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Now a days there are many sites available for free to watch movies or TV shows online. Now a days we prefer to watch Movies online because for offline first we have to download and then watch it, but for online we can see right now.

There are many Free and paid sites to watch online Movies . And some of site you have to login or signup but there is also some sites where login or signup is not required to watch any online Movies for free.

Here is the list movies for watch online movies for free :

 Suicide Squad

 Jason Bourne

 Bad Moms

 The Secret Life of Pets

 Star Trek Beyond 

 Nine Lives

 Lights Out



 Ice Age: Collision Course

Pete’s Dragon

 Florence Foster Jenkins

 Sausage Party

 Hell or High Water


 Operation Chromite

 Edge of Winter

 Ghost Team



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tweekay  asked:

Listen Ice, I've joined the rebellion.I just can't live in a world where I have to wear shoes in the house! It's... impossible! It would be years of training wasted! Our kingdoms don't have to be war though, join me on the shoeless side and accept the barefoot destiny!

cool shoeless artists don’t look at explosions.

beware the future wreckages, rebellions and overall new kingdom of illustrakay. we will strike with coffee and taylor swift references

Yes. We’re tag wranglers. That is literally-

We do. The wranglers? You might have heard of-

What? Wait, you don’t need to-

Ah, thank you sarlacc. (“She shoots, she scores!”)

(Brought to you by the committee to remind you that it’s perfectly fine to use chatty tags if you want, without apologizing or asking if people object or whatever. That is fine. Nobody should tell you otherwise.) (In fact, please don’t apologize.) (Really, don’t.)

(While you tag, please do remember we’re here and human, not computers. There is always at least one human who reads your tags and figures out what to do with them, if no one has used those exact tags before. Your tags will be out of order and contextless to us. We’ll connect tags that seem to have a specific meaning without opening your work or looking at your notes in most cases, because literally all we get is each tag, by itself. We don’t see your summary or the other tags on your work. We don’t know that you meant that tag ironically. When you tag, please think about how your individual tags might be hooked up to the filter system and tag accordingly. This will help users looking through tags find works they’re interested in and keep your work from appearing in filters you didn’t mean for it to be in.)

chizuru-yukimura-okita  asked:

Hiya... i don't know why but i think v and mc relationship like brother and sister.. if they have conversation...

I agree ^^ My personal take on what a ‘V route’ would look like in Mystic Messenger:

- He would probably avoid answering 90% of your questions until later days

- Most of the hearts you’d get with him would be from discussing him with the other RFA members, not by actually having chats with him since he rarely logs in (though if he was a route I expect he’d log in at least once a day or so)

- When he starts to open up to you, it would only be in very vague terms, like him saying “there’s something difficult I have to do right now” instead of being specific

- You’d get a good end by being extremely supportive towards him and letting him know you care and are willing to help

- Ultimately is a relationship based on mutual support and trust (but not romance)

(Secret end spoilers below)

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