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Little Belle

A few friends and I were going back and forth with many ideas of Nick being a dad, and we had to create someone for him to cuddle with, thus the little monster here named Isabelle.

And since we’re Wildehopps supporters, Judy would be her sweet and loving momma <3 (Of course, this would have to happen through adoption. ^^; But feel free to imagine, my sweets!)

Hope you all enjoy my little gift! :D 

Date a guy who has nice eyes and a killer smile. Date a guy who loves his friends. Date a guy who supports his friends more than himself. Date a guy who is a best friend, and a boyfriend material at the same time. Date a guy who can do both. Date Park Jimin.

Reasons why Aleinn Um Jólin is a lovesong

-it’s a duet.
-it’s set during Christmas.
-is super celestial and calming, like I keep listening to it before i fall asleep.
-we hear exactly what they’re thinking until the end, when Sportacus speaks directly to Robbie, instead of about Robbie.
-i like to think it’s Robbie and sportacus, but it also works for glanni and Íþróttaálfurinn.
-the first line is about Robbie, who Sportacus is pining over.
-then Sportacus compares Robbie to men who often “loose their way”.
-parallels himself as a man who “stands alone”.
-theres a line referring to Robbie saying, “you know what happens when they see lights on Christmas”, and one that refers to Sportacus as having someone on Christmas, implying that he has hope that he’ll meet Robbie that night.
-Robbie says “no one sees me, i don’t care!/though I see a celebration, when im out here.” confirming he is the man who has lost his way.
-sings about wanting peace, the reason he is alone.
-Sportacus says “if its true black becomes white (Robbie) and cold becomes warm (Sportacus).“ then he reasons that Robbie can change his ways.
-“and finally find peace on Christmas”.
-Robbie try’s tricking himself into thinking he doesn’t care that he’s alone, but its pretty clear that he want to be with someone.
-“stealing from you” where the"you” is obviously Sportacus. Even if indirectly, he wants to be near Sportacus.
-Robbie says that, again, he just wants peace. Showing that he hasn’t found it, but doesn’t want to admit that he has to change to finally find peace.
-and here’s where they start to sing in unison.
-its just a description of the town square which is “still and calm”, but this shows that Robbie has found peace in Sportacus.
-they “face towards the lights and fallen snow” something warm and something white.
-“then I listen to the sound which fills the emptiness (in me)” someone now stands beside Sportacus on Christmas, and again tells us that Robbie has found peace.
-the song ends with only Sportacus singing, as he is the only one who speaks during the song.
-he asks Robbie if he knows the message of Christmas.
-“you shall love your neighbor/throughout the year/beginning now”.
-its a nice end to the song, and it’s basically a proclamation of love and im super about this song.

uuuuuuuuhhhhhh, i made a thing

and im not happy with it, haha, but whatever :D

anyway! color!Sans belongs to @superyoumna!

My dad ended up sending me a video of you. And you said that you wanted to see a concert… and um, I don’t really know when we’re going on tour next.. so, I figured I’d just kind of like, do one.. if you wanted to hear any songs..I brought my guitar… so… we can do some requests. My dad really wanted to say ‘hi’, and so did my mom.
—  Taylor Swift talking to Cyrus Porter 12.26.2016… SHE IS AMAZING

Time is a River: Chapter 01 


 When history professor Lance McClain stumbles across a mysterious object, he has no idea it will lead him and his friends to a time ship crashed in the year 2016.  But with this amazing discovery comes a dire message from the two future refugees onboard: Lance and his friends must become paladins, protectors of time itself.  Now, they must struggle to preserve history all while preventing the rise of an immortal despot, bent on destroying everything in his path to conquer the future, including the paladins themselves.


The stranger’s hand shot out, grabbing Lance’s shoulder.  It didn’t seem like much force was being exerted, but the man’s grip on his shoulder was unnaturally strong.  Lance tried to wiggle out of its grasp, to no avail.

“Give. Me. The bayard.”

The hold on Lance’s shoulder tightened briefly and he let out a yelp of pain.  Lance felt fairly certain he was bruised down to the bone now.  He looked up and stiffened in fear, because, yep, the man’s eyes had definitely turned gold.  

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anonymous asked:

Ok but obligatory bakery au where he tian goes to buy a last minute bday cake for idk his brother or something and goes to the closest, best reviewed bakery run by a certain red head and his ma and its all downhill for him from there

this is another very old ask, and im so sorry, anon, i’ll probably never stop apologising for how late this reply is!! but believe me when i say that i’ve always had your message in mind since you first sent it to me because!!!!!! i am so weak for AUs, and a bakery AU for tianshan sounds so so good, i’ll always be grateful to you for making me think about it!!! 

how about this, anon??

  • jian yi has been planning to throw a surprise birthday party for zheng xi for almost a year by now, he has planned everything to details so that everything will be perfect
  • except the universe decides to throw a monkey wrench in the works,and when the zheng xi’s birthday actually comes, nothing goes as he planned, and when even the cake gets ruined he desperately calls he tian to ask him to pick a new one up for him and bring it to his apartment while he keeps zheng xi busy
  • he tian agrees after making jian yi beg for a while and swear he’ll do anything to repay him for the favor, mostly because it amuses him to see jian yi struggle
  • so he tian makes some quick research and goes to the nearest bakery he could find that also had nice reviews
  • the bakery is a small place, but there are already three other customers in it before him, and the baked goods displayed on the counter smell and look heavenly
  • what looks even more heavenly, though, is the redhead guy selling them: he has very nice lips and a perpetual frown on his face, and he tian can’t stop staring at the smudge of flour on his cheek and wanting to lick it away
  • he definitely lets the old man who entered after him being served first by the other woman behind the counter because he respects his elders, and not because he wants a chance to talk with the cute guy
  • of course it ends in a disaster, because by the time his turn comes he completely forgot the kind of cake jian yi told him to buy and he proceeds to irritate the heck out of guan shan by not being able to answer any single questions about the cake and just asking for whatever is good (which makes guan shan even angrier because everything is good there)
  • somehow he manages to walk away with a cake, but he failed miserably on trying to learn guan shan’s name or anything else about him, so he decides to come back the next day (especially after jian yi doesn’t kill him for having picked the wrong cake because the one he bought was fucking delicious)
  • their second meeting is as disastrous as their first one was, with he tian trying to charm guan shan and guan shan being completely immune to it and just getting mad at him until he tells him that if he doesn’t buy anything he has to leave
  • so he tian buys a couple of cupcakes and even manages to get guan shan’s name thanks to the other woman working there (which he finds out is his mom), and after that it becomes a thing, he tian going there to buy something and waiting to be served by guan shan just so he can talk to him for a while
  • one day guan shan says that he hopes he tian is not eating all those sweets by himself, because it can’t be healthy, to which he tian replies ‘i didn’t know you cared’; guan shan of course says that he doesn’t, but that if he tian died for too much sugar it could have some negative effects for the bakery
  • sometimes he tian even walks there with his dog, and one morning guan shan gets out of the shop to pet it and give it a treat he baked himself, and it’s in that moment, when he tian sees guan shan smile for the first time, that he knows he is completely fucked
  • and guan shan won’t admit it but he has started to warm up to he tian as well, so much so that he gets really worried when he tian doesn’t show up for two days in a row
  • on the third day he decides to go to he tian’s apartment (he knows where he is because one night he tian was walking back home with his dog when guan shan was losing the bakery and they walked together for a while) and finds out that he tian caught a really bad flu
  • he stays there all day to nurse he tian back to health, and when he tian asks him if he does stuff like this for all his clients, guan shan has to admit out loud that maybe he does care a little

aaaand this got out of hand as usual, i definitely didn’t mean to write all this, sorry!! but i really can’t stop imagining this, and i also really love the idea of jian yi finding out he tian has a thing for guan shan and going to the bakery to meet him and telling him the most embarrassing stories about he tian. and!! and!! one day he tian stays until guan shan has to close the bakery, but before leaving guan shan asks he tian’s opinion on the taste of something he is creating, which it eventually turns into guan shan trying to teach he tian how to bake, which turns into the two of them talking about their families, which turns into a food fight where he tian ends up pinning guan shan against the counter and they almost kiss. okay, i’ll shut up for real now………….

BARACK: “Sooo…..ummmmm…..
TRUMP: ”……“
BARACK: ”……did you see ‘Suicide Squad’?“
TRUMP: "Um…uh, no. I’m not really a 'Star Wars’ fan.”
BARACK “………….Jesus Christ–”


Abby Griffin in every episode | 3x09 Stealing Fire

“I won’t let this happen to you.”


So out of my anger that my bank wouldn’t sell me a whale shark pencil case that is only available as part of a promo for schoolkids, I have CREATED MY OWN

and it’s INFINITELY better than the bank one anyway. SO. *nods proudly*

lookit this cute thing i made omg