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I’m Utterly In Love With You

Part 1 (It’s really not that necessary to read it to understand what’s going on); Part 2; Part 3; Part 4

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU, fluff, angst

Word count: 1,861

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“Stay with me, like this” were the first words you remembered when you woke up. You looked around and soon realized you were alone in the room. His room. You couldn’t see him after what happened, it would be so embarrassing. You quickly slipped out of the bed and went downstairs, carefully checking if he’s not there. You couldn’t find him anywhere, so you went to the kitchen. After finally discovered where the mugs were you made yourself a coffee but couldn’t get yourself to drink it because you kept remembering that you actually went to him yourself. You set the cup down and decided to make one for him as well, maybe he will come back soon.

“Hoho, so now where even on that level where you make coffee for me,” Jongdae cooed and you almost spilled the coffee.

“Jongdae! Don’t scare me like that!” but he just continued his speech.

“That’s understandable though, since we just slept together,” he said taking the cup out of your hand.

“We didn’t sleep together…”

“What do you mean? We did! You were lying right there, looking all cute,” he smiled, making you blush.

“Agh! You know what I mean!” you said stomping away. You stopped in the doorway. “Wait. Were you watching me sleep?”

You caught him red handed. He just averted his look and sat down at the table.

“No, I… Of course I wasn’t” he mumbled, taking a sip. “Okay! I was. I admit it but you looked so adorable I just had to.”

You covered your face with your hands. Him and his cute, flirting nature, your heart can’t take it. Wait did you just thought he’s cute? You peeked through your fingers and saw him patting the chair near him but you sat on the opposite side, well you can at least finish your coffee with him. This setting reminded you of the time you signed those papers but you quickly brushed it off.

“What got you so scared last night that you came running to me?” he asked. You never told him anything about yourself, so you wondered if you should share this as well.

“You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to.”

“No. It’s okay,” you can’t keep it to yourself forever, maybe you will feel better when you speak about it. “It was my sister.”

His eyes fixed on you. He was suddenly very interested.

“Your sister? What about her?”

“She… She died,” you finally said, your grip on the mug tightening, if you would have kept your eyes on him, you would have noticed that he wasn’t any bit surprised by this.

“I’m sorry,” you heard him say in a quiet voice.

“It was a long time ago but I still think about her some days…” you closed your eyes and breathed out. You can’t start crying now. “Okay, let’s stop being all emotional. I’m more interested in all this,” you said, gesturing to the area around you.

“What do you mean?” he asked. “I’m not getting divorced if you’re thinking about that.”

“That’s not what I mean. I was going to ask what’s going to happen now?”

“That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about as well,” he said, taking out a key and sliding it along the table surface to you.

“What’s this?” you questioned.

“A key. You can go anywhere you want, I’m sure you won’t try to run away but since that incident with Jimin I can’t let you go wandering alone, so it will be with me or one the bodyguards. Other than this, enjoy yourself,” he smiled.

You picked up the key. You certainly didn’t expect this, well having a bodyguard is not very fun either but he finally gave you the freedom you longed so much.


The other few months went by so fast and you two lived more like roommates. He didn’t force you to do anything you didn’t feel like doing but his flirting never ceased. Now that you could actually go out, it all felt so normal. After a long time you felt happy and content with your life and he noticed that you smile more often when with him. You weren’t bored but you wanted to repay him somehow so one day you asked him about work.

“I have all this money, at least let me treat you.”

“You do it all the time anyway,” you pouted.

“Don’t you want to study instead?” and your eyes beamed up at his suggestion. He thought about what he said for a while and then changed his mind immediately. “No, you know what, it’s too dangerous. There’s too many guys in the campus. Nope, no way.”

“Ahh don’t give me false hope!”

“You know you can always work with me,” he said.

And you knew you could, he always told you that because that way you would be with him for most of the day. He spoke about his job often and didn’t hide anything from you but you wanted nothing to do with that part of his life. It was dark and cruel. Violence is not something you could get used to, so you refused for seemingly 100th time. Staying inside, you started to enjoy cooking again and despite him liking it very much, he often took you out on dates to such expensive places you never even dreamed. One evening, you were reading on your computer and noticed an article that had you in it. “Famous CEO finally taken.” You looked at the photo in the article from one of these dates you two had.

“A CEO?” you thought. “Well that’s one way to hide what’s he’s actually doing.”

You were so immersed in the article that you jumped up when Jongdae burst into your room through the door.

“Oh my God! Jongdae!”

“Y/N come with me, quick.” he said taking your hand and dragging you out of the room.

“Where are we going? When did you come back?” he usually worked really long hours and you were genuinely surprised to see him this early. He took you out to the balcony. The sky was clear and very beautiful.

“Come,” he said, guiding you to the railing.

“Why are we here exactly?” you asked him.

He smiled to you and looked down. You two stayed silent for a moment before you spoke again.

“Jongdae did something happen?”

“No, everything is okay. I just like being near you.”

He turned and looked at you.

“You know,” he said, taking something out of his jacket’s inner pocket. “I never got you that wedding ring.”

He opened the little box revealing a beautiful golden ring inside. You had no idea what’s happening.

“Is this a joke?”

“It’s certainly not, you signed those papers yourself,” he laughed.

“I can’t.”

“Y/N please. It may be just a ring to you but it would mean so much to me if you wore it, so can I?” he said taking your hand, he held it for a while before you finally nodded. He then took another ring out and you chuckled.

“You want me to put it on for you?” you asked and then slipped it on his finger.

It felt so strange actually wearing one and only now you realized that you are indeed married to this man.


“I’m always happy with you,” he said, interlocking your fingers with yours. He stared deep into your eyes.

“Y/N,” he finally spoke. “You may have already noticed it but I’m utterly and extremely in love with you.”

You started blushing immediately after his sudden confession, especially since he was holding you so close. You felt kind of bad you couldn’t say the same to him yet or maybe it was just your stubbornness but in the heat of the moment you couldn’t stop yourself and wrapped your hands around his neck and tugged him into a kiss. The kiss was sweet but also passionate at the same time, you felt his hands slide down to your waist and you two had no intentions of stopping when somebody cleared their throat behind you. Jongdae pulled away.

“Am I interrupting something?” you looked at the man who had cat like eyes standing near the door to the balcony.

“Yes you fucking are, don’t you have eyes Minseok?” Jongdae was angry and annoyed, a side of him you didn’t enjoy seeing.

“You know, I don’t even care that I interrupted. All of us were trying to contact you since morning, where the hell were you?”

“Are you seriously here because of that?”

“No. I’m here because it’s urgent, something came up and you’re needed.”

“Can’t you do this without me?”

“We can’t,” the man glared at him. “All of us need to be there, so you better come with, you’re getting on my nerves as it is. I will be waiting outside, you have 3 minutes,” he said and walked away.

You looked at Jongdae who was trying his best to control himself.

“He ruined the mood and I was starting to enjoy myself,” he said, checking his clock. “It’s about 10 pm now, so don’t wait for me because I will probably only be back in the morning. We can continue what we started then,” he smirked and kissed your forehead before going out himself.

You stood there confused, still not sure what happened. Did you seriously just kiss him? You must be out of your mind. You looked at the ring on your finger and smiled to yourself. You had to admit it, the kiss was pretty good. You looked at the stars for a while but since you had nothing better to do after that, you went to sleep. You woke up early and he still hadn’t come back.  You have decided to spend your time cleaning the apartment while he was gone because you refused to hire maids. You rarely went to his office but since you were at it why not clean it as well. You piled up the documents neatly on his table when you noticed something laying on the floor, you bent down and picked it up. It was a photo. Your photo. Way back from high school. Where did he get something like that? You wanted to stand up but bumped your head into the bottom of the table and a bunch of other papers and documents fell down from underneath it. You looked at them and quickly realized it was you. All you. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing or rather you didn’t want to believe. There was your school club activities, addresses of all the places you have lived in, your routes home, day jobs, your friends list, parents, photos as young as teenager. Anything and everything it’s possible to know about you. You picked up another photo. It was your sister. Near the picture you saw something why all of this was hidden in the first place. You were studying and rereading through everything over and over again when you heard the familiar footsteps and that sweet voice call out to you.

“Y/N are you in there?”

~ Part 6 ~

IMAGINE that scene they had with Jace and Kaelie but with Malec??? IMAGINE THIS??? softness??? magnus rubbing a finger down a rune “what’s this one for?” “flexibility” “and this one?” “stamina” “is it now? we should test that one out next time maybe??” alec giggles. and of course magnus knows all these runes because he’s smart af and he knows everything but he still likes this. running his fingers down alec’s runes (his favourite obviously being the deflect rune on alec’s neck) and asking him what they’re for. teasing him. making him laugh. alec touching magnus’ earcuff “where did you buy this?” “paris!!! a rather adventurous week” “and this?” *points at satin pillow* “milan” and them just lying in bed, asking each other questions about the most random stuff because they want to get to know each other and they want to talk to each other as much as they can??? alec crawling on top of magnus and being like “can we go to milan one day?? I wanna try some real italian pizza!!” “we can go wherever you wanna go, alexander” alec grins excitedly “can we also visit pompeii then??? can we climb the vesuv?? there are so many cool places we could go?” and magnus just smiles because this boy who was so stern and stoic a few weeks ago is trusting magnus enough to show him this excited, almost childlike side of himself. and magnus could not be more in love with him in this particular moment. “is there somewhere you’ve never been?” “what?” “some place you’ve never been and want to visit? we should go there as well? there are so many places in the world, you couldn’t have been everywhere yet?? right?? i mean,, i would love to be your,, first. first person,, you went there with,,, ” “in fact, i’ve never been at the northpole” alec looks at him with wide eyes “but don’t worry, i don’t feel any need to go there. way too cold. not that i wouldn’t look fabulous even in 50 layers of thick jackets” “that you would” alec, on top of him, whispers and leans down to kiss him.

Things Jared Kleinman Has Definitely Said While Drunk

- do- *snort* do you think if I just kissed Evan he’d have a panic attack?

- I’m not saying I bought us each a fishbowl… But I bought us each a fishbowl


- I’m texting my fu-fucking mom so…


- no seriously though- Evan’d fucking lose it if I just kissed him

- I can’t like… I can’t…

- Tequila tastes like burn

- nO thIS iSnt mY FIRst tIMe dRUNk

- I’m totally body rolling right now (side note: he is not)

- I might just kiss him though- for the *hiccup* for the vine.

- “Jared vine isn’t a thing anymo-”

- FoR THe vINE

- we should go SWIMMING



- another of your finest alcohol my good boy!


- what even am this?


- is we art o god?


everyone thought Jon would be so smitten with Dany because of her looks

but no joke Danys going to end up falling head over heels for Jon because of his heart

and I seriously just want him to pull a Sansa and stop a kiss halfway and say “sorry - I just dont feel that about you”

and watch Dany throw a dragon tantrum ALLL over Westeros because shes never been turned down before

and Jon and Sansa skip away into the sunset

Reyes: To be someone.

Ryder: That sounded surprisingly genuine coming from you.

Reyes: I’m always genuine, Ryder. In my own way.

I didn’t expect the alternative response to, “[I came to Andromeda]To be someone,” to sound quite so…well…painful, to be honest.

At Last

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is the first request I received for my 600 Follower’s Celebration! I still can’t believe that now over 700 of you decided to follow my silly ass. Y’all are awesome. I hope you like it! This is straight fluff I promise.

Requested By: @traceyaudette 

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Eileen

Warnings: Absolutely none.

Word Count: 1,500-ish

Song: “At Last” by Etta James

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“Well aren’t you something sweet to look at,” Dean smiled as he reached his hand out toward me and I took it graciously, the click of my heels hitting the floor echoing throughout the bunker. “You look gorgeous, Princess.”

I blushed as he kissed my cheek, then I linked my arm with his. “Thank you. It’s not often that I get to dress up like this.”

Dean stopped and turned me toward him, then placed a tender kiss on my lips, causing chills to go up my spine. I smiled as he pulled away, “You look beautiful every day. But this is…you take my breath away.”

“Oh, hush, you’re getting sappy on me, Dean,” I patted his cheek then winked at him as we made our way toward the Impala. “Where’s Sam?”

“He went to pick up Eileen at her motel,” He said quickly and I gave him a knowing smile. “I think this is a date for them.”

“And it’s not for us?” I raised my eyebrow. “Just because we’ve been dating for four years doesn’t mean we can’t still have a date, Dean.”

“Oh, trust me. This is a date,” He pointed at me. “And it’s gonna be an awesome one.”

As he opened the door for me, I giggled and climbed in the car, then smiled over at him as he slid in next to me, “I can’t believe Donna’s getting married. This is so exciting.”

“I’m not sure about him,” Dean gave a hard look at his rearview mirror as we made our way toward the venue. It was always entertaining to see Dean’s protective side come out. “After her last husband, I don’t trust anyone.”

“But you should trust Donna,” i laid a comforting hand on his and smiled at him. “Let’s just have fun tonight and celebrate her. She deserves it.”

“i remember a time when you didn’t trust me,” Dean sent me a teasing look and I shook my head and smiled. “You didn’t even give me the time of day.”

I chuckled, “I remember when that all changed.”

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hello!! can you write some peter parker headcanons where the reader is ned's sister and it's their first kiss?? thanks sm!

  • Ya’ll, Yours and Peters first kiss would be so cute, His lips are chapped, and so are yours, and you both have no clue what you’re doing, but you’re just so in the moment and falling for each other, it just seems perfect,
  • But then Ned walks in. *Drops Legos Death Star* (Jk, you can only drop it once,)
  • Seriously, can you imagine Ned catching you kissing Peter???
  • Him just staring,
  • And both of you getting super worried,
  • And he still doesn’t talk, which is something new,
  • And he leaves,
  • Being neds sister and kissing peter
  • He would come up to you both (separately) with SO MANY DAMN QUESTIONS
  • “Why are you dating my sister? Assuming you’re dating. are you dating? You’re not using my sister, right? I would kill You! I wouldn’t kill you, I would just avoid you.”
  • Feeling so bad, honestly.
  • Because Ned doesn’t see either of you the same way for a pretty long time,
  • But after he comes to terms that he’d just have to share a best friend and sister, he totally ships it.

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Lafayette has a nightmare and he is about to cry and is shaking in Hercules' arms and Hercules wakes up from his soft whimpering and Hercules asks them whats wrong and he is seriously concerned and Laf tells him the nightmare and Hercules just gently kisses him and rubs soothing circles on his back telling him that 'its gonna be okay' and that he is right there with him and he loves him and he shushed him gently and kisses him until Laf falls asleep in his arms again with a soft smile

They are the death of me, I hope they attend at least to my funeral

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Headcanons for todoroki and tokoyama confessing to crush pls? Thank you! Good on your finals! Mine start soon as well ><

(Good luck to you as well!))


-He’s the person who’ll make it painfully obvious even before confessing

-It’s not on purpose though

-He just can’t help himself

-Tries to make a whole romantic set up

-Takes crush to the beach

-Literally gets on one knee

-Aren’t you taking this a bit seriously Todoroki

-Anyway, he has a whole speech prepared

-Crush just kisses him to shut him up

-It certainly does the job


-Poor cinnamon roll will try to suppress his feelings for as long as possible

-He’s just not good with those things

-And he’s a bit self conscious and thinks crush will think his interests are silly

-So he shuts up

-Unfortunately, one day, the boys force the truth out of him

-And crush just happens to be walking by

-He doesn’t notice them at all

-Crush is glad, because they’re inhumanly red at this

-A while later, crush is the one to confess

-You have no idea how glad Tokoyami is that he didn’t have to do it

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Cute ways the Sand Siblings would get their s/o to kiss them on their cheek, lips, anywhere else. Fluffy or nsfw dont matter to me, keep up the awesomeness!!

Gaara would be so clueless, I think his s/o would have to be the one to pick up on all his little tells and know when he wants to be kissed. He would probably look at your lips and then blush when you ask him about it, he’d come into your personal space like he’s going to kiss you and then he’d back off, like he’d lost the nerve to… He’s just really cute when he’s just as red as his hair is.

Kankuro would be pretty chilled with it, seriously. He’d probably just straight up ask you to kiss him whenever he wanted you to, or he may gaze at you a little longer than necessary each time you make eye contact, or he’d just kiss you because he’s too lazy to wait for a kiss.

Temari would just tell you that she’s wants a kiss and then blush and kinda lose her nerve during the act. Like she’d want a kiss but would then pull back just before your lips meet hers, apologise and go in again. Cupping her face deepens the blush and stops her moving back - win-win situation!

Cross Gene Reaction

@pandatree2008 requested: Cross Gene reaction to getting a kiss on the cheek from their female friend?
But remember, that’s only my opinion and it could be totally different in real life. Or not lol


When he has feelings for her-
He couldn’t stop smiling because of his crush kissing his cheeks. Maybe you like him too, or was ist just because you like him as a friend?
Seyoung would love to know your feelings and slightly tries to approach you, by touching your arm more often.
When he doesen’t has feelings-
It’s cute that you feel so good next to him that you kiss him on his cheek. He would wrap his arms around you and smile, but wouldn’t think why you did that. You like each other as friends so why not??

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When he has feelings for her-
He didn’t know how to react, so that friend would just look at him and smile a bit. He loves the idea of you kissing his cheeks or even his lips so his thoughts were somewhere else. But he would definitely smile at you, such a cute smile!
When he doesen’t has feelings-
I see him teasing you lovingly like asking you if you like him so much that you had to kiss him. Would find it adorable that he can call you his friend.

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When he has feelings for her-
Grins. He grins at you and would be really happy. That little kiss means a lot to him and he would ask you seriously if you like him or if it was just a little kiss for a friend.
When he doesen’t has feeling-
Shin is a cutiepie and would also smile a lot even if he doesen’t has feelings for you. Maybe he would place a little kiss on your cheek too, but it depends on how long you know each other.

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When he has feelings for her-
He is rather be on the shy side, when his crush kissed him on his cheek. Takuya would look at you in disbelief and would show a smile because of the happines that you caused. I think it depends on how long you know each other, but he isn’t that confident in asking you out.
When he doesen’t has feelings-
Wold be happy to have such a cute friend, would hug you and tell you so, if you both know each other for a long time. He is a cutie and adores every kind of love he gets.

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If he has feelings for you or not, he would be all smiley and giggles because it’s cute how you show him affection. Sangmin is a cute guy and is happy when someon eshows him how much he means to them. Maybe when he has feelings he would be a bot more shy after your lips met his cheek.

Originally posted by crossgene-s


When he has feelings for her-
Would ask why the cheeks and not his lips. He is confident and when he has feelings for you he would want that you have feelings too. So once you kissed his cheek he will ask if you maybe have feelings for him.
When he doesen’t has feelings-
Yongseok will really be all smiley, just because his friend is adorable. ‘Can’t resist me huh?’ and the both of you would laugh.

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I hope you like it

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[fic] kiss me (for science!)

Author: wartransmission [a.k.a. me]

Fandom: Avengers Academy

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark


Steve blinks. For a moment, all he does is stare, because that can’t be right. His ears are definitely misleading him, because Tony can’t seriously be asking him for a kiss just to prove that his lip balm is working well. As though to prove how surreal it is to himself, he says, “So you want me to kiss you to prove that your lips are, actually, soft.”

[AO3 Link]

“-kiss me.

For a moment, Steve thinks he’s misheard Tony’s words, because there is no way Tony would ask that of him. Flirty as Tony is, he’s never been that direct (even when Steve kind of wants him to be, because it’s kind of hard to make a move when he can’t tell if Tony is being serious with any of it).

“What?” he asks.

“You’re not deaf, super-soldier,” Tony tuts, hands on his hips as he squints up at him. Steve struggles not to smile at the obvious height difference, even though he kind of wants to because an annoyed Tony is an adorable Tony.

“I’m not,” he agrees, though he dons an unsure look when Tony keeps staring expectantly at him. “But I’m not sure I heard you right.”

“I said you should kiss me!” Tony says, hands flying up for emphasis. “For science!

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EXO’s Reaction to Getting Their Chance of Kissing You Taken Away

Booooooo, I did not know how to properly title this one. It’s a long reaction to try to fit into a short, but sweet, title. ^^”

Baekhyun: would honestly probably get himself kicked out of the area shortly after the filming for this scene began, because he’d be so friggin’ salty about the change of scene. He’d be making all kinds of faces in plain sight of you, likely prompting you to lose your composure and ruin the scene for the umpteenth time.

Chanyeol: would be so bothered by this, but he wouldn’t want you to pick up on that. When you had your back to him, the feeling of upset would be clearly written on his face, but when he noticed you looking his way, he’d try to force a smile for your sake and silently support you.

Chen: isn’t really going to allow something like this to affect him. He knows it’s purely professional for you, so there’d be no reason for him to let it bug him. He’d just smile sweetly as he watches your performance in awe, admiring your acting skills and cheering you on. “Yah, Y/N! You have no idea how amazing that was, you did that scene so perfectly!”

D.O: is going to be struck speechless when his scene gets taken away from you. Sure, he would’ve been nervous to do the scene himself, but that didn’t mean he wanted it to be changed. Outwardly, he wouldn’t allow his disappointment to show too much, but on the inside he’d be totally cringing at the sight of the other actor getting the chance to lock lips with you.

Kai: would probably have no problem complaining to you about the entire thing. You’d likely already be super close with Kai, so he’d let his whining fly freely, making a super unimpressed face and trying to joke around about the whole situation. “Tsk, why did they pull my chances with you away? They’re messing with fate here, Y/N!”

Kris: wouldn’t be the type to let something like this get in his way. He wouldn’t care so much about the scene itself, but he sure as hell wouldn’t let your lips be tainted by the other guy before he had his chance with you. He’d get to you before filming started and make sure his lips made contact with yours. “I know that was unexpected, but I couldn’t help myself.”

Lay: is the type who would get totally lost in his own thoughts while watching you act the scene out. Like, in reality, he’d hate watching you kiss another guy, even if it was for the sake of acting, but in his mind, he’d find a way to put himself in the picture, imagining what your lips would feel like.

Luhan: will actually be pretty badly affected by something like this. He’d get super grumpy when he was forced to watch the scene unfold, and while it wouldn’t be intentional, he’d probably be quite irritated with you for a couple days after. Like, he’d pout, and give you the silent treatment for several days before realizing he had to apologize, since he knew it wasn’t your fault.

Sehun: would begin pouting for daaaays! He’d be so upset that he had to stand by while you and the other male actor kissed, but it’d be like a car crash for him: He wouldn’t really want to watch, but he wouldn’t be able to tear his glare away, nor would he be able to stop the sass spilling from his lips after you finished filming. “Eww, I almost feel bad that you had to kiss him, Y/N. He looks like a terrible kisser, so sloppy.”

Suho: would be so disappointed when the chance to finally kiss you slipped out of his fingers. But, he’s a professional, so he’d grudgingly force himself to suck it up and keep his mouth closed. “I can’t believe they’re making me sit here and watch Y/N get kissed by that guy. How am I supposed to react if she asks what I thought about her scene?”

Tao: Can you say “diva”? This kid would be so grumpy when he’d heard about the change in script, and everybody around him would easily pick up on that. He’d probably try everything he could to either get the scene changed back, or just wipe out the kiss entirely, ‘cause it’d seriously kill him to see your lips locked with another man’s.

Xiumin: is the type of guy who definitely knows that the best way to get to your heart is likely to be as supportive as possible, even in crappy situations like this. So, even though he’d be dying on the inside, Xiumin would wholeheartedly support and cheer you on from the sidelines. “Wow, Y/N, I’m always so blown away by your acting skills, that was perfect.”