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☾ m o o n s a l t  ☽

☾ What is moonsalt?  ☽

I knew moonsalt since I was a little kid, and I  had no idea that it was witchcraft. thing. Basically moonsalt = salt+ash+oil. Of course you can add wahtever you want to  this is just a base.

☾ What i need to make it?  ☽

★ 1 or 2 teaspoons of salt (normal or sea salt, I prefer normal)

★ piece of paper and a pen

★ some oil (I use lavender oil)

Write a sigil on the paper. I mostly use protection or balance sigil. Then burn the paper (be carefull!)

Mix ash, salt and oil and keep it safe in a tiny bottle. You can carry your moonsalt in your bag for protection or keep it in your house for balance. 

☾ Why moonsalt? ☽

I was a kid when I called it like that, probably because of its colour. 

☾ Moonsalt will help you to keep balance in your life and its really simple to do even for baby witches ☽

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Can we get a sketch of Stan showing off Ford's embarrassing baby photo as Ford tries to stop him?

Ford tries to burn it but Stan’s already made 50 copies and hidden them around the house.

Polynesian AU stuff

So, I think I should start making theme posts for my Polynesian AU or as you like to call it Moana AU (both variants are welcome). Since many of you seemed pretty much interested in this story I’ll try to give you a brief idea of what this whole thing is about.

Sorry for my clumsy English :)

Timeline. The story is set about one and a half century after Maui stole Te Fiti’s heart and everything became hell. All the monsters released from Lalotai and darkness spreading quickly and destroying islands made many tribes search for safe areas to stay, and if they used to be more peaceful back then when the ocean was a safer place now they had to fight for their land and protect it from the newcomers. Overall, sailing wasn’t forbidden but people were slowly losing that special connection with the ocean their ancestry used to have.

Turtles. And that’s where we should start speaking about the turts. In this AU all four brothers (not blood-related) are sons of Tu - god of war in Polynesian mythology. There’s a legend (made up of course) that when the number of tribe wars and monster attacks increased other gods made Tu help the people. He decided to send his guardians which would protect people from Lalotai monsters and maybe prevent some war cases. Following what the legend tells the strongest of female sea turtles (turtles are considered to be a symbol of strength and war) gave their eggs to Tu and he placed them on small islands in different regions. One of those islands was our turtles’ birthplace.

Firstly, their names are different in this story. I tried to choose the most fitting ones.

  • Leo is a green sea turtle named Lono which means “peace and prosperity
  • Raph is a leatherback sea turtle named Rapa which means “giant”
  • Donnie is also a green sea turtle named Roro which means “brain” (there’s a lack of names and even words starting with D in Maori and Hawaiian languages so I had to put up with this variant, it isn’t half bad I think)
  • Mikey is a loggerhead sea turtle named Maika which means “good”

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I was not a popular or a likable child; too spiky, too angry, too intense, too odd…
—  Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

quiero mirarte y acariciarte
perderme en tu mirada
darte besitos y decirte cuanto te amo
besarte y sonreír
y aunque lo sepas,
decirte que me encantas así tal cual sos
que tu alma es hermosa al igual que vos
que cada vez que expresas lo que sentis haces que te ame aún más
que en mi corazón no existe nadie más que vos y que sin importar tus tristezas y alegrías, las cosas que te salen bien o mal, tus defectos y virtudes, que sin importar lo que vos puedas pensar o sentir, para mis ojos todo tu ser es el único y más hermoso de todos
que sos vos la que me hace sentir
que aunque yo sea tan normal y aburrida todos los días intentaría enamorarte y hacerte feliz, llenar algún vacío en vos si es que lo sentís y sacarte todas las tristezas, conocerte más todavía y hacer que me ames todo el tiempo como yo a vos sin importar lo que pueda pasar y
que jamás me permitiría perderte


[WARNING: LONG POST. I tried to format this to be easier to read but sorry if it’s still difficult]

Thank you to @useless-uterus for helping me come up with this

Have you ever wanted to play through the Bioshock series and get absolutely plastered? Here’s the game for you! (note: please drink responsibly and only if you’re of legal drinking age. Don’t try hardcore mode if you’re a lightweight. You don’t have anything to prove to your friends, you’ll just get alcohol poisoning.)

[OPTIONAL: Make cocktails based on the vigors/plasmids and take a shot from whichever one you have equipped when you need to drink]



  • Take a drink
    • Every time the Luteces appear
    • Whenever someone hits on Booker
    • Every time you take a new vigor
    • Whenever you find a voxophone–the sample one from the vendor doesn’t count (ONLY APPLICABLE IN A NON-COMPLETIONIST RUN)
    • Whenever you find an infusion (if you have the DLC with all the infusions in the Blue Ribbon you can take a drink for every three)
    • Whenever you find gear (same rules as the last one apply)
    • Every time Comstock says something he knows about you
    • Every time your nose bleeds
    • Every time Elizabeth picks the lock on a safe
    • Whenever Elizabeth specifically says “Booker catch!” (don’t drink for any variation. Save it for hardcore mode)
    • Finish your drink for the ending


  • Take a drink
    • Every time Elizabeth throws you something
    • Every time Elizabeth opens a tear
    • Finish your drink when you find all the infusions in the blue ribbon (shotgun another drink for the gear while you’re at it)
    • Every time the Luteces say something cryptic
    • Every time Comstock says something racist
    • Every time Lady Comstock is mentioned
    • Every time Daisy Fitzroy is mentioned
    • Whenever you find a voxophone in a completionist run
    • Every time Elizabeth picks a lock in general
    • Every time Jeremiah Fink strokes his own ego



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Elizabeth snaps at you to hurry
    • Every time you have to go off course to get to your objective
    • Every time there’s a samurai for no real reason
    • Every time Elizabeth opens a tear
    • Every time you get a new plasmid
    • Every time Elizabeth hints that she’s not from Rapture
    • Every time somebody lowkey insults Booker


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you close a vent
    • Every time Elizabeth says something heartbreaking
    • Finish your drink for Sander Cohen
    • Finish your drink for the radar range
    • Finish your drink in baby Anna’s honor
    • Every time your nose bleeds


  • Take a drink:
    • When the mood shifts in the Paris scene (you’ll need it)
    • For dancing baguette boy
    • For any foreshadowing you spot while in Paris
    • Every time Booker talks to you
    • Every time Elizabeth says something she has no reason to know (for example make and model of bathyspheres)
    • Every time Andrew Ryan talks to you
    • Every time Elizabeth’s brain goes into puzzle mode
    • Every time Elizabeth’s strength stat doesn’t match up to what she’s doing (can’t kill someone with the skyhook my ass)
    • Every time she refers to Suchong as an ego-maniac
    • Every time she has a flashback whether or not it’s her own (or flash forward in some cases)

HARDCORE MODE: (please use a small cup for this)

  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Elizabeth says something heartbreaking

    • Finish your drink for the attempted lobotomy

    • Every time you knock someone out

    • Every time you die (only if you’re bad at stealth games but you’ll be drunk so it probably doesn’t matter)

    • Whenever you crawl in a vent

    • Finish your drink when you find your own dead body

    • Finish your drink every time you hear La Vie en Rose

    • Finish your drink if you die and you get a Lutece monologue

    • Finish your drink for the ending
  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a new plasmid
    • Every time Atlas says “Would you kindly?” (excluding his reveal at the end) 
    • Every time you get a gift from Tenenbaum 
    • Every time you find an audio diary
    • Finish your drink whenever a splicer yells “The bees! They’re in my eyes!” when you shoot bees at them
    • Finish your drink when Sander Cohen stops you in Fort Frolic
    • Every time you fight a Big Daddy (with a little sister. Doesn’t count if they don’t have one)
    • Every time Atlas calls you “Boyo”

  • Take a drink:
    • Finish your drink if you activate the plaster splicers
    • Finish your drink during Ryan’s monologue 
    • Every time Cohen complains about something
    • Every time Cohen mentions his muse
    • Every time Fontaine talks
    • Finish your drink when Atlas becomes Fontaine again



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a flash from Eleanor 
    • Every time you find an audio diary from Eleanor
    • Every time Sophia Lamb threatens you
    • Every time you save a little sister 
    • Every other time you fight a big sister
    • Finish your drink every time you see an homage to the first game
    • Finish your drink every time you encounter a moral path (Stanley Poole, Grace Holloway, Gil Alexander–little sisters not included because you would die)
    • Every time Sinclair says something suspicious 
    • Every time you get a new plasmid


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Sophia Lamb says something about communism 
    • Every time one of the Wales brothers says something overly religious 
    • Every time Sinclair says something that makes you remember exactly how Southern he is, sport
    • Every time you get jumped by a brute splicer
    • Every time you wish Eleanor was a better written character
    • Finish your drink if you get the bad ending
    • Finish your friend’s drink if you get the very bad ending



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a new plasmid 
    • Every time you fight a Lancer
    • Every time you find a vacuum 
    • Every time you fight a Big Sister
    • Every time Reed Wahl calls Porter a traitor


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time there are cryptic numbers everywhere

    • Finish your drink for the climax

    • Every time The Thinker is mentioned

instead of Danny’s finger tips or lips turning blue when he’s cold, they actually turn more of a sea green. thankfully it normally takes below freezing temperatures for Danny to show these signs, so he’s been able to hide it well. however if he hasn’t used his ice powers in a while, his core body temperature will increasingly drop and then he’ll start showing signs.

Please be rough with me - Steve Rogers smut

Originally posted by lolawinchesterr

Paring: Dom!Steve Rogers x Reader

Words; 1833

Rating: 18+ (smut, unprotected sex, spanking, oral female receiving) 


Hi there! I was wondering if you could do a Steve Rogers x reader drabble were he’s a Dom but hesitant to tell the reader until one night he snaps? (But in a good way!) And it leads to smutty smut goodness!!!!

I hope this is what you wanted. It was my first time writing something like this and I loved to write it. I will try to write something like this again. Maybe even a part 2 for this if that is what people want. 

Requests are open!

‘Why don’t you ever let yourself go when we have sex?’ Y/N asks when she and Steve are in bed. ‘What?’ Steve asks. He knows exactly what she means but pretends to be stupid. There is no way in hell that he can tell her that he wants to dominate her. She is a strong and independent woman. He knows that she will never agree with it and run for the hills screaming.

‘You know what I mean, Steve’ Y/N says. ‘You are always holding back. It is annoying. I won’t break. I may like having you call me doll but I am not one’ she says. She is almost yelling at him right now. ‘You don’t know what you are asking of me’ he yells at her. He is getting out of bed and just stares at her. She needs to stop pushing him so hard or she will get what she is asking for and it won’t be pretty.

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Tsunamis are caused by energy originating underwater from a volcanic eruption, a submarine landslide, or, most commonly, an earthquake on the ocean floor.

1. For example, the tectonic plates of the Earth’s surface slip, releasing a massive amount of energy into the water. 2. This energy travels up to the surface, displacing water and raising it above the normal sea level.

3. Gravity pulls that energy back down.

4. As a result, the energy ripples outwards horizontally. Thus, the tsunami is born, moving at over 500 miles per hour.  

From the TED-Ed Lesson How tsunamis work - Alex Gendler

Animation by Augenblick Studios

A group of amateur cave explorers discovered a river in Mexico with banks, trees and leaves just like an ordinary river, but with an additional metric shit ton of “WTF,” because they were hovering 25 feet over it in scuba gear when they discovered it.

While underwater water doesn’t seem possible, the “river” is actually a briny mix of salt water and hydrogen sulfide. It’s much more dense than regular salt water, so it sinks to the bottom and forms a distinct separation that acts and flows like a river.

In addition to giving scuba divers the distinct feeling that they’re flying through a landscape painting, the underwater river allows them to snap mind-blowing pictures like the one you’re looking at taken by Anatoly Beloshchin.

Unfortunately, hydrogen sulfide is extremely toxic, so the chances of the above scuba diver pulling in some sort of meta-fish aren’t great. However, there is an underwater body of water on the abyssal plain (the part out past the continental shelf where the ocean floor starts to make shit real) that is teeming with life. Deep sea lakes look like normal lakes, complete with sandy and rocky shores. Scientist call these lakes “cold seeps,” but they’re a hotbed for life, because apparently waterfront real estate is a hot commodity under water, too. The “rocky” shores are actually made up of hundreds of thousands of mussels.

The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Things That Can Be Found Underwater