no seriously i hate putting tags

I hate the “take responsibility for the problematic people in your community” posts I see in the ace positivity tag.

It’s legit NOT ok. There are ace people avoiding The Discourse, there are some that aren’t but want to use the positivity tag for, like, positivity.

I mean, call problematic people the fuck out, but don’t put it in positivity tags? Like, that shit would not be tolerated with other communities. If I saw people spamming “bi positivity” with negative shit I would mind. I know lesbians who would SERIOUSLY mind if their positivity tag was subject to such nonsense.

Also, no one is part of a hivemimd. Like, don’t tell people they can’t speak on their own issues or have any positivity until they deal with every single piece of shit in their community.

That is a silencing tactic. I recognize it because that shit has been used on LGBT people for… Ever? “Like, XY and Z are a problem so deal with them before you talk.”

Fuck, I still see Milo Yianoppolous being used as an example to silence gay men from being allowed to talk.

Stop using the same tactics as homophobes. They are BAD tactics.

funny thing i wrote out all this shit in the tag of an anti jonerys post and realised well actually i’d rather have it out in a post so i can read it properly so here it is (plus elaborated/edited ofc):

i dont hate dany. i quite like her. i’m actually so interested in where she goes from here on out, but yeah dany x jon dont make much sense – narratively or politically. in fact, instead of them being too different (as per the post i was actually responding to) i’d argue that they’re too alike to work. both are hotheaded, emotional, stubborn and really fucking dumb when it comes to politics. jon marrying dany would literally be sooo bad. two rulers who dont understand how to play the political game. and if dany’s answer to everything is the threat of violence or actual violence – well is she really a fucking hero?? wasnt the whole point of the lannisters and cersei in particular supposed to show that ruling through fear is not only going to lead to revolt and chaos but that it’s also the most black and white display of evil vs good in game of thrones? putting the lannisters aside, that was the downfall of aerys II (the mad king) as well. 

i don’t doubt that dany has a good heart. she means well and she wants to save the little people, but she can free slaves and arrest the corrupted all she wants. when it comes to actually leading, she’s proven to be quite useless. she doesn’t understand how to keep a city running. but because she is so proud, emotionally-driven and hotheaded, she uses force to keep the peace, which is an oxymoron. 

and jon. the boy is a great leader without a doubt. he understands warfare and strategy. but the political game that is westeros? not a chance. like dany, he’s too emotionally-driven. he has a clear idea of right and wrong, and for him, there is only one choice and one path, which isn’t always the smoothest path. politics is a huge part of this world. you have to learn to play it or else you’ll die. honour and heart gets you nowhere. look at what happened to ned and robb. 

putting jon and dany together?? what kind of rule would that be? i mean in any other fantasy world that’s less horrific, that would definitely be the ship of all ships. opposites coming together. but this story is about the game of thrones. it’s rooted in politics as well as those fantastical elements we love, like heroic deeds and honour and bravery and chivalry. but it also shows that heroes can fall because this world is unforgiving to those who cant play the game, which means that jon and dany simply don’t make any sense. 

just my opinion. what do you guys think?

Ok seriously guys can we please stop putting hate in the ship tags. It’s so fucking annoying. I was just looking through a ship tag of mine and it was literally 99.9% hate!! Seriously people! If you don’t ship something that’s perfectly fine, but don’t talk down on the people who do and tell them to kill themselves!!! What the actual fuck is wrong with people no?! If you dont like the ship then don’t look at it just to hate on people who do!

That is all. Have a wonderful fuckin day

The fact that no one takes crossover ships seriously is like a double edge sword. On one hand, no one cares. No one’s hating on that ship in the tags or even at all. No one feels threatened by the possibility your ship will canon and not theirs. It’s very unlikely you’ll get involved in a ship war at some point. Most people might not even know that ship exists.

But on the other hand, it feels that a lot of the work these fans put into their headcanons, fan art, and fics go unappreciated. They seem to a lot of thought into how these characters would interact. And I just want to say I appreciate all the creative and fun ideas fans have for these ships.

here are some types of girl group fans i’ve encountered in all these years of listening to kpop:

 the ‘special snowflake’ fan. they think that stanning underrated girl groups no one ever heard of and cares about makes them so much better than the whole kpop fandom. usually very openly bitter and petty towards successful and popular female idols. without a doubt, they hate boy groups too. they think they’re superior because they get wet over hello venus’ lime instead of red velvet’s seulgi or something. still waiting for after school to comeback, but everyone except them knows it’s not gonna happen anymore.

✨  the ‘i love all girls’ fan. nothing wrong with them, i’m just genuinely surprised they actually have the energy to love so many girls and have so many biases. always puts emojis or cheesy stuff in the tags about any girl they reblog. they’re like a girl group encyclopedia seriously. they come in more flavors though: hates boy groups, doesn’t care about boy groups, or likes a few of them tho nothing serious.

 the one-fandom fan. ah, now here it gets a bit more complicated. these fans like a certain girl group very much (and a few others too, but never as much as their true loves whoever they may be), but they don’t shy away from constantly putting down other girl groups to uplift their own biases at any given time. usually the groups who have such fans are snsd, twice, gfriend, red velvet, f(x) or blackpink. they usually spend time on twitter and you will always see them fighting between each other. might use the phrase “queens of [uncomfortably specific thing]” when talking about their fave girls.

✨  the ‘i hate twice’ girl group fan. they are the 2017 version of kpop fans who back in the day used to force themselves to like wonder girls or 2ne1 just to piss off sones and snsd. this new type of fan usually stans other girl groups as long as it gives them the chance to make more tweets about hating ‘twix’ or something. usually the groups they like are successful and popular and have been mentioned above. sometimes this type of fan blends in with the ‘one-fandom’ or even ‘special snowflake’, but ya know, there’s always minor differences. these fans live more for hating twice than actually supporting their faves.

the bangtan girl group fan. yes. you read that right. they like a lot of girl groups, but nothing and no one actually beats bangtan in their heart. they usually have aesthetic tumblrs and their descriptions are always like “i’m [name] and i love [bangtan member]”, tho usually it’s jimin, jhope or sometimes suga. but the url is ALWAYS about a girl group, their icon is a female idol, but ya know, their posts say otherwise. might dislike rap monster, tho it’s not always the case.

the ‘i like hardcore concepts only’ fan. these are among some of the most annoying. they like girl groups as long as they have hardcore (no, not sexy) concepts, hip-hop inspired and ya know, other stereotypical masculine bullshit like that. most likely hate cute and feminine girl groups and never miss a chance to say how much they dislike them. is most of the time if not always an army. they used to fall into the ‘i like 2ne1 and boy groups only’ category, but now that 2ne1 is gone, they probably cling to blackpink or red velvet or sometimes f(x). probably stans clc now too.

which one are u? and do u think there’s other types i’ve missed?

Scarecrow aka savior of Amon.

People think it must be the infamous sunflower of TG but I disagree, because why Amon only? So, I got this brilliant theory that says otherwise.

First to debunk infamous sunflower like true pro: too short & not bulky enough to be Scarecrow. Done! Debunked! Am pro at theorizing tbh Though seriously Hide is too short to be him yo’ & Hide was already 171 cm at his 19-20′s. So no Hide! Ishida hates Hide fans, so no Hide with Scarecrow … because Ishida hates Hide fans tbh … anyway …

Now seriously (not so really), we know Scarecrow needs to be someone Amon knows, someone caring for Amon enough to try & save him & him only … and … then I REALIZED WHO HE MUST BE!

First lets look at thing Scarecrow threw:

Hmmm … this little bottle looks familiar … OH WAIT!!!

Well well well. CRC Gas eh? Wasn’t that thing a prototype not even CCG knew much about because it was still in “testing” phase? So he used CCG’s prototype … high CCG tech … that means he must have had connection with CCG himself and wasn’t said person who “tested it” Akira Mado no less?

… WAIT … Scarecrow used secret prototype CCG weapon that was tested by Akira Mado … so that means …

Ba Dum Tss

In chapter 111 in panel 9 you can see Scarecrow got scar on his neck:

Then we know he has trouble speaking, could be due having his throat slit … wait … throat slit … who was character to have had his throat slit & “die” by it?

Ba Dum Tss

Scarecrow is ghoul but still got scar …

Only ones to have one are Floppies & these were made by Kanou & Kanou mainly used CCG’s fallen to do his experiments so … wait … CCG’s fallen … Floppy … Scarecrow must be Floppy … failed Kanou experiment & he experimented on CCG’s fallen? Scarecrow is someone who had connection to CCG, enough to know of CRC gas, someone who Amon knows & cared enough to save him, someone who cares for Amon & someone who got scar on neck … so that means …

Ba Dum Tss

Scarecrow stopped Juuzou’s knife with book only!

Scare got some mad reflexes there!

Wait … mad reflexes … very skilled that sounds as …

Ba Dum Tss

So in end we got: Scarecrow knew about CCG’s secret tech, he had access to it, must have been CCG himself in past to know about something as it, knows Amon & Amon knows him, cares for said Amon enough to save him & him only, is too tall to be Hide tbh & body build ain’t matching (Hide already was at age in where his growth would have stopped so … not Scarecrow … Ishida hates Hide fans once more tbh), has scar on his neck, is ghoul but has scar which = FLOPPY and Floppy = Good ol’ crazy Kanou therefor he must have had been his failed experiment = Kanou used mainly CCG’s fallen investigators for his experiments, has some serious reflexes & knows how to deal with ghouls despite being one himself so that brings us to only one person who matches Scarecrow perfectly which means …

Ba Dum Tss

Say hello back to yo’ favorite homicidal-ghoul No.1 biggest hater grandpa children ^o^


(Hmmm this would actually make every sense in world if it was written by someone who cared to write it seriously … but seriously though, my crack theory ain’t so crack-y when you put 2 & 2. Hide just doesn’t matches Scare’s build so …. yeah … ISHIDA JUST HATES HIDE FANS 2BH)


To cheer Hide fans however; don’t worry, Ishida got that part covered in very Ishida way [x]

See there is hope ^o^


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How do you block tags on the app? Bc your constant asks especially the only-gif ones are really annoying and the reason i avoid going on tumblr on my phone

I’m not sure, sorry anon; can anyone help this nonny block my asks?

do you know what’s ironic? by sending this on anon (rather than normal where I can reply in private and not have to publish this) you’ve become one of those, in your words, “really annoying” asks 😊 irony 

but in all seriousness, I don’t think you can block tags on mobile, I know you can follow them but I’m not sure about blocking them, unless I’m wrong, I think your best bet would be to unfollow me. And if my attempting to answer all the anon asks I recieve (currently about 220) is really that annoying to you?? then

ps. I never answer asks with just gifs, I put the replies in the tags so the posts are shorter and less obstrusive

pss. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’M NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN I SWEAR. but c’mon, I get hated on for not answering my asks quick enough, and then I get hated on FOR answering my asks? sandy can’t win; give ur girl a break!! 💗

psss. also you could literally have googled this without ever asking me, you were clearly just trying to get under my skin

Types of ships

The OTP This is the big one. The number one ship. The One True Pairing. This can change over time and people-ironically-often have a bunch of otps, especially in fandoms with a lot of characters. Everything about this ship will be reblogged and reviewed and kudos will be left. Usually not a rare pair. If this is canon, you are very lucky, and probably have a lot of fellow shippers. 

The I-Ship-it You like this ship. It’s on your shipping page. You reblog cute photos of them if you like the picture. You read and leave kudos on work, but rarely a comment. You like them, but not that much This is rare pair territory.  

The I-See-It You are okay with this ship. No strong feelings either way, but if you find a picture with them in it, and it’s really well done, you might reblog it, or just like it. It’s all right as a side pairing in a fanfic, but bigger ones, you will probably pass over, unless it’s a very good one. 

The Meh You really don’t care. If canon, it never garnered your attention enough to make you interested or not interested. Don’t really see it or care for it, but don’t actively dislike it, either.  

The I-Don’t-See-It You aren’t really a fan of this ship. You don’t see what’s to like, and, frankly, it makes you roll your eyes when you see others gushing over it. You probably won’t ever read a fanfiction with this as a main pair, but if it’s a side pair, you guess you might let it slide. 

(I-See-It, Meh, and I-Don’t-See-It can often slide and are more or less fluid, sometimes dependent upon canon and your own mood. All three can be considered ‘Rare Pair territory’)

The I-Don’t-Ship-It We’re getting into ‘ew’ territory. You tag your impressions of this ship with ‘ship hate’’ just in case. You don’t really like talking about it, and you’ll scroll right past any pictures of them. This could be the make or break part of a fanfiction, and it makes your day worse to hear or think about them. 

The NOTP You hate this ship. Anything you have to say on this will be ship hate and if you don’t tag, you’ll end up with angry anons in your box. This will be on your blacklist, and any fanficion with it will be passed right by, thank you very much. You’re not in the mood for throwing up your dinner. If this is canon, you are truly in hell. 

Others (Note: These may or may not fit into a category above, or into multiple categories. Some will overlap.)

The Will-Everyone-Please-Stop-Talking-About-this You didn’t really care for this ship. Or maybe you even grudgingly liked it and had to admit that it was good. But the fandom is so obsessed with talking about it that it’s become the thorn in your side. You hate this ship with a vengeance and you are so don’t with hearing about it from literally everyone you know. 

The I-Only-Ship-This-Because-It’s-Canon You don’t really like this ship on it’s own, and you probably wouldn’t ship it, except it’s canon, and they get along really good together in canon, if they actually wouldn’t anywhere else. You put it on your ship list because it’s Canon.

The Canon-But-Still-NOTP You are in hell and probably hate yourself and the entire fandom. You get your own slot because I pity you.

The I-Am-The-Only-Person-To-Ship-This You’re the only person to ship this. What else is there to say? Everything is barren and you and the “Canon Notps” sit and grumble together. 

The Rare-Pair All in all, this might not actually be capable of being called a rare pair, but not a lot of people ship it and you praise god when you find yourself in the company of someone else who ships it. You can count yourself luckier then the “I-Am-The-Only-Person-To-Ship-This” because. Well. You are. At least you’ve got one or two, they don’t even have that. 

The I-Can-Respect-This You don’t ship it yourself, but you respect it, and even find it cute sometimes. You could find this slipping into otp category if you liked the personal characters more. 

The I-Find-This-Morally-Wrong Whatever you might find morally wrong, this ship has it! Especially if it’s canon. People who still ship it really tick you off, and it’s probably on your blacklist. Or, you might be very outspoken and make this a public campaign! Weather or not people acknowledge that the ship is bad, they still shouldn’t ship it. Look, I can respect this, but please tag your ship hate. It’s getting really annoying. 

The I-Love-Them-As-Enemies. Look, let’s face it. These two will never work out as a couple. But you love the dynamics and whenever they fight or you read something where they’re enemies, something inside you gets fluttery. 

The I-Love-To-Hate-This You hate this ship, but you love to hate it. It’s..not really something you can explain. You love to make ship hate posts and debate about it all day. You probably have other ships for the characters involved. 

The I-Hate-To-Love-This Maybe something about them you find gross, or morally wrong, or they’re canonly awful, but, you still ship them. You ship them as you cry and apologize to everyone. You mutter about how you shouldn’t hate them and occasionally make posts that you find yourself needing to tag ship hate. You’re the first in line to tell everyone how awful it is, and you’re probably hypocritical. 

The How-Did-This-Get-Here No. Seriously. You probably don’t even like the characters. But. Still. The ship is there, on your shipping page. You don’t even remember putting it there. 

The You’re-So-Pretty-Together Aesthetically pleasing, you love to see them kiss, but you probably don’t read fanfiction about them because you realize that they’re not actually going to work out. They really do look good together, though. 

The That-Character-Isn’t-Attracted-To-Them You guess it might work, but canon/headcanon decrees that it won’t, because person A (at least) Isn’t attracted to person B. This won’t end up on your shipping page. 

The Why You do not understand this ship. It confuses and concerns you. Why do people ship it? Why do so many people ship it? You’re scared and losing faith in your fandom. 

The Why-Do-We-All-Ship-This You have yet to meet someone in the fandom who does not ship it. You’re not sure why everyone ships it. You find yourself shipping it. Is this even canon? Does anyone care? It’s creeping up on the Rare Pair lover. It’s going to get us all, someday. You’ve already succumbed. 

The One-Ship-Everyone-Agrees-On All right, this isn’t a given for every fandom, and it might not even be for two persons. It might be two items, or a person and a food.  But there it’s ‘canon’ and everyone agrees on it.  

The My-Friend-Made-Me-Ship-It Honestly, you still aren’t even sure if you really ship it. But, it’s constantly on your dash because of one or more of your friends, and their constant love of and talk of the ship has slowly but surely won your (Possibly begrudging or resentful) acceptance. 

And, finally. 

The I’ll-Ship-This-Until-The-Day-I-Die Look. You might not care about the characters. You might not even care for the ship. Or you might adore both the characters and the ship, or one or the other. But nothing, canon or otherwise, will make you not ship this. You get personally offeneded when people don’t ship this. Even when you leave the fandom, you’re still going to ship it. You won’t ever escape. 

The I’ll-Never-Ship-This-Even-If-That-Means-Death You might love both the characters, or neither, or just one, but one thing is clear. This ship will never work. You might not care enough to even put this on your notp list. But you won’t ever ship it. Nothing can make you ship it. You might not even care if others ship it, or you might cringe every time you hear about someone else shipping it. But no matter what, you won’t ever ship this in any way, shape, or form. 

OKAAAY? I’m super upset about this. I just received some asks about me liking BLmatsu.

Well, this is not really the first time, but, telling me to go die and saying I deserve to go to hell is seriously fvcked up man. I suspect this is a certain someone from dA because they were also sending me notes about it, until I decided to block them.

I am trying my best to tag properly all my posts, and also double checking if I put the tags right. Also I even put a BLmatsu warning on my profile. So what an effort to just send me stuffs like this.

Also I use BLmatsu to cope, I had a very stressful life especially at college, I get super depressed everytime I would get a failed score or grade.

I really intend to ignore stuffs like this but this just ruined my day. (I have a somewhat very sensitive heart)

So PLEASE, JUST PLEASE! If you just don’t like BLmatsu just unfollow, okay? Don’t vent your despise and anger, PLEASE don’t spread the hate.

@ ppl who post hate in our tags

Hey fuck you bc a lot of Hamilton kin are trying to move past all that and you can’t choose who you’re kin with anyways?? Plus its hella rude to put it in the tag, its just not something you should do when someone has had a terrible day and needs to feel loved like seriously i doubt you would appreciate it if we went and put hate in your kin tags and gave you all panic attacks :/

Someone made a call out post for me and other Zackray content producers. I could have answered but unlike that person, I don’t have as much free time, and especially not as much need to focus on something I hate, so I blocked them :D

That kinda make me wanna laugh because it was so stupid and apparently that person prefers calling out on people online who create fictional content rather than actively doing something against the real dangers in real life, but that kinda made me annoyed too. 

But yeah, if someone annoys you online, block them and have a good day, everyone! They’re definitely not worth your time.

I feel like I could reblog this post again a thousand times right now, especially since it just became even more relevant (and will probably be more relevant as time goes on…)

I had a coworker who was really touchy. Like, in a “I know you’re gay and I’m gay we should be friends” type of deal. Anyway, she knew I was ticklish, and decided “hey! it would be funny if I tickled you” And I’m really sensitive, like brush my side and I’ll squeal. Cue her jabbing her fingers into my sides, I fucking scream and drop the tags I’m supposed to put up on the fucking floor, and swear as loudly as I can. I get in trouble and she laughed at me for getting in trouble for a knee jerk reaction she took advantage of. I called her out on her assault and she told me to stop being a baby. I fucking hate her and she thinks we’re friends.

~~~~~~~ Seriously, straight out tell her that you hate her. Maybe not in those words if you’re uncomfortable with it, but let her know that you don’t like her and that you don’t want her touching you in any way, or for any reason. If she keeps it up, say something to a manager. I was in a similar situation a few months ago. She avoids me now, it’s wonderful.

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LMAO people are so rude to you when they haven't even put the effort into checking your tags. i hope you don't take the rude comments to heart!

Awh shucks bun, I know..but I’ve grown immune to all of the immature hate now and I think nothing of it ! Especially since I know basically all of my lovely followers, such as yourself, are smart and capable individuals !! (Like seriously the tags are right there lolol and I have a tutorial posted on how to find them idk what else to do aaaa..)

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You know what would be brilliant? If people stopped putting down other people’s ships in favour of their own.
Inescapable - NZM11497 - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
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Okie doke! So, for those who may be curious, here’s the story that my mom’s old writing teacher read.


I would feel EXTREMELY guilty if I were to offend/trigger anyone, so please be cautious.

Also, to those of you who do read it, I promise I’m not that fucked up. But otherwise, here it is.

Happy reading!