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the best thing in all of homestuck is when we saw what the kids would be like if they didn’t play sburb and grew up, jade, rose, and dave all became dedicated anti fascists who literally rebelled against a dictatorship and murdered important members of the regime, while john literally was just A Stand Up Comedian

4/13/17 Predicted



Vriska confirmed to be hiding in our universe

SBURB will be released instead of Hiveswap as Vriska is revealed to be responsible for Dril tweets

The world will be demolished in a cataclysm of meteors as thousands rush to play the game

Only a single group will survive, damage done enough to reset the human race’s development

Magic is brought back by the winners now ruling as gods over a “new” Earth

jade harley: one of the most powerful sburb players ever, fused with a first guardian, knows how to work a riffle from a young age, has been studying things like robotics since she was like 7, an ambassador of skia, the first to wake on prospit, an incredibly powerful witch of space

also jade harley: 

Sburb assigns Roles meant to CHALLENGE people.

That being said, here are the challenges/lessons of each class and aspect. (Except for Lord and Muse, due to the lack of info on them in canon)


Heir: learn to communicate and work with others to get things done

Seer: trust yourself and your own intuition

Knight: stop hiding behind a mask and stand by your friends

Witch: inspire/motivate others and stay optimistic/learn to let your burdens go

Rogue: control your emotions/impulses and become independent

Prince: become less image focused and narcissistic

Page: step out from the shadows and accept/embrace who you are

Maid: become less self centered and care/provide for others

Sylph: accept that you have an influence on reality and aren’t powerless and then use that to heal

Bard: care about others well being and spirituality, not just your own

Mage: realize your own talents and don’t get caught up in self deprecation

Thief: don’t be so concerned with what others think of you


Space: learn to balance your imagination and being grounded; either extreme is too much

Time: you’re either too independent or too dependent

Light: break down walls around your emotions and feel the consequences of your actions

Void: break out of your anti social shell without becoming over confident

Life: learn to be lively; neither lethargic or hyper

Doom: find balance between sacrificing your time for others and keeping it all to yourself

Blood: don’t be apathetic, but don’t be too overly sensitive either

Breath: learn to be assertive, not aggressive or passive

Heart: be sensitive to your own emotions but control them; don’t let them control you and don’t repress them

Mind: don’t think of yourself higher or lower than others due to your intelligence; inform others so everyone can understand

Hope: find balance between acceptance and skepticism

Rage: learn to control your anger; don’t repress it but don’t let it control you


What if a Sburb player had a handy device to keep track of their session?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell exactly what your stats were without having to guess? How about knowing if your friends are okay or not without having to pester them ceaselessly? Maybe you’d like to keep track of the fraymotifs available to you, or how you’re doing on that grist you’re stealing from that one asshole that has way too much? 

I present Sburb Mobile Beta, for all your adventuring needs! No longer will you have to waste time worrying about silly bullshit when you have quests to do and monsters to strife with!

Currently working on implementing an echeladder and a server viewport. Stay tuned!

(This is a phone customization that I did on my Android! Everything is dynamic to really give it that “actively playing in a session” feel! Statuses change, the bars replenish and deplete at different rates, so on and so forth. Also my apps are scattered around the screens, so it is functional as well as neat to look at. :B)

(also im sorry about the length of this post agh)

having an art style is fake because i went to school to learn proper how to draw some good fuckin realistic bodies but the minute a 3 day anxiety session kicks into gear im back to drawing what homestuck would look like if we were introduced to our main characted boy and his name was John Eggbaby

How classes affect their session

Every class alters the parameters of the session in some unique way

Lord- the aspect is aggressive and pushing against the session
Witch- their aspect must change or the session is screwed. They find a massive loophole
Princes- too much aspect in session
Thieves- their aspect is fragmented and scattered, having no focal point
Knight- not enough of the aspect
Maids- their aspect will soon die without them
Mage- an aspect disaster is coming down the line

Seer- their aspect’s machinations are so vast that they affect most actions in the session, but nobody knows it (their aspect is the illuminati)
Sylph- the aspect is so horribly low it’s no longer a vital part of the session
Page- their session isn’t aware of how important their aspect really is, being neglected even though it’s secretly valuable
Rogue- their aspect is not evenly spread
Bard- they are aspect time bombs and so is everyone else and the session, but nobody wants to admit it
Heir- their aspect is begging to help them, but it is shackled
Muse- the aspect is weak and useless to the session


dndstuck based off this also because this is the dorkiest au and i love it