no seriously call an ambulance

 One thing I hate about being chronically ill is that I have problems judging whether other illnesses are the Right Kind™ of sick to go to the hospital or if I’m just being over-dramatic.

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could you do a scenario where the boys s/o come home with brightly dyed hair like blue for the first time?

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but I’m worried it would cost to much and I’d look strange…Whelp that’s what wigs are for.



“I’m home!”

“Hey!” Noctis called from the living room, gaining extra lives in the latest retro game fix you both were on.

“You eat?” You asked, leaning forward pressing a kiss to his cheek.


“Cool, I’ll text Ignis and tell him not to come over.”

Noctis stopped, as he heard your footsteps go into the kitchen, something was off. The man moved from the couch, before following after you, as you begun setting up for dinner, lucky you had defrost some chicken earlier this morning.

You shrieked as you felt Noctis grab your head, holding it steady as he rubbed his head  and face against you head, much like a cat, “Can I help you?”

“You dyed your hair, we’re twins now.” Noctis replied, his fingers going through your hair, playing with the strands. They were a much brighter blue than his ebony locks, but it could still pass for black in the right lighting.

“It was suppose to be lighter, the beautician said it’ll be the shade I want in a few weeks. I thought I looked too edgy.” You muttered, attempting to moved to start on dinner, only to have your boyfriend have you rooted in spot.

“I love it.” Noctis purred, going back to nuzzling and rubbing his face on it, as if he had whiskers.

Sometimes you weren’t certain if you were dating a man or a cat.



“Glance up, perfect!” Prompto smiled.

You couldn’t help but giggle, since you had stepped in the door, the man had his camera out once he saw the rainbow you had that now adorned your head. Wanting to document every angle and every color.

“Prompto, do you have enough?”

“No! You’re so cute!” Prompto cooed, snapping away, apparently now going for candid shots, as you had stopped posing for him. “Like I love my original Chocobae, but this Chocobae is like limited edition!”

“Well Limited edition Chocobae is going to go get something to eat, so if you want to come you’re welcome to join her.” You called, originally stopping at home to pick up your lovely boyfriend, but instead got side track from his 45 minute long photoshoot.

“No! Other’s will try to steal my limited edition!” Prompto gasped playfully, picking up the keys, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “But all kidding aside, I love it! It looks amazing on you.”

You smiled softly, reaching up to touch the Chocobo butt that he called hair, “Well now we’re both Chocobos. Oh gods, are we going to be known as the Chocobo couple?”

“Hate to break it to you, but we’ve been known as the Chocobo couple for a while now.” Prompto smiled.

“And you didn’t tell me!” You gasped, only to have your boyfriend laugh.



‘I may have fucked up’

That was the last text message Gladiolus received from you, about 30 minutes before his shift ended. He figured it couldn’t have been too bad, considering you had texted him instead of calling and you had sense enough to call an ambulance if you were seriously hurt, at least he hoped.

So as the man walked into the house, he tried finding you only to follow the voice of you and Iris in the guest bathroom, door closed.

“We have to wait 72 hours before we can try again.”

“Iris, I can’t wait 72 hours for this to not be a thing. I look like that fire idiot from that game Prompto plays, Alex?”

“At least he’s hot.” Iris joked.

“Iris, I can’t be a hot guy!” You whined pitifully.

“I’ll just go see if I can find you a hat or a wig.” Iris called, before the door open as she almost ran into Gladiolus. “Hey Gladdy.”

“Gladdy!” You shrieked in alarm.

“Everything okay in there?” Gladiolus called, as Iris tried holding the door close.

“Yeah, yeah Sissy is just having….lady troubles, I’ll be right back.” Iris smiled, all but sprinting from the house.

Gladiolus stared at the door before him, before turning the handle, finding you sitting on the edge of the tub, shirtless, with a black towel on your head, but the tub looked like a murder scene! There was so much red everywhere!


“Hey, Gladdy.” You muttered softly.

“Any reason the bathroom looks like a murder scene?”

You sighed, before pulling the towel from your head, showing your locks were now a bright red, “It was suppose to be a chestnut brown.” You muttered weakly.

Gladiolus knelt before you, mindful of the water all over the place, tilting your head to look to him, “I like it, it makes a statement.”


“Did you know that red’s my favorite color?”



You looked up to your boyfriend, only to have him press a kiss to your forehead, earning a giggle from you. “Thanks Gladdy.”

“That’s my girl, now how about I go change and we figure out how to make this place not look like a horror zone.”

“I want Ignis to question it the next time he comes over though.”

“You make a good point.”



Ignis paused, he had to be seeing things, perhaps he wasn’t getting enough sleep or needed an update to his prescription. Yet he could have swore that he saw violet in your hair, but that couldn’t be right, because when he looked again it was the normal shade it’s always been.

“Ignis, Darling, do you have the transcript for the…”

Ignis was hardly paying attention to your needs, because when you turned your head, he saw it again! That glimpse of purple!

“I thought I had placed it within your office last, as we need it for, Ignis!” You gasped, finding the man upon your person as you were viewing the shelving, trying to find the piece for the ball you needed.

“I do apologize, My love, yet I need to verify something.” Ignis replied, as he ran a hand through your hair.

“Oh, yes, I went to the salon earlier today, and they convinced me to get a hidden dye job.” You explained, turning around, running your fingers  through your hair, showing that a single layer within the middle was dyed purple, yet should you wear you hair down, or in a high bun as you did with important guest, it wouldn’t appear so. “What do you think?”

“It’s rather becoming, yet it did have me rather confused.” Ignis chuckled.

“Oh you should have seen poor Noctis and Prompto, I’ve heard them whispering all day about if something change.” You giggled playfully.

“Well good to know that I’m in on this, we should see how long it takes them.”

“Oh Iggy.” You playfully scolded.

DAY 3393

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 12/13,  2017                Wed/Thu 12:18 AM

Birthday - EF - Manoj Kumar Ojha  &  Taran Ghantasala  ..        Thu, July 13 .. we at the Ef parivaar, build many wishes for the two of you .. have a wonderful birthday and remember we are with you in celebration ..

AKS ..!! a film made with great conviction and care .. unique in its concept and its execution .. valid in the times of today, and its value in ascendent .. !

Rakeysh Mehra, the director before he started spelling his name thus, was the one that did an add., with me for Pepsi and then came the film .. we sat on it for days and we still do on many ideas and thoughts .. but AKS was always special and different .. the shoot in Budapest and the first brush with the french beard, which then because permanent and has never been disturbed since .. that very scary day at the shoot in Budapest .. when in the bitter cold on the streets, a part of the crew, sitting in the vehicle that was carrying the generator, closed its doors to keep the cold out, and NOT realising that the carbon monoxide that a motor generates can kill with its fumes in a closed atmosphere .. and it happened .. when after a while someone from outside opened the doors of the vehicle, the people inside were lying unconscious, Bharati, Rakeysh’s wife being one of them and most seriously conditioned .. the doctors and the ambulance were immediately called .. and all survived .. but what a moment .. so afraid .. alone and in foreign territory .. always a feeling of insecurity .. !!!

The 102 + continues unabated .. and involves a good 3 hours in make up and removal after for an hour .. the pains taken by a host of artists that specialise in the craft is so commendable .. 

And now this be the norm .. the young and the agile give way to the old and the prosthetics .. to the green backgrounds, to the VFX, to the ‘post’ touch ups and face replacements .. all part of film making today, but never had such privilege in our time .. 

A lady comes on a WhataApp message and extols the virtues of decluttering your surroundings .. throwing away what is not required, cleaning not just the room or the office, but simultaneously the mind too ..

I tried that for a bit .. got rid of some of the unwanted stuff .. the problem though is that, nothing looks unwanted when it is discovered to be put away .. it cries and appeals for forgiveness and desires that it be kept for longer times .. this emotion aside, it does get extremely difficult to handle such sentiment .. !!

They that collect habitually .. are they, them, that mirror insecurity .. !!


Amitabh Bachchan

ps:  they blocked the entire main bridge, above in the picture, in Budapest for us for this shot .. 

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This was last week but FUCK CUSTOMERS & CO WORKERS THAT CROWD AROUND OR TAKE PHOTOS/VIDEOS OF PEOPLE WHO NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION. An old man had fainted and we had to call an ambulance. Seriously if people are in need of medical assistance DO. NOT. GET. IN. THE. WAY.

People that do that are fucking sickos. I hope they drop their phone in a toilet and when they try to fish it out the sewage suddenly backs up and sprays them in the face. Help! If not then move the fuck out of the way! -Abby

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I don't know if I'm doing this right since I'm on mobile, but for the Domestic Meme thing, maybe Tamakyo. I'm curious.

Yep, totally right! And yaaaay, Tamakyo is probably my fav Ouran pairing, to be perfectly honest.

Shit, this ended up being super long. I’m so sorry-I promise the others will be shorter, I just have a lot of Tamakyo feelings… 

And I’m answering these questions in the context of an aged up Tamaki and Kyoya who live together and are adults in a serious relationship, otherwise a lot of these wouldn’t really make sense.

who cooks normally?:

Um, obviously Kyoya because Tamaki has an amazing tendency to royally fuck things up whenever he gets too excited, especially when fire’s involved. That’s not to say that he’s a bad cook, it’s just that he cares too much about cooking well for his boyfriend and ends up burning something or setting off the smoke alarm.

So Kyoya cooks normal meals and is pretty good at it because he’s good at anything he can learn how to do, but he’s not like, a mindblowing chef. On special occasions he lets Tamaki cook under his or maybe Haruhi’s supervision and sometimes they cook together (but not often because honestly that’s just a headache/minor fight/temper tantrum waiting to happen), and that’s when they eat the best because Tamaki puts ~love~ into his cooking and also cooks rich French food and it’s awesome.

One exception is that Tamaki cooks breakfast. He sticks to simple things that he learned from his mom back when he lived with her in France, because that means there won’t be a cooking emergency. And Kyoya lets him because hell if he’s getting up any earlier than he has to to make breakfast for either of them, but even though he would just skip breakfast on his own, he’s totally gotten spoiled by Tamaki cooking for him.

how often do they fight?:

Ummm, all the time, but not seriously. You know how sometimes couples who are really into each other bicker constantly but obviously don’t mean it? That’s basically their relationship dynamic most of the time, except it’s a little different than most couples because Kyoya is a little more cutting in his remarks than most people, but luckily Tamaki is more dense and forgiving than most, so they complement each other perfectly.

They rarely fight seriously and when they do it’s usually because Kyoya has never quite gotten used to showing the level of emotion that Tamaki is accustomed to, so he either comes off as more callous and hurtful than he intends to and winds up actually hurting Tamaki’s feelings, or he ends up internalizing his insecurities instead of talking it out, which is made worse by the fact that it takes Tamaki a little longer than the average person to figure out when something’s wrong (plus Kyoya’s got an amazing poker face because of the family environment he grew up in).

But whenever something’s seriously wrong, as soon as the person who didn’t notice the other one’s hurting figures it out, they feel awful and try to resolve it pretty immediately, and luckily they’re both pretty forgiving (Tamaki to everyone, and Kyoya to Tamaki, at least).

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

Kyoya takes advantage of the quiet time that he rarely ever gets-he uses it to get some alone time and relax, usually by doing something like reading a book or getting ahead on his work, which Tamaki insists doesn’t count as relaxing but Kyoya ignores him.

Tamaki, on the other hand, bounces off the walls without constant social stimulation, so he calls up all of his friends until someone will come play with him. If he can’t get someone to hang out with him, he’ll either go out to a public place and people watch (and maybe talk to strangers) or watch an inordinate amount of children’s tv. 

nicknames for each other?:

Kyoya is totally not the pet name type, so the closest he gets is calling Tamaki mild insults like idiot, moron, imbecile, in a fond way. 

Tamaki, on the other hand, looooooves pet names and cycles through them on a weekly basis. He really likes to try out pet names from different cultures, the sappier the better, so he’ll go from mon amour one day to babe the next to some weird Russian endearment that he found on the internet. Kyoya seems to find this amusing, so he figures he’s doing something right.

Once he tried out calling Kyoya princess, and that really didn’t end well for him. But honestly, a lot of the time they just use the other’s name, although they’ve kept up the habit from host club days of calling each other Mommy and Daddy.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

They’re both filthy rich, so it honestly doesn’t matter in the end financially. But Tamaki insists on being a gentleman and paying for everything, and Kyoya lets him because after being together for a while they merged their personal assets anyway and let Kyoya manage them, so even though it’s Tamaki who pulls out the credit card, he’s basically paying with both of their money, although Kyoya doesn’t usually remind him of this because he gets sulky and embarrassed. 

who steals the covers at night?:

KYOYA. Kyoya’s so orderly in all of his waking life but he’s a pain in the ass to share a bed with. He sleeps like the dead, is grumpy in the morning, sprawls out and takes most of the space, sometimes kicks or elbows Tamaki in his sleep when Tamaki’s trying to cuddle, AND steals the covers. Luckily Tamaki’s pretty easy-going when it comes to sleep habits, although he does get disappointed sometimes that Kyoya’s so hard to cuddle with.

what would they get each other for gifts?:

Oooh, this is a hard one. Well, Tamaki likes trinkets and sentimental stuff so Kyoya tries to find the dumbest and most useless things possible when he goes on business trips and buys them for Tamaki, which means they have a lot of children’s toys, souvenir spoons, and other random junk, but Tamaki loves it.

Kyoya has pretty much no desire for things that aren’t useful to him, so when they were first together Tamaki spent a lot of money on things that Kyoya only liked because they were from Tamaki. Eventually he took pity on Tamaki and told him what things he needed (new suits, household appliances, more pillows or blankets), even though Tamaki said that was boring and unromantic. Eventually Tamaki stopped buying him things and started to write/perform songs for him on the piano and to give him framed pictures of the two of them and their friends, because that’s the kind of thing that Kyoya might not think about doing. These gifts go over much better.

who remembers things?:

Oh, no question, Kyoya. Tamaki remembers random junk like the anniversary of when they started the host club and when every host joined, the voice actor in that one movie he watched two years ago, and whether every girl who ever patronized the host club prefers tea or coffee, but Kyoya remembers everything else more reliably. Neither of them ever forgets an anniversary, birthday, or romantic holiday though.

who cusses more?:

Also Kyoya, although he avoids doing it in public because he is a serious businessman. In private he curses a moderate amount, while Tamaki is more likely to gesticulate, whine, be overdramatic and talk too much when he’s annoyed. Sometimes he’ll use the kind of insults or exclamations that children do because they’re not allowed to curse, which would sound ridiculous if it were anyone else (it still sounds ridiculous but it’s totally in character to him).

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

This is probably one of the only things that could freak Kyoya out enough that he’d lose his cool, but he’d pretty quickly get it under control and call up his private doctor.

On the other hand, if Kyoya was seriously hurt Tamaki would get scarily serious and call an ambulance/doctor ASAP and in the meantime would make sure Kyoya was comfortable as possible and would try to ramble on about something to pretend that he’s not worried so Kyoya doesn’t freak out.

who kissed who first?:

Kyoya, because he’d been aware of his feelings for Tamaki long before Tamaki was, but was not gonna act on them pretty much ever because of his family’s expectations and because Tamaki’s super oblivious and also seemed kinda in love with Haruhi for a while.

But then at some point after Tamaki had realized that he kinda only felt platonic feelings for Haruhi, they were spending the night at one of their houses and Kyoya was tired and stressed out about his family stuff and his future and Tamaki was being incredibly comforting and supportive in the best way he could, and Kyoya kinda just kisses him (just once, quickly) without thinking about it.

who made the first move?:

If you count the kiss, Kyoya, but then afterwards they were both kinda shocked and Tamaki froze and so Kyoya just starting talking about host club profits until Tamaki seemed to forget about it. Then he said that he was tired and pretended to go to sleep when he was really trying to calculate how likely this was to mess up their friendship, but then he felt Tamaki reach over and hold his hand. But they didn’t really talk about it the next morning. So kind of both of them?

who started the relationship?:

Ahh, well even though Kyoya kissed Tamaki first, Tamaki was the one who started the relationship. Because after that time where they kissed, Kyoya came up with a long list of reasons why they needed to ignore that it ever happened, but Tamaki kept asking Kyoya to be his boyfriend because he realized that he likes Kyoya and also likes Kyoya and Kyoya would be such a good boyfriend and isn’t he pretty enough for Kyoya? And the whining and begging kept going on until Kyoya agreed (partially because he was won over, partially because if he didn’t do something it was going to affect host club profits) under the conditions that they’d take things slowly and be discreet for the sake of the host club and their futures.

In the beginning it was hard to find time to actually go out or anything and Kyoya felt super awkward about the whole dating thing and both of them were super clueless about the physical aspect of their relationship, but Tamaki was enthusiastic and caring enough that it became comfortable really quickly because they’d been best friends for years and realized that this wasn’t too terribly different because they’d always been weirdly close for best friends.

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Laf sucking herc off and his hair tie comes out during the process. Herc is stil like out of it lmao and when Laf gets up he thinks it's Jefferson and screams

Post orgasm haze Herc like opens his eyes and freezes

“Fuck- FUCK” and Laf is concerned and like tries to comfort him 

“whats wrong mon-”

“Oh my god, oh fuck I’m a terrible person what did i do?!” and just starts sobbing. Laf is seriously concerned and is about to call an ambulance or something, when Herc tells them to get out

“excuse moi?”

“Get out Jefferson, I need to figure out what just happned”

and Laf looses it, spewing heated french at Herc about to cute his throat out. Herc comes back to his senses and is like oh shit, and tries to comfort Laf but hes like 


I’m so happy with this

Blood Alive: Creepypasta

Blood… I used to love blood. I used to love feeling of it pump through my veins, in and out of my heart. I don’t any longer. I hate the shit. I replaced it with warm water - just as good as blood. Most people think I’m crazy. I think most people are full of shit. You see, I discovered something about blood that nobody wants to believe. Blood, my blood, your blood, all blood is alive and it hates us.

Ever since I was a small child, I was full of blood. I was practically overflowing with the stuff. It made me miserable. For one, I stunk of iron. When I was little, the other kids would bully me. “Blood boy, blood boy! He smells like a blood toy!” They’d mock. My mom would spray me down with irritating cologne, trying to mask the blood stench, but I would just come to school smelling like an extra fresh piece of burnt machinery. Eventually, my mother couldn’t handle the stress of having a freak son, and she abandoned me at an orphanage.

They treated me like utter shite there. The dean of the place was jealous of me. I had so much more blood than he did, and he was envious. He made me live in the shittiest quarters, he encouraged the children to mock me like I wasn’t even human. I wanted to die.

Freedom came to me when I was 18. I left the orphanage and never looked back. I got a job running a blood bank. I sold my blood to the highest bidders: Red Cross, Blue Cross, Morrissey, if they were a big name in the blood industry, you could bet your galoshes that they came to me. I was finally the one in charge. I was making bank and living large. I still stunk like iron, and I just kept getting more blood. My body turned red from all of my blood. I looked like the devil himself, but I didn’t care. I was rich. I was powerful. I was invincible… or so I thought.

I woke up one day, weak. It was two hours earlier than my usual wake up time. My body was all skin and bones. I couldn’t feel the blood pulsing through my veins like it normally would have. I thought I might just have a cold, so I downed some Tylenol, and went to take a refreshing shower. I looked in my bathroom mirror, and what I saw horrified me. I didn’t have a cold. I was like a corpse. There was no blood in my body. I freaked out, it couldn’t be possible. Just yesterday, I was beat red and my body was so full of blood that I was coughing the stuff up.

Something was seriously wrong. I ran to get my phone. I had to call an ambulance, but the line was cut (this was in 1994). “So, it looks like you found out,” a menacing voice spoke from behind me. I turned around and what I saw horrified me. It was blood… my blood, and it was alive. “You just had to choose this day to wake up early, you lazy fuck.” My blood said. I thought I was hallucinating, surely the incredible amount of blood loss was causing me to lose my mind. But, any comfort I could have taken in my living, talking blood being a delusion was destroyed when it picked me up by collar and planted a bloody fist in my face.

My blood cackled menacingly, “You know what they say about the early bird, it always gets the worm and then it gets killed!” My blood began to choke me. It was powerful, but I managed to jab it in its blood filled eyes with my fingers, and it released me in pain. “You flabby bastard!” It yelled as I ran into my kitchen. I hid in my cupboard and began to cry. I could hear my blood step in after me. It was searching for me. “Come out, come out wherever you are.” It said in a disgusting parody of a child’s voice. I peaked out the cupboard and I could I see that my blood had its back turned to me. I grabbed a frying pan, burst from the cupboard, hitting my blood across its head with the pan. It fell to the ground unconscious, but I wasn’t finished.

I grabbed a kitchen knife and began to stab my blood’s body over and over again. My blood’s blood began to spray out all over my face. Soon, I was covered in blood. I checked my blood’s pulse. It was dead. I washed the blood from off of my body in my shower, and spent most of that day crying. It wasn’t until that night, after burying my blood, that I found the documents. They were written in blood, and contained heinous plans to ensure that every man, woman, child, and everyone inbetween was full of blood. I vomited.

All of these years, I was just a pawn in my blood’s game. I then found the emails my blood had written. They were more details of its plan. I was horrified, not by the content of the plans, but by who they were sent to. My blood had emailed all blood on the planet these plans. I began to cry. The blood that I had known my whole life was evil, and so was all other blood. That night, I burnt my house to the ground. I now live in the Sahara, as far away from blood as possible.

I feel safe now, but this is my warning to all of you. Don’t trust blood. Not your friend’s blood, not any blood. You never know when it just might try to kill you…

Night Vale Themed Pick-Up Lines

-Wanna enter my Forbidden Dog Park?

-I’ve got a Brown Stone Spire you can worship… it’s in my pants.

-Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Cause you’re a nonexistent being that I’m not legally allowed to acknowledge.

-I wish I was the Faceless Old Woman who secretly lives in your home.

-You’re so beautiful you take my breath away. Literally. No seriously. I can’t breathe! What did you do to me!? Call an ambulance! Call anyone!! PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME!

-There may be four suns in the sky, but you’re all I need to brighten up my day.

-(If you are one of the Sheriff’s Secret Police-beings, I’d recommend this one. You only require a black van to achieve the full effect.) I’m sorry citizen, but you are too cute. Please report to the abandoned mine shaft outside of town for de-cuting. (This is when the van should pull up.) Oh you thought I was joking? Haha, oh no, we never joke about such matters. But we can go out for coffee later if you like. I’ll just need your number. No, not that one. You’re social security number. 

-I want to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. (The pursuer should promptly turn into a tree to achieve the full effect.)

-Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Oh you didn’t? You fell from the Glow Cloud-all hail? Huh. That would explain why you’re a two ton spiderwolf… Ah well, love is love, wanna get some coffee with me?

-Are you by any chance related to a certain feline floating at a fixed position next to the sink in the men’s bathroom at the radio station? Because ME-OW!!

-You must be one of Chef Harlan’s gourmet dishes cause I just wanna eat you up!

-(If you are not a five headed dragon, please disregard this.) I DO NOT REQUIRE FIVE HEADS TO COMPREHEND YOUR BEAUTY OR STELLAR PERSONALITY! WOULD YOU ENJOY PARTAKING IN CONSUMING COFFEE WITH ME? Or, y'know, whatever’s fine with you. Eh, yeah, what muh grey and green heads said .

BBC Casualty 30th Anniversary “Too Old For This Shift” REVIEW

CasualTea - Evie watches Casualty with Tea. This review is veeeeeery looooong, but the episode was long so don’t blame me. Good luck to whoever gets all the way through it, and I love conflicting opinions so please disagree with me so we can have healthy discussion.

There are many words I would use to describe the 30th Anniversary episode; intense, unrealistic, dramatic, epic, predictable, anti-climatic, heart-wrenching. As you can see, I have mixed thoughts on the entirety of the episode but I’m going to try to break my reactions down here…

The opening credits were pretty brilliant, the focus was Charlie which is basically why we’re all here. The entire first event with Connie and the car exploding was epic and exciting. Throughout the episode, I thought Connie was actually quite scary, she reminded me of that Horror movie Carrie because she was covered in blood. Did anyone else think this? Especially when she was screaming at the exploding car, or fainting, she just looked really creepy which was cool.

It was heart-felt when the car explodes, but there was a part of me that knew that Grace wasn’t actually in the car, but it worked because Connie was so emotional and in distress. The whole episode is intertwined with Charlie’s celebratory video, showing all the guest characters, that we were so excited about, sharing their congratulations. Although I would have liked to have seen all those past characters actually interact with the current characters, similar to how Fletch did in this episode, the video was sweet and, if I hadn’t known who was going to be guest starring in the episode, it would have been a nice surprise seeing all those old faces on screen.

Speaking of Fletch, I loved seeing him just waltz down the E.D. stairs, stating “If I’m here in 30 years you have permission to shoot me in the head”. He’s a great comic character and I really see him as a strong bridge between the two sister shows, Casualty and Holby City, as he has had such a great impact on both. He’s not like Henrik or Jac when they crossover between shows, because he knows all the staff personally; the way he just starts up a conversation with Caleb like he never left the E.D. was just so nice and warm.

Steph, the stupid woman who ran Connie and Grace off of a cliff, regrets her decision and just as she is calling an ambulance, she gets run over. What? Seriously, what? That’s all I have to say on that as it began the host of unrealistic events. The next event being, How did Connie and Grace end up so far away from the car? Were they thrown? From what we saw in the last episode, I thought the car was going to hit the ground head first, and Connie and Grace were going to be crushed instantly. I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I love their characters, but for realism’s sake, how are they not dead?

Pam St. Clement guest stars as a patient I don’t remember the name of and, in all purposes, it was pointless other than the funny moments and when she blatantly tells Charlie about his surprise party. The most annoying thing I find about this show is when there is a massive disaster happening and the screen keeps cutting back to boring scenes in the hospital. I don’t really care about this patient’s unborn baby from the 50s, I just want to know where Grace is. Josh Griffiths also returns and I don’t think many people would recognise him without his uniform on; I also didn’t realise that he was such a bad actor. It was nostalgic either way.

This agency nurse that had way too much screen time was also useless; did the writers honestly think that we would want to see a Zoe look-alike over our own beloved characters who we have watched for years? The reference to Zoe was also strange, are they going to bring back Zoe or not, because, if they’re not then I find all these hints to Max still being madly in love with her futile and insignificant.

So, Jacob and the lads have now arrived at the scene of the crash and they seem to just walk down the side of the cliff like it’s no big deal. The drop doesn’t look anywhere as dangerous or massive as the last episode showed us it was. Elle is then the first to be informed what has happened and her and Dylan stay extremely calm which I loved. Although, I thought Elle was in the episode way too much. For me, Elle is still new and I’m still trying to connect with her as a character. Even though her interaction with Jacob, Connie and Dylan were so great to watch, there was just a part of me that wished it was Zoe filling that space, a character who has been in the show for years. It was upsetting not seeing Zoe in the video of congratulations as well, along with Dixie, Lofty, Nick, Louis, the list goes on, but obviously the producers couldn’t get everyone.

The helicopter taking off was pretty intense and hats off to the music! The tiniest bit of background knowledge that we get from one of the helicopter pilots as he talks on the phone to his mum was nowhere near enough to get us feeling sorry for him when he dies. Whilst all the cast and crew interviews were bigging up the episode, getting us worried because there would be “loads of deaths”, they failed to inform us those deaths would only be nameless extras that we don’t give a sh*t about. Even Grace, who came the closest to death in this episode but whose fate is still unknown, isn’t even a main character. Yes, it would be interesting to see how Connie deals with this, but it feels like we haven’t had a good heart-jerking death since Jeff in 2014. Even the massive stunt at the beginning of Series 30, whereby Zoe and Max’s wedding results in an explosive fire, seemed to guarantee a death and yet everyone was fine. They’ve only gone and done it again with the 30th. The amount of time and money they put on advertising the dangerous, bloody, feature length episode, was nowhere near as dangerous or bloody as anyone expected.

The party in the pub for Charlie was full of hilarious moments such as Noel screwing up the cake, and the gang shouting surprise to a random stranger thinking it was Charlie. Then Ethan, Louise, Caleb, Alicia and Noel do a very simple dance for the man himself which isn’t short of mediocre compared to Holby’s flashmob for Digby in June. However, it was still funny and cute.

I suspect that some people are criticising Alicia’s large appearance in this episode, similar to what I said about Elle, which is fair enough but personally I really love the character and feel that she connects to the audience a lot more than some of the other new characters, like Elle and David. Alicia and Ethan’s storyline was very sweet and we finally got an explanation to why Cal calls Ethan “Nibbles”! Some of us have waited 3 years to hear this story and it was so well executed. I do hope that Alicia and Ethan become more than friends as I feel that there is a lot more to Alicia that we haven’t learned yet. However, a massive criticism I have is filed under unrealistic again. How can Alicia and Ethan get trapped under a whole building’s worth of scaffolding and be practically completely fine!? Cal even says it himself that they are “blessed” to not be more injured. I know that some fans, especially me, are already re-writing that storyline in our heads to put Ethan in a more critical condition. The bloody injury to Ethan’s side that fans saw in promo pictures of the episode turns out to be “just cuts”. How boring. I know it sounds sadistic, but we do want these beloved characters to be hurt and to be in danger because that’s what makes good entertainment. We don’t want to watch Iain Dean waltzed out of a helicopter crash like he’s just going shopping. We don’t want to see Connie walking around like she just bumped her head a little. And, we don’t want to see Ethan okay. We want to see Alicia and Caleb desperately trying to save him, and how that impacts them.

Caleb was such an exciting aspect of the 30th, from his emotional video message to Charlie that vocalises what all the staff feel, to his close shave with a piece of helicopter debris. Dylan was also refreshingly calm and his relationship with Elle was cute but, as I’ve said, I didn’t feel the need for some characters to be in the episode as much as they were. Elle could easily have been Zoe, and David could have been Robyn or Rita; characters who we have a history with and, after all, this episode was all about the history of the show.

Re-watching the actual stunt is breath-taking; it looks like a real disaster movie at some points. I hope that all the dead bodies caused by the initial helicopter crash are emphasised in later episodes because otherwise the whole event would have been pointless in the grand scheme of things. As none of the main characters were seriously hurt by the disaster, it makes me think that there was no point in having it other than for visual purposes or for shock factor. Grace could have easily arrived at the hospital in the same critical condition had the helicopter not crashed. There is no point in having a major incident like this one and none of the characters be affected by it.

There’s an incredible scene, which is probably my favourite in the whole episode, where Iain gets out of the helicopter. I know I made fun out of how unrealistic it is that Iain even survives but the music, the slow motion, the direction were all outstanding. I also loved how Josh, a fellow paramedic, is the first to help Iain, and fans are speculating that Iain will suffer some form of PTSD after this which I am excited about. I really hope they don’t gloss over this for Iain. Michael Stevenson should be applauded for his performance here; some fans have likened the sequence to a war flashback as Iain would be familiar with that scene. Iain continues to try and convince Jez that he is fine (like I said with Alicia and Ethan, Iain really should have been in a more critical condition if the writers wanted a more realistic and dramatic impact), and this leads to what looks like a growing romance with Lily. Even though Iain only just left his relationship with Rita and stated recently that he will be taking a break from dating, I do hope that he and Lily get together because they’re chemistry was so great to watch in this episode. Lily is not afraid to boss Iain around, and Iain is not afraid to open up to Lily.

Regarding the actual crash, the fact that I knew what was going to happen made it anti-climatic but I couldn’t really avoid the spoilers as it’s what I do here on this blog. I can try and claim that the producers should have kept the helicopter and drone collision a secret the whole time, (they first gave the impression that they wouldn’t be talking about the stunt at all), but I know the closer they get to the air date, the harder the spoilers are to keep from press like DigitalSpy. I’m sure, for viewers who didn’t see the crash coming at all, it was epic, but adding it to the fact that no one died, anticlimactic is the word that comes to mind for me.

Another simple and yet intense moment was when Jacob is forced to list out all of Grace’s details and injuries to Connie. Something that the characters and we, as an audience, hear all the time when new patients come into the hospital, is suddenly weighted with so much tension, emotion and drama and it worked so well. Jacob and Connie’s relationship is tested to the maximum during this scene. Jacob must tell Connie, the person he loves, that her daughter is in a grave position, and I don’t think the two of them will get over that without a therapy session.

The idea that the young teenager responsible for bringing down the helicopter with his drone just so happens to be spotted having an asthma attack by that useless agency nurse just outside the hospital, was stupid and is being added to my list of unrealistic things. It was also obvious that the nurse was only stopping for the boy because she wanted to feel better about herself, so even the confrontation between her and Louise was empty.

Jac Naylor then enters the scene and although Hanssen’s appearance here was good, Jac really stole the show. The look of indifference at the helicopter wreckage doesn’t move a bone in that woman’s face and it’s brilliant. Along with Dylan and Elle, she really calms the hysteric aftermath and then leaves swiftly like it was just another day; the most perfect, bluntness to her character shines through to the audience.

Then we have this incredibly silly scene where Jacob tries to blame all of his problems on a kid with a weird hair cut, and the team try and deter him from hurting the kid. How screwed up does Jacob have to be that he gets violent with a boy and it takes 5 people to try and stop him from winding up? Charles Venn raved about how he gets to do most of his own stunts in this episode, but the only stunts that I can see is where he pins some kid up against the wall and lifts a big chunk of metal off of the helicopter. I don’t know if he should be raving about them too much.

Although, I do feel bad for Charles Venn having to act against Derek Thompson. The scene on the stairs where Charlie blocks Jacob’s way was so stupid and it gets worse when Duffy and Josh join him. They are just not very good actors and so the whole thing was laughable. The dialogue isn’t too bad and I’m sure everyone enjoyed watching Jacob get told that he’s got a massive ego. The point I think that we need to take away from that scene is that Charlie has always been there from the start keeping people calm and keeping people together and that’s nostalgic and beautiful. The only reason I didn’t laugh out loud at the situation was the heart-breaking music. Again, hats off to the music which was the unseen star of the 30th.

After a sweet scene between Iain and Lily where they bond, hold hands and Iain confirms the unrealistic event by saying that he’s “just lucky”, we have a really great sequence with everyone around the reception area. Funny ideas are shared as Dylan states how perverse it is that “the only way to clear the department is with a catastrophic helicopter crash” and then Charlie continues the comedy stating that he didn’t realise they had so many seats in the waiting area. It was moments like this that really kept my attention. After the constant back and forth attitude the writers were becoming regarding Connie and Grace’s condition, the characters were no longer important to me. I started to not care whether the two of them lived or died because the writers kept the drama going for too long that it got dull in the end.

Charlie does redeem himself with a speech to his staff where everyone appears to be uplifted and decide to stay until they know that Connie and Grace are safe. When we find out that Grace has a low chance of survival, the news doesn’t hit me as hard as if it were one of the more beloved characters. Yes, this impact is going to affect Connie and Jacob and probably the rest of the team greatly but, as I said, we want to see the characters that we love put in a vulnerable position, not the daughter of one of the characters. I’m not being funny, but the trailer for Holby City this week looks more exciting than Casualty’s as it looks like Fletch will be put in danger; a character who we have known and loved for years will grip us a lot more than Grace. That’s just the way it is.

When it comes to the end, Duffy pecking Charlie on the cheek along with a “Happy Anniversary Charlie”, I understand why they didn’t cause any main character deaths in the 30th as they may have wanted it be a happy occasion, which I’m sure that some fans would really appreciate. It just feels like the show, over the past few years, have tried to avoid killing anyone. Even the epic E.D. fire in 2011 resulted in everyone making it out alive and that pretty much destroyed the entire hospital. With the exception of Jeff in 2013, the show haven’t made any big character deaths in years, including the highly anticipated Zoe/Max wedding explosion which played with the idea of Charlie being killed off but still edged around it somehow. Do the writers not know that killing off loved characters makes a great show?

In all honesty, for me there hasn’t been an episode which has outshined “Born Lucky” (Jeff’s exit) since, because that was the episode that put so many major characters in dangerous conditions medically and took a massive risk in killing one of the longest running and most loved paramedics. Even though I was distraught at Jeff’s death, I loved the episode. The audience wants a massive surprise. The audience wants to feel their heart-break as the characters and relationships they love fall apart. “Born Lucky” was the episode that inspired me to make this blog because it made such a big impact on me and, although the visual stunts in the 30th were so much better, it was anticlimactic in my opinion. What are the producers afraid of? Do they not want to take a risk?

The producers have been working on and hyping up this anniversary episode for years and so now it does feel like I’ve been let down. I understand that so many fans, especially online, were blown away by it, and, as I’ve said, I enjoyed a host of different aspects from the episode. I just love criticising TV and discussing criticising opinions. I will be re-watching this episode many times in the future for it’s epic moments but for now I will leave you with HOW IS NO ONE DEAD?

Thanks for reading!


 for a worried text

      [text: Stevie] ARE U HOME
      [text: Stevie] WHY AREN’T YOU COMING TO THE DOOR
      [text: Stevie] AND YOUR WINDOW IS CLOSED
      [text: Stevie] STEVE?!
      [text: Stevie] DID PIERCE KIDNAP U
      [text: Stevie] S T E V E 

[ text >> bucky ] i’m at the hospital
[ text >> bucky ] it’s just my arrithymia
[ text >> bucky ] i’m fine, seriously. gabe jones called me an ambulance
                             and my ma works here, so y'know