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Hi ☺ so easy question. Do you like sleep? Like are you "sleep is for the weak" or "sleep for a week" (which is me, sleep is life). Hope your night goes better.

Sleep for a week, hands down. No questions asked. I used to fall asleep in the middle of the day, and I’d be out for like four to six hours, and I’d call those “naps” lmao xD I have the cat philosophy: 2/3 of the day spent sleeping :3

For real you gave me the best segue though, because I have to go to bed because I work tomorrow. So I have to stop answering the questions now because I need sleep, but I will do the rest tomorrow when I wake up.

Seriously guys, though, for real. Thanks for indulging me this. It has really helped calm me down a lot, which was the main focus, but I also like being able to just, be me on this blog sometimes. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I kept myself pretty detached from here, because I didn’t want my personal shit getting in the way of the magic stuff, and I think that had a hand in how people reacted to me whenever I would interact more. And it’s kinda saddening. 

So it’s nice to get to be a people and share this stuff with you guys, and you seem to be taking it in stride pretty well. I am really sorry for the spam tonight, but I do appreciate you guys sending all the asks in, I feel tons better. I also hope you guys liked the little glimpse into me as a person outside of Witchblr, lol.

Thanks again, you’re all amazing, the best group of people I could ever ask for to interact with me all day. ❤

A knock sounded on the door. Wade Wilson was on his feet and pirouetted his way to the door in a matter of seconds, flinging it wide open.

“Thank Thor (or Loki)! I was about to starve!

The kid at the door looked on, vaguely unimpressed at Wade’s antics. “Are you the mister Pool comma Dead who ordered a large, uh… pineapple olive, large anchovy mushroom, and large special order of four cheese with… mozzarella sticks as the topping?” he recited the order in a bored drawl, but there was a hint of judgement in his tone. So Wade liked his pizzas with a bit of zest and creativity. Was it a crime? Part of Wade hoped it was, how thrilling would it be to live on the run from the cops for daring to order a pizza outside the conventional system? It would make a great movie! He should write it, he could make millions-

“I’m taking that as a yes,” Pizza kid said, clearing his throat loudly. “If you could maybe pay for these, I gotta get going.” He shifted the pizzas in his grip with a peeved look on his face.

Okay, rude. It’s not like Wade had made him stand there for… Wade checked his watch. Oh. Nearly five minutes. Okay, maybe he’d been dissociating a bit longer than he realized. “My bad,” Wade said, reaching for his wallet, “what do I owe ya for, pretty boy?”

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29. “I thought you were dead.” Andriel?

bitch i heard andriel not andreil so that’s what you’re getting ayt

fic meme 1-100: andriel (andrew + nathaniel) + 29. “I thought you were dead.”

send me a pairing (preferably from aftg/trc, but you can send me anything) and a number and i’ll write you a drabble (1-50) (51-100)

“The last time it got this bad, I remember having to go to… extreme measures to handle it.”

Andrew stiffened at the thought of whatever methods Betsy was implying. Surely she meant healthy and valid preventive measures, which are proven to have worked, designed by reliable and credible psychiatrists?

Then again, when had he ever trusted any psychiatrist? Ever since Neil, really, when had he ever trusted anyone? Betsy didn’t count, even if she was the closest to what Andrew considered the definition of trusted.

Dissociative identity disorder, he learned a long time ago, wasn’t just Neil Josten forgetting himself. It wasn’t just Nathaniel Wesninski coming back to life whenever he wanted to.

It was Andrew needing to have the capacity for two entirely different beings, separate but so intricately intertwined that they were forced to live in the same body, and had no choice in the matter. Because they weren’t conscious of the concept of being separated. Nor could they be.

Putting his hand on the doorknob, Andrew asked, “Who is he today?”

Betsy sighed, and put her hand on Andrew’s shoulder, gave it a reassuring squeeze. She took it away before Andrew could flinch.

“He’s Nathaniel today,” Betsy replied, shoving her glasses up the bridge of her nose. As the door went ajar, she added, “He hasn’t been Neil for weeks. So he might not know who you are.”

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Little idea inspired by Brendon’s story about falling off his skateboard. Full credit to whoever this photo was posted by orginally <3 <3 dedicated to the amazing @lacyandbeebourie becayse I love her <3

I’m sorry it’s so long XD

Word count - 5781

A Couple Puffs Then We’re Done

I padded through the college into my lecture, I was about 20 minutes early so I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there yet. I winced at the stinging sensation on my leg under my jeans, why I had thought skinny jeans were a good idea after bailing off my board yesterday was beyond me, but it was me after all. To my surprise the lecture room wasn’t a ghostland and as luck would have it there were even some of my friends, I glanced over at Brendon, Ryan and Spencer sitting a little away from my friends, no doubt Ryan had followed Sophia here. Brendon smiled at me, we didn’t talk huge amounts but we had worked together on projects a few times, nevertheless he was still super hot, tattoos covering his left forearm and always wearing a tshirt with skinny jeans, almost black hair lazily flicked to one side with his hand. He was in a band and played a ton of instruments AND sang which just made him hotter quite honestly. I walked through to my friends and threw myself into a chair, groaning out when I scraped the raw skin on my leg.

“AH fuck!” I yelped slightly, my hands flying to my right thigh.

“Jesus what happened to you?” Sophia asked, turning her head to face me.

“I had a total wipe out on my board yesterday.” I laughed at my own stupidity, it was even doing a trick, literally doing an ollie down a step.

“Isn’t that in the sea?” Lola asked in typical airhead fashion.

“Skateboard Lo.” I sighed, giggling.

“What happened?” Sophia asked, laughing with me.

“I tried to ollie down a step and just failed miserable, I fell straight on my ass and it fucking hurt.” I laughed, never the one to hold back when explaining things.

“You’re an idiot.” She teased, giggling along with me, I heard the boys chatting behind us.

“You know I did pretty much the exact same thing last summer.” Brendon’s smooth voice rang out, I snapped my head around, he was grinning slightly.

“Really? I didn’t even know you board.” I turned to face him, that distinctive half smile, that I wish I didn’t love so much, was plastered all over his face.

“Yeah! I was skating across the road and tried to ollie up the sidewalk and just went flying forward, scraped my whole side up, I think I got a picture somewhere.” He shook his head as he told the story, his smile beaming at me, god he was too hot, one hand slipping up to run through his impossibly dark hair. “What board do you have anyway?”

“I got a Diamond Supply custom.” I grinned, picturing my gorgeous skateboard sitting in my dorm room.

“Nice! Mines an Alien Workshop. It’s beat up as fuck I need a new one. How did you get your hands on a custom aren’t they way expensive?”

“I got it for my 18th from my dad. It’s getting pretty beat up already.”

“I’ve literally never seen a Diamond Supply custom in person.”

“Oh my God, mine is gorgeous! I…” I hesitated for a split second, rethinking my plan to fuck with a guy with so much of a reputation. “I mean, I can show you mine, you can fuck about with it tomorrow or something.”

“Seriously? Awesome, it’s a date!” He chimed, grinning the biggest smile ever at me, the girls giggled a little. “Although… please expect me to be bugging you about this like tomorrow, because I really like those boards.” We sat and nattered a little more about skating and different boards before our professor came in and we had to be quiet. The rest of the class I kept feeling Brendon’s eyes on me, turning occasionally to see his head snap away, turning to face the front again, his focus on his notebook was adorable, lip pulled between his teeth and brows scrunching up occasionally. I wasn’t paying attention much. As we finished I shoved my books back in my bag, standing and trailing after the girls, we were about to head to get some food when a voice disturbed us.

“Hey Y/N!” Brendon yelled, running up to me, the girls were giggling already, I turned to face him, returning the smile he shot at me.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Well… umm seeing as we don’t have many of the same classes and might not see each other til’ next week, I was gonna ask if umm… well… could I have your number?” He stuttered slightly, grinning nonetheless, I heard whispering from behind me but opted to ignore it.

“Yeah sure, pass your phone.” He did so without hesitation, thrusting his phone into my hands. “It's… umm it’s locked.”

“Oh shit yeah…” He leaned in. “8274” He whispered, I raised an eyebrow, tapping in the digits, his phone unlocked.

“You didn’t have to tell me. You literally could have done it yourself.”

“eh… I don’t mind you knowing my password. Don’t tell anyone though. Private stuff.” He said, his tone teasing and did he just wink at me? I tapped my number into his phone and called myself so I knew his too, he took his phone back triumphantly, grinning. “Thanks… I’ll text you later, maybe we can plan something.” He grinned, pulling me into a quick hug before sauntering away.

“Someone’s popular.” Sophia giggled along with Lola, both of them staring.

“Oh shut up.”

It was late afternoon when my phone buzzed for the first time, the name Brendon popping up on screen.

Brendon: Hi…

I smiled at the awkward as hell message, typing one back, hesitating before I pressed send, the following conversation was actually pretty cute… I think.

Me: Hey, couldn’t wait to speak to me again? ;)

It took precisely 30 seconds for it to buzz again.

Brendon: I was actually here to ask for nudes, why else would I want your number? :D

I laughed at his response, typing my own one out.

Me: Creeeeeep. That line work for you before? :P

Brendon: Oh don’t flatter yourself. I meant of your board ;) *nervous laughter*

Me: Suuuuuure.

Brendon: That a no?

Me: Shut up!

Brendon: Gotta run, band practise. Talk later?

Me: I’m free all night :)

Brendon: OK… text you later :*

I looked back to my laptop when the phone buzzed again.

Brendon: By the way, add me on Snapchat :* patdBrendon x

Did he send me a kiss? I added him anyway, he didn’t accept right away but I knew he was with the band so I didn’t sweat it. I kept working on my music theory stuff, a notebook to the side of me as I jotted things down. I spent a good couple of hours working before I was disturbed by the girls coming busting in the room, all dressed up and ready to go out, there was a party but I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to go.

“Hey studious Sally, coming out?” Sophia asked, giggling as she tugged at her dress, she looked pretty but so typically girly.

“I should work really. Plus it’s not really my scene.” I tried to talk her into leaving me alone, but it failed.

“Oh come on, Ryan and Spencer will be there.” Lola squealed, the both had a thing with those two.

“And that benefits me how?” I asked, turning back to my notebook and finishing off my sentence.

“Because Brendon will be with them.” Sophia teased me, I shook my head. “Oh come on! It’s just one night to have some fun!” I knew she would keep going on if I didn’t agree so I gave in.

“OK fine! Give me half hour to yet ready.” They giggled excitedly, hopping around like 5 year olds. “And don’t even try to get me to wear a dress.” They left me be finally, leaving to go do whatever other useless pre party rituals they wanted. I stood in front of my mirror, my hair had been plaited all day so I opted for the easy option of taking it out, leaving it wavy around my shoulders, I put some smokey eyeshadow on and mascara and my favourite dark red lipstick, satisfied with my head I decided to go look through my wardrobe. I opted for black, ripped skinny jeans and a cropped tank top, throwing on my beat up old converse and my sweater over the top, it was a nice sweater so I was sure I could get away with it. I actually felt like I looked pretty cute so decided to show off a little, opening Snapchat on my phone, I lifted the phone up a little to show the whole outfit, smiling into the camera, writing “Being forced to go out XD” under it. I posted it on my story and within a few minutes I got a text from Brendon again.

Brendon: What party are you being forced to go to? ;)

Me: I don’t even know who’s party is it… I got nagged into it.

Brendon: Well as luck would have it I’m also being forced to go to a party :P

Me: Might not even be the same one…

Brendon: I hope it is ;)

I decided to leave it at that, I didn’t want to make myself seen desperate or needy, play it cool Y/N, play it cool. Funnily enough I got another message from him, this time on Snapchat, he was wearing a dark shirt and snapback, a smile plastered across his face. “Nice outfit though…” it read. I smirked slightly at the snap, did he just say I looked good? I started to get an all too familiar feeling of anxiety that I was reading this whole situation wrong, I mean he had a reputation as a bit of a womaniser and I was starting to worry I was just his next quest. I tried to swallow down my nervous feelings and finish getting ready, skipping the jacket because I knew how warm it was tonight. The girls came bursting back through the door, both eyeing me.

“Ok not gonna lie, you might not be wearing a dress but you look hot!” Lola giggled, looking me up and down.

“Agreed, and your makeup is smoking.” Sophie added on the end, they both had their purses and were ready to go.

“Jesus do I have girlfriends or pervy guy friends here?!” I grabbed my back, slinging it over my shoulder. “Can we get this damn party over with?” With that I was dragged away, lead to some frat house on campus, jesus this would be annoying.

The party was a typical college party, tonnes of drunk jocks trying to get into the sorority girls pants, it was times like this when I regretted being such a quiet person in college, at least if I spoke to more people I wouldn’t be such a loner at parties. Some drooling jock came stumbling over to me, leaning his arm on the wall above me, he stunk of beer and cologne, not a good combination.

“You’re that skater girl, into all the metal music and weird shit right?” He slurred out, his breath was disgusting and made me feel pretty nauseous actually.

“Umm yeah I guess.” I sighed, taking a sip of my drink, he was wearing the college football team jersey, why you would wear it to a party I don’t know.

“It’s pretty hot, all that emo shit.” He slurred again, wow this was probably the most offensive pick up I’d ever experienced.

“Oh really, well the dumb jock look isn’t, so go find some other girl to hit on.” I snapped slightly, slipping out from under his arm and heading away, to my surprise, Brendon was standing in front of me, head tilted to the side with a broad smile, he looked so good tonight, his jeans fitted him in the best way and his dark tshirt sitting under a black leather jacket, I noticed the absence of the snapback though.

“Lose your hat?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

“Eh, it didn’t go with the jacket.” He shrugged, eyes moving to the jock that had been speaking to me 30 seconds ago. “You look about as happy to be here as me.”

“Just got told that ‘all the emo shit’ is pretty hot by some drooling chimp.” I giggled slightly, Brendon gently pulled me to the side to someone could get past me, the small contact felt nice. “So all in all a pretty good night.” He scoffed with laughter.

“Ah damn, I knew jocks were your type.” He leant on a table next to us, flicking his hair from his face effortlessly.

“Oh please, there’s only about 20 brain cells on that whole team and 10 of them are in the captain.” I sassed, putting the empty cup in my hand down.

“Ouch, I felt that burn from here, you want another drink?” He smiled sweetly, his eyes seeming to cost up and down me.

“Nah its cool, I wasn’t planning to stay much longer anyway.” I shook my head, returning the smile he gave me, with that Lola and Sophia come over, hanging off of Spencer and Ryan’s arms respectively. Music began blaring and I couldn’t hear myself think, I heard Lola shouting at Brendon and I to come and dance, as much as I tried to avoid it even Brendon was trying to convince me.

“Ah come on… just a few songs?” He pouted at me, smiling brightly when I relented and allowed myself to be lead onto the dancefloor. We all danced together, singing along to the music, it was fun for about 20 minutes then the novelty of dancing with the guy I liked had worn off. Brendon pulled me close as them music played and I felt my heart beginning to race, pounding in my chest as his lips leant close to my ear.

“Wanna blow this place? I’m bored outta my mind!” He yelled over the music, I nodded, letting him lead me out the party. “Don’t you need to let your friends know where you’re going?”

“Nah, they’re too busy with Spencer and Ryan, I’ll text them.” I shook my head, Brendon and I walked aimlessly for a while before he spoke.

“Wanna go pick up our boards? I got some weed at mine we could have a smoke and skate?” He smiled, I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Smoke weed on campus?” I heard the shock in my own voice, cringing a little.

“Calm down goody two shoes, my place is off campus, we could pick up your board then walk to mine, then maybe we could go for a skate?” He smiled sweetly, the idea sounded amazing, it wasn’t so late and the sun was going to set soon, it was warm and breezy so I wouldn’t get too hot.

“You know… that sounds like an awesome idea.” I smiled, we walked to mine, Brendon spent about ten minutes in my room just gushing over my skateboard before I finally managed to drag him out to go to his place. He walked and I used my board, even though I let him have a few turns on it, we headed over to his place, he let me in and lead me to his bedroom.

“Want me to roll a few blunts before we go? So we don’t have to keep coming back or rolling while we’re out?” He sat down, pulling out a small box with all of his stuff in.

“It’s ok, I’ll only have a little. Don’t wanna steal all your weed.” I tried to argue but he shook his head.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll roll and few and you can smoke as much as you want.” He did as he said, rolling a few blunts and putting them in a small silver tin, throwing that in the pocket of his leather jacket, he lead me outside, grabbing his own board as we left, he grabbed keys and his wallet. “It sucks that that you know how to skate.” He grinned at me, I tilted my head to the side, confused by the comment.

“What… why?” I was totally puzzled by it.

“Because… teaching you how to skate would have been a really good way to get close to you.” He flashed a cheesy grin, both of us cracking up into giggles, after he giggled be pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth, eyes flitting up and down over me again.

“Well looks like you’ll have to be more inventive then.” I challenged, still wasn’t sure about this but I was all up for having fun tonight.

“Well aren’t you lucky I like a challenge.”

As we were skating around near his place we took the odd video of each other, I posted a few of Brendon skating on snapchat as well as a few selfies, he took a few videos of us both smoking and skating, playing some music off of my phone. Time completely flew by, the sun was setting fast and we were both pretty stoned skating around, laughing and joking on his snapchat and my own. I stopped and slid my sweater off, feeling the heat bubbling on my skin from skating, throwing it on the grass I was left in my cropped tank top, strappy and sitting just above my naval. I felt Brendon’s eyes on me, flitting up and down my body slowly, it was actually kind of hot feeling like he might actually be attracted to me. His jacket was already on the ground, he stopped, running a hand casually through his hair, flopping on the ground to light a blunt. I sat next to him, glad to be taking a breather for a minute, flopping back on the grass, smoking a little before he headed up to skate some more, smiling at me as he messed around. While he was skating again I looked at his Snapchat, he had taken several videos and pictures and posted them, one was of us both boarding, one picture of us sitting smoking a joint. I looked at the next video and it was me skating with the words “she’s perfect” and a heart sticker on it, I felt myself blush a little, the next picture was us on the grass with “beats a party anyday” written on it. The last few pictures and videos on his story were what got me. One was a picture of me, sweater off midway through an ollie, it was a pretty good picture actually but it was the caption that got me. “Lucky to be with her tonight” and more hearts followed, the final video was us skating and laughing. “A night well spent.” I was blushing so hard by the end of the story, he came skating over, plopping back down next to me on the grass. I took out my phone, holding it out in front of us and pressing a kiss to his cheek, snapping the picture, captioning it “He’s adorable” I plastered the end of it with hearts.

“So tell me more about yourself Urie.” I teased as we lay in the grass, taking an pull of the blunt he had given me.

“There’s not much to know.” He smiled, looking up at the sky.

“Liar… there’s tonnes to know, you just don’t trust anyone enough to tell them.” I smiled and got one back, his eyebrows arched slightly at me.

“Wow… beautiful and intelligent, have I fallen on my feet here?” He flashed another gorgeous smile and I giggled, feeling myself flushing pink, he took a pull on his own joint.

“Oh stop teasing and open up will ya?” I laughed, even though I actually wanted him to, he knew tonnes about me.

“Well, what do ya want to know?”

“Anything you want to tell me.”

“Well… I’m from Vegas, a small town called Summerville, I used to be Mormon, I’m an Aries, I love music more than anything, I play drums, piano, guitar, bass and I sing and mix music for the band too.” He smiled, touching my cheek, I felt my head lean into his touch. “How’s that?”

“Umm good…” I smiled, trying to think of things to keep the conversation going. “So… how did you find moving to college?”

“You know it was pretty easy, I moved out when I was 17 so it wasn’t really any different for me.” I stared at him in shock, I had no idea about any of this.

“What do you mean you moved out at 17?” I asked, interested but trying not to pry.

“Well, when I told my parents I didn’t believe in god, things got pretty sucky for a while, a lot of arguments, so I moved out.”

“But how did you afford that?”

“I worked in a smoothie shop while I was in high school, I only had like 2 lessons a day and would be out by half 10 so I used to work like 8 hours.”

“You must have been exhausted most of the time.”

“Well yeah, but it was worth it, I got into college AND I the band is doing great.” He smiled sweetly, both of us were probably just high and talking shit but it was nice anyway.


“Yeah, we have a meeting with Pete Wentz next month!” He gushed, turning to face me. We continued to talk, getting to know small things about each other that maybe we wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for tonight, how his favourite colour is red and he loves Frank Sinatra, and his hopes and dreams for the band. It felt surreal, yet it was such an intimate conversation, laying and smoking on the grass, I told him about my family and how I wish they’d support my interests a little more, he asked me endless questions about my interests and told me all about his family and his life. All of a sudden I felt like I could tell him anything, like he was the most trustworthy person in my life. “You… you don’t have to keep telling me stuff just because I asked.” I smiled, I felt his hand touch mine, holding it gently, his smile equally as sweet as he looked at me.

“I’m telling you because I want to. Not because you made me.” He gently stroked my fingers, shifting a little closer to me, he blew the last draw of his blunt out, throwing it away, we went silent, looking at each other, before I could say another word he kissed me, slow and gentle, fingers lacing in with mine, hand pulling me in by the waist. His lips began to move against mine in slow, methodical movements, tongue brushing my lip gently, I eagerly parted my lips allowing his tongue to move against my own. His hand tangled into my hair, pulling my body close, I whimpered against him, he was such a good kisser, it was making my mind turn to mush, I found myself gripping onto his arms and moaning like a 15 having their first kiss. He pulled back, gasping slightly, his eyes fiery and black, breathing heavy as his arms held me clothes.

“My place?” He mumbled, biting his lip as he pressed another kiss to my lips.

“Yes…” I whimpered, feeling him act quickly, he stood and yanked me up, grabbing our stuff before we both skated home, he kept hold of my hand and somehow we managed not to fall off our boards, getting in we both threw them down near the door, he kicked his shoes off and I followed suit, following him up to his room.

Once in his room he moved over to his dresser, taking his shirt off and throwing it on his computer chair, he turned back to me.

“C’mere gorgeous.” He purred, pulling me against him, his lips pressing softly against my own, his hands sliding onto my waist, touching the skin left bare by my cropped top, his fingers curled on the hem pulling it up over my head, throwing it to the ground. “God you’re so sexy.” He practically moaned out, biting his lip at me, handing gliding over my stomach and back, fingertips stroking my skin, I heard myself moan out softly, allowing my own nervous hands to move onto his chest. He closed his eyes as my hands stroked his skin, his lips crashed down on mine, gripping me tightly against his body, the burning skin of his chest pressing against my own flushed pink flesh. He began to guide me over to the bed, working at the button on my jeans.

“They’ll be home soon.” I whispered, Brendon smirked, biting his lip.

“I know… good I got a lock right.” He winked, sauntering over to his bedroom door and pressing the lock in. “Now… lie down.” He teased, his voice low and husky, hands winding around my waist as he lowered me onto his bed, lips moving onto my neck, pressing light kisses all over the sensitive skin, I felt his teeth grazing my flesh, I whimpered as my back arched towards him. He unzipped my jeans, yanking them down my legs and tossing them to the side, unhooking my bra too, his lips moved down to my chest, kissing all over my breasts, tongue swirling against the skin, I whimpered, gripping onto his shoulder blades desperately.

“Brendon…” I gasped, writhing, his hand slid into my panties as his lips worked my flesh, biting down again, his fingers circling on my clit, he groaned as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, they were left undone. He withdrew his hand from my panties, much to my annoyance, he kicked his jeans off, leaving him in his boxers on top of me, hand back in my panties, touching my clit again, sending shudders of pleasure through me, I felt him hard against my leg, grinding into me slightly.

“Fuck Y/N…” He growled slightly, his breathing rapid and desperate.

“Come on…” I panted desperately, I needed more and he knew it, he groaned and nodded at me, pulling my panties down tossing them somewhere, he wriggled out of his boxers, I felt his bare skin against me, the heat coming from both of us was unbearable, I pressed my hips up towards him, desperate for more contact.

“Someone’s impatient.” He said biting his lip at me, the way he looked at me was driving me crazy, his lip pulled sexily between his teeth, hips grinding down against me, I whimpered again, his hand slipped in between us, he rubbed his cock against me. “So wet.” He growled out, his hips rocking slowly.

“Please Bren…” I whimpered, gripping onto him, he chuckled low in his throat, my hips rocked against his, he groaned out again. “Come on… I need you.” I whimpered, hearing my own voice breathy and desperate.

“Fuck this.” He growled, his hips snapped sharply against me, pushing into me hard, I gasped out, his hips began to snap against me, jolting me up on the bed, his hand gripping the sheets hard, pulling them next to my head. I heard myself moaning and whimpering on the bed under him as his body moved above me, face screwed up in pleasure, his own panting and moaning turning me on even more, I knew how much he was enjoying this, it made it better for me. He growled slightly, leaning up almost upright as his hips slammed into me, the low rumbling sound coming from in his chest driving me insane, I felt him hitting that perfect spot over and over again. It played in the back of my mind that the reason he was so good at this was because of his reputation and how much he’d done it before, but the though was quickly stamped out by the mind numbing pleasure he was giving me. He just grunted and groaned above me, throwing his head back in pleasure, his sexy, tattooed arm coming up to my neck, hand wrapping gently around my throat, holding it in his fingers, squeezing ever so slightly when I moaned out. He looked at me with a new intensity, his eyes burning, like he couldn’t get enough of me, it made me feel so sexy, like no one had made him feel like this before.

My brain began to fog over as an unfamiliar tightening in my stomach began to build up, I had literally only been able to cum before if it was me doing it, so the fact that Brendon had almost nailed it first time drove me crazy. His hand remained around my throat, the other gripping the sheets next to me, I hadn’t really tried rougher sex but it was so hot I couldn’t care less if it was new to me. He released my throat, instead opting to grip onto my wrists, pinning them up above my head as his mouth moved to my neck, biting down harder than before, I felt the slight suction on the skin, knowing he’d leave a dark red mark there.

“Fuck Brendon.” I gasped out, the pain was amazing, along with the pleasure of his hips slamming into me over and over, his pace was relentless, it was like it didn’t faze him at all. He smirked down, letting out another impossibly sexy moan, using only one hand to pin my wrists, the other now gripping tightly onto my hip.

“Ugh Y/N… you feel so fucking tight.” He growled out, low and husky, the tone sent shivers down my spine, I felt the slight sting of his fingers, gripping my hip possessively, I could already tell he wasn’t the type for sharing, the way his body loomed over mine, hands gripping me. His dark hair began to cling to his sweaty forehead, his head thrown back, mouth falling open as he grunted with each thrust, the bed beginning to slam against the wall loudly.

“I… I’m c-close.” I gasped, feeling the knot in my stomach tightening more, like I was about to snap, my mind growing hazy, all I could think of was his name and his body and the way he made me feel, nothing else mattered at that moment. He seemed to gain a second wind hearing me say that, his hips slamming into me with new found ferocity, growling and groaning over the top of me, released my wrists which instantly flew up to his back, gripping it tightly, I felt my nails raking down his flesh which only seemed to drive him even more crazy. He hooked my leg under his arm, allowing him deeper, his free hand tangled in my air, gripping a fistful and pulling it lightly, forcing my back to arch against him, he used to opportunity to attack my neck again, biting and sucking all over. “B-bren, I… can’t hold on much longer.” I whimpered desperately, the stings and aches of pain he was giving me drove me insane, a perfect contrast to how amazing I felt every else.

“Me too baby… I wanna feel you cum on my cock.” He snarled, pulling my hair again sharply, I felt his thrusts growing sloppier and harder, he leant down close to my ear, biting just underneath it. “Cum for me.” He groaned, I came undone at his words, cumming hard around him, feeling myself tightening around him, gripping his back tight, he kept his tight grip on my body, his head bowed into the crook of my neck.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, loud and desperate, I was so glad they hadn’t come back yet, my body felt like it was fluttering, shaking and weak, suddenly he gave one last burst of hard thrusts before slowing.

“Oh fuck Y/N.” He tensed right up above me, throwing his head back, mouth open as he throbbed, hitting his peak just after me, groaned out, his own breath shaky and staggered in my ear.

He flopped down next to me, breathing heavily, sweat coating his skin as he leant back.

“Wow…” He panted slightly, taking a swig of the drink next to his bed. “That was amazing.”

“I know…” I gasped out, suddenly feeling that anxiety about it coming back. “Just so you know, I’m really not the type to do this.” I mumbled, he laughed in a low breathy tone.

“Stop thinking I’m judging you for any of this.” He smiled, pulling me a little closer to him, his million dollar smile beaming at me.

“I just… I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about me.” I sighed, allowing myself to be pulled closer to the dark haired boy.

“Well you know… I was kinda hoping that this could happen more often?” He smiled, he brushed my hair out of my face, sweat causing it to stick slightly, I raised an eyebrow, panicking that all my worries had just been confirmed. “No! I don’t just mean that, I mean tonight, me and you.”

“Me and you?” I asked, tilting my head to the side as he lay next to me slightly breathless.

“You know, getting stoned and skating just the two of us, having lunch together all the time, holding hands, cuddling and watching movies. You know, all that stuff that makes single people cringe.” He smiled sincerely, cuddling up to me.

“But… why… I’m hardly your usual type.” I tried to hide the concern in my voice, he kissed my forehead gently, pulling me close to him on the bed.

“Listen… if you think you’re not damn perfect then you’re stupid. You skate, you’re beautiful, intelligent, witty, you love music and you smoke, and you’re happy to just chill. I’ve liked you for ages but tonight I finally got the chance to really speak to you and get to know you, and you’re every bit as amazing as I thought, more even.” I blushed bright red, feeling him pull the covers over us, nuzzling his face into my hair.

“I really like you Bren… I’m just scared.” I mumbled into his chest, us snuggling up together in bed felt great.

“I know… but I swear, I won’t hurt you, I’m not an idiot. I wouldn’t fuck up something so amazing. I really like you too.” He smiled, we heard Ryan and Sophia giggling downstairs, they’d just come in, Brendon chuckled. “We should probably try to get to sleep before they start making noise.”

“Ok…” I mumbled again, nuzzling into his chest. “Night Brendon.”

“Night babe.”

I really hope you like it guys <3



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“When you wake up tomorrow morning and you have no voice i want this right here to be the reason why. this - this is - this is what music is all about this is what concerts and live music is all about. it’s the connection between the arena, the people in the arena and the person on stage performing. this is what it’s about. if - if you feel - if you feel that here’s a wall there’s something seriously wrong. you guys gotta be here with me tonight. and i need you to scream this with me alright?” - Shawn Mendes, Illuminate World Tour, Munich, 15/05/2017

The Office

2 teams of 6 good looking men, 1 intern, 1 receptionist and an overwhelming amount of tension and flirting.

Part Two - The Hazing

Genre: CRACK | Fluff | Angst
Members:  OT7
Word count: 2,503

A/N: Honestly I’m not a big fan of this chapter but some tidbits of info in this one are essential for later on. Let’s just call it that one episode that almost cancelled the show… cool? cool. - Amelia

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Originally posted by jamless-vibes

“Kim Taehyung!” I yelled. “Are you kidding me?!”

“What now!?” Hoseok groaned. I probably killed his ears these last two days with all the shouting. The other boys looked up from their desks to see Jungkook’s computer mouse glued to my palm.

Jungkook slipped away from Jimin’s desk and rushed to my side, frantically asking if I’d be alright. The rest of the boys were murmuring amongst themselves then I could hear one of the chairs scraping back on the linoleum.

“Taehyung, you idiot.” Yoongi’s eyes darkened, like some kind of beast had awoken inside him.

“Hyung, don’t hit him again!” Jimin intervened, walking over and standing between the two boys desks.

“This is a big offence Jimin. Let me teach him another lesson?”

“How about we let Y/n decide how to deal with this situation?” Namjoon suggested, and then they all looked over to me.

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Sleep - pt 6

Originally posted by jminies

Jimin slammed the front door closed and walked straight into his room, without noticing that you were siting down in the kitchen enjoying some watermelon.

He obviously wasn’t in a good mood so you continued reading your book. A few moments later he came out of the room, towel in hand, and locking eyes with you.

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Across the Hall

A sunny boy moves in across the hall from Katie Gardner. She gets a little nosy as he and the scowling boy next door collide paths again and again. 

this also can be read on my AO3 here

love you guys

If Katie Gardner wanted to, she could scroll back in her messages and find the exact date that Will Solace moved in across the hall from her room. It was the day she texted into her friend group chat an audio clip of loud, rustling noises, titled “kill me now”. At first, the audio only really sounds like a big cluster of clangs and crashes, but after listening to it again, it kind of sounds like someone moving furniture.


At one in the morning.

Katie’d cussed the mystery person out under her breath, of course, and in the group message, but never would’ve thought of actually going across the hall and yelling at the person themselves. But about thirty minutes later, as the painful metal scraping continued, Katie’s drowsy mind picked up some other noises.

Was that… knocking?

It totally was. Loud, harsh, angry knocking. Oh my gosh, somebody was going to give this person a piece of their mind.

And, with a little surge of annoyance and excitement in her chest, she realized just exactly who that somebody was.

God, it totally made sense. Nico di Angelo was not the type of person to put up with this stuff this early in the morning. Nico di Angelo was not the type of person to put up with anything, ever, at any time. But especially not this early in the morning.

And, just because she was that sort of person, Katie fumbled for a jacket and stumbled to the door, phone in hand.

Just in case she had to, you know, call the cops.

Or film a viral video, or something.

She heard the furniture moving stop. And the knocking continue. And the door across the hall slowly crack open.

There was a pause. A long pause. Like the hallway’d just filled with shock, or something.

And then she heard an angry- yes(!), she was right, she’d known she was right, that was Nico’s voice, and he was undeniably pissed- “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

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What Would You Say?

The reader is married and her husband isn’t faithful. She runs into Yondu at a bar and she tells him of her woes so Yondu offers to have sex with her. The next day, the reader divorces her husband and goes off to have adventures with Yondu - anon

Warning for language

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Struggle -4- Suga Au

Originally posted by 04pjm

Struggle -4- Suga AU story

Parts; Masterlist, | 0102 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 |

Pairing; Suga x Reader

Genre; Angst, Romance, Action, AU

Word Count; 2.695

Synopsis; Seoul was swarmed with gangs and in order to protect your little brother you made sure you could protect him and yourself but one night you followed your best friend into a club, which led your right into the arms of one of the biggest gangs.

You woke up tied to a chair, you could taste the blood, which meant they beat you or you bit your lip, which was a good possibility but as you had trouble opening your eyes, it was probably the first assumption. “Boss, she is waking up.”

“Are you awake beautiful?” he was close and the second he put his finger on your mouth you didn’t think twice and actually bit him hard, which resulted in you getting hit but hey, you were already bruised over your entire body so this really didn’t make any difference. “Let me help you open your eyes.” that’s when he actually made you open your eyes, this hurt like hell but at least now you could see where you were, well for what your vision told you anyway because you couldn’t see much as everything was blurry.

“Where am I?”

“You are at my house of course.” from what you could tell, you didn’t recognize his voice and he also didn’t look familiar but you weren’t sure as you vision was so clouded. “Why am I here?”

“Ah well you’re merely bait for our dear Min YoonGI.” you nodded as you had expected this but it didn’t really make sense because YoonGi had been there as well so why not just take him. “Why didn’t you take Yoongi instead of me, he was there as well.” that made the guy laugh but the way he laughed send down chills because it made him sound even creepy and you wished he would just stop and leave you alone. You tried out the ropes around your wrists and was surprised to find out that the person who had bound them, didn’t really do a good job.

“Do you think we are that stupid, if we had taken Yoongi, we would’ve all died on the spot.” you tried to roll your eyes but stopped when you felt the pain. “Why did you beat me up? If you think Yoongi is going to be forgiving when he sees me like this, then you are mistaken. He will kill you for this.”

“No he won’t because the minute he tried something, we will kill you,” you smirked at this because little did he know was that you could easily untie these ropes and when that happened you wasn’t going to stay still, you just had to wait until your sight was back to normal, which meant you probably had to stay here for two more days but that was doable. “Is there a reason why you abused me like this?”

“Not really but I didn’t feel like stopping my guys, just be happy they only beat you.” he shrugged and got up, the minute he did, two guys came walking in with a tray full of food and to be honest you were hungry and your stomach betrayed you. “You know you should feel honored that I am feeding you.” he caressed your cheek again but this time you kept a poker face but added it to list of things you would do to him when you got the chance. “Do you want to move to something more comfortable?”

“I’m fine on this chair,” you said with a mouthful, the thing that did bother you was the fact that you needed to pee but to tell him that was showing weakness as you had to ask for help. You looked at the guys who were standing close to the door when you recognized one and you couldn’t help but smirk as it was one of Yoongi’s men, probably undercover and this could solve your problem because he could tie you up again but as he was on your side he wouldn’t tie it strongly right? “Excuse me but I really need to use the toilet?”

“Bo Gum, help her out and tie her back up after she’s done.” He took you with him and untied you “Don’t do something stupid okay.” he whispered and you nodded, after you were done he tied you up again but this time the rope was even weaker and you couldn’t help but smile at this and your worries disappeared, now you just had to wait till your vision fully restored. Bo Gum was probably reporting to Yoongi about your health and you couldn’t wait what he would do to this guy, you knew they had put stuff in your food and the moment you woke up again it was really dark but at least you weren’t in excruciating pain, which meant they had left you alone. “Ah you’re awake again.” you opened your eyes as the lights got turned on, making you squeezing your eyes shut as the light was way too bright.

“Are you sure that Yoongi likes you because we haven’t been hearing from him.” This made you a bit insecure because why did it take so long or was this some kind of test to see if I could save myself, which I could but then again it would show how much he liked me if he came saving me but then again why would he risk his operation just to save me, that didn’t make sense and at least you had Bo Gum.

“I never said he would come rescuing me. I’m maybe his woman but would he risk his life and the lives of others just to save me? I don’t think he will.” You could see that he was getting angry and before you knew what was happening he hit you in the face and normally that would hurt but as everything in your body already hurt, this really didn’t have any impact, it only made you snap your neck back. “Why are you trying to catch Yoongi again?”

“He has been killing my people and my woman was one of them, so he needs to pay.” This sounded reasonable but why would he want Yoongi, why not just kill me, that would make them even. “Then just kill me.” he shook his head with his ugly smirk plastered on his face. “No, no I’m not going to kill you, you’re way too pretty for that.” You couldn’t help but look at him questionable because there was no way you were looking pretty right now. “Not now but normally you look pretty, we have been following you for a while now and I’ve decided that the best way to mess with Yoongi is to steal his woman.”

“Really? Then you don’t know Yoongi.”

“He will be here before the end of the week, mark my words.” This made you chuckle because you would be gone before that and you weren’t ruling out killing people to get out of here. “What’s so funny?”

“You are but whatever, can I get something to eat now?”

“You’re getting rude, why is that, what do you know that I don’t?” You shrugged and focussed on the door behind him “Just get me something to eat, please?” he stormed out and not long after a guy brought you food and even fed you when he pulled off the lid of one of the dishes a little note was on top of the salad.

“We are coming.” was all it said but it made you feel slightly better but you really didn’t want to wait any longer and tomorrow you would try to escape. “Thank you,” you whispered to the guy and he just smiled apologetic at you. When you were done eating you got left alone again and you knew that the “boss” would come one more time today but after that, you were out of here and you were right, after a few hours at least it felt like hours he appeared again and this time he was holding a camera. “I think Yoongi needs some motivation, so please tell him how you feel.”

“Seriously? Isn’t this a bit cheesy, it’s not like I’m going to die.”

“Just do what I tell you, you wench!” he couldn’t even curse properly and the giggle escaped your mouth before you could stop it, this made him narrow his eyes and you knew you had to be careful right now. “Talk to him.”

“Yoongi Oppa, I’m fine you really don’t have to save me. I’m maybe under bruises but other than that I’m doing fine, so please don’t do anything stupid.” You weren’t going to beg him to come and rescue you and seeing the boss he expected this and he smirked at someone behind you and you got pulled out of your chair and that’s when you felt the whip touching your back and this hurt but you kept your eyes on the camera without blinking once “Are you really not going to scream because we can continue this until you scream you know.”

“Just kill me then, I really don’t care,” you said through clenched teeth as the whip touched your skin again, it did make you fall on your knees but you refused to scream instead you bit your lip and you could taste the blood by now and apparently that was enough because the beating stopped and they left you lying on the floor but even though everything was hurting right now, you just needed to rest for a while and then you were out of here. The door opened again and when someone stopped next to you, you opened your eyes and looked at Bo Gum who had creme in his hands, you just gave him a nod and he pulled up your shirt and applied the creme, which cooled the throbbing down. “I know what you are planning that’s why I’m going to put this in the back of your jeans but please be careful.” he patted your head before getting up. You crawled into a sitting position, which wasn’t easy as you hadn’t untied your hands but as you tried to get the ropes loose you were surprised that you could pull them off easily. This had to be Bo gum’s work and you were already thinking about how you could thank him.

You stretched your stiff limbs, which ached like crazy but there was no time to worry about this as you needed to move. You pulled out the gun and checked your amo and he had given me a fully loaded gun. This was going to be something else and the second you opened the door, you had to bring someone down, which wasn’t that difficult but you didn;t really know the way so you had to go out and explore. You got at a staircase and whilst making your way down the next few people arrived and they looked shocked at first but they didn’t need long to figure out what was happening and the next minute you got thrown off the stairs and boy did that hurt , it hurt so much that you momentarily forgot about the gun you were holding.

You didn’t have a choice then to use it and as the first person went down a door got busted and as you were still lying on the floor it wasn’t difficult to make eye contact with none other than Yoongi himself. He smirked when he saw you lying on your back with a gun in your hand aiming at him. “Are you comfortable?” he was actually joking right now but his eyes betrayed his relief about finding you alive. He stretched out his hand, which you took and he briefly hugged you before there were more shots fired at us. “How did you get in here?”

“through one of the backdoors but we have to hurry.” he pulled you with him in the direction he came from but that really hurt as his strength was no joke. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, let’s go.” and as you ran with him you recognized the people around you, Jungkook, Jimin and Jin were here as well, which meant the escape car had J-hope, Namjoon, and Taehyung, they were probably the ones who were steering us through this house. You bumped into Yoongi when he suddenly stopped “What’s wrong?”

“Well hello Sunbae, nice of you to join us.” Our guns were aimed at him and you were praying you could win this but you were definitely the weakest amongst them. “Wang Yo, did they really made you in charge of this gang?” Yoongi sounded as if he tried his hardest to not laugh at him and you immediately wondered why he was so relaxed. “Of course they did.”

“Don’t you think that was a mistake?”

“Of course you would say that sunbaenim but if you hadn’t left you would be in charge.” Yoongi nodded with a smile “I know that’s why I left.”

“You’re stupid if you think you can get out of here alive.”

“And you’re stupid to think you can kill me.” he gave a sign and before you knew what happened there were shots everywhere and as you wanted to dive to the ground Yoongi kept you steadily in your place. “Follow their lead.” he quickly whispered and when you saw he was looking at the gun in your hand you got it and aimed it at the people who were still standing. “She can’t kill me Yoongi.”

“Why would we kill you?”

“Just admit that you want to kill me for beating your woman.” Yoongi shook his head whilst chuckling and you didn’t know if you had to be offended or not because this didn’t really sound nice. “I knew she would take care of herself but I couldn’t let her do everything alone so I decided to help her out but if I didn’t show up, she would’ve killed you herself because you know it’s not only her you hurt but her little brother as well and that is like giving yourself the death sentence.”

“Wait, what happened to my little brother?” you asked worriedly because you didn’t know anything about that. “He has been shot by him and is in a coma.” Yoongi quickly explained and as you locked your eyes on Wang Yo’s face you immediately felt a rage within you because he could kill you for that matter but touching your brother, you aimed your gun at his head and pulled the trigger without any hesitation but you weren’t aiming high enough and you just hit his shoulder but it was enough to make him fall on his knees. “You bastard, you will pay for touching my brother!” you yelled at him but as you tried to shoot him again, you felt an excruciating pain in your leg and as you looked down you saw the blood spilling out of the wound and you were shocked to see that someone had shot you. “We have to move now.” you heard Yoongi say and next thing you know Jungkook lifted you in his arms and the five of you ran out of the building, you couldn’t focus on the fight around you as the pain was too much to bear.

They put you in the car and you heard the other’s vaguely ask if you were okay and you remember nodding but that was all because as Yoongi got in the car you only focussed on his scent, which was soothing because you knew you were save. “Don’t fall asleep Y/N.”

“I’m so tired.”

“I know but you really need to stay awake.”

“I can’t”

“You have to.” he was gently playing with your hair, which made it even harder to stay awake. It felt good to be safe again but as you had tried to ignore your feelings for Yoongi, you just didn’t have any strength for it today. “Thank you for saving me,” you whispered and that’s when the first tears fell and as he wiped them away you focussed on his eyes and they told you everything you needed. He loved you and these couple of days had been a hell for him as well, it was all in his eyes, he massaged your temple and the next thing he said made your heart melt completely.

“Let’s go home.“

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If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 11

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 11 - Next Steps

You and Jungkook discuss what’s next, with some help from Taehyung.

Word Count: 1860 (of 72622)

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Well, well, well, here we go again!!

I’ve still got 5 prompts from the last batch currently in my inbox (not to mention the Battle Buddies original fic lined up for tomorrow ;P ), but I think I’m ahead enough that I can open up prompts and take some lovely suggestions from you folks! Hopefully, y’all caught the warnings I gave you for the last few days so you could get your ideas together!

BUT! Before you do send a prompt my way, please take a look at these bullet points below so you know what I’m comfortable with writing. That way, we’re all on the same page! And please do read these, guys - last time, I got a sizeable number of anon prompters who clearly didn’t read these points before they sent something in. Please don’t be That Guy™.

  • Before you send in your prompt, check out my Rules page and my list of RT folks who I’m willing to write, just so you know that your idea is something I’m cool with. There’s quite a few folks on the list from the good ol’ RT-ers to Funhaus, and some newer additions from Cow Chop and Screw/GameAttack, so take a gander and if you see a fave of yours - hit me up, yo! Especially if I haven’t written them much/at all before!
  • Try to be as specific as possible with your prompt. Like, I’m not gonna ignore it if it’s just ‘‘Peake fluff’‘ or ‘‘Cole smut’‘ or anything like that, but it is easier for me if you have some detail in there. Even if it’s just ‘‘romantic smut’‘ or ‘‘domestic fluff’‘, any additional ideas or descriptions you can give me will help me write something that you really want.
  • I can’t guarantee exactly when your prompt will be written and posted. I try to post Wednesdays and Saturdays, but this is subject to change based on how busy I am. I’m currently working on my Masters’ thesis and that is going to demand some time and attention writing-wise, so it’s possible that there could be quite a wait before I get your fic out. But! I promise that I will definitely get it out eventually!
  • I’m always open to respond to messages and chat with you if you have a query about what I’ll write that isn’t covered in my Rules page. Don’t be afraid to drop me a message (either on or off-anon in my inbox, or as a message on Tumblr Chat) and talk with me - I want to write the fic that /you/ want to read, so any details you can give me are greatly appreciated.
  • Butts are pretty cool. This has nothing to do with fics or prompts, I just wanted to put that out there. And also maybe see if anyone actually reads these bullet points?

And there you have it, folks! If you’ve gone through all of the above (especially the butts one…) and you still think that your idea is something that I could write for you, then you’re ready to prompt me, baby! Slide into my inbox as fast as you can, because I usually cap out at around 10-15 prompts a batch! But don’t worry if you miss out, there’s always next time :)

And as per usual, I want to take a second just to say how much I love you guys. Everyone out there who’s ever read, liked, reblogged or commented on any of my fics - you’ve all made my day and justified all the time and effort that I sink into this monstrosity of a blog! I really do appreciate the support and feedback that you guys give me! I mean, by the time this goes up - it’s just under two weeks until the 1-year annivesery of the day I started this blog! ONE WHOLE YEAR, THAT IS FUCKING INSANE!!!

It’s been a wild ride and I’ve loved every second of it. You guys are the best! I hope that wherever and whenever you’re reading this, you’re having a wonderful day! Be nice to each other, folks!

Now - send me some ficcy-doos!!!


Omg guys! I’m super sorry I haven’t posted anything in a couple days…I was binge watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Seriously. And now that it’s over I’m kind of like???? What do I do now???? So I think I need to play through MM to get the fire going again! We’ll return to smutville VERY soon, promise! Also, tomorrow is N7 day and I’m SO FIRED UP ABOUT MASS EFFECT AGAIN. Anyway, I’m hoping to answer some asks tomorrow and get back on this smut train! Thanks for being patient!

Originally posted by nadegami

Nate hadn’t intended for anyone to see the lame drawing of his superhero costume. The absolute last person he wanted to see his drawing was Ray Palmer, CEO, billionaire, and designer of the coolest superhero suit Nate had ever seen in his life. Well, besides the one his grandfather had worn of course. But Ray’s suit was just a whole different level of amazing. There was no way he was going to be impressed with Nate’s childish doodles.

When Ray unfolds the drawing, Nate first tries to deny that he even drew it. Then tries to justify needing a suit and before he knows it, all of his insecurities about being just the “researcher” of the group instead of out there on the front lines come tumbling out of his mouth. Nate expects at least a little bit of mocking, and maybe even some false platitudes, but Ray only smiles and tells him that he understands how Nate’s feeling before diving into a spiel about getting around the Wild West. Nate’s trying to pay attention, but he’s too distracted by the warm feeling blooming in his chest.

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“You’re drunk.”

Originally posted by lookprettyliveclassyplaydirty

Originally posted by alwaysbeu

Pairing - Dean X Reader

Word Count - 758
Warnings -  Drinking, Swearing.
Summary - Night out at a bar with Sam, Dean and Reader.

After a 3 day long vamp hunt you were more than excited to go to the bare and drink yourself silly. You had spent a little longer than usual getting ready, you felt pretty for once, picking out a black leather skirt which hugged you in all the right places, a blush pink blouse and a pair of black heels. Dean had already made a comment you had chosen to ignore.

A glass of wine, 3 beers and 3 tequila shots later, you were more than buzzed. You’d made your way to the nonexistent dance floor where other people were dancing their hearts out.

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So this looks fun so far! :D

  • MC has guts, a personality, and a sense of humor! And a sense of self-preservation! Just, hell yes.
  • The story is crazy so far, but whatever, doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously
  • Astrophysics student and ninja (he needed the money I guess) Sasuke is at least trying to make sense of it
  • After playing SLBP it’s funny to see some of the guys‘ very different personalities lol
    • Like, super shady Mitsuhide and extra nice Mitsunari? What? lolol
    • This crazy-ass Masamune is pretty fun, too
  • Oh, and what about the timeline before the time jumps happened? It’s supposed to be 1582, as Nobunaga even kindly confirmed (…):

I guess I’ll take the SLBP approach and just headcanon all the warlords to be somewhere in their 20ies or 30ies lol

Klance highschool au kinda thing?

(Sorry that we have been kinda bad again recently…again tiredness and just school has been really getting to us but do not fear! We still live. Here is some Klance to cleanse the soul. Also happy pride month everyone! Gosh how amazing 😊 anyway back to the writing, also sorry I am on mobile at the moment so can’t put under cut for longness…please scroll really fast of you have no interest in reading)

“Lance…are you sure this is a good idea because honestly if we-”
“Hunk relax! We are going to be fine we’ll be in there for a second then straight back out again alright?”
“But you do know that if we get caught it is like, two weeks worth of detention right? Just…I don’t want to get myself and especially you guys in trouble-”
“Shhhh, that’s Mr Kenzwell leaving let’s move!”

Hunk and Lance quickly hid behind the large plant that was in the hall for some reason…anyway the grumpy teacher left after locking the door like always and the two sneaky students called some one they knew would know how to pick a lock in this old ass school. Pidge, who had been waiting for the call and was the last part of the trio of friends answered in a heart beat, explaining how to do so. “Wait…repeat what you just said please I-” “Just turn it and your done geeze we went over this like ten times earlier!”
“To be fare it was extremely brief each time…your explanation on things are not the best…”
“Shhh, just do it we need to be quick lunch goes by quicker than you think ok! Trust me..”

Lance and Hunk followed the instructions and were relieved with a satisfying click. Lance strolled in quite proud while Hunk silently laughed. “Wait…did he seriously leave the answers to test tomorrow just out on his desk my gosh what are the chances! Come on guys-” “Lance…we are not taking them…” Hunk said nervously, as he wanted to just get back to what they were supposed to do. “He’s right, get back to business..” quickly muttered Pidge as if they were in the middle of doing something. Lance rolled his eyes smiling slightly and made a small comment of how it was just for fun, and to relax a little bit. To be honest he was completely shitting himself and was trying to cope…but let’s not talk about that…

“Ok, so by what I remember it should be on the third draw down on the left of his desk.” Muffled Pidge, her end of the line cutting off a little bit. “Locked like we expected.” “Alright, now we all know that Mr Kenzwell does not have them on his key chain…we checked that earlier but I am not sure where he put it…”
Whispered Hunk constantly checking outside the small window of the closed door to see if anyone was coming. They locked the door behind them…but you could never be too sure…“Try the draw above it, he wouldn’t think ahead to put it anywhere else.” Pidge exclaimed as they were trying to see where the teacher was going on every move. That was their job after all, to help and check where he was going and to warn the others if he started to return. “Well, that was easy…not a forward thinker is he?” “That’s what I thought, now quickly open up the draw.” A few seconds passed and as Pidge waited nervously they heard over the loud school yard, “done and done”. Relief spread through them while Hunk and highfived, happy with what they had achieved. “Now, you know what to do.” Lance nodded, knowing that Pidge couldn’t see but doing it anyway. He carefully looked around for the small item that had caused this whole event in the first place. He found it and put it in his pocket quickly as Hunk looked more nervous than ever. He helped Lance up and both highfived once again, this time even better and more proud.

“Done, getting out now.” Hunk replied to Pidge, who had been asking for a little while what was going on. The two students unlocked the door and locked it before they closed it again. As they walked away quick as ever they bumped into someone. “Oh, sorry we were…” “It’s fine! Don’t worry about it…what were you doing here at lunch time guys?” Asked the tall student leader. He was in year 12 and was called Takashi Shirogane, or he preferred to be named ‘Shiro’ for short. 'A’ grade student and someone lots of people looked up to in the school. He was also dating Pidge’s older brother Matt, so they kind of knew Shiro ok…“We were just taking a stroll of this Lovely..hallway!” Replied Lance improvising and smiling charmingly. “Well why would you want to? It looks pretty ugly to me…anyway have a good days guys.” Laughed Shiro walking swamy wondering what the deal was with those two, and wondering why’re felt like he knew the one with the baggy green jacket well…he of course had seen them around with Pidge and stuff but somehow he felt like he knew how he was going to react. Then it hit him. He was Lance, or his adopted younger brothers crush basically. Keith’s crush. Shiro smiled even wider at this was excited to annoy Keith a little bit with this later.

Talking about Keith he stood up from his bench where he was sitting alone at. (Lil loner Keith…) He put his hands in his red jackets pockets and went off to start walking over to the other side of the school. He had PE and that was on the oval like expected. He was not the greatest with school…he did wag quiet a bit and honestly didn’t care to much. He tried sometimes but other times it was really hard to get the motivation. He kind of liked PE, that is why he chose to do it. But it did get annoying once in a while, the teacher was good though. Mr…well no one actually knows his last name everyone refers to him as just Coran. He didn’t look where he was going and suddenly tripped falling into someone.

And now we are back to Lance and Hunk who had ran as fast as heck out of the maths building and into the courtyard. “Shit, crap sorry I-” Keith stuttered, slightly flustered but not quite. He was refraining himself from completely swearing until he heard the voice of the person he basically fell into say. “It’s fi-…wait Keith?” Keith finally looked up and noticed who it was. Lance. Shit this made it worse my gosh. Hunk was on the side trying not to crack himself as the two’s faces went bright red and they basically jumped quickly away from each other. Gosh…so oblivious to each other’s feelings honestly sometimes Hunk would feel the need to just blurt out that they had feelings for each other but it was their business. An Lance trusted him to not do so. Lance wondered why he kept in bumping into people for…it was ridiculous. Lace shook his head and focused on what was going on.

“Ummm…again sorry bye.. ” said Keith quickly walking around Lance and starting to walk away. Their kind of fake rivalry was exhausting…They had started to become kind of friends now, but still things were strange. Keith had been having feelings for Lance for a while now while Lance had for about two months now. For a long time the two butted dads and they still do sometimes, Lance calling Keith mullet and Keith retaliating back with another equally petty insult, however this was more salty. But over time and a group project things cooled down a little bit…not terribly but just a little bit. The reason Lance was surprised was that he hadn’t seen Keith sound recently. “Well…seeya then I guess…mullet.” Lance whispered the last bit smirking to himself. Keith was…he was Keith. “Well I mean, I thought you were amazing at flirting and that was it? Hmmmm…” joked Hunk nudging Lance’s shoulder as he smittenly watched Keith walked away. “I-… I will flirt well next time you watch me! Hey…where is the watch?” “What?” “Did the watch drop out of my pocket or…” Lance looked around and Hunk did as well. The watch they had taken from the classroom was gone…oh shit…and as Keith walked away his pocket felt slightly heavier. Guess the flirting was going to be a lot sooner than planned.

(I am not sure if I should actually make this a thing? Please tell me if so this was super fun to do and I may make it a lil series on this blog…sorry if this was slightly cliché and if some words or stuff were strange I am from Australia so for our public schools here we have it set out a little bit differently I think. I tried to mix the two…anyway here is possibly the start of something? To be continued!)

Any Chance I Can Get You To Stop Staring At Me pt. 2 (Pete Dunne X Reader)

You asked and now you shall receive! Part 2 for you lovelies. 

You were infuriated by Dunne. And the fact you had to see him again tomorrow  was making you even more furious. You hoped with every fibre of your being that he didn’t win the championship so that you didn’t have to present him with the damn belt. You sat in your hotel room with Finn and Neville who’d shown up for tomorrow’s show. 

‘You should have seen his face, it’s was hilarious. I don’t think he’s ever had a woman superkick him like that before. Let alone been rejected before. It was the best thing  I saw all day’ Finn said and you chuckled a little. A flash back to the pure shock on Dunne’s face had made your day. 

‘Are you really surprised? She did something very similar to you if I remember rightly’  Neville said and you snorted remembering when Finn had hit on you on your first day there. You punched him in the face before storming off. You’d  become best friends ever since. 

‘What did he actually say to you?’ Finn asked and you rolled your eyes. 

‘I got fed of him staring at me all day. And I mean ALL DAY. And stormed up to him and said ‘’Is there any chance I can get you to stop staring at me?’’ to which he responded ‘’There’s a few things I can think of’’ and you guys know wha temper is like’ You said and they burst out laughing. 

‘He’d been warned by Hunter earlier too’ Finn said still laughing. 

‘Seriously though, I’m wearing heels tomorrow’ You said and both men chuckled. 

‘Just don’t break him before it begins’ Neville said and you raised an eyebrow. 

‘What, don’t give him a taste of his own medicine?’ You asked and both men chuckled again. 

‘Get some sleep Y/N. I’ll come get you when we need to leave’ Finn said as he and Neville left your room so you could sleep. You fell into a deep sleep where even Pete Dunne couldn’t enter your dreams. You awoke to Finn shaking you awake and you shot up nearly colliding heads. After putting on a bright blue skater dress this time, with brown heeled boots and a small brown leather jacket you were ready to go.You just put eyeliner on today and left with Finn to the arena. Your bags were ready in the car for the flight back to the  states straight after the tournament ended. You walked in to be greeted by Triple H once again and went and sat in the catering hall with Neville. 

‘He’s  starting at you’ Neville said and you rolled your eyes. 

‘There’s something new’ You growled. 

‘And he’s coming over’ He said going to leave. 

‘Don’t you dare’  You said eyeing Neville over who looked confused. ‘I need a witness.’ You said making him chuckle at that comment. 

‘Hello again’ You heard the smug  dick say from behind you.  So you chose to ignore him. He didn’t deserve a response. He still sat down next to you and continued to speak. ‘You’re looking  incredibly sexy today, those boots make your legs look incredible.’ He said and your knuckles turned white from the fists you’d balled them into. ‘And that dress, well even if it would look better on my hotel room floor, just looks incredible’ he said looking you up and down. 

‘You know, the amount of alcohol I would need to sleep with you would kill me’ You mused from where you sat and Neville snorted with laughter whilst Pete glared at the pair of you. 

‘You must  be Pete’ Neville said holding out his hand for him to shake. He nodded and shook it before turning back to you. 

‘Trust me sweetheart, it would be worth it’ He said with the smirk returning to his face. 

‘Please,’ you said, ‘I wear heels larger than your dick’ You said before walking off and swaying your hips for extra effect. You managed to find Finn who was talking to Tyler and Trent.

‘You ok?’ Finn asked curiously noting the look on your face. 

‘I’ve just had a lovely run in with your friend’ You said indicating the other two men. Finn’s face drained of colour. ‘Relax Finn,  I used my words not my fists’ You said and he nodded looking better. 

‘What did you say?’ The older of the two asked. 

‘Oh I told him that the level of alcohol needed for me to sleep with him would kill me  and that my heels are larger than his penis’ You said making Finn roar with laughter. 

‘Well at least we know to avoid him’ The younger said and you chuckled. 

‘By the sounds of it his temper matches my own’ You said and he nodded.’He gives you grief come find me kid, I’ll tear him a new one. I’m rooting for the pair of you’ You said and they both smiled and nodded in thanks. 

‘You know you can only play hard to get for so long’ You heard him  say from behind you and you rolled your eyes at the two guys and Finn. ‘Are you even listening to me?’ He demanded.  

‘Yes, it just takes me a while  to process all this stupid’ You said turning and gesturing to all of him  making the three men stifle their laughter. 

‘Darling you know you want to’ He said and your temper started to rise again. 

‘I’ve just realised how easy it would be to kill myself guys, all I’d have to do is climb the height of your ego and jump down to the level of your IQ’ You said and Finn could no longer contain his laughter. 

‘Finn, Y/N, you’re up’ A producer said leaving you and Finn to walk to the entrance. 

‘You’re fighting a losing battle there mate’ you heard of them say. 

‘I’m not going to give up’ Pete replied leaving you slightly speechless. 

Analysing the I Love You scene. *spoilers*

I am officially dead over here.

The ‘I love you’ was for her, yes it was forced but let’s look at the facts. (Just like in last season’s trailer, the line: ‘The person he thought didn’t matter at all to me was the one person that mattered the most’ was also for Molly. That means something big, folks. Two out of two trailers, a big line was thrown in front of us and both of them appeared to be towards Molly Hooper. If that doesn’t say anything I don’t know what does.)

1- at first he had a really difficult time saying it because he knew it was a bad thing he was doing. He was playing with her feelings so he was having a dilemma about doing it or not. He was highly stressed.

2- the second time though… THE SECOND TIME I REPEAT. it wasn’t forced anymore. It was relaxed, the words came out of his mouth with such ease. This is not my shipper heart talking y'all, these are the facts. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean. He didn’t even have to repeat himself, but he did.

3- after she also said it and they closed the phone, he literally smashed her coffin which he thought she would be in (because he didn’t know there were actually no explosives at her home) if she hadn’t said I love you. It was too much stress for him and he literally broke after the minute they hung up the phone. That was the last straw for him.
Molly was a sensitive topic.

4- how relieved he looked when molly said those three words.

5- He also called her his friend and it was evident he meant it.

Guys. Right now I have no source to make gifs or arts because the episode has just ended. But tomorrow you can expect a flood here. Like seriously, be prepared for your dash to be filled with Sherlolly. I am so dead right now.

(Also the episode felt like it was the ending of Sherlock as a series and I need to know THAT IT WASN’T THE END.)