no seriously i think i already adore his character

Imagine Jared letting it slip that you’ve been together for very long during an interview.

“Who is…” Conan laughed softly “I think I know the answer to this, myself. Who is (Y/n)’s favorite character?”

You laughed, your head hanging in shame as Ryan laughed next to you and you glanced to see Harrison chuckle softly to himself “Conan what did I ever do to you?!” you exclaimed as the host laughed.

“No, seriously nothing!” he raised his hands “I didn’t choose this questions, I swear!” he laughed, leaning back in his chair and you bit your lip, glancing to your right to see your husband already scribbling his answer on his small white board with a wide adorable smile on.

Husband, well, in secret. The amount of people that knew about it, considering that you were both famous, was surprisingly small especially since you’ve been together for a good six years. But you loved keeping it low, just enjoying the privacy and being just the two of you without your relationship being all over the media. Not that all this quiet didn’t have it’s drawbacks, you couldn’t go for a walk just holding hands like most couples.

“Why must I get all the embarrassing questions?” you asked, practically at nobody as you looked at the audience.

“Uh uh you must write your answer!” Ana said with a smirk and you tried to glare at her but you just couldn’t keep your smiled off your face.

“You already know it, what’s the point?” you huffed as Ryan laughed more to your left. You hit him on the side with your elbow but he didn’t stop, so you just tried to give him the meanest “I hate you” you could muster but he just brushed it off.

“I hate this game already.” you muttered, writing your own answer.

“Alright, ready?” Conan asked as you all gave him nods.

You were playing a game of questions to see how well you knew each other while promoting your new movie, Blade Runner 2049. You were very surprised when you first found out you would be getting to chance not only to work with such amazing actors and directors, not only your husband but also be his love interest in it. That alone made the number of people that shipped accelerate to a great amount, to the point that during the movie’s premiere your shipping name was trending on twitter along with the title of the movie itself.

“Yep, I’ll go first!” Ana said with an excited smile , she was included in the few people that knew about you and Jared, after she had walked in on the two of you in his trailer that is “Mr Neander Wallace.” she said with an accent, grinning as you laughed at her.

“Alright, Harrison?” Conan asked and with a smirk the man turned his own white board.

“Mr Wallace.” he said, glancing at Ryan.

“Neander.” the younger man said with a grin and you gave him a look, because he loved teasing the life out of you about it.

“Jared?” Conan asked and the moment your husband turn his board he broke into a wide childlike grin, closing his eyes.

“Me!” he exclaimed, glancing at you “I mean, yeah Neander as well but we all know-” he put a suggestive look on his face “It’s all actually me!” and he gave you a playful wink that truth was he actually meant, but maybe it seem all comical.

You scoffed, laughing with a shake of your head at him as the crowd cheered at the two of you “Alright, yeah it’s Neander.” you smiled shyly, shrugging as you turned your own board.

“Yes!” Jared cheered, raising his fist in the air and you giggled as the audience went on with encouraging you. Oh if only they knew.

“Yeah, I was gonna vote for that as well!” Conan chuckled, checking his next question as you whipped off the name from your board.

“I was going to say your lovely hubby, but that seemed too straightforward.” Jared leaned in to whisper in your ear and you chuckled, giving him a look.

Oh how many times you were going to see the photo or video of this moment on instagram in a few hours. It seemed like the smallest thing the two of you did would go either viral, like that first video of you two, or moments in interviews like this.

“And the next one is for Jared.” Conan said, gaining your attention “What is Jared’s… favorite scene?”

“My favorite scene.” Jared mumbled as he thought about it.

“What could your favorite scene be?” Ryan asked, glancing at Jared.

“Does it have to include him or not?” Harrison asked and Conan shrugged.

“Anything, just his favorite scene. Whether he is in it or not.” he said and Harrison looked down at his board in thought.

“My favorite scene.” Jared mumbled again “My favorite. My fave-”

You were in deep thought as well, trying to think of something until it dawned on you, and probably him because he stopped. You looked up, your back straight and face already red “No!” you exclaimed, seeing the grin already spread on his face “No, hell no!”

“No, Conan!” you pointed at him with your marker “Stop, nope. Skip. Skip, we ain’t answering that. No. Cut. Enough, nada. Nopity nope! Skip, skip!” your voice came out squeaky as somewhere in between Jared started laughing and you saw your costars smile knowingly.

“No, forget it! Skip, skip!” you shook your head stubbornly as even more people from the audience realized it was probably the heated bed scene you two had in the movie before you character ran away.

“He’s not answering that, he’s not-” you looked at your husband who had a mischievous smile on his face “Jared Joseph Leto I swear if you dare answer that question you are sleeping on the couch!” you had never used that threat, because you were nothing like most couples, but he always found it amusing to see you act like this.

The audience didn’t get it, neither the host, but your costars did and everybody laughed. You husband almost to tears “That’s-” he whipped away a tear as he looked at you with a wide grin before glancing at the crowd that calmed down.

“This-” he said with such pride “Is just why I married this woman!” he exclaimed, as he looked at you full of love and before you could even look fully surprised, he grabbed your face and kissed you; making the audience go wild.

rb + tell me your favorite things about julian

I made one for Asra earlier and there’s one already going around for Nadia~

For me, Julian’s too relatable as a character. His need for several cups of coffee to “get his pep in his step?” literally me. Breaking up with someone you love bc you think you’re not good enough? also me

In all seriousness, I like the diction he uses and how he can basically lose himself in MC. It’s overly enchanting and SO adorable to watch him and MC fall in love.

he also seems distracted really easily, which is also relatable af


Welcome to Night Vale Live Show
Indianapolis, IN
March 21, 2014

Ok, this one’s for my fellow fangirls! ;D

Seriously though, this was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. And wow, Dylan is HYSTERICAL as Carlos! I was not expecting that! Like, the show sort of had everyone rolling on the floor already, so it’s really something when I say that Carlos was possibly the most laugh-out-loud hilarious part of the show.

Seeing the live show also kinda changed my whole understanding of the characters, Carlos especially. Like, however mad for science you think he is? DOUBLE IT. However hair-rufflingly cute you think he is? TRIPLE IT. And however much you think he is really into his radio boyfriend? MULTIPLY IT BY, IDK, INFINITY! No spoilers, but there’s a moment (a totally normal moment for a committed couple, but still) that nearly made me melt into a little puddle in the theater. Ugh. SO CUTE, you guys. So. Cute.