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i wanted to add a little bonus to my post for @metalosse a while ago– because i love so many soma hints and i dont think top 5 was enough for it, so i wanted to make a comic based on this prized piece:

fun fact: i did not sketch for this– it was all drawn in digital pen ft. the undo button

p.s. please do not repost/steal my comic!! thank u

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okok so i need your help

wow is this the first self-centric post you’ve posted here that’s totally unrelated to your follower count? good job maddie pat urself on the back maddie


i really need help. im currently in the midst of an audition process for the addams family @ my new school and i would kill to be wednesday. (sounds like something wednesday would say im getting there!!) unfortunately, circumstances at my old school have made it so my self-esteem is at its lowest point. can anyone help me with auditions and helping w breathing & belting & stuff? would be greatly appreciated thank youuuuu

Starmyu Sibling Headcanons

(just the second years. feel free to comment/add!)

Hoshitani - An only child, but has a bunch of little cousins who absolutely adore him.

Nayuki - Two younger sisters (as we know). Also has a baby sister causing havoc in the Nayuki household. This boy never gets a break (but he loves it).

Tsukigami - An older brother (again, as we know). Like Hoshitani, has a bunch of little cousin who adore him. Haruto never became as close to them since he’s often working abroad.

Tengenji - Also an only child. Has incidentally adopted all the younger kids at his theatre as his own.

Kuga - Only child. Often helped take care of Toraishi’s younger sister.

Tatsumi - (Another) only child. Not much extended family, either, so Eigo was the closest person he had to a sibling.

Eigo - Two brothers, one older and one younger. Closer to his younger brother. All three pretty much do their own thing when they’re at home together.

Toraishi - Has two sisters, one older and one younger. They’re all very close; he thinks his older sister is the coolest person in the world, and he positively adores his younger sister. He tries to protect her from “guys like him,” but as both of his sisters have pointed out, he’s not the type of guy they need protection from.

Inumine - Younger siblings just. Everywhere. There’s three of them running around, plus one that can’t run yet, plus a dog, plus Inumine himself. The Inumine household is hectic, to say in the least.

Ugawa - Youngest of four. Two brothers, one sister. He looks up to them a lot, though he would never admit it.

Ageha - Seems like the bratty only child or youngest sibling type, but actually has a baby brother who he adores. They watch musicals together.

Hachiya - Has twin younger siblings, one boy and one girl, who admire Hachiya to the moon and back. He’s just glad they’re not as clumsy as he is.

Kitahara - We know from the character interviews that he has two sisters. Like Toraishi, has one older sister and one younger, though unlike Toraishi, they are all very close in age. Also has a brother who’s older than all three of them. He’s closest to his older sister.

Nanjo - Has an older brother, though they aren’t close. His parents often put his brother on a pedestal, but unlike, say, Haruto, Nanjo’s brother never offered him much encouragement, which is part of the reason for Nanjo’s “likes himself as he is, doesn’t matter too much” attitude.

Thinking a lot about style and medium lately, and I really want to change up my direction a bit. A little simpler, more concise? We’ll see where this goes.


Yeeeeyyy my first post on my blog!! Finally!! I’m studying math for my final exam. I thought I’d post some exercises that I did cause I think they look cute.
After the exam, I wanna post some notes from my chinese classes because I’ve been studying very little mandarin.
• Send me a message with your best tip or way to study! •