no secrets


Here are my pop CD’s sorry about the poor lighting. I’ll post more later of other 90′s-2000s genres. I seriously have it all. 

anonymous asked:

So is it her best album so far to you??

You know when you’re so sure of something that you’d put your life and everyone you care about’s life on the line #deep - this is how sure I am that this is the greatest album she has ever created BLOOD SWEAT TEARS = ART. 

so, today we got

  • secret sessions (aHHH)
  • a new album that is apparently “better than RED”
  • a new album that is shady and sexy and better than everything she’s ever done
  • Taylor being her usual adorable self, leaving me dead and teary with everything the secret sessioners have told us (god help us all)
  • Taylor making the dreams of so many deserving fans come true
  • Taylor being the happiest she’s ever been
  • funeral arrangements for nov 10th

After the crushing, grey of the last few weeks with all the shit that’s been going on, this is has been the most heady, freaking-near-hallucinogenic breath of pure oxygen life could have given me. I look like a total third wheel because I’m shorter, but look at us!!  Three friends matching in velvet and red lip. <3  
I have never felt so valued and so content than after a whole invite-only evening with your hugs, confessions & conversation.  I love you, I love you, I love you @taylorswift <3 A decade was so worth the wait.

For the cynics who always laughed when I called Taylor a long-distance friend to me… Well, shame on you now. I got an invited to Taylor’s house for my Friday The 13th, what did you do?  

What blows my mind here is that… she really doesn’t have to do all of this. Like for real. She doesn’t. She could sit in one of her mansions, in all her queen of pop glory, post few pics or stories on Instagram each month and people would be happy. She would probably sell just as many CDs and she’d still sell out all the stadiums in the world… but she still chooses to spend hours with fans. You think she has to perform at these radio shows? No, she doesn’t. But she still chooses to because radio was always sticking up for her. She could sell meet&greets for thousands of dollars and people would fight to buy them but nope… she does them for free. And there’s so much more that she doesn’t have to do. But she does. Because she cares. And she’s loyal. And I’m a bit emotional now. I think that we sometimes take all of this for granted. Like we’re living in the same age as Taylor Swift… I feel like that’s the story our grandkids are gonna ask us to tell over and over again…

the media has tirelessly tried to tear down and pull apart taylor swift’s kind, sweet disposition and her inspiring, powerful artistry. the secret sessions and photos illuminate how she hasn’t allowed disheartening remarks to seep into the parts of her that deeply breathe resilience and strength. she’s truly burning brighter than ever before, whilst exuding boundless joy and light. keep on shining, taylor, you deserve all of the pure bliss you’re feeling right now and more.

Scott literally said to me when he was talking to me that she would only keep doing this stuff, bringing us into her Circle of Trust™, if we keep The Trust™.

So please, don’t share details or say ‘Taylor said this’ because she doesn’t want that. She asked us never to repeat what we discussed.

Please don’t ruin it for future Swifties ok