no seriously he has 4 legs

child of aphrodite percy headcanons

1) he’s gorgeous and honestly?? it’s completely unfair. he has these ridiculous cheekbones, full lips, and long eyelashes that anybody would kill for and the worst part? he doesn’t even appreciate them.

2) he has really gorgeous light brown skin. my fancast for him is anthony white and he has those really pretty light eyes (that, in percy’s case, shift from gray to blue to green to purple).

3) he’s totally nonbinary (genderflux specifically). he goes between agender, demigirl, and demiboy. gendered pronouns are bullshit and he doesn’t care which people use for him, though he tends to think of himself as a ‘he’ when not a demigirl (when they’re a demigirl, they lean more toward they/them pronouns).

4) what are gender roles?? percy doesn’t know. no seriously. he’s the only child of a single mom and the only male figure he had in his formative years was an absolute dickhead, who he vowed to never be like. he understands that society believes men should act one way and women another, but he thinks that’s bullshit.

5) he loves skirts and dresses! he loves the way they feel against his legs, especially when he shaves his legs.

6) he can walk in heels easy and has always been able to. he never stumbles or anything.

7) drew does his makeup for him sometimes,,,,,,,it’s unfair to everyone else. he’s Too Pretty

8) he’s pretty close to all of his siblings, but especially silena and drew. drew’s a little younger than him and he’s incredibly protective of her. he’s completely devoted to silena and sees her as his best friend.

9) so he doesn’t actually care how he looks but always manages to look fabulous anyway?? he’ll throw on an outfit and it’ll end up being really stylish without him even realizing.

10) i got this idea from @ofswordsandpens, but percy can actually see relationships. he can see love between people and groups of people. he can also manipulate that love and break or make relationships. mix that with his charmspeak and mild shapeshifting abilities and he’s easily the most powerful child of aphrodite in centuries.

11) he is the king of manipulation. he doesn’t mean to be and it kind of freaks him out sometimes, but between all of powers? it’s almost too easy for him to get people to do what he wants.

12) he still has a very strong scent that grover caught right away. he smells like cinnamon and vanilla, specifically, with an undercurrent of dark chocolate.

13) his favorite colors are shades of purple, specifically lavender and violet, because sally still has very fond memories of aphrodite gifting her with them while they were in a relationship.

14) while he was growing up, sally almost never talked about aphrodite and she never used any pronouns whatsoever. flash forward to him learning he’s a demigod and that he actually has two biological moms.

15) sally’s pregnancy with him was not a natural one. it only took him two months to be born, because aphrodite didn’t impregnate sally in the usual way. what happened was that aphrodite implanted a bit of her essence within sally. the essence became a fetus, which quickly developed into a baby.

16) percy has the same first name and for the same reason but his middle name is amias, which means ‘loved’.

17) the gods (mainly zeus) refused to acknowledge percy as the child of the prophecy until he actually brought down luke and, even then, had trouble believing a child of aphrodite was their savior.

18) he actually has a fairly close relationship with aphrodite, who has a bad tendency to randomly appear in his dreams and dispense love and/or fashion advice.

19) it turns out that he’s a fourth-generation legacy of tethys and has a tenuous connection to the ocean. this mostly just allows him to breathe underwater (sally also has this ability, as well as the ability to see through the mist).

20) he’s still a great sword fighter, the best at chb. he was taught by luke, who also taught him not to fear his powers and to embrace them instead and allow them to assist him with his fighting.

21) he has a very rich, soft voice and an absolutely beautiful singing voice

UP NEXT: daughter of dionysus!annabeth

Here’s Gemre, Russoc, and Vonnie’s ANH/Rebels season 4 age-ups! Not too much changed with Russ and Von, admittedly—I couldn’t think of any major things I wanted to update, so I just elected to give Russ some chin scruff, grow out Vonnie’s hair, and give ‘em both some sleeves. Minor stuff, but I like how they turned out!

Gemre, on the other hand, got a whole new look—I figured that being on testosterone therapy (or whatever the alien demon man analog is) would change his appearance more than the others, so I decided to draw him up a whole new ref! Thus, he’s got bigger horns, his skin spots are starting to fade away, and he’s got that sick new beard—plus some robot parts, but those aren’t from T, that’s a whole other story. Point is, I’m really happy with how these guys turned out, regardless of how much effort went into each!

BUT HEY, what do u guys think? Do these designs look cool? Which one’s your favorite? How do you think Gemre lost his arm n’ leg? I’d love any feedback you got! :D

 People are constantly comparing Phil to Dan. How he doesn’t have as much subscribers, how much more attractive Dan apparently is. I have nothing against Dan, it’s not his fault. But people are always saying that Phil is immature and childish. People are always talking about how he isn’t intelligent or articulate, and that he’s ugly. I just don’t understand?? It’s okay if his videos aren’t your type, but when you hate him because he is ‘ugly’ or ‘worthless compared to Dan’ then I just ????? Have you ever stopped to think that Phil is a real human being that has feelings and isn’t Dan Howell?? ????? Let me just say a couple of things:

1 He is intelligent. He went to the University of York, which is ranking 14th in best universities in U.K, the only university to have ever taken over Oxford University, when it came second to Cambridge. He has a degree in English Language and Linguistics and a post graduate in Video Postproduction with Specialisation in Visual Effects.

2 He is really kind and caring. He never swears, and he tries his fucking hardest to keep us happy. He doesn’t make videos that are serious and sad because he wants people to watch his videos and feel happy. He has saved so many people and done so much.

3 He is FUCKING ADORABLE. Yes, he may be 28 years old, but he has a cute little giggle and squeak and when he’s scared he hides behind his hands and he wears cartoon shirts and eats Lucky Charms cereal. He owns little minifigures and plushies. He looks so fuckign cute. (Especially in the TABINOF book process video when he is balancing chairs and says how it’s a typical day like honestly he looked so cute and chubby and I died).

4 He is hot as fuck. He has a great fashion style and looks good in everything like seriously, he looks good in t-shirts, button up shits, shorts, jeans, suits, without any clothes on costumes, basically anything. He has the best fuckin face, honestly he has pale skin (but like a natural pale ya feel me), high cheek bones, blue/green eyes and black hair. Are you kidding his arms are just hnnnnnggg and his fucking legs and he is secretly flirty as fuck but hides and pretends he’s ‘innocent’ which just makes him 100x hotter I swear to fuck.

I swear to fuck I will defend Philip Michael Lester with my life. He has helped me through so much, and he doesn’t deserve all this hate. 


That’s Mizuki.. 

“I heard he injured his leg.. I wonder if it’s fine now.” 
“They say he has a pro contract already.” “Seriously?!”

50 Reasons I Hate Bill Kaulitz #25: I Could Never Find A Reason To Hate Him...

I lay next to Bill in bed, after just having consummated the marriage, but we weren’t tired. The sex was amazing, but it was like there was something we still needed to do.
“Today was amazing, babe… Thank you so much! I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day, it honestly was perfect!” I kissed his cheek, and he pulled me in closer to him.
“Hey, it’s okay. Anything for you, you know that.” He kissed me, and I smiled, playing with the simple diamond ring that he’d given me during the ceremony.
“I can’t believe that I’m married to you, I mean, I was scared for so long that it was gonna be weird or that you wouldn’t have good taste or something, but you proved me so wrong… sorry, I should stop rambling.” I smiled at him and he couldn’t stop from grinning.
“Honestly, I was scared that you weren’t gonna like anything. I was scared that you would hate the dress, hate the church and the reception, hate everything. But I was surprised, you seemed happy.”
“I really, really, really couldn’t have asked for a better day. How did you know what I wanted?” I snuggled into him, and he shrugged, coyly.
“Dina really knows you well, that’s all I can say.” He smiled at me, and I laughed, and then sighed. A piece of paper had gone missing from my room recently, and I’d thought nothing of it, but I decided to try and inference it.
“Honestly, when I met you, I didn’t know if this was going to work because of how different I thought you were to me…"  I trailed off, and he looked at me.
"I know. I got that feeling from you when you were kinda mean to me because I was pervert to you, I don’t know why I did that, sorry.” He blushed, and so did I.
“No, It was cute, and I really…” I hesitated. “I started to like it and it confused me. I’ve never really gotten that attention before, and you made me feel sexy, I guess. But yeah, when you first came, it freaked me out and I thought that you were really gross.” I whispered, and he laughed.
“Well, you think that I’m gross still now?” he stroked my cheek and I shook my head. “Good.” He rolled on top of me again, and I kissed him, finally feeling that everything was fine between us. I could feel him getting hard against my leg again, and I giggled, spreading my legs for him. “Wait. Before we do anything, I found this…” He got up, wrapping a towel around his waist and going into his bag. I froze and sat up, covering my body with the duvet. “This list you were making as to why you hated me.” He handed the paper over to me, and I felt my throat close up as I read.

#1: He came out of nowhere.
#2: He has crazy hair.
#3: He’s ridiculously tall.
#4: He hates Twilight.
#5: He’s seriously perverted.
#6: He can be really vain.
#7: He buys liquid eyeliner.
#8: He likes shopping.
#9: He wears liquid eyeliner.
#10: He sleeps naked.
#11: He’s lazy.
#12: He’s well endowed.
#13: He gets lots of female attention.
#14: He’s sociable.
#15: He hates chocolate.
#16: His bad English is quite cute.
#17: He’s a vegetarian.
#18: He speaks German.
#19: He has a twin.
#20: He’s cute when he’s sleepy.
#21: He wants at least 6 children.
#22: He’s a sex addict.
#23: He cares about me.
#24: He thinks that I’m beautiful.
#25: I think that he likes Ashley.
#26: He let her touch his hair.
#27: My parents love him.
#28: He messes up my emotions.
#29: He has a massive appetite, but doesn’t get fat.
#30: He hates vegetables.
#31: He said Smooshie looked like a rat.
#32: He eavesdrops on my phone calls.
#33: He made me feel like crap.
#34: He Slept with Ashley.
#35: He snuggled with me all night.
#36: He embarrassed me but I secretly didn’t mind.
#37: He wouldn’t tell me anything about the wedding.
#38: He might go back to Germany.
#39: He likes talking about his penis.
#40: He likes Futurama.
#41: He brings me emergency eyeliner.
#42: He ate meat for me, even though he’s a vegetarian.
#43: He ditched me for Ashley.
#44: He picked her over me.
#45: He can read my mind.
#46: He took my virginity, and it was perfect.

“No, It’s not bad, I just… I see what you thought, you never hated me. It was cute-” He began, but I had an epiphany, even though I didn’t really know what I was doing when I began it the list. 
“No!” I burst out laughing. “I started the list because I wanted to see how many reasons I could come up with to not like you, even though I do. Pass me a pen? I really want to finish it off.” He looked confused and rummaged around until he found a pen, and then handed it to me, along with a notepad. I scribbled a few things down, and then handed the paper back to him.

#47: He made my wedding dress.
#48: He organised the perfect Wedding Day.
#49: He made me feel special.

“You’re finished with the list?” He smiled at it, and I blushed. “So you ran out of reasons to not like me, that’s good.” He got back into bed after he’d dropped the towel. I placed the notepad and pen on the floor, and then opened my legs as he climbed on top of me. “You’re always ready for more, aren’t you?” He rubbed his hard cock against my wetness, and I moaned, begging him to fuck me.
“You like that, don’t you…” He whispered in my ear, and I screamed in pleasure as he tapped himself on my clit, making me come, hard, and he wasn’t even inside of me yet.
“Please…” I begged, and I gasped in pleasure as he slid fully inside. We weren’t using any protection, and for the first time, we could feel everything of each other with no barriers. It was so passionate and so … Perfect, even though I kept saying it. We came at the same time, and I felt so unbelievably tired.
“I’m gonna go to sleep now…” I yawned, resting my head on his chest.
“Sleep, babe.” He stroked my hair, and kissed my forehead. But there was still something hanging in the air, and I wanted to be the one to clear it.
“Hey, Bill?” I whispered.
“Yeah?” He whispered back.
“I love you.” I looked up at him, and he gave me a huge smile.
Mein Gott, I was just about to tell you… I love you too. Ich liebe dich.” He hugged me closely to him, and I grinned. But then I realised, 49 was such a random and awkward number, and the list still felt so incomplete.
And then it hit me, the best way to finish it off.
#50: I never hated him. In fact, he made me fall in love with him.

The End <3

Author’s Note: I want to thank you all for the support and all of the messages! Everyone who left a comment or kiked me (bekkahbekkah) about my writing or left an anon message, you all mean so much, even those who just liked my writing. I love you all! 
Until Next Time, 
Bekkah xxxxxxxxx

Nick what is wrong nick no don’t be sad pls when you are sad it makes us all sad pLS LET US CUDDLE YOU NICK

Scruffy Li has returned. Somehow I don’t think shaving would be a priority on the island.

Why are you here?

A/N: Y/N is home alone while Andy’s on tour and someone breaks into their house while Y/N is there and gets hurt. 

You had just finished putting all the grocery’s away when your iPhone 5 started to go off signalling you had a call coming in, it was Andy your boyfriend.

“Did you know I love hearing your sexy voice before picking up the phone,” you said gesturing to a Black Veil Brides song Andy had put for his ringtone for whenever he called you. You could hear him chuckling on the other end of the phone while you waited for his response.

“And I love hearing your sexy voice when you answer in a low seductive voice,” he commented just like the sexy voice you made, you chuckled rolling your eyes.

“I miss you,” you stated as you took a seat on the couch in the living room.

“Baby, I miss you too,” he said.

“How long do you think it’s going to be before I get to see you again?” you question as you stretched your legs onto the coffee table.

“Only about 2 months and I’ll be home for Christmas,” he tells you bringing a smile across your face as you think of seeing his beautiful face in person instead of Skype or Facetime.

“Yay! And we get to celebrate your birthday too!” you exclaimed when you remembered Andy’s birthday is the day after Christmas, he chuckled at your excitement.

“What time is it there?” Andy asked with curiosity.

“Ummm,” you started so you could look back into the kitchen to see the time on the microwave. “It’s 2:00 pm,” you tell him.

“Oh, it’s 4:00 pm here,” he says.

A couple hours had passed, you and Andy were still talking on the phone, you two could talk for days you guys are a great couple, usually late night talks/calls or until he has to perform on stage.

“Look, babe, I have to go, but I’ll call you back after the set,” Andy tells you, you nod but remembered he couldn’t see you.

“Okay, I love you,” you said.

“Love you too,” he answered back before hanging up the phone.

You sighed as you hung up your end of the call, sometimes you wish Andy was always here because you miss him a lot, but you love how he’s doing his dream which makes you happy that he can achieve it.

An hour passed you were in Andy and your’s room when you heard a huge bang, the bang made you jump a foot in the air. You quickly turned around and went to open the door but it suddenly bursted open hitting you in the head making your vision go blurry, all you saw was a black outlined figure before the figure kneed you in the stomach causing you to get winded and fall to the carpet floor. As you regained your breath you stood up to see a man going through everything you and Andy owned. You quickly and quietly got your phone off the king sized bed and dialed 911.

“911 what is your emergency?” a women asked on the other end of the phone, you were about to whisper something to her but the man in a hoodie and ski  mask saw you.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!” he hissed before he kneed you in the stomach again.

Andy’s P.O.V.

The guys and I played a great show tonight, the fans are amazing they always make us have a great show.

“So, how’s Y/N. We haven’t talked to her in awhile?” Jake asked when we got in our dressing room.

“She’s doing good, she said she had to do a whole bunch of grocery shopping today because she kept eating food and being extremely lazy,” I tell the guys which made them chuckle.

“Y/N, has always been lazy,” Ashley chuckled.

“But that’s why we love her!” CC exclaimed as we all nodded along laughing.

Suddenly, my phone started to ring, I thought it was Y/N but it’s the hospital number from back home, I instantly answered it.

“Hello?” I answered hoping nothing was wrong, but boy was I wrong.

“Yes hello. Is this Andy Biersack?” a male voice asked from the other end of the phone.


“Your girlfriend Y/N/ Y/L/N, has been in a accident,” he tells me gently.

“What happened!” I asked panicked.

“Someone broke into your house and wanted to rob the house, but Y/N got in the way,” he explains to me, all that was going through me was panic was she okay? “You need to get here as soon as possible,” he tells me.

“Yeah! I’ll be there within the next 3 hours,” I say to him before hanging up the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Jinxx asked as he saw my panicked face.

“Y/N got in accident, she was in a robbers way and got hurt,” I rushed out. “I’m catching a flight right now, we’ll have to cancel some shows but the fans will understand, we’ll rebook shows.”


We all ran into the hospital 3 hours later, a nurse spotted us and told us to wait here while she gets the doctor.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” I kept asked every five minutes feeling more and more worried, but finally a doctor came.

“Mr. Biersack?” he asked looking at me, I nodded my head. “Your girlfriend has been seriously injured, she has 4 broken ribs, a broken arm, a broken leg, and a concussion,” he explains to me, I had to make sure tears didn’t pour out of my eyes. “She’s going to be okay,” he finally tells me I felt a weight a relief lift off my chest.

“Can I see her?” I ask.

“Yes, but she’s sleeping and she’ll need her rest,” he tells me, I nod then he leads us to her hospital room.

When we got into the room, I went straight over to her and held her hand, she looked like she was in so much pain, I kissed her forehead then slid a chair to her bedside and waited until she woke.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I fluttered my eyes open, to see a blurry while ceiling, I looked to my side to see Andy holding my hand and his head resting on the bed I’m in, where am I? And why is Andy here?

I moved a little but felt pain shoot through me Andy stirred as I tried not to cry in pain.

“Hey, your awake,” Andy said lifting his head up.

“Yeah,” I said my voice cracking, just then a doctor walked in the room and everything from last night clicked inside my head, I’m at the hospital because some jackass tried rob the house, oh damn I wish I hadn’t had did anything to try and stop him.

“Oh good your awake-” the doctor began but I cut him off.

“Yeah, great. Can I have some pain killers,” I rushed out as pain filled my entire body.

“Are you in a lot of pain?” he asked stalling time to get the fucking pain killers.

“YES! NOW PLEASE GET SOME DAMN PILLS SO I DON’T HAVE TO FEEL THIS FUCKING PAIN!” I snapped, he quickly left to go get the pills. Andy squeezed my hand to make me feel a bit better.

The doctor came back with the pills and water, I took them from him and swallowed everything then waited for them to kick in. He left not wanting to get on my bad side again.

“Why are you here, Andy?” I asked looking to the side where he was sitting in a chair.

“I had gotten a call that you have been hurt and I got here ASAP,” he tells me.

“Sorry…” I mumble.

“Why are you sorry?” he questioned.

“Because if it weren’t for me, you’d be performing instead of being here with me,” I say looking into his blue eyes.

“No, don’t blame yourself it’s not your fault and besides the fans will understand. I just don’t want you to feel that much pain ever again,” he said to me kissing my forehead. “I will always be here whenever your in pain, always. I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too, Andy.”

A/N: I’ve been trying this new thing here^ I did another, but if you guys want you can send in request. Hopefully, my writing isn’t too bad it’s just something I’m trying out. Let me know if I should keep it up. ^.^ 

New photo set questions

1) Where is Roxy???????

2) Why are Merlin’s legs green? Like not just green, but super bright, greenscreen green. Maybe he becomes a double amputee?

3) Merlin has military dress. More back story?


5) Is someone getting married? And if so, who? Harry and Eggsy? Merlin and Eggsy?

6) Is it for a mission?


8) Not a question, but if I see Roxy in a wedding dress I’m rioting.


Why RWBY is Well-Written:

(Spoilers below):

As a writer and avid reader, I love the unique storyline and characters. Despite starting out, as many assumed, as a magic anime girl show, RWBY has evolved into an amazing, cleverly written show. Reasons that I consider an integral part of RWBY and are unique from many novels, shows, and movies nowadays.

1. <b> Complex Hierarchy of Villains: </b>
- RWBY has an impressive group of antagonists, and is clever in its careful reveal of villains throughout the series. Not including Junior, who’s more of an anti-hero/low key antagonist, Roman Torchwick is the first antagonist shown, and is proven to be fairly clever and quite adept at fighting. It isn’t until the end of season 1 that it’s revealed that a previously unknown associate of Roman’s, Cinder, is actually the one he’s working for (though at times it seems like a partnership). Cinder has her own two associate’s who often do her bidding, but are usually relied upon for big jobs and appear to know most of Cinder’s plan. The White Fang is revealed to be working for Cinder as well, in which she and her associate’s use the White Fang for their own personal army, and the leaders, such as Adam, work more closely with Cinder herself. This in and of itself is well planned by Cinder, and shown by the creators, and I’m not even going to go into Neo’s role and the theory that Cinder may actually for someone even higher up- will the ladder of villains never end?

2. <b> Unique Weapons and Semblances: </b>
-Because the show’s wonderful creator, Monty Oum, and the CRWBY are sheer creative genius, they’ve managed to give a huge cast of various warriors and fighters each a different Semblance and weapon, the latter usually having two or three forms. They’ve managed to give three characters clone related Semblances, Blake, Sun, and Flynt, and yet each has a different effect and power. We’ve seen large, “classic” weapons, such as swords, scythes, spears, and nunchuks, turned into guns, but we’ve also seen a purse, a trumpet, glowstick nunchaku, and an umbrella- and they work fabulously. It’s a nice switch from just seeing the classic RPG roles and weapons, where mages have a single wand or staff, rangers have a bow and arrow, and soldiers/warriors have a sword.

3. <b> Classic Stories vs. New Stories: </b>
-RWBY isn’t afraid to play on well known tropes or storylines; the first RWBY video ever showed us what was basically a Red Riding Hood girl killing a bunch of wolves. At the beginning of season 1, everyone thought the show would stay cute and goofy forever. There was a small arc where Jaune was bullied because he was a less qualified fighter than most of the students at Beacon, but he proved himself after defeating an Ursa Major. There are some well known stories that are used in RWBY, but it never stuck with those stories, but rather chose to blend them with original content, or do the complete opposite. By season 3 (arguably earlier), we’ve seen a huge shift in both the tone of the show and the plot. We’ve begun to realize that the antagonists have this bigger plan that goes beyond the simple burglaries shown in season 1, and characters are actually being put in danger now. Which leads me to my next point.

4. <b> Darker Tone: </b>:
Many people probably aren’t happy about this, and while I freak out every single episode now, I’m enjoying the approach into darker territory. It’s interesting and understandable to see how far the villains are willing to go, and many of the main characters are being thrust into situations where they’re forced to realize that maybe they can’t win, or that won’t have a good out come. Recently, Yang’s been framed for breaking Mercury’s kneecap, though the audience learns he not only has prosthetic legs (and wasn’t seriously hurt), but Yang experienced an illusion where she saw Mercury attack her. Pyrrha is being forced to make the exact decision she hates; from the beginning, Pyrrha has revealed that while she wants to be a Huntress, she dislikes how people treat her, as they put her on a figurative pedestal and treat her like a goddess, though Pyrrha herself feels isolated. She wants nothing more than to be a normal, teen girl, but Ozpin, Ironwood, Glynda, and Qrow have “given her the option” of merging her Aura with that of the powerful Fall Maiden, with the possibility that she could be changed or even harmed in the process; it becomes less of an option when Ozpin basically tells her that humanity is at stake. In the last episode, Ruby is the only one who put two and two together after figuring out Yang might have been tricked, but she is confronted by Mercury, ALONE, in a hallway and she does not have her weapon with her. We’ve already seen her combat skills are pretty poor without it. That’s only three characters! We’ve seen darker pasts and stories hinted at for Weiss, Blake, Penny, Qrow…the list goes on and on. But it does add suspense to the show, and it makes it more realistic. In a situation where the world is at stake, and the villains are targetting specific characters, those characters are going to have to face the consequences of both their own and the villains’ actions.

5. <b> Characters that have flaws!: </b>
The RWBY characters are not perfect by any means; Ruby is a fairly good leader and skilled scythe wielder, but she can act childish and is very poor at hand to hand combat. Yang is incredibly strong and the “fun” one, but she has a short temper and sometimes chooses to do things for the thrill, be they good or bad. Weiss is a strategic thinker and she supports and protects her friends fiercely, but she can’t fully use her Semblance and she had to make great strides to oversee Ruby’s childishness and treat her teammates with kindness and respect. Each character has their own motivation, personality, strentghs, and weaknesses, and as an avid writer and reader, I just love that about RWBY!

6. <b> Surprises and Twists: </b>
RWBY has probably surprised most fans at one point or another. Some things are so greatly foreshadowed that fans can guess what will happen- was anyone actually surprised at the reveal of Blake’s faunus heritage or Penny actually being a robot?-  but I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been thoroughly shocked by RWBY. Whether it be Adam’s appearance during the volume 2 finale, the fact that Cinder was actually the higher up, this last episode’s ending…. The show is just twists and turns.

I may make another post at some point with more, but here are my main thoughts!

omg but coming home to find the house covered in wet paper towels and paint stains. And it’s all because Luke had spent the day with your 4 year old boy who had taken a recent liking to art, so of course he let mini Hemmings run wild with the colors. Although, by the looks of it, there’s probably more paint on the walls than in the art piece itself. You swear you’re going to kill Luke or take away sex for a week. But once your little man runs up shouting “Mommy, come see what I made,” you start to soften. He drags you into the play room where Luke is sitting, nervously waiting for you to explode. You decide to ignore him for now, instead turning to an elementary doodle of a stick figure next to what appears to be an animal. Dog or cow, you can’t tell. Just that it has four legs. “Buddy, you made this?” you smile at your son. He quickly erupts in giggles. “No, that’s Daddy’s! This one is mine.” Then he points to another painting, just like the first one, only neater and with more detail. Finally, you turn to Luke who simply blushes. “My painting is worse than a 4 year old’s. Do you feel sorry enough for me to let me off the hook?” [insp.]

My long overdue, super detailed, spoiler-y-ish review of The Fault In Our Stars movie!

Basically this movie was everything I ever wanted it to be. I know that sounds cheesy and you might be saying “you’re stupid, there must’ve been something wrong” but I can honestly 100% say that it is the best book to screen adaption that I’ve ever seen. I felt everything all over again, the happiness, the love, the anxiety, the sadness, the fear. No other book adaption has ever made me feel the same exact emotions in the same exact way that I felt when reading.

Let’s start with the overall feel of the film. I had my concerns that it was gonna be this goopy, cheesy, yuck-fest but everything was so real and genuine. Seriously, it felt like a true teenage love story, they were funny, awkward, they talked like kids (but in the intelligent way that we know they do), they acted their age. Nothing felt fake or forced, you believed that these were real people.



Hazel-When I initially heard about Shailene’s casting, I’ll admit, I was really concerned, I had only ever seen her in an episode or two of that god-awful American Teenager show and I was less than impressed with her acting. But I have to say, I could not see anyone else has Hazel, she plays her so well, intelligent, humble, self deprecating, strong. She is book-Hazel. I was surprised to hear how much narration she has throughout the film, I thought they were gonna cut it out completely or pretty significantly but nope, all that dialog you hear in the book is there. She captures her whole essence so well, even her look. I know this mainly has to do with the costumers and creative directors but everything from her baggy, mis-matched clothes to her, simple hair, makeup-less face, unkempt eyebrows and even her mannerisms and line delivery are just absolutely spot on. Some of my favorite scenes were one’s that relied totally on her acting, not the love story. Like when she’s leaving Van Houten’s, after all the screaming, yelling, and douchepants-ing, she gives him a big “Go Fuck Yourself” and seriously I have never heard more thunderous applause in a movie theater. Also the Eulogy. Oh My God the Eulogy. That scene was flawless and where nearly everyone lost it. It was so genuine but still light hearted, it hurt so much to watch her say goodbye to someone who was sitting right in front of her. All it is her simply talking to Gus, no fluffy montages or crazy music, it’s just Shailene in her element. She was so believable, truly.

Augustus-Ansel Elgort, Jesus Christ this kid is probably the most beautiful human specimen I’ve ever seen. I was an exception when it came to him, I was never concerned with his lack of dark hair and light blue eyes but I was skeptical of his acting simply because he was basically an unknown at the time of his casting but he is undoubtedly the Augustus Waters. His line delivery is what probably got me to love him the most. He simply acts like Gus would, he’s silly yet direct, sarcastic yet genuine. He never delivers for the sake of the line, it’s all for the sake of the moment. I don’t think I can explain to you guys how he literally was born for this role, you’ll just have to wait and see. But seriously, my sister HATED his casting, she’s one of those casting-nazis, the kind that shits over an eye color or hair that is even a shade lighter than expected. But when I say that she left that theater in love, I shit you not, that’s exactly what happened. She fell in love with Gus allover again, Ansel did that to all of us, he brought Gus to life in a way that I could’ve never anticipated. Aside from the obvious sides of his personality, there are certain elements that really got to me. One of those being Gus’ limp. I know this seems small but I was so concerned that the fact that he had a prosthetic would barely be addressed or cut out completely (*cough* Peeta Mellark *cough*) but this kid committed, he was always aware of the leg, swinging it over, dragging it a bit, he never faltered. Also there’s his goofy side, the scene when they’re in the plane is totally adorable, he’s terrified and astounded all at the same time. He seriously provides so many laugh, the trophy scene, and the car-egging scene are some standouts. I’m not sure if you guys saw the b-roll footage, but the delivery of the 5 legs, 4 eyes, and 2 and a half pairs of working lungs" line was fucking great. Ands then there’s the gas station scene, it was so hard to watch, you’re seeing this guy who has been so idyllically built up only to be ripped down and forced to face his harsh reality in the worse possible way. He looks repulsive in the best way, he’s white with blue lips, has blood shot eyes, covered in his own vomit and just so broken to the point where he’s barely coherent. I was so impressed with Ansel here, he made me feel devastated and hopeless, my heart broke for him. You guys will have to wait to see the rest since he has so many awesome one liners that I can’t remember along with the lines we all know and love. But seriously, Ansel nailed it.

Isaac-Nat nailed this role, he’s a total scene-stealer. He’s not in the movie much, only 5 or so scenes come to mind but in each of them he’s the star. First of all the trophy scene. You start out all sad for him because of what Monica did but once we gets to the destruction it’s al laughs from there, he’s actually totally in the background, blurred out by Hazel and Gus who are having a conversation in the foreground but the way in which he goes about breaking stuff is so great. That scene as a whole is just perfect. Also the egging scene as well as his eulogy were spot on, again, everything is so believable.

Hazel’s Parents-I NEVER expected to like these two so much, in the book they simply felt like another element but I fell in love with her parents, their scenes were actually some of the toughest to watch, there pain is so evident yet they still maintain a sense love and hilarity. I was pleasantly surprised in what a big role they ended up playing, I loved seeing their relationship and even how they interacted with Gus. (also I have an old man crush on her dad…unf.)

Van Houten-I’ll be honest, I never truly developed my own idea of this character so I was kinda open to what they had in store but Willem Dafoe is exactly the kind of douchepants I never knew I needed. You seriously want to clock this guy in the face. The scene in his house just makes you hate him and it plays out exactly as it did in the book. You get a sense of his craziness, the point where he starts blasting Swedish rap is hilarious but you still want to hate him. Even when you start to sympathize with him after learning about his daughter, you still think, “yeah, I feel bad for this guy and he’s nuts but still, he can go back to his hermit shell now”

Specific scenes

Support group-There are two support group scenes, the first one, we learn about Patrick and his balls and the miserable life he leads, It’s hilarious! and we even get a look at his life through a little montage. The second is the one where Gus is introduced, the awkward staring is done perfectly.

Gus’ Driving-This was not omitted, Gus drives like a crazy son of a bitch and he and Hazel discuss cancer perks

Any scene where Hazel and Gus simply talk-There’s a ton of these so I’m just gonna clump them all but every conversation driven scene is great and they help lay the foundation for the relationship. Some of my favorites were actually their text conversations, pretty much all of them are in there and their text bubbles actually pop up to make the conversations easy to read, some goes for all their phone conversations, They’re all there and done exactly as they were in the book.

The trophy scene-I mentioned this one before but again, it’s hilarious, a ton of great one-liners by both Gus and Isaac.

The Disney World discussion-It’s there along with the “I can’t believe I have a crush on a girl with such cliché wishes line”

The plane to Amsterdam-this scene is shortened from that in the book but the way that Ansel conveys Gus’ nervousness with amazement is priceless

Orangee-Such an adorable part, when Gus proclaims his love you’ll feel like a puddle of goo

Van Houten’s house-A great scene where Hazel’s strength really shines. The “Go Fuck Yourself” line that I mentioned before is one of my favorite moments,

The Anne Frank House-This part is SO beautiful, every element works so well. The emotion of the setting mixed with Hazel’s drive to make it up the stairs and the spoken dialogue (done by Anne Frank, not Otto Frank like in the book) just leads up to the kiss which is so beautiful and passionate. You can just feel everything changing at that specific moment, it’s truly the films turning point.

The sex scene-real, honest, sexy, tender and sweet. There’s nothing gratuitous. Some of the book dialogue is there but most has been simplified, those omitted are not missed though, their chemistry is at its height and they still feel like teenagers. Also the speak so softly during this scene, which is why I think I loved the dialogue so much.

Gus reveals his remission-Heartbreaking. The second he says the “lit up like a Christmas tree” line, the sobs started and never stopped

Eggs-FUCKING HILARIOUS, great moments from all three

The Gas Station-I covered this before but your hear will break, there’s no avoiding it. This scene was done perfectly.

Hazel discussing the future with her parents-A great scene, you feel every emotion that every person involved is feeling

The Eulogy Scene-Top notch acting my Shai, Ansel and Nat, you will cry. You will.

The Call-Hazel never actually picks up the phone, she just breaks down and so will you

The Funeral-You never actually see Augustus in the casket, which I’m actually really thankful for. Hazel doesn’t say the “I love you present tense” line but she leaves the cigarettes and gives the bullshit Eulogy about his parent’s encouragements 

Van Houten at the Funeral-He’s still annoying, but you do feel pity when he talks about his daughter. He gives Hazel Gus’ letter but he spews some bullshit and she blows up on him, leading her to crumple up the letter.

Hazel reading the letter-This scene plays out a bit differently than in the book. After the funeral (same day) Hazel and her dad talk and then Isaac comes over to discuss things and mentions Gus’ correspondence with Van Houten thus leading Hazel to go to her car and find the crumpled up letter. She reads it, Gus narrates and a montage of their best moments shows, it’s not cheesy at all though and you see him sneaking into the ICU to see her when she’s unconscious. The movie ends the same way the book does with the letter finishing up and an overhead shot of Hazel holding the letter. Ed’s song plays and you will cry yourself to death.


Some specific things I can remember off the top of my head

-The movie starts the same way the trailer does, the whole “you can sugarcoat it blah blah blah” thing

-You get a hilarious montage about Patrick and his ball cancer along with some songs about his undying love for Jesus

-The Staring scene during the second support group scene is GOLD

-The metaphor scene is longer than the one that’s already out there

-Isaac grabs a whole lotta boob when you see him making out with Monica

-They don’t watch V for Vendetta but there is a poster in Gus’ room

-As I mentioned before, Ansel walks with a limp throughout the whole movie, he also lifts up his pants to show the prosthetic, wears shorts, lies in bed with it clearly showing and there’s a shot of his stump after the sex scene when they’re cuddling naked

-The text conversations are shown by these little text bubbles that pop up, they’re white line art and are hand-drawn so they go with the motif of the movie art. Emails are also shown by popping up on the screen

-There’s one tiny little complaint have and that’s the use of “tumblr-language” I’m gonna call it. There’s multiple occasions where lines like “what is this life?” and “I can’t even” are used. It’s not an issue, it just came off a bit forced 

-Kaitlyn has been totally omitted but you won’t miss her

-Same goes for Gus’ siblings so there’s no “seeing me naked took Hazel Grace’s breath away” line

-John’s Cameo did not make it in thus no little girl asks about Hazel’s cannula

-The blind video game scene is gone so no “Hump the moist cave wall”

-The swing-set selling this is omitted and it is never referred to as “the vaguely pedophilic swing-set of tears”, just “the swing-set of tears.” You don’t see them selling it but it’s gone at the end of the movie.

-Gus’ ex-girlfriend with brain cancer has been totally cut out

-Gus comes to hazels house before they go to the airport so you never hear the fight between him and his parents thus his remission is a total surprise…well for those who haven’t read the book

-You never see them in the airport, it leads straight from Hazel’s house to the plane

-Hazel says “Go Fuck Yourself” to Van Houten before leaving his house

-The girl who plays Lidewij has great hair (just a thought) she also comes of extremely caring

-Anne Frank narrates during the kissing scene instead of Otto Frank. It’s an absolutely gorgeous scene

-The sex scene is very tender and soft, some dialog has been omitted but there’s still a ton there. You don’t see any actual sex but Gus is shirtless as well as Hazel who takes off both her shirt and bra, they later snuggle naked which is when you see Gus’ stump

-There’s a ton of beautiful interactions between Gus and Hazel when Gus is sick

-The Eulogy is almost word for word exactly the same as the book

-The movie actually feels a lot longer than I thought it would, which I’m really thankful for :)

That’s all I can think of for now but I promise you, everything about this movie was done right, seriously no major complaints whatsoever. By biggest tip is to not go into it wanting to find differences, and if you haven’t started already, DO NOT re-read the book before seeing the movie, I think that’s why I loved it so much because I wasn’t focusing on changes, just the story itself. 

You will leave this moving feeling everything that you felt while reading, I've never had that before with a movie but I promise, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted the adaption to be.

I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

If you guys want to know anything else, feel free to message me.



Okay so I have saw a lot of arguments on why Bonenzo does not work as a couple and I thought I was give my two cents on the points people are bringing up. This is not a post to cause arguments it’s a discussion and if you disagree feel free to comment :) 

1. It comes out of nowhere. This one I completely disagree with because Bonenzo happens in the future it is not happening right now. They are clearly going to build them up. In the present day there are no romantic feelings between them yet. Now if they were declaring their love for each other right now then I would be inclined to agree with you but they are not. They have an antagonistic relationship which is usually how the best relationships start. Every couple has to start somewhere and they have had scenes before. So yeah they are not coming from nowhere.

2. Bonnie is getting everyone else’s leftovers. Come on why is this one even an argument? Technically Enzo has not had a proper relationship on the show he has lusted after people but he hasn’t gotten down and dirty with anyone. So I would not call him a “leftover”. Plus since when do you not go out with someone because they have been interested in other people or in a relationship before you? They whole world would be single if that was the case.

3. Beremy’s kiss was better than this. I had to laugh at this one. Seriously? The Beremy kiss was so meh and the fact that Beremy have never had any chemistry at all did not help things. Whether you ship Bonenzo or not their kiss was sweet! Bonnie’s leg hitched up over his thigh and they were gently swaying from side to side as if they were in a slow dance. The forehead bump was really cute too. 

4. Price Peterson’s quote. Seriously? People are using Price freakin Peterson as a spokesperson. What has the world come to?! His quote on Bonenzo not having chemistry did nothing to convince me. This is the same guy who hated on Bonnie openly and dissed her every chance he got until last season. If you want to convince people that Bonenzo don’t have chemistry you should probably use a person that doesn’t change his mind like I change clothes. 

5. Enzo is irrelevant. Enzo is not an irrelevant character. He just so happens to on a show that has writers that make very bad decisions when it comes to his character. For instance, in Season 5 when Enzo was first introduced the fans did like him and I think it was because he had a good storyline. Now season 6 the writers went the completely wrong route with his character and they admitted that. I think this season they are planning on changing that. His storyline with Bonnie is a big indicator that things are changing. I really hope they are doing better by his character because Michael Malarkey is a great actor and should be given good material to work with. 

Well that’s all. Please let me know what you guys think?