no seriously legs

If I am ever dying just show me this image. This is my favorite image. Mob’s blank stare into the TV. Ritsu’s tiny legs. Seriously he’s so small. Mob holding a glass of milk. Ritsu wearing slippers that would probably match Mob’s pajamas more and vice versa. Ritsu’s track pants. Mob’s pajama top buttoned perfectly all the way to the top. bURY THIS WITH ME WHEN I DIE

I can’t believe that no one’s talking about how the dude from the space mall restaurant vowed to find Hunk so he could work there again. like he had no clue that this boy was a paladin of Voltron or anything, but he’s gonna try and find him just so he could cook at his space restaurant. This better come back at some point or tie into the plot somewhere, or at least come back at the end, whether Hunk stays to be a chef or not. And what if he actually managed to find Hunk? Imagine if this alien cook dude ends up working with them, becoming a spy for Voltron, gathering info at the space mall, just because he wants Hunk to come work with him again. I need space mall cook to come back again.

That concept art pic of Maui literally ripping off tamatoa’s leg is pretty much messing me up because Maui might look angry will doing so but tamatoa is just….standing there while being shocked about this happening, he is not even on some fighting posture he is just there….what is the context of this??? How this happened???????

“SHOES, is it? We used to DREAM of shoes! When I were young five of us used to have to stuff our feet into two old hanky boxes, and all shuffle to school through the snow. We didn’t Lord it up like you with SHOES and everything.”