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Hello! I wanted to ask if you know any popular asian-american musician. I realized the only popular artists are bruno mars, hayley kiyoko, and asian american youtubers. Do you know any? (Also, I love your blog! 😊😊😊)

You know I was thinking about posting a question like this on my way to school today because I wish I knew more Asian artists. Especially since our #Music tag is getting redundant.

Run River North recently just performed at SXSW, they’re a AA band that is currently on tour with Rooney. 

US the Duo are a couple that got their rise to fame from Vine and recently had their single ‘No Matter Where You Are’ featured in the film ‘The Book of Life’! They’re also headlining Identity LA - a FREE AAPI music festival in LA produced by Wong Fu Productions & Far East Movement next month 

Dia Frampton is one artist I’ve followed for years. I used to be obsessed with her band Meg & Dia growing up. She came in second place on the first season of The Voice and recently released a new album called ‘Bruises’. She’s been very vocal about age-ism in the music industry and has also recently broken into acting.

Anderson .Paak is an artist I really wanna see live soon. I loved his performance on Ellen earlier this year (his son makes an appearance and it’s very adorable). He’s also in apart of the duo NxWorries. 

Kina Grannis is an artist I’ve been listening to since the 7th grade. She posts a lot of covers on Youtube but you may have heard her songs here and there in ads (most specifically her single ‘Valentine’).

Also tumblr won’t let me post anymore videos but a few other AA artists I know of are Mitski, Hailee Steinfeld, Vanessa Hudgens, AJ Rafael, Black Eyed Peas, Jessica Sanchez, TRACE, Dumbfounded, Jhene Aiko, and Sophia Black.

Some other Asian artists who aren’t AA that I like are DEAN, Yuna, Swet Shop Boys, Jane Zhang, Jay Park, Naomi Scott, M.I.A., Zayn, and Charli XCX

Please leave suggestions of Asian artists we should check out and post!

omfg there’s a fucking sex scandal in my school!!!!!

k here it goes. a personal finance teacher (who isn’t technically a teacher, he has no degree) had sex with 4 girls in the senior class. one of them is 17, the principle finds out, then tell her to not tell anyone about this, keep it secret. her parents find out and now the teacher and my principle are getting sued 👀 school was whispering today!!!! and you know the usual reaction of the sagittarius pluto generation, they all made cut outs of the girls’ faces and the teacher, and put them on inappropriate pictures

then a bunch of his students confessed about him promising them and A in the class if they finish up his college papers 👀

damn this school year is intense

you know what my ass about to do (generate the natal chart for this year) and tell y'all about it

Today my son is participating in an educational Olympic Games with his classmates. He was placed on the green team, and he’s pumped about flexing his brain powers in the competition today! GEAUX TEAM GREEN!

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(u prob don care but) WELP GUESS WHO NEARLY BROKE HER CHEST CAVITY IN SCHOOL TODAY. ME (a kid pushed me and I fell over on a desk. I'm still having trouble breathing :) I hate my age group so much)


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Today at school, we got evacuated cause someone called and said there were six bombs in our school and that someone was on their way with an AK-47. The SWAT team and all came out. It was scary.

damn, is everyone okay?