no seriously check out his stuff he is amazing

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gimmie all the recs girl! if i follow them oh well free promo right?

*rubs hands together* let’s dO THIS 

(so i dunno if you’re into multishipping fic other than destiel but i am just giving all the writers i know a shout out, do with it what you will)

@destieldrabblesdaily​ - WELL IF YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING SHIRLEY AND YOU LOVE DESTIEL THEN I AM SURPRISED AT YOU just check out her drabbles they speak for themselves (by being incredibly amazing)

@caslikescoffeeandfreckles - this girl writes some of the best destiel drabbles your eyeballs will ever see and you need to check her out 

@angvlicmish - charlie writes the b e s t destiel drabbles, and now she’s working on a longfic that will blow your mind 

@deanisthebeesknees - amazing destiel writer, also a great beta that i love, check out everything she writes immediately 

@envydeanwrites - destiel and occassionally dean/benny so !! good !! 

@deansleather - dude, alllll the reader inserts you could ever want, incredible

@justrandomspnstuff - she is working on this fic right now and it’s !! amazing !! you will probably cry 

@samanddeaninpanties - awesome multiship writer, will not disappoint, absolutely amazing writing :’)

@mayalaen - writes EVERYTHING. seriously go check this wonderful writer out.

@purgatoan - crazy awesome multiship writer, her blog is SO active with her writing and other’s, check it out immediately 

@ltleflrt - ummm if you haven’t read any of ltleflrts destiel fics then you are missing out holy shit and also she’s extending her talents to dcj and we are thoroughly blessed 

@museaway - amazing destiel author, i openly cried at a couple of her fics, also she writes k/s if that’s your cup of tea (which, it’s mine, and i have read all her star trek stories twice. three times. maybe more.)

@intotheruins - yo Dale writes the best things, all i’ve read from his stuff is destiel but i know he writes other ships, too - and i’ve seen rumblings on his blog of a sherlock oneshot, too?? check him out, seriously

@rosemoonweaver - my go-to writer for multishipping and for destiel, check out her ao3 and all the stuff she’s written, Rose spins literal gold

@coffeeandcas - she’s working on this fic right now that i’m following, please please check it out, also her other stuff on ao3 is awesome 

@theriverscribe - working on The Grace of God series, SO amazing, go check it out it’s about angels and hurt!sam with hurt/comfort and just. so good

@procasdeanating - writes the most poignant destiel fics i’ve ever read, especially the recent one The Sum of my Regrets. highly recommend.

@braezenkitty - read everything on her ao3 immediately!! go run!!

@jhoomwrites - don’t get me started on how much i love ashley’s fics, this blog is BURSTING with amazing destiel and dcj writing, good lord 

@winchester-reload - kaldjfladsk you need to check out Jackie’s blog and fics immediately. she writes incredible destiel fics 

@hekate1308 - she wrote a wonderful s13 alternate series (destiel) that will charm the pants off you

@all-i-need-is-destiel - wonderful destiel fics and drabbles with a wonderful writer behind them - what more could you want??

@woefulcas - yo !! heidi writes amazing destiel drabbles you need to read them 

@mishkawrites - mishka writes *ahem* the best smut that my delicate sensibilities have ever been exposed to, of all ships, but of destiel as well :)

@cocklesheadboop - some of the first destiel fics i read were from this wonderful author (such as Misha’s Not in Vancouver Anymore) and just read everything on that ao3 account ok it’s SO GOOD 

@shannon-kind - writes lovely, amazing destiel fic and i highly recommend checking all her fics out 

@galaxystiel - i’ve read some lovely destiel drabbles by this lovely person, definitely check them out

@jimminovak - have seen some lovely destiel drabbles from her on my dash, also a lovely blog :)

@destielonfire - chloe has written some absolutely ?? charming ?? destiel drabbles and she reblogs a lot of wonderful writing on her blog, too ! 

ok i think that’s everyone i probably missed someone so i’m really sorry if you’re seeing this and i did feel free to poke my head

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Since you said lets celebrate, who is lowkey people you like art from this fandom?

This is such a hard question, But thank you -
I know I’ll forget someone ;w;

@coyoterom - even if they weren’t my bestest friend they would be my favorite ever…. I’m like stupid obsessed with Rom’s work ;w; I’m a gross nerd for it. I debated just using this space to rant and rave about coyote’s awesome might.   <— just look

@ult147doodles - he did a comic that I’m still gushing about - plus the original work is amazing

@donchibi — literally a master- I love his work so much and it’s all so stylish and incredible (especially the Maggie stuff) I always have to stop myself from gushing.

@wicked-space-witch – Not only a sweetheart for doing so many cute pics but seriously check out their fiction!!! The Luaggie Story is great!!!

@parasomnico-art  So freaking awesome, I love the amount of style and the level of cute ideas!

​ the work speaks for itself!

@trina-of-doom ;w; so lovely I can’t even word- just even outside of the loudhouse so much awesome stuff !

@jcitricpache Basically a master

@thegamemann he wrote a Luan and Maggie story and ended it.. and it knocked me down 

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Hey do you have any Naruto fic recs? 'Cause your wip The World Tree is pretty neato, and I'd love to see what you like within that fandom. Anything in particular that inspired it?

First of all, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying my story, it means a lot. As for fic recs, I have a TON for the Naruto fandom, but I’ve tried to restrict it to my absolute favorites and the ones that inspired me the most, for the purposes of this ask. I’m always happy to provide more if anyone’s interested!

Also, this got way longer than I intended, so recs are right below!

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No Words Needed

This fic was inspired by the amazing @warm0candy‘s art, particularly THIS piece.  

Go check out her stuff, guys.  Seriously, she’s so nice and I adore her. 

I hope you guys are ready for some fluff!! 

They sat in silence, Jack with his head buried in a few notes as he had a test that afternoon and Mark with his head resting against his arms. 

It wasn’t an awkward or tense silence, it was calm and comfortable.  It was a type of quiet shared by two people who had been together long enough not to need words to communicate.  

Suddenly, as if his name had been called, Jack looked up and squinted at Mark.  “Why are you staring at me?” 

Mark’s eyebrows rose then pulled together.  He hadn’t realized he had been watching Jack, but now that he focused, he realized that his gaze had been glued to blue eyes and green hair the entire time that he had spaced out. 

Mark, never one to miss an opportunity, lifted his head and winked. “Because there’s nothing in sight more gorgeous than you.” 

Jack’s cheeks colored and Mark spotted a flash of adoration in his eyes before they rolled and darted back down to the notes on the table. 

The silence stretched on and Mark continued to stare as Jack studied. 

A breeze blew in from an open window behind Jack and ruffled his hair.  Mark had the urge to reach across the table and play with it, but resisted as Jack might actually bite him if he disturbed his studying.  

Mark watched, and quickly became alarmed, as Jack’s back went rigid.  

“What’s wrong?”

Rather than answer, Jack threw his pencil down and took a deep breath.  He let it out slowly, calming himself before looking Mark straight in the eye. 

“I love you.” 

The confession took Mark by surprise and he blushed.  It was the very first time that Jack had actually admitted it and Mark thought his heart was going to jump out of his chest. 

He scrambled to stand up nearly smacking his face on the table in his haste and actually effectively falling out of his chair. 

Jerking himself to his feet, he raced around the table and cupped Jack’s face in his hands.  

Jack was trying, and failing, to suppress his giggles.  When Mark placed his palms on Jack’s cheeks, Jack turned to bury his face in Mark’s right hand, muffling the laughter there.  

Mark’s heart swelled inside his chest at the sight.  He was suddenly reminded of an over excited puppy smashing their face into his hands because they wanted to play. 

Mark moved his left hand to the back of Jack neck and pressed his lips against his ear. 

“I love you too.” 

The smooth voice whispering in his ear sent chills down Jack’s spine.  His laughter died in his throat as Mark trailed his lips across his cheek.  He didn’t so much as kiss him but slid his lips across his skin and let the contact send little shock waves of love and contentment through Jack.  

Jack tilted his head just so Mark’s trail could end at the corner of his lips. 

They sat like that for a while.  No kissing, no talking, no  further actions needed.  They just harmonized with one another.  They forgot the world around them and bathed in the happiness they had found in each other. 


Anyone who loves marine life should check out this awesome New Orleans artist! Mitch Landry makes gorgeous, biologically accurate metalworks of native Louisiana fishes and invertebrates. He controls the color of the metal by adjusting the heat of his blowtorch and creates some seriously beautiful effects.

I have several pieces by Mitch (just picked up that mahi mahi this morning) and they make amazing focal points for any room. His stuff is reasonably priced and worth every penny so anyone looking for new art for their home should check him out! He ships and does custom pieces as well.