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Just another reminder, Neji is still alive and well with his squad. He’s also rocking that man bunʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

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I really wanna scanlate this doujin that I bought in Japan, but *sigh* there’s barely any time to do that these days

Right Beside You (We're Birds of a Feather)

wordcount: 2999

genre: fluff (platonic)

warnings: one of the swear words, mild mild social anxiety/discomfort

summary: in which dan and phil are disgustingly close best friends, everyone’s like sixteen, and louise wants them to come to matt’s football game.

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r.i.p I am sorry everybody I haven’t been updating anything of my writings bcs im a big big lazy procrastinator but yeah. I managed to get this done within 20 mins and it’s really not the best that I came up with and it’s already 10 pm in here and I got school tomorrow… /sobs/ but yeah pls enjoy mingyu-chan

ok sleepy!mingyu-chan

♡ aegyo level exceeds limit;; warning warning

♡ literally wouldn’t he be the cute puppy like he always is? but little bit more

♡ would totally be clingy.

♡ will not let u go anywhere. he will be hanging off ur legs ur arms ur shoulders ur neck he is a big koala

♡ “hmnng im hungry…”

♡ “I can make us ramen… If u stop holding on my feet… pls”

♡ “hn… nevermind then… The ramen I mean…”

♡ he totally loves it when you also be extra cuddly when he’s sleepy

♡ bcs sleepy mingyu involves cute lil puppy that constantly wants skinship and lots of lil kisses on his face

♡ i see a scenario where u two would actually just cuddle in the kitchen.

♡ like bro u need to cook dinner and uk mingyu is also hungry bcs all he’s done throughout the day is sleep but he’s hogging u with his super glue hug

♡ and ure trying to move around, getting all the ingredients but mingyu.

♡ “mingyu….”

♡ “let me stay like this for 5 mins..”

♡ “that’s what you told me an hour ago.”

♡ i feel like sleepy mingyu would actually be really charming… i mean. not that he’s not charming usually but

♡ imagine like. not goofy mingyu who wipes his snot all around

♡ it’s just mingyu… There… looking at you with his half lidded eyes and a small smirk on his face

♡ and his long fingers are brushing against the strands of hair near your ears and it’s tickling you

♡ and he totally knows it’s ur weak spot

♡ but he totally doesn’t stop bcs he likes seeing you squirm under his touch and sleepy mingyu is sneaky mingyu so he’d decide it’d be a good idea to suddenly snuggle into u and put his chin on ur cheeks with his lips near ur ear

♡ and ure there engulfed in his embrace and ur heart is beating like crazy bcs he smells strangely so… good like… like … mingyu…

♡ and his smell lulls u to sleep but u can’t concentrate on sleeping when he’s literally breathing down ur ear

♡ u were going to ask him what he’s doing bcs he’s been just there for 5 mins now doing nothing

♡ when suddenly this sneaky brat blows his breath on ur ear and u screamed

♡ “mingyu what are you do- HOLYCRAP KIM MINGYU”

♡ he wouldn’t say anything he’s just gonna keep blowing on ur ear until you’re crouching in his embrace like lil cocoon



♡ he doesn’t admit it but ur reaction to his teasings make the butterflies in his stomach flutters bcs he knows ure not actually like this around other people AND YOURE SHOWING ALL THESE CUTE REACTIONS JUST FOR HIM

♡ i think he’d pretty much fall asleep quickly right after tht

♡ play time over kids

♡ u’d hit him several time bcs he’s such a big jerk for playing with ur weakness and he’d laugh so much even with u hitting him all over and then before u realise it he’s already snoring

♡ ure left alone with a half dead mingyu sprawled over the bed. taking more than half of his share

♡ u sort of consider whether to actually make food for ur grumbling stomach while u have the chance or snuggle in along that long arm that looks warm… and it’s cold outside… and well… ur hands are getting lil bit freezing… and ur feet also…. but stomach….

♡ hell screw it u just gonna fall next to mingyu and wrap ur arms around him and fall asleep few mins later bcs mingyu’s snore is probably obnoxious but it’s… contagious…. weird…

♡ and tbh a day with sleepy mingyu is a pretty tiring day bcs mingyu gets a lil bit more playful bcs he’s a little bit more loose than usual but you don’t mind esp at the fact that mingyu is usually more honest than usual and he also loves to say “I love u a lot” during these days… and even tho he does tease u more than usual (till the point u can get annoyed) but it’s worth it when u get to see him immediately fall asleep right after bcs he doesn’t get to sleep that much… and u get to hear him mumble ur name often 😉

One with Luke him being a drug dealer reader falls for? Please?

***Important author’s note, pls read***

AN So I have been told numerous times to make my Demon!Luke and Killer!Calum into fanfictions so that I’d update a lot more frequently, so if you want that to happen, please like/reblog this ask here. I’m trying to see how many people would like to see that happen, and if I get enough, I’ll make them official fanfiction, and post links to the chapters on this blog. Sound good? Meanwhile, I still need to catch up on everyone’s requests, so thanks for bearing with me, friends. Since school starts (tomorrow actually pls kill me)I’m going back to my one every other day schedule (but if you also happen to follow my ATL blog as well on the off days of this one, I’ll try to post on that one so you’ll get an imagine from me no matter what). Updates for fanfics would probably be on Saturdays, so that’s just being put out there. Thanks for sticking with me friends, carry on.

Warning: smut

Your POV

“Y/N, it would be much appreciated if you’d go out and get us pot,” my friend Michael told me. We were currently sitting on my couch, and I was told I had to go out and get the weed this time. It had always been Michael or Calum, but never me. I was a moocher, what could I say.

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