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anonymous asked:

How do you decide the way you are going to begin a new book? I'm trying to write one for my cousin and for some reason I can't find a way to open the story without making me cringe every time I look at it.

Hello there, dear Anon!

I have good news and bad news :c

The bad first, because I’m a good boy and I eat my veggies first:

Writing the opening to a story is probably the hardest thing of the entire first draft. Everyone I know experiences the exact same difficulty. First lines are just evil, but only slightly more evil than second lines. As for easy solutions, unfortunately I can’t offer you any, dear Anon :c

But, there are good news!

Let me tell you a funny story. Not so long ago I wrote a book called Justine’s Blood. What most of my readers don’t know is that the Prologue actually started with like 2 paragraphs of… boringness. During the revision process I looked at the Prologue and simply chopped out the original opening to the story. It was slow, boring, and it took away from the main thread of the Prologue (which is that Anabel believes Justine changed her life). I seriously took 2 paragraphs that (when I wrote them) made me feel like I was pulling teeth, and I just got rid of it.

That’s the magic of the revision process, you can always make it better… later. My biggest piece of advice for you, dear Anon, is to keep writing. Keep writing the story, even if it makes you cringe right now. You can always fix it later. Trust me c;

Now, I have a few handy tips for ya!

Earlier today I posted this quote:

This is actually one of my favorite quotes, because this helps to put me back in to the ‘storytelling’ mind. I recommend you try to write the opening of your story not as though it’s a book– but as though you’re telling someone (for example… your cousin c;) the story! Give it a try!

Also, I have another tip. This one is a little more silly.

Another thing that helps me get into the 'writing openings mindset’ is to rewatch the opening to The Fellowship of the Ring. This may sound weird to you, but seriously listen to the narrator and try to write with that sort of voice in mind. Even now as I have it in the background I get this rush of… I don’t know what to call it– narrator power? Like, she just sounds so epic. Morgan Freeman is cool but I’ve always felt that the lady who played Galadriel had an equally-awesome voice.

I hope this helps! Thank you for sending your question, sorry if it took me a while to answer it :x

Keep Writing~