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☾ m o o n s a l t  ☽

☾ What is moonsalt?  ☽

I knew moonsalt since I was a little kid, and I  had no idea that it was witchcraft. thing. Basically moonsalt = salt+ash+oil. Of course you can add wahtever you want to  this is just a base.

☾ What i need to make it?  ☽

★ 1 or 2 teaspoons of salt (normal or sea salt, I prefer normal)

★ piece of paper and a pen

★ some oil (I use lavender oil)

Write a sigil on the paper. I mostly use protection or balance sigil. Then burn the paper (be carefull!)

Mix ash, salt and oil and keep it safe in a tiny bottle. You can carry your moonsalt in your bag for protection or keep it in your house for balance. 

☾ Why moonsalt? ☽

I was a kid when I called it like that, probably because of its colour. 

☾ Moonsalt will help you to keep balance in your life and its really simple to do even for baby witches ☽


        I struggled with self-acceptance until all I could think about was suicide. Feeling like an anomaly in a sea of normality, I could no longer look at myself in the mirror without hating my reflection.  I grew up in a time when the term “transgender” wasn’t spoken.  I didn’t know who I was or why I felt the way that I did.  The fear of rejection and being marginalized because I was “different” kept me from talking to anyone about my identity.  I buried my feelings deep inside and focused all my energy and time in sports and religion.  I slowly learned that true happiness couldn’t be found in relationships, money, popularity, or material things.  Nothing I had or could gain would make me love the person I was pretending to be.  It wasn’t until I lost the most important thing in the world to me that I realized how unfair I was being to myself and to others by not living authentically.
      Hiding your truth keeps you from giving yourself fully to anyone or anything in life.  When you let go of the fears that hold you back and find true, undaunted love for yourself, you begin to understand self-worth.  Truly letting go and being honest with yourself allows you to let go of the social stigmas of being “different.”  Knowing there is nothing wrong with you for being authentic allows you to be unapologetic to the hate and ignorance that exists in the world.  One day, one person at a time, we will change the world.

Kayla Ward

I’m just so happy for them. ;w; I need more bonding moments with these two.

(This is platonic.)

Vamos a plantearnos un sábado, uno en que la canción en la radio sea la más normal, la más inoportuna. Una que diga en un par de acordes lo mucho que te quiero. Una que la cante Dani Martín
y diga contigo siempre, aunque nunca estés. Una, a fin de cuentas, que diga lo mucho que me importas y que no necesito que estés aquí o allá, pero siempre conmigo y en el corazón. Ahí dentro donde todo el mundo puede explorar, pero solo nosotros sabemos lo pasa, lo que nos sucede, lo que vivimos, lo que hacemos cuando nos besamos y no sabemos si es poesía o el puto universo.
—  Jorge Muñoz

A veces se siente horrible cuando tu madre o padre, te regañan diciéndote que solo haces que ellos (Willy y Vegetta o algún otro youtuber) ganen más dinero, y que te digan que seas alguien “normal” como esas niñas que, usan maquillaje, se visten con ropa pegada, tienen novio, etc.
Si supieran que es lo único (tal vez, en mi caso es así) que nos hace feliz.


aqua-058  asked:

#DatoCurioso yo y los demás piscis que conozco -sólo he conocido uno que no- tendemos a ser algo bajos de estatura, me siento bien de que no sólo sea yo 😂😂😂

Es muy normal eso de hecho, es una característica que siempre he leído en artículos/libros. Los Piscis por alguna razón siempre tienden a ser de corta estatura. (Aplica para personas con ascendente Piscis)

PD: tengo ascendente Piscis pero mido 1.90😂😎


“At the end of the night, 
before you close your eyes,
be content with what you’ve done
and be proud of who you are~”

Happy b-day @taccoman <3 A little positive Sea mullet at the night (I really like that background so I put it there too without Stan). I really wanted to draw calm sea at the night and it ended up like this.

But now like Stan would say: GET TO WORK!!! 


ok hear me out:

we need a year of zoro

who is zoro

what dimension did he wander in from 

who really produced this plant 

why has he always been so “grrr” u feel 

Since I essentially predicted ALL of s11 on May 25, 2015, please have my prediction for s12 on May 26, 2016

Hi everyone! I’d started writing this post, got about half done with it, and my laptop crashed and I LOST IT ALL, so this is my attempt to recreate it from memory. There’s no way this is everything I’d said before, but I’ll do my best.

I have a lot of asks piling up, and I do plan to do a full 11.23 rewatch with very detailed observations, but that will have to wait for later tonight (especially now that I’ve essentially lost an hour due to losing the entire original version of this post…)


AN2: (sighing again) edited because all my bolded and italicized text didn’t transfer when I copy/pasted this from gdocs)

I want to talk about my main takeaway from s11 here. For the first 11 seasons of the show, the driving force behind all their actions has been the Father. In the very first scenes of the pilot episode, the impetus that sets everything else in motion for the next 33 years of their lives, is the death of their mother (or of the Feminine, metaphorically speaking).

S11, and beginning long before that, but s11 specifically, has been about undoing all these mistakes of the father (or the masculine force) in order to restore balance. In order to do that, Dean (and also to an extent Sam, but more recently CAS has also been on this journey, too) has been actively confronted with nearly all the “major mistakes” of their past and given an opportunity to do them better this time around.

I replied to a question last week about the Soul Bomb (before the episode aired), and ended up pointing out all the instances where they’d been given a chance to revisit their “wrong choices” from the last 10 season finales, and have made a better choice, with more balanced and healthy outcomes this time around.

The major themes of this season, from my point of view, were “You can’t outrun your past,” and my tag for this, which is “subversion and inversion.” (and this is where I start crying trying to rewrite this, because I had all sorts of good stuff here but I’m doing my best… ugh)

I am still pointing to 10.11 as the key to this subversion, of reuniting ALL the parts of yourself and accepting EVERYTHING about yourself. Dean’s been personally confronting this going all the way back to 10.03, while trying to come to terms with having lived with only the absolute darkest parts of himself while he’d been a demon. He fought that part of himself, and went to the opposite extreme in trying to deny it.

This goes all the way back to the death of his Mother (which I’m capitalizing because that was the symbolically the death of everything “feminine” about Dean and the source of the “performing Dean” mask he’d had to construct for himself in order to be the Good Son to his father). Everything that’s happened on the series over these 11 years has been about the quest of the Father, a masculine-coded revenge mission which Dean (and Sam, and even Cas) have been stuck on and had never quite been able to break free of.

So in addition to just subverting their own past Huge Mistakes™, they’ve also (and I’m kind of focusing on Dean here, because his subversion was the key to solving this whole mess) had to subvert that toxic masculinity and codependence that they’d layered themselves in like Winchester Family Armor.

This deconstruction and subversion has been happening in earnest since 10.14. Cain set the stage for Dean to make a different choice than he had, to do better than he did. While Cain had been able to achieve a certain level of peace and balance through his relationship with Colette, even after her death, that alone had never been enough to save him. Because the initial underlying issues had never been truly dealt with; i.e. the sacrifice of his own brother brought about by his unhealthy codependency. Because when it comes down to it, Cain’s deal with Lucifer was a dark mirror for Dean having sold his soul to save Sam.

Granted, the theme had already begun to be subverted by Dean’s reasons for taking the mark in the first place. His goal in turning himself into a weapon was to destroy Abaddon before she could destroy the world. That in itself sets the stage for a potential different resolution for Dean.

But all of this change can’t come through relationships with other people (no matter HOW MUCH they’re loved or love you in return). And that is ESSENTIAL for the subversion of the Daddy Issues that have driven Dean since he was four years old. Dean has tried to seek that suppressed part of him externally for most of his life– through validation and approval from his father, through seeking pleasure and an unattainable satisfaction from his encounters with others. That quest was explored metaphorically in s10 through his relationship with food, swinging from wildly unhealthy overindulgence to a rather austere “pure” diet of egg white omelettes and kale. Neither brought him true satisfaction, because he was still looking for it outside himself. He was still unbalanced.

In 10.16 he began to admit this out loud, that maybe he wanted something more with someone. And I’m not talking about his confessional scene, I’m talking about his conversation with Sister Mathias (a “pure” Female mirror that reflected back the “unbalanced and unhealthy” reasons for Dean’s external quest for acceptance… which is an inherently Masculine approach). Sister Mathias may have been a female, but she chose a male-coded name on entering service to God as a nun, giving herself over to that Father force because “Well [sighs] in my case, I felt I had no choice. My life had become painful. There was hopelessness. I felt I had to find something larger than myself to focus on. A kind of mission, I guess. You have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure.”

And that bolded text there? That’s the toxic masculinity laid out plan, by a woman in service to God.

That was Dean’s turning point. That’s what prompted him (subconsciously, but it was still a MAJOR turning point for him) to begin his quest INWARD. Seeking for that lost Mother force outside of him had failed. He began to admit out loud, with actual words– even verbally paralleling SEX with LASAGNA in case the parallel wasn’t already clear enough from his weird food obsession all season to that point– that a fundamental change in his quest had begun.
The priest absolved Dean of his sins with this: “One would hope some…inner exploration might occur. The prayers are just the beginning to some serious soul-searching.”

Which has been Dean’s essential core of his Heroine’s Journey (and if you haven’t read that meta by @flyingfish1, it is ESSENTIAL for understanding s11, the entire Carver era, and what the future holds). His GOALS were outlined in the rest of his conversation with the priest, about “going deeper” with someone than he had with the nebulous aggregation of all his past lovers as “Gina.” We’ve analyzed to death what the things, people, and feelings he wants to experience differently, maybe even for the first time, are. But This was HUGE for Dean, personally.

Mr. Dean “No Chick Flick Moments” Winchester was officially set on course to confront the Dark Goddess of the Heroine’s Journey. And he did it both internally by finding acceptance of the Feminine things in himself, as well as in three dimensions through the resolution of his toxic bond with Amara. ALL OF THIS was summed up with the subversion of that one line from the pilot episode. He OWNED that yeah, he does love chick flicks.

That’s MIND BLOWINGLY HUGE and demonstrates the full resolution and final annihilation of Performing Dean.

And the specific way in which it was done, by acknowledging the FEMININE, standing at MARY’S grave and NOT JOHN’S, his freaking HUGE.

The need for approval and validation from the Masculine has been entirely subverted. The toxic imbalance of that essentially Male force that has driven not only Dean’s personal journey through life, but the actual origins of the entire universe beginning with God himself, has been overthrown. It’s the reunification with the Feminine (symbolized for Dean by the loss of his mother, and symbolized outwardly by convincing Amara to lay her revenge mission aside and reunite with her brother) that literally saved the universe.

THIS is why I am 100% okay that Cas never got an apology or a resolution with Chuck. Because fundamentally he did not need it. Cas has been on the same Heroine’s Journey that Dean has, and no amount of external approval or validation from God was going to mean a damn diddly squat. The fact he didn’t even ASK for it, or demand a resolution from Chuck PROVES that he’s come further along in his journey toward wholeness and acceptance of HIMSELF.

Just as Dean didn’t even consider seeking a final family moment at John’s grave, because he’d already cast aside that need for approval from his father, Cas has likewise abandoned the unhealthy need for approval and validation from his father.


Where did Cas get his validation in this episode? FROM DEAN. From someone who’d just declared them equals, BROTHERS (and in Dean Speak, there is no more idealized bond than that of a brother). Up to this point, Dean has understood no greater expression of love than what he feels for Sam. Everything else has been a hollow quest for him. “Going through the motions” as he’s said himself.

So what does that leave, now that the universe has been restored to its proper balance, Light and Dark reunited as equals?

What I think will be the driving force going forward into s12 will be rediscovering that essential Feminine. The gift that Amara gave Dean, symbolic of EVERYTHING that had been torn away from his life since his mother died, was the reunification with the feminine, PERSONIFIED BY THE RESURRECTION OF MARY in perhaps the most poetic un-fridging of the feminine in the history of television.

No, I am serious about that.

It’s now time for Dean to finally be able to begin to look OUTWARD for those things he’d been working through within himself for the last two seasons. Now that he’s made HIMSELF whole by accepting all of these parts of himself, he can carry that forward through his relationships with Sam, Cas, and Mary herself.

Balance has been restored to the universe, but Dean is only BEGINNING to understand and live with this balance, so I believe s12 is being set up as an exploration of the inherently FEMININE just as the first eleven seasons had been the birth, evolution, and eventual death of the masculine.

We’ve been shown that a major part of s12 will be the new character, Lady Toni Bevell, as the representative for the traditionally MALE MEN OF LETTERS. I mean, it’s right there in the name. It was only Charlie who questioned that, and began to change what it meant to be a Person of Letters.
Lady Toni is a woman, a mother, and yet a symbol of the same “wrong thinking” that Henry Winchester had come straight out of 1958 with– a stilted understanding of everything that had led Sam and Dean to be involved with the problems that had sprung up around them. She accused Sam of “playing with forces beyond his understanding,” and BLAMED HIM for these things. And come on, we all know that the fact Sam and Dean even exist in the first place is because of the machinations of heaven and hell for the explicit purpose of starting the apocalypse. NONE of this was their fault. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Sam and Dean, as well as Cas (since he’s up on her Murder Board, too), the world WOULD have ended. She’s already being set up to discover just how wrong the Men of Letters, cloistered away in their dusty libraries studying stuff with only a partial understanding of the facts, have the story.

So now that Dean (and Cas, but also Sam) have found absolution and balance within themselves, I see s12 as their mission to restore that broken balance out in the world at large. And the pivot point of the whole reversal of that mission is the reappearance of Mary Winchester.
So yes, I AM THRILLED AT HOW THIS WAS HANDLED. It wasn’t so much a “death of God and all that is male,” It was the acknowledgement that striving for that as as ideal, with the goal of external validation and success in the eyes of the father IS SIMPLY IRRELEVANT.

Dean no longer NEEDS his father’s approval. He doesn’t NEED to wear a mask that John would be “proud” of. He doesn’t need to construct an outward persona that exemplifies his self-destructive and toxic idea of Masculine Perfection.


Cas has lived for millions (if not billions) of years as an embodiment of service to God, to the masculine generative force of the universe. For him, the female has always been represented as something horrifying and alien– going all the way back to the angels’ limited understanding and outright fear of The Darkness.

Cas had believed so strongly that Amara was a destructive force that had to be killed that he’d sought out the angel most diametrically opposite the Darkness, Lucifer the Lightbringer, God’s self-admitted “favorite,” and welcomed him into his body (yes, his body and not his vessel any more, CAS IS THAT BODY NOW).

In his conversation with Dean, THAT’S WHERE CAS SOUGHT ABSOLUTION FOR HIS CHOICES. FROM DEAN. WHO VALIDATED ALL OF CAS, TOLD HIM HE WAS FAMILY, GAVE HIM THE HIGHEST WINCHESTER HONOR OF BEING LOVED AND ACCEPTED AS A BROTHER– A TRUE BROTHER .Because until Dean begins to really explore the part of himself that’s been essentially dead since 1983– his feminine side– that’s literally the highest form of love he knows how to express. And Cas knows it.

Cas has been told he’s worthless, useless, and expendable. He’s come to believe that. His angelic family has disowned him, but Dean has told him that he is unconditionally a part of HIS OWN FAMILY. Cas ISN’T worthless or expendable. He’s FAMILY. He’s A WINCHESTER.

And now he’s finally free of his need for acceptance from God. He’s learned that no, he really isn’t just an angel anymore. His chains have finally been unlocked.

So, yeah. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass if Chuck approves of Cas. Because CAS approves of Cas.

And yeah, Dean approves of him, too.

So for s12, with Mary returned, the balance of the Divine Feminine restored to the universe, but ALSO restored to Dean in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY, I predict unprecedented character growth, and a continuation of Dean’s acceptance of EVERY part of himself.

Things are truly looking hopeful. Of course, they’ll still encounter difficulties, but I predict that Dean (and Cas, and even Sam) will finally be able to take this internal reunification of the feminine and begin to heal the world with it. Just as Chuck said, when Dean asked him what would become of the Earth with him and Amara gone now, The Earth will be fine because it has Dean (and Sam, but hey…).

I’ve had some anons who are upset because Chuck, in his last chance to validate Castiel utterly failed to even mention him, but we already KNOW that Dean includes Cas in his family of brothers. And like I said before, Chuck’s opinions on Cas don’t matter to me one whit.

As far as Dean and Cas, or DeanCas, even more barriers between them have crumbled. The full extent of their relationship is still in the subtext, but I didn’t really expect anything else. Because Dean has been fundamentally incapable of experiencing anything more than the idealized love for his brother up to this point.

Now that the Feminine is finally able to take center stage, I foresee nothing but healing, growth, and development of ALL of their relationships with each other (Dean, Sam, Cas, AND MARY).

The universe is correcting the balance, and it’s an ongoing process. I mean, come ON. Even Death has been replaced by a Female Force. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SUBVERTED. This is no longer the Daddy Show. This truly is wiping the slate clean.

Dean’s still got a LOT of unanswered questions from this season, most of which revolve around LOVE. Mildred’s assertion that he was pining for someone in 11.11 (who was that mysterious person he was pining for?), his admission that it was NOT Amara, and that what he felt for her was NOT love, his admission TO CAS that what he feels for him IS DEFINITELY LOVE AND IN THE HIGHEST WAY DEAN KNOWS HOW TO EXPRESS.

And yeah, he subverted the whole Chick Flick bullshit, but that doesn’t mean he’s fully integrated the language into his own vocabulary yet. Give him time. It’s hard to undo 33 years of toxic masculinity, but he’s beginning to ask the right questions.

“So, what’s it like, settling down with a hunter?”

He may have couched his Official Welcome to the Winchester Family to Cas in the language of “we” and “brother,” But we’ve also been shown for most of s11 that the way Sam thinks of Cas as his brother is decidedly different from how DEAN thinks of Cas as his “brother.”

This is like learning a foreign language for Dean and he hasn’t quite mastered all the irregular verb conjugations yet. As usual, though, Cas understands him on a fundamental level. He gets that the words are in there somewhere, and Dean just needs time to get the translation just right.

And holy crackers, isn’t that freaking SPECTACULAR?!

Please tell me it’s October now.


Not sure if anyone can tell the difference but I changed up the patters a bit for the mini sea pancakes and normal sea pancakes. they are still about the same size but i just changed some minor things. I feel like it made more of a difference for the minis. 

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