keyboard

I’m seriously hoping too much for this game and I don’t know if I can actually finish it

I’ll try tho

WML (^q^)/

Feel free to give me suggestions on how it should be